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Favourite Stories

In no particular order...


For anyone that cares to read this list, please be aware that I am only human, so I am susceptible to missing out titles I haven't thought of/ forgotten/ haven't read.

If any users are so kind as to recommend any stories I haven't read, I'll be sure to credit you below.

Have a nice day, and please be kind :)

List items

  • Alan Moore's masterpiece.


  • The introduction to Jack Kirby's Fourth World. Imaginative. Compelling. Genius.

  • Simonson's fantastic run on Orion is written brilliantly and is a great piece of literature comparable to even Kirby's work on the New Gods.

    Credit to user Billy Batson for insisting that I pick up the entire run after purchasing the TPB.

  • Geoff Johns' 9-year run on Green Lantern was amazing. For me, the SCW is the pick of the bunch.

    I lost count of the amount of times I heard myself saying "HOLY SH!T!"

    Tomasi's part on the GLC in this arc was also phenomenal.

  • Frank Miller's take on the legendary character...which I'm sure needs little introduction.

  • Admittedly, I'm a fan of the Loeb-Sale partnership that also brought us 'Batman The Long Halloween' and 'Dark Victory'

  • A JL team that has five of my favourite characters, plus my all-time favourite comic-book partnership.

    ...and can forget "ONE PUNCH! ONE PUNCH!"


  • Explores probably one of the most talked about issues regarding, not just Kal El, but superheroes in general

  • Heartbreaking story.

    Best single-issue Superman story for me.

  • This is more of an honorable mention.

    The story of kids retelling their encounters with Batman has been translated to various types of media that it deserves a mention.

  • Jay Garrick AND Barry Allen. Wow. Just wow.

  • Bat-fans beware.

  • I'm not a big Morrison fan, but this one was really very good.

  • IDW bringing back Turtle power is full of win.

  • Probably my favourite arc to have come out of the new 52.

  • A very high-quality Green Arrow arc.

  • For me, Morrison's last good piece.

  • How can you not?

  • Overrated as hell, but still a good read.

  • I found the 'Court of' portion of Snyder's n52 Batman a lot more intriguing than the 'Night of' portion (mostly since I felt that the ending of the latter was done rather hastily)

  • Of course we all know that there are a whole range of different opinions regarding this.

    But love it or hate it, you have to appreciate what this arc meant to the world and how it extended beyond the world of comics.

    Let's not forget the beautifully planned panels in the final issue.

  • This volume came directly after the Jurgens and Johns team had us revisit some of DC's most historic events with Booster and Skeets.

    I chose this volume, however because it was a pretty heavy issue to digest for me.

    Much fun and heartbreak along the way.

  • Had it not been for the reboot, I don't think I would have actually picked up either Swamp Thing or Animal Man, and I'm glad I did.

    This is wonderfully crafted cross-over involving an area of the DCU that I have very much come to like.