Top 10 Best Moments From Geoff Johns' Green Lantern Run

I realize that this post is...a tad celebrating Geoff Johns' Green Lantern run, however, even though his run has ended, I still find myself discussing his run with many other users and thought that a top 10 list would definitely be welcomed here. So I hope this post is enjoyed by all fans of Geoff Johns' work on the Green Lantern title.

Of course, there are spoilers below if you have not familiarized yourself with Johns' entire run.

10) Revenge of Black Hand Conclusion (Green Lantern Annual #1)

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There's simply too many awesome events that happen during this issue, that it is hard to pick just one on this list. I voted Green Lantern Annual #1 as 2012's best issue, due to all that went down. We saw Hal Jordan and Sinestro buried alive, Martin Jordan briefly resurrected, the Guardians' fight in the Chamber of Shadows, the release of Volthoom, Hal's and Sinestro's reciting of the Green Lantern oath, and most shockingly, their apparent death. This issue left me gasping for air.

9) Hal Jordan Punches Batman (Rebirth #6)

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I know that this is somewhat a controversial event, but for me, this moment was great! Of course, many fans have rightly claimed that Batman was written like such a tool by Geoff Johns in this arc, but let's be honest, Batman can be a bit of a jerk at times. The scene also paid tribute to the famous Bat-punch on Guy Gardner back in JLI by De Matteis and Giffen. Not to offend Bat-fans completely, Johns did later have Bruce return the favour to Hal. With Parallax infecting Ganthet, not to mention imminent danger, Hal rewards Batman's whining with a sucker-punch in one of my favourite STFU moments in comics.

8) The Secret of the Indigo Tribe Revealed (Green Lantern #)

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The Indigo Tribe had long been a lantern corps shrouded in mystery, with many fans asking what the hell Nok actually meant. Not only did Johns explain what the word meant, it was later revealed that the Indigo Tribe had been co-founded by Abin Sur, recruiting some of the most dangerous criminals in the universe to battle against the Guardians - in accordance with the prophecy that he had chased during the days before his demise. Talk about REVEAL!

7) Sinestro's Role in the Wrath of the First Lantern (Green Lantern #20)

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Again, as with #10, I had trouble picking out one single moment as an entry from this issue. In the conclusion of not only the Wrath of the First Lantern, but of Johns' entire Green Lantern run, Sinestro rejoins the Sinestro corps in order to gain vengeance on Volthoom for destroying Korugar. What follows is what lantern fans had been waiting for ever since Johns' took on the Green Lantern title - Sinestro becoming Parallax! I remember the issue literally shaking in my hands as I saw that beautiful panel. Of course, what perhaps is most memorable is Sinestro's declaration that he had considered Jordan his friend, in spite of all their differences and conflicts throughout their history - and how about that glorious double-page spread of Hal and Sinestro?

6) The Explosive Conclusion to Sinestro Corps War (Green Lantern #25)

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With all that went on during Sinestro Corps War, more on that later, the finale had been set up for something undeniably memorable. From Guy Gardner's plan to destroy the anti-monitor, to Kyle's, Hal's and Sinestro's 2-on-one battle, the finale certainly lived up to expectations, and who can forget Hank Henshaw's teary demise, and equally moving resurrection?

5) Earth lanterns take on different rings (Green Lantern #65)

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Krona has taken over the Green Lantern Corps! It is up to the Earth lanterns, free from Parallax's influence, to save the day. To do this, they agree to take on the rings of members of the other lanterns, imprisoned in the Book of the Black by Lyssa Drak. I especially liked Guy's input on the subject matter, saying "If we're choosin' I'm goin' first. I don't wanna get stuck wearin' a crystal thong." Priceless.

4) Blackest Night

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We all knew it was coming. From when Abin Sur first talked of 'the prophecy' to all of Johns' small hints, we all knew that the Blackest Night was inevitable. Over the course of the blackest night, many of our favourite DC characters from yesteryear were resurrected to bring havoc to our heroes. From Nekron's appearance to William Hand's promotion to a top-tier villain, Blackest Night was purely suspenseful.

3) The Emotional Spectrum is Established

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Yes, yes, I know that Johns was not in fact the first one to explore the idea that other coloured lantern corps, but really, he was the one to flesh it out, introducing characters that have added to the rich history of the Green Lantern Corps, such as Atrocitus, Saint Walker, and Larfleeze.

2) The Sinestro Corps is Born (Sinestro Corps Special #1)

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Similar to the above point, Johns created his first Lantern corps in the form of the colour yellow - the Sinestro Corps. In my favourite of all Johns' Green Lantern tales, the revealation at the end showing such fearful characters like Superboy Prime, Hank Henshaw and the terrifying anti-monitor as part of Sinestro's new-found corps was possibly the most shocking event in all of Johns' run.

1) Hal Jordan Reborn (Rebirth)

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Are you surprised? I always felt bitter at the way DC handled Hal during the events surrounding the Death and Return of Superman and Emerald Twilight. Though I had nothing against the then main lantern, Kyle Rayner, I always felt that he couldn't fill the void left by Hal. Reading Hal's rebirth was absolutely gripping for me - which introduced us to one of Johns' most significant creations, Parallax as an emotional entity.

Well, that's my personal list.

Did I miss out on any of your favourites? Leave a comment :)