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Top 10 Best Moments From Geoff Johns' Green Lantern Run

I realize that this post is...a tad celebrating Geoff Johns' Green Lantern run, however, even though his run has ended, I still find myself discussing his run with many other users and thought that a top 10 list would definitely be welcomed here. So I hope this post is enjoyed by all fans of Geoff Johns' work on the Green Lantern title.

Of course, there are spoilers below if you have not familiarized yourself with Johns' entire run.

10) Revenge of Black Hand Conclusion (Green Lantern Annual #1)

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There's simply too many awesome events that happen during this issue, that it is hard to pick just one on this list. I voted Green Lantern Annual #1 as 2012's best issue, due to all that went down. We saw Hal Jordan and Sinestro buried alive, Martin Jordan briefly resurrected, the Guardians' fight in the Chamber of Shadows, the release of Volthoom, Hal's and Sinestro's reciting of the Green Lantern oath, and most shockingly, their apparent death. This issue left me gasping for air.

9) Hal Jordan Punches Batman (Rebirth #6)

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I know that this is somewhat a controversial event, but for me, this moment was great! Of course, many fans have rightly claimed that Batman was written like such a tool by Geoff Johns in this arc, but let's be honest, Batman can be a bit of a jerk at times. The scene also paid tribute to the famous Bat-punch on Guy Gardner back in JLI by De Matteis and Giffen. Not to offend Bat-fans completely, Johns did later have Bruce return the favour to Hal. With Parallax infecting Ganthet, not to mention imminent danger, Hal rewards Batman's whining with a sucker-punch in one of my favourite STFU moments in comics.

8) The Secret of the Indigo Tribe Revealed (Green Lantern #)

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The Indigo Tribe had long been a lantern corps shrouded in mystery, with many fans asking what the hell Nok actually meant. Not only did Johns explain what the word meant, it was later revealed that the Indigo Tribe had been co-founded by Abin Sur, recruiting some of the most dangerous criminals in the universe to battle against the Guardians - in accordance with the prophecy that he had chased during the days before his demise. Talk about REVEAL!

7) Sinestro's Role in the Wrath of the First Lantern (Green Lantern #20)

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Again, as with #10, I had trouble picking out one single moment as an entry from this issue. In the conclusion of not only the Wrath of the First Lantern, but of Johns' entire Green Lantern run, Sinestro rejoins the Sinestro corps in order to gain vengeance on Volthoom for destroying Korugar. What follows is what lantern fans had been waiting for ever since Johns' took on the Green Lantern title - Sinestro becoming Parallax! I remember the issue literally shaking in my hands as I saw that beautiful panel. Of course, what perhaps is most memorable is Sinestro's declaration that he had considered Jordan his friend, in spite of all their differences and conflicts throughout their history - and how about that glorious double-page spread of Hal and Sinestro?

6) The Explosive Conclusion to Sinestro Corps War (Green Lantern #25)

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With all that went on during Sinestro Corps War, more on that later, the finale had been set up for something undeniably memorable. From Guy Gardner's plan to destroy the anti-monitor, to Kyle's, Hal's and Sinestro's 2-on-one battle, the finale certainly lived up to expectations, and who can forget Hank Henshaw's teary demise, and equally moving resurrection?

5) Earth lanterns take on different rings (Green Lantern #65)

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Krona has taken over the Green Lantern Corps! It is up to the Earth lanterns, free from Parallax's influence, to save the day. To do this, they agree to take on the rings of members of the other lanterns, imprisoned in the Book of the Black by Lyssa Drak. I especially liked Guy's input on the subject matter, saying "If we're choosin' I'm goin' first. I don't wanna get stuck wearin' a crystal thong." Priceless.

4) Blackest Night

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We all knew it was coming. From when Abin Sur first talked of 'the prophecy' to all of Johns' small hints, we all knew that the Blackest Night was inevitable. Over the course of the blackest night, many of our favourite DC characters from yesteryear were resurrected to bring havoc to our heroes. From Nekron's appearance to William Hand's promotion to a top-tier villain, Blackest Night was purely suspenseful.

3) The Emotional Spectrum is Established

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Yes, yes, I know that Johns was not in fact the first one to explore the idea that other coloured lantern corps, but really, he was the one to flesh it out, introducing characters that have added to the rich history of the Green Lantern Corps, such as Atrocitus, Saint Walker, and Larfleeze.

2) The Sinestro Corps is Born (Sinestro Corps Special #1)

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Similar to the above point, Johns created his first Lantern corps in the form of the colour yellow - the Sinestro Corps. In my favourite of all Johns' Green Lantern tales, the revealation at the end showing such fearful characters like Superboy Prime, Hank Henshaw and the terrifying anti-monitor as part of Sinestro's new-found corps was possibly the most shocking event in all of Johns' run.

1) Hal Jordan Reborn (Rebirth)

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Are you surprised? I always felt bitter at the way DC handled Hal during the events surrounding the Death and Return of Superman and Emerald Twilight. Though I had nothing against the then main lantern, Kyle Rayner, I always felt that he couldn't fill the void left by Hal. Reading Hal's rebirth was absolutely gripping for me - which introduced us to one of Johns' most significant creations, Parallax as an emotional entity.

Well, that's my personal list.

Did I miss out on any of your favourites? Leave a comment :)



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As some of you may be aware of, during the past week or so, the community had been engaged in voting for 'the most iconic comic book cover of all-time' - hosted by myself (here's the link to the main thread: VOTING OPEN: CV's Most Iconic Comic Book Cover Of All-Time).

In the end, Action Comics #1 prevailed against Amazing Fantasy #15.


  • I started a thread on June 24th proposing my idea, and inviting members of the community to join me in nominating 5 covers each (along with reasons) to battle it out for the most iconic comic book cover of all-time
  • We ended up with 21 nominators and 91 nominations ranging across 75 years of comic book history. The covers are presented in this beautiful collage of awesomeness:
  • No Caption Provided
    The 21 nominators were then assigned 5 votes each, and the top 32 (which can be viewed in the OP of the main thread [link above]) were then chosen to compete in this unprecedented community vote
  • Using a seeding system (based on votes gathered) the draw was made
  • Voting was then extended to the community, whereby each member was able to vote for each pairing in each round (each round lasting 24 hours)
  • After 5 rounds of voting, and __ votes cast, a winner was chosen!

The Draw:

No Caption Provided

What a very interesting draw it was! Some of the highlights included:

The Final

No Caption Provided

Though there may have been upsets along the way, few could have been disappointed with this match-up, pitting the poster boys of both DC and Marvel against each other. As the draw wore on, it became clearer and clearer which covers would battle it out in the final. Action Comics came out on top of the vote with 20 votes in favour, against Spidey's 8.

Action Comics #1 (1938)

No Caption Provided

Artist: Joe Schuster and Jack Adler

Nominated by user: htb106

From the start, I'd imagine that many would have thought that this cover would make it all the way to final - but, it was important to test this hypothesis.

As you can see from the draw above, this was by no means a straight-forward path.

Action Comics #1, currently the most expensive comic book in the world, was the cover that gave inspiration to many comic book heroes throughout the ages as the world first read the adventures of Kal-El.

Many artists have paid homage to this immortal cover, including the eponymous web-slinger Action Comics #1's opponent in the final: Spider-Man:

No Caption Provided

The middle cover being a special tribute cover when Action Comics reached their 900th issue!

Amazing Fantasy #15 (1961)

No Caption Provided

Artist: Jack Kirby

Nominated by user: htb106

Though the inclusion in the final of Action Comics #1 would have appeared to be straight-forward, the choice of its opponent was less obvious. Many can validly claim several worthy covers to battle it out against the last son of Krypton in this knock-out battle. However, looking back on the draw, no cover had preformed so strongly in two rounds, leaving little doubt as who the final should be contested by.

This cover, by the legendary Jack Kirby - the most represented artist on the initial list of 91 covers (ahead of Neal Adams and Bob Kane) was the birth of a new type of superhero that would captivate the world in the same way that the more traditional heroes at DC had done previously.

...and just like Action Comics #1, this cover has also had its fair share of admirers:

No Caption Provided


Firstly, I'd like to give a huge thank you to all those involved and made this happen! I had a load of fun looking at all the wonderful covers put forward and reading all the reasons, digging up the artists, researching the years of publication, and eagerly awaited to see how the community would vote with each passing round!

I'd also like to thank for giving me the inspiration to host such a community-wide vote, for his guidance and advice during the early stages of this project's creation, and for being one of the 21 nominators!





Yours sincerely,



Appreciating the n52 Aquaman

I must admit, from the outset, I didn't include Aquaman on my list of n52 titles to read, as I wasn't sure how the writers would...handle Aquaman. But after being repeatedly advised to pick up the title, I'm so glad to say that, after eight issues, Aquaman has been amongst the best that the n52 has to offer!

No Caption Provided

But should I really have been that surprised? After all, the current title is written by Geoff Johns - the same man for bringing another also title to the n52, Green Lantern (possibly my second favourite out of the n52 - the first arc was brilliant and the second arc looks like it'll be just as good). Whilst Johns' other work on the Justice League isn't as well-received as these titles, it certainly is a fun read.

Back to Aquaman - what I like most about the title is probably how Aquaman lives in world where he is the butt of many jokes (which admittedly many of us are still guilty of) - despite helping out at Amnesty Bay performing super-human feats all-the-while - yet he keeps his head down and gets on with his life - which is more similar to our lives than you may think.

It will take a herculean effort to dispel the bad reputation that Aquaman has received over the years, but with writing like Johns', the future looks very bright for Arthur Curry, and hopefully will translate to other forms of media and once and for all remove all the bad jokes (I mean, if Batman's rep can improve so dramatically in the space of 20-odd years, Aquaman should eventually get the same treatment - that is if DC cares enough - and with writing like this, it suggests that they do).

My second blog, dedicated to you Aquaman - showing you the respect and appreciation that we don't show often enough, but you deserve.


Superman: Why all the hating?

I actually don't understand why Superman has so many haters.

Many people say he's overpowered, but in my humble opinion, that would only be significant if the villains he fought were like the Joker, Penguin or Two Face. He has to deal with the likes of Brainiac, Zod, Darkseid, Doomsday, and many many more who would be able to crush the Earth if it weren't for heroes like Kal-El.

...and it's not like he solos all his fights. For anyone that has read Superman comics over the years, you'd have notice that Superman does receive help from his supporting cast in Metropolis, the JLA, the Legion of Superheroes, etc.

On top of all of this, Superman is such a loveable guy (pre-DCnU anyway, or at least so far). Many readers have also criticised Superman's unwavering moral code. Is it such a bad thing that we have a good guy is who, for lack of a better word, a good guy? It's also true that Clark is such a sweet and sincere guy. His relationship with the people of Metropolis (as both Superman and Clark Kent) is admirable, and how can you not appreciate his love for Lois Lane? It seems that in today's world, people tend to prefer the brooding loner types - who are hardly more relateable.

I've actually been a bit disappointed with all the character changes that DC have brought to Superman - making him more like Batman (possibly due to the pressure of Batman's popularity), and less like the Big Blue Boy Scout I love....but it's still early days, and I might just be a little over-anxious.

Superman severely suffers from a lack of appreciation, and I hope the future is certainly brighter for him. Hopefully, next year's cinematic release of 'The Man of Steel' can do for Kal-El what 'The Dark Knight' did for Batman.

But, 'till then. Here's my salute to you Superman...a fan with an undying love, dedicating his first blog to you.

Up, up and away!