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I'd rather Damian be killed off as well, I find him to be an unlikable, ungrateful brat and annoying as all hell. He's like the Adric or Wesley Crusher of DC comics, an obnoxious OP kid character that feels more at home in a bad Batman fanfic than a real DC storyline, and yet DC keeps trying to push his character on us even though he has no redeeming qualities & spends all his time belittling other, better characters...And we're supposed to think he's cool because he's Batman's bastard son? No, to me he's honestly the worst Robin ever, and that's saying something considering one of the past Robins would return from the dead to become a Batman hating vigilante XD. Damian seriously needs to go, let Tim Drake become Robin again, or at least introduce a new Robin who isn't such an asshole, or a Gary Stu for that matter.

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What do you guys think of Starfire's new costume design for the Teen Titans Rebirth series? Personally I like it, except for the high heels...Pretty sure Starfire has avoided having high heels as part of her superhero attire for years so I don't think she should start wearing them now, they don't make a lot of sense for a melee fighter such as herself. What do you all think?

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Something I don't get is why she's changed her name from Flamebird to Hawkfire...HAWKFIRE...What does that even MEAN?! XD

I mean, Flamebird is a legitimately cool sounding name & has some history behind it considering how originally she named herself after an ancient Kryptonian hero, she and Nightwing I believe. However, even without that backstory, naming herself after something as awe inspiring as a phoenix or firebird is a perfectly suitable superhero moniker, but Hawkfire? It makes no sense by comparison, I mean what, is she named after a hawk who starts fires or IS on fire? Its obviously meant to sound cool or intimidating but instead it sounds like a parody of a superhero name. Since she's gone by the name Flamebird most frequently over the years since her time as Batgirl was retconned, I honestly think they should have just kept her old name, it makes more sense and is more recognizable to the fanbase at large.

I realize there are other problems going on with how the character is handled both today and in the past, but the latest name change just really strikes me as dumb on top of everything else.

P.S. I also don't like how her costume is now devoid of red & is now mostly black, I realize its probably meant to make her more stealthy but since when has stealth ever stopped any of the many incarnations of Robin from wearing red, yellow, and/or green in their own costumes? Just saying, not every hero needs to dress in dark colors to be cool like Batman, & these are superhero comics, they're meant to be fun escapes from reality anyway (not saying that hand waves or excuses any bad call or silly moment that happens in comics, just saying someone named Flamebird or Hawkfire should probably have more red in their uniform than black).

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@jonny_anonymous: The new series certainly does make that clear with the connection to the Vega System deity Omega & the idea of the group existing to bring an end to the Citadel, AKA the Alpha Empire, though I still wonder what the original meaning behind it was when Marv Wolfman first created the team. Perhaps simply a reference to them being the Vega System's last hope for freedom from the original Citadel?

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As many of you may know, the obscure alien team of freedom fighters known as the Omega Men, created by Marv Wolfman back in the 80s, have made a comeback in DC Comics, their new adventures written by Tom King. So what do you think of the new Omega Men? Are they an improvement over past incarnations of the team? Or at least a worthy successor? Or do they fall short of expectations?

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With the new Omega Men comic book series much change has come to the Vega System and its most notorious evil empire, the Citadel, or the Alpha Empire as its sometimes called now. One big change is to the look of the new Citadelians, or rather what I perceive to be the new Citadelians since they appear the most frequently, & the Viceroy, the big bad of the series himself, is one of them. The original Citadelians were a big, musclebound race of space ogres cloned from their creator, the very first Citadelian, where as the new Citadelians appear to be hairless purple humanoids, smarter than their predecessors, but perhaps not as gruesome or physically imposing...But still, MUCH smarter lol.

The Viceroy is a bit of a mystery to us thus far, we don't even know his name (Viceroy being a title, not a name of course lol), though we do know he appears to run the Citadel, loves his tea, hates Tigoor, & loves to casually discuss the brutal execution of innocent civilians, preferably with dinner...Yeah, he's certainly following in his predecessor's despotic footsteps O_O

So what I would like to ask, do you guys approve of the Viceroy & the redesigns/updates of the Citadelians? Or do you wish they had kept their more beastly appearances & strength levels?

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@nightwing4 said:

His psychic power makes him unique- but I think his physical prowess is necessary for diverse stories. He can't always be mind****ing the JL, there needs to be some variety.

True, but do you think he should always be team breaker level powerful or should he be powered down somewhat? The Justice League animated version of him had a great rivalry with John Stewart despite not possessing super strength & invulnerability. Don't get me wrong, I like brawler Despero too, but sometimes I wonder if he'd appear more often, partake in more super villain team ups, or get more character development if he wasn't so overwhelmingly powerful, i.e. can beat ups Supes, Wondie, Captain Marvel (not calling him Shazam lol), & Martian Manhunter at the same time lol.

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Despero has changed considerably over the years since his first appearance in DC Comics, going from being a clever alien hypnotist to a team breaking mystic powerhouse. Which incarnation of Despero do you guys prefer? The crafty psychic or the musclebound bruiser? Or perhaps a combination of the two?

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Does anyone have any images of Blackfire from her appearances in the Outsider comics? There seem to be precious few of those online, despite it featuring one of Blackfire's best looks and apparently an epic battle against Starfire.

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Would you like to see the Green Beetle appear in the main DC comics universe or not?

For me personally...I'd like to see the Green Beetle scarab appear, but perhaps not the same host since the comic book Green Martians are WAY stronger than their YJ cartoon counterparts, so one bearing beetle armor would be above and beyond too powerful, like a Kryptonian with a green lantern ring etc. The cartoon Green Beetle was cool mind you, but I'm not certain he would be able to fit in the main DC universe.