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Everything in the Amazing universe seems to originate from the genetic mutation stuff at Oscorp. The video game has more mutants in it than a Turtles episode.

I wouldn't be surprised if Electro is literally an electric eel man.

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I'm not sure about the proportions of her lower body, but that Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers stole the show for me. Holy crap.

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Can we just stop over-thinking the costume designs for these games? Everything that's added to the Arkham Batman design is patently terrible, but this reaches new lows to be sure. I mean, fine, Netherrealm want to armor these guys up some to put some Mortal Kombat flair into them, but Superman looks almost spitefully designed.

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@owie: Ah, I see. It seems a little difficult to get anything that focuses on her to any larger degree. I'll check if ComiXology has the old Defenders stuff you mention.

This image especially stuck with me from the Fear Itself issue.

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@owie: I'm slowly turning into a Valkyrie fan just from some of the imagery in Secret Avengers - specifically issue 14, the Fear Itself one. I've not read any of this series yet, but, like you, I looked forward to reading it primarily because Valkyrie is in it. As a fan, what would you suggest I check out with her?

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About Megan Fox.. because that's what the article is about, right? I mean there's a guy and that's Raphael, but Megan Fox yeah?

So, the safe assumption seems to be that Megan Fox is "wrong" for the part, but I think that's an assumption based on her pouty bedroom persona that - for all intents and purposes - every movie she's been in so far has asked of her. She sticks her behind so far up in the air in Transformers 2 that you're worried she's gonna snap in half. That's not "Megan Fox", that's not inherently a trait she'll bring to every movie unless someone asks for it.

The assumption is that Megan Fox *definitely* plays that sort of April, and I think everyone agrees that would be horrible. Now, because I'm a pretty optimistic person and because I love it when actors jump out of their mould and do something unexpected, I'd be interested to see a more subdued and more "naturalistic" Megan Fox in a movie.

Then again, if this Turtles movie is gonna be "dark" and "edgy" you bet it's gonna be "sexy" too. But then Megan Fox isn't the root of the problem, and whoever they cast as April is meant to be folded in four places and put on a motorbike no matter what.

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At that zoom level, zombie Batman just looks like drunk Batman.

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In a post-Nolan Batman comic book movie world, I think the very "lessons" movie companies think they've "learned" from what made Nolan's trilogy work, will ruin properties like this. And Spider-Man, obviously.

Spider-Man and Fantastic Four can both go to a dark place, but the core of them is optimistic and positive and dare I say FUN. If the cure-all that movie companies shoot into these films is dark and broody navel gazing.. It's just not gonna work out.

That said, there's no telling whether this is what they're aiming for with the FF reboot. Josh Trank inevitablty invokes thoughts of Chronicle, leaning towards grit, but Matthew Vaughn has done his share of fun and fantastical. We'll just have to wait and see.

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There's something to be said for the returning implication that Batman/Bruce has a fundamentally skewed sense of self to begin with. In the end, not killing someone doesn't have to be rational in the case of Bruce, it only has to be the linchpin which holds the Batman persona together.

I always liked the notion of Batman as a symbol elevated above a mere "man", something more than a man as he puts it in Batman Begins. I think as much as that sounds like that separates Bruce and Batman - Batman becoming a symbol divorced from Bruce, imbued with those properties - I think the reality of it is that you can't separate the two. There's no way Batman could just hang his cape up for the day and go back to being "just a man". If he is indeed "just a man" who doesn't live up to those stated convictions, then he's a man who never truly created Batman in the first place.

Even aside from compromising the idea of Batman - ie: "he can't kill because then he wouldn't be Batman! - I don't think he's psychologically able to kill. I think the closest thing to an actual super power he has - a defining physical trait he doesn't share with regular people, is the psychological machinery that propels the very IDEA of Batman.

You could argue that seeing him fail would be more interesting, more relatable, but Bruce Wayne and Batman is fundamentally difficult to connect with by design. Letting him kill out of desperation, or hate, or fear, would allow you to connect with Batman on a human level, but the way he's able to think in absolutes doesn't seem like he's "just a man" TRYING HIS DARNEDEST to me. It seems like that's what he is.

Batman, as it were.

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Haha, yeah, but I mean as far as descriptions go, it's still pretty vague. :D

I'm just envisioning more visible, chunkier web shooters, like the ones the original Scarlet Spider had.