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Real Name


Simon Williams (Earth Name)




Wonder Man, The Pluxian King, Hollywood's Golden Icon, The Golden Man, The Golden King, Man Of Wonders, King Of A Million Exploding Suns, The Icon Of Hope, Chrysi, Si, The Golden Conquerer From Pluxian, Imnate 0001605, Master Of The Sun, Sun God, Living Embodiment Of Million Exploding Suns, Sparkles, Earth's Golden Champion, James Blonde, Goldilocks, Golden Dragon


Publicly known


Pluxian King, Hero, Adventurer, Actor/Stuntman, Industrialist, Security Consultant, Eccentric Billionaire Ceo, World Conqueror, Prisoner, Fugitive



Place of Birth


Brooklyn, New York on Earth

Known Relatives

Eon (Biological Father, deceased), Phyla (Biological Mother, deceased), Vell (Uncle, Ressurected)

Group Affiliation

Pluxian Royal Court, Pluxia, Formerly ICE Dragons & Alien Imnate Rebels




650 lbs.



Red when Enrage

Gold When Utilizing His Abilities


Golden Blonde


Broken History

Born in a pocket universe of a Million Exploding suns. There were in total planets throughout the entire universe, the well known one Pluxia. The people who dwelling there were known as Pluxian, there resembled human beings from Earth, but has both mental and physical attributes beyond that of any mortal. Eon, the one above all ruled as King, his power were fully mature and surpass virtually all beings of Pluxia, except his brother Vell who went into exile after his brother rose to royal. Phyla was his queen and love of his life. Prophecy had it that the offspring of the Pluxian rulers would be the embodiment of their universe and possess power beyond any being in this pocket universe. Eon and Phyla gave born to a baby boy, a living embodiment of a million exploding suns, named Chrysander, known in Greek for Golden Man or Golden boy. Vell known in Greek as Erebus, god of darkness, learnt of the prophecy and saw it fix to use the boy as a pawn to controlling the multiverse. Eon learnt of this sinister plan through one of the Pluxian men whom He drank with. Eon gave order Pluxian soldiers tried to place him under arrest for treason, but He was an equal to their king, and superior to all of the race, except the boy, of course, whom superior to everyone. Vell murdered them all and escaped to his domain. There He unleashed a device that would destroy Pluxia in 5:00 minutes. Upon approaching the royal kingdom where Eon stood ready to protect his family, the engaged in a deadly battle which destroyed the planet even more. Phyla joined the Fray in an attempt to aid her husband, but was quickly overpowered and murdered by Vell. Distracted by the death of his Wife, Eon was nearly killed by Vell, falling unconscious near his wife. Vell slowly approached the cradle where Chrysander slept, and laughed at the Golden child. Eon finally regain his consciousness severely wounded and released a powerful beam of light at Vell. Vell hit from behind, began to died, but before doing so, He transferred some of his own energies in the baby. Finally the dark lord collapsed to the fall and died. Eon bleeding energy from all over his body, made it to his feet and walked over to the cradle. Kissing the boy's head, Vell used the last of his life-form to teleport the boy to another universe to live life. After his departing, Eon died near his queen and Pluxia exploded (Not fully, but nearly eradicating all life forms), erasing the planet from existence, and all the remain was Chrysander and their universe......or so it seems.

Rise of The King: Restoring Pluxia

Coming Soon.....

Kings, Gods, & World Conquerors

Coming Soon.......

Back To The New World: The Wonderful Return

Coming Soon......

Powers and Abilities


Incalculable Strength: Since his Returning from a long voyage, Chrysander already stammering might has flourished even more than before and now tends to be the most Powerful Incarnation Chrysi's witness from himself but this also comes as a double edged sword, For he possesses more weaknesses than before. Still nonetheless effortlessly exceeding the 100 tons range and the upper limit to his extraordinary physical might remained a mystery to all be known. Chrysi has achieved numerous superhuman feats such as punching through objects, moving planets, and lifting weights. Also feats some may even go as far as saying GODLY. A time during his Royal voyage, in which he embarked on a quest throughout the universe, seeking alliances and resoucres for his people, Si stopped to enjoy a rather exquiste alien dish but after recently battling a mongorger (Alien beast) Si didnt have anything valuable to pay for his food. Using his awfully bruteful might, Si found a penicl and use the pressure created by his hands to turn the graphite core into diamonds.

Invulnerability: Chrysander's skin in nearly impenetrable and his body possesses the highest degree of resistance to physical injury. Chyrsi's is considered be to almost totally Invulnerable, being able to survive Blackouts, Plantery Explosions ,and the Like without any Injury. This is demonstrated by his ability to survive within the vacuum of Deep space for countless periods of time without any sort of protection. Its unknown what can penetrate his skin, when weakened adamantium can puncture him. From what has be seen, Pluxian weaponry & beings has the ability to hurt and even make him bleed.

Photokinesis: Another of Chrysander's most recoginized and powerful abilities is the power to generate, control, and emit light. Almost shown the ability to emit solar energy to destroy a vampire in a battle. By conscious control over the light he produces, he can control its direction, frequency (color), amplitude (intensity), and duration. The Latter can produce numerous effects with the light he manipulates. He can create a pulse of light on the order of several tens of thousands lumens of power per second (the sun produces at most 10,000 lumens of brightness at noontime), which temporarily blinds people with its brilliance and even calm nerves.

Energy Generation and Projection: Chyrsi can generate light, fire, cosmic, and other forms of energy, also manipulate it in multiple ways. Either to generate a powerful force field around himself, a being, or an object or project in the form of powerful blasts, beams, energy bombs or even a construct of an gold/red/blue color. These blasts are usually generated from the hands and eyes.

Laser Vision: Capable of controlling the output of his energy blasts to generate an extreme amount of energy in the form of pure desttrcutive energy or heat, essentially producing heat vision. Visually, the power is typically depicted as two beams of red light firing from his eyes. These beams can possibly be made invisible to allow him to work unnoticed. The maximum power of his power is unknown

Flight: Can travel on Earth or interstellar with verocity exceeding light speeds

Telepathy: Ability to Read Minds (Humans, Work on some Superhumans) , Communicate Telepathic, Resist Telepaths, Cast Illusions, Erase Memories, and Block His Presences for others

Molecule Manipulation: Chrysander now possesses the ability to manipulate, reshape and rearrange the molecular complexions of many organism and non organism but this ability requires more concentration and energy than his others. The full potential of this power is yet to be reached for wondy but the more energy put into this unique ability could result in a energy backlash that knocks Simon unconscious or even put him in a coma due to the lack of control of it

Matter Manipulation: Now can also manipulate and control matter in many object which allows him to turn something tangible like lead, into something intangible like water but like his molecular manipulation ability. As his molecular powers, Chrysi is required to use more concentration and energy than his other gifts. Full potential of this power is yet to be reached but the more energy put into this ability could result in a energy backlash that knocks him unconscious or even put him in a coma due to lack of control

Superhuman Speed: Capability of enhanced reflex action and movement at incredible speeds by sheer force of will. Chrysander can move at speeds much faster than light and can almost match or not matching most other speedsters in their ability to perform super fast movements, reactions, and processes. He can use this power to disarm opponents with or without heightened reflexes, catch bullets or shrapnel or cross vast distances in seconds. He also thinks at incredible speeds even when time is slowed.

Superhuman Agility: His agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Reaction Time of Wondy is similar to his traveling speeds, enabling him to react at a level that is beyond the speed of light

Superhuman Stamina: Simon's energies grants him nearly unlimited stamina

Self Sufficiency & Limited Healing Abilities

Superhuman Hearing: The ability to hear any sound at any volume or pitch. The only Earth creature who can detect sounds at the frequency he can is a blue whale (0.01-200,000 Hz). He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency. He can hear every single heartbeat, as well as the blood pumping through everyone's veins, hear every foot step, every cell phone signal as it lances through the air and more . He can identify a person by their heartbeat, or pick out a single voice in an entire world

Superhuman Vision: He also possess a superior sensory arrangement of microscopic, telescopic, infrared and ultraviolet visual capabilities. He is able to see the entire spectrum, this also enable Si to see into the EM Spectrum. He can identify radio/television, almost any broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods

Immortaliy: Under a Pluxian prophecy, Chrysander can't die only be remain in animated suspense, called The Pluxian Evolution to where his body and powers evolve while he remains in a comatose state for two years

Solar Absorption: Can absorb solar energy to replenish himself if weaken or to boost his power

Power of A Million Exploding Suns

Achieves nearly Godly state

More to Come


Gifted Level Intellect: Chyrsi is a being of very high intelligence. He is capable of using his powers to detect all substances in a single object and break it down to how much of each substance makes up the object. He is adept with mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, combat, cybernetics, robotics, and computers. He used his great intelligence to construct his entire Watchtower as well as everything inside of it. Since becoming a Hero, it is likely he recovered all of the substances required for his Watchtower's construction from many different areas of the Earth and other planets. Once He collected the right amounts of different substances he needed, he would then forge them into the materials and parts he needed. His other inventions include CLOC and the Pluxian Harvester able to drain energy from a planets core

Master Combatant: Learned and Master few earth forms of combat, armed and unarmed, Also Master of the Pluxian art of fighting such styles as Pluxian Shadow Boxing & More

Actor: He is the Actor of the Actors (As Consider by Hollywood Greats & fans alike) whose talents earned him a spot on Hollywood's Walk of Fame and many Accolades. His acting gives him a strong edge in undercover work.

Master Tactician/Conqueror: For over years he has lead his planet into battle and conquered overwhelming forces with Great Leadership, Employed Strategies and Tactics from every culture via Earth as well as other planets in the mutliverse

Strength level

Class 100+ ; Chrysander possesses vast physical strength, to which the exact limit is unknown, but he is able to lift far in excess of millions effortlessly.


Pluxia/Earth: As a Beloved King and Reasonable master to all he surveys, Pluxia & its people always come first for Chrysi. Even against his own personal agendas, He will put it to the side and see to it his people and home are care for first. This also goes for the Earth, though He isnt their King, he is their Golden Champion aand view Earth and its humans as he do so with Pluxia

Hero's Morals: Every Cape Crusader That Spend A Day Saving Lives Never Want To Pay The Cost of Someone Dying on their Watch & Other Self righteous things

Prolonged physical damage

Magic: Though highly resistant, still can be harm by it

Pluxian Red Gems: Pluxian red gems are a rare jewel that was formed to weaken and if prolonged neutralize any pluxian being's powers temporary if he/she became rebellous. Chrysander keeps one of these gems in his watchtower for if he is to ever be taken over by the dark force deep within him

Darkforce/Negative Energy: Light Weakens Dark, Dark Weakens Light

Holy/Demonic Objects/Energy

Penance Stare: Can cause severe damage


Pluxian Being & Weaponry: Pluxians are weak to one and other compare to facing any other beings and their weaponry is designed to hurt them whether minor or severely despise their high durability and power

Telepathy: High Level Users

Telepathic Overload: Process too many thoughts at once can cause stress on his mind and weaken him

Mental Block: To explain why Chrysander's abilities has not evolve to its godlike state as the Pluxian Prophecy say it will, why he doesn't have full control of certain of his abilities, and why he has so many weaknesses is because of the powerful mental block he placed on himself to keep his mind from being vulnerable from the dark lord Vell to take over and incarnate himself in Simon's body. His mind is on safeguard so if too much strain is on his mind that could cause a psionic backlash and break the mental block, he would be render unconscious temporarily and it could be anywhere from 5 seconds to two days. Though it is proven that Chrysi not longer posses Dark-force in him, still has up his Mental Restrains (Not in CVnU)

Vell: The dark force within himself, the brother of his father, the dark lord himself Vell, if the mental blocks on Chrysander's mind is broken, he will be able to tap into and reach the full potential of his power but also very vulnerable for the dark lord living in himself to takeover his mind and body. Due to Vell being recently resurrected, the dark-force returned back to its master but Si still has up his mental block. (Not In CVnU)


In this Universe, Chrisander life is the same in many ways but altered, He is still King of his home planet of Pluxia but he was never sent Earth as a baby. Instead his parents were killed and he was enslaved by his uncle as his secret weapon to rule the multi-verse under. Under his command, Chri destroyed and enslaved numerous planets for the dark lord. At the age of 18, Chri learning his true destiny and what took place 17 years ago, his parents dying by his traitorous uncle. This secret true awoken his full potential and he was able to overtook and kill his uncle once and for all (though receiving help from rebel pluxian who grown tired of living in fear and tyranny. Chri became King of his home and ruled the planet peacefully for many years also freeing any enslaved worlds he capture for his uncle. By age 24, Chri married his queen Phylia and become a father to a pair of beautiful twins. Unknown to his knowledge, Vell had three daughters each almost as powerful as him but together they were a match for the Pluxian King. Using their darkforce power, they corrupted and controlled many Pluxian beings including Chri's own wife and son. Civil war split the planet in two and for four long years a war was fought for control of Pluxia. Chrisander was victorious but the battle came with a cost though most of the corrupted that had not died was back to normal. Vell's daughter manage to link their darkforce energy to the heart and mind of Chri's wife and son so through Vell's tyrant daughter dying by the hands of The Golden King like their father before them, the dark-force that empower them and the corrupted died with them, so did Chri's wife and son. For two years he grieved while raising his daughter and restoring his home. 18 Years passed since the Great Pluxian war, things has change for Chri and Pluxia. When a universal threat threatened to destroy earth and the multiverse also, a transmission was sent into out of space seeking aid from any being to overpower this near life ending situation, Chri eagerly answered and left his daughter in charge of their planet. After thwarting the effort of the god like entity with the power of his million exploding suns and assistance from other beings from throughout the mutli-verse, Chri decided to leave his daughter Elyia in charge for a time being while He took on his new role as Earth/Multiverse's Golden Guardian of Good. He adopted the name Simon Williams and took the mantle know to the superhuman community as Wonder Man, the Golden Guardian of Earth. His powers are the same but yet different same goes for his weaknesses. There is no restrain on his power or any mental block on his mind due to him killing his uncle so he's stronger but also he has different weaknesses. Chrisander is the same but all around different from his regular CV counterpart.


Superhuman Strength


Energy Generation & Projection

Light Projection/Photokiness

Flight/Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Senses

Molecule/Matter Manipulation


Self Sufficiency/ Healing Abilities

Solar Absorptation


Power Of A Million Exploding Suns


Prolonged Physical Damage


Penance Stare


Pluxian Red Gems

Empathy: Due to Dead Wife & Son

Telepathy: High Level Users

Telepathic Overload: Process too many thoughts at once can cause stress on his mind and weaken him

Darkforce/Negaive Energy

Holy/Demonic Objects/Energy

Pluxian Being & Weaponry: Pluxians are weak to one and other compare to facing any other beings and their weaponry is designed to hurt them whether minor or severely despise their high durability and power

The Moon: Chri's body draws power from the sun, so in daylight He's at his most powerful state but as the sun starts to set and night comes, his power weakens slightly but Chrisander is still awful powerful. He is also like a solar battery though he is self sufficient, he still needs to recharge his body with solar energy every 72 hours


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