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This is what superman is all about. Absolutely love this issue and series 0

Pre New 52 lois and clark visits metropolis. The rest is history. I absolutely love this series. It definitely shows that DC still cares about pre 52 and the amazing aspects of what makes superman super (what little is left of it). Unless pre-crisis superman and infinite crisis, this goes in depth of what would happen if the superman we have grown and loved actually continued on - like the "renew your vows" storyline with spidermanNew 52 superman feels too much like brand new day spiderman. But ...

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Too good 0

This publication has done nothing but impress. Almost feels like Marvel's version of the Sandman/Vertigo. Still King of stories, King of dreams are not far off.I love the reinvention of Loki, and his character maturity. To become your own person you have to stop playing family games and heed your own path. Even references to X-men's Loki arc during the last page ...

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Best Read of All 1

For those of you who have been following "the end" Hickman does not disappoint. You can see the urgency, the despair across both universes... along with the beautiful fight scenes / art that works in seamlessly with the writing. This will be for the books. Marvel you have truly outdone yourself.... ...

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