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Volunteer Heroes

Heroes who start their heroics by simply do it and not by the need to satisfy a death in a family or other tragedy.

List items

  • Superman is a perfect example. Used his gifts to help people.

  • A volunteer from the army.

  • Started his hero-life by being a fan of the Bat, and try to keep him from crossing over.

  • Superboy became a hero to fill the ego that he was the clone of Superman.

  • Follows his grandpa's action

  • Ben started out as confused clone, but stayed as a hero no matter what.

  • Just wanted to follow his dad's footsteps until he learned his secret. But even then, he still tries his best to be the hero that saves everyone.

  • Cause he is Sonic

  • Just give him a keyblade, some friends, and Gummiship and Sora will save all the worlds in Disney, as well as some original worlds.

  • Started her hero life just to foil her criminal Dad's actions

  • The Blue Beetles are a line of heroes who just do good with their powers/tech

  • Ray Terrill took up the mental after his father.

  • Though he started out for the fame and fortune, Booster learned what real heroes have to go through... although he still plans to make some money on the side.

  • Was picked out of the blue and become the torch-bear for all the Green Lanterns