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Tragic heroes

A list of Heroes with tragic past/ emotional problem, trying to find their place in the world.

List items

  • A boy who was never meant to exist, trying to find his purpose in the worlds.

  • Dabble in darkness, and let an evil force within that nearly caused the end to all worlds.

  • It's Batman. You can't get more tragic than that.

  • Practically "breeded" to be a killing machine. She killed once, and it scared her so much, that she is trying to redeem herself, as well as trying to make herself more of a human being.

  • A kid who was manipulated and tricked to spread fear and anger in the world, turned over a new leaf by being offered a hand of friendship.

  • Just a kid who wants a family and do good. After killing a man in order to save his sister, he began to doubt himself greatly, thinking his powers were a curse. He depowered once at the advise of his "friend" Sobek, who devoured him soon after. Came back as Black Lantern and manage to become a hero one last time.

  • Tim has lost ALOT in the past 10 years, his parents, his girl friend, his two best friends, and his mentor.

  • Renegade "evil" Robin that left Earth-3 to come to New Earth. He worked under Owlman, n'uff said.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog N'uff Said

  • A lab acciedent left Victor Stone motherless and nearly dead if not for his Dad's cyber-implants

  • Because he let a robber guy, the same guy ended up killing his Uncle Ben, this haunted Peter and made him promise to never be in-active when needed to ever again (they he constantly needs to remember "With Great Power" speech over and over again)

  • Real or Clone, Ben just tries to live a life the best he can while being his own man.