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THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS Chapter 1The Great Yellow Impurity Part 1 The Mission

Cast Sinestro

Abin Sur


Sector 3998....Outer Rim Division - Tughead Cruiser

Sitting in his high arch command chair, an equine humanoid stares out into the blackness of space, watching the shiny white stars slowly streak into long lines as the ship enters into ‘Light Speed. Letting out a snort of foggy air from his wide horse-like nostrils, thick fog lifts up around his snout as he stands up from his seat.

"Larfleeze, we successfully hit light-speed. But you still haven’t given us specific coordinates." says a deep voice from behind.

Standing at 8 feet tall, the equine humanoid named Larfleeze, slowly looks over his shoulder to the crew of four behind him. His small black eyes full of drive and determination look upon his fellow crewmates, also of equine species.

They were muscular, big-boned and their dirty matted golden fur slicked against to their skin like a wet fur. Like him, they all had the short white bony tusks coming from their upper temple down to their equine chine. Yet, despite all the similarities that identified them as a long-lived and rare species, these crew members were shorter, pudgier, lacking in the strength and burning desire that was a hallmark of their species. These were broken down. These were followers, not leaders. They didn’t strive to reach the unreachable or dare to defy death for glory and greatness. Nodding at them, Larfleeze turns around to face the view of passing stars before him, but looks down to a brown aged paper in his triple jointed hand. Carefully Larfleeze unfolds the paper in his large hands to view its writings.

“Take us to the Outer Rim. Then, take us to the first planet that is one Parsec away from its edge. There is only one planet along the entire Outer Rim. " Larfleeze orders.

Everyone looks at each other in confusion before turning back to Lafleeze, “Bu-but that’s…there is no mapping system for the Outer Rim. How do you know?”

“Flob…” Larfleeze growls to the gray colored equine on his left, “….No starship, no Hall of Records, or Think Tank would have this location....except for the Guardians, which stands to its truthfulness." he states, "Those are the coordinates,GO!.” he shouts.

“Yes sir!” Flop exclaims nervously, turning his to the control panel but another member of the crew steps forward. Larfleeze simply turns away from him and sits back in his commander chair, ignoring his other crew-mate as he looks down upon a small map.

“What do want Chattle?” Larfleeze asks, his voice tinged with irritation.

“Larfleeze, we just performed the greatest heist in the universe!" Chattle states, "We have been pillaging and pirating space cruisers and trade ships for several entire moon cycles…” Chattle adds as Larfleeze still refuses to look at him, “…and now you want us to go to the Outer Rim? Where…”

"WHERE WHAT!!" hollars Larfleeze. His intense gaze upon Chattle makes him immediately step back as the rest of the crew shutter at his outburst. Grabbing Chattle by the shirt, Lafleeze pulls him close, inches away from his face, "HAVE YOUR INNARDS GROWN COLD CHATTLE?!" he yells, spitting on Chattles face with each word before pushing him away,"It seems your thirst for 'more' has failed you. ALL OF YOU!” he accuses.

“No-no..." denies Chattle says, almost choking on his words as other crew members nodding at him, "It’s not that..." he continues, "...Larfleeze it’s…”

“It’s just what Chattle!” Larfleeze interrupts.

“It’s that we're in Manhunter territory." Chattle confesses, "...and we are the last of our kind. And as you, I seek vengeance for being forced to watch our planet become a burning cinder because the Guardians deemed our species as unnecessary viruses and sent there the bloodthirsty Manhunters androids against us…

“But…” growls Larfleeze

“But...Chattle continues, "...that said, we 'are' the 'LAST' of our kind.” Chattle emphasizes, “And I wonder, as the rest of us wonder, if we are going to the Outer Rim, unmapped Space, where only Manhunters roam, the same androids responsible for our species extinction, what are you planning exactly? “ he asks.

“We rob, we sell, we extort, we blackmail, we treasure hunt…." Flob exclaims, “…that is our purpose and we are rich now thanks to you Larfleeze." he says, "But do you mean for us to die before we can even spend our fortune? What riches are you seeking that requires such a risk? Its not like we're going to rob Apokalips!” he states..

Larfleeze lets out a groan but doesn’t turn to Flob or Chattle, but keeps his black eyes fixed on the passing stars, "You short sighted fools believe you only live for what you can steal and raid but I want more. I can feel it, somewhere out there something greater than all the riches we've come to know. Something so great, even the Guardians have locked it away." he says.

Flob and Chattle look at each other in shock as Larfleeze tone remains eerily serious.

“And what's that?” Chattle exclaims.

“Yeah Larfleez…” Flob asks, “…what are we going after this time?

Larfleeze smiles an eerie grin at Flob and Chattle, “A ring.”

Meanwhile....on Oa

Inside a tall tower of smooth white rounded walls, blinding green light emits from the base of the tower into the sky, filling the inside of the tower with intense green light while 8 blue skinned men and 2 blue skinned women, all of them short in stature wear red robes descend inside the tower.

As the encircle the beam of green light , the Guardians of the Universe watch from the base of the floor emitting green light, ribbons of pink, blue, violet, yellow and red light swirl up along the beam of green like, swirling around it like snakes around a tree. As they surround the green pillar of light while other colors swirl around it, they watch as in the green pillar of light images of different planets, sectors of space and various locations appear and constantly change before the Guardians who float around the light as if sitting at a camp fire.

"As Guardians of the Universe..." exclaims Reegal, one of the male Guardians, "…we have an obligation to prevent chaos.” He says, noticing a flash of orange color amongst the other glowing lights, “I believe now we need to act.”

“Your statement sounds true Reegal.” says Zalla, one of the older female Guardians, as she peers into the swirling of colors of light below while images of Larfleeze ship hurling through space towards the Outer Rim appear, “We should extinguish his life.”

“Extinguish the last of his species?” Gurion exclaims, “Perhaps the destruction of his ship is more ideal and placing Larfleeze into a hibernation state will be more ideal"

"I believe we are acting presumptuously.” exclaims the female Guardian Sayd, who extends her short blue arms forward, expanding the green light as it brightens with intensity, revealing stolen items within the Green Lantern database, “Larfleeze is not a most intelligent creature, especially for one as old as he. Yet while what he is planning is not apparent, I do not think it is meant to endanger the universe itself. I believe he has, more simplistic ambitions. And forcefully placing him in a hibernated state is not the answer.”

“It is the answer if we say it is the answer.” Reegal exclaims, “We are Guardians of the Universe, we are the wisest.”

“Agreed, however, as Guardians we are the most cautious.” Sayd replies to Reegal, whose blue face frowns at the reply, “How do we know he is not trying to attract us to him? That could be snare unto itself.”

"Larfleeze is a parasite with the intellect of a scorched rock.” Zalla exclaims, “He cannot conceive of such a matter, is it not why we destroyed his species? To protect the remaining universe from their symbiotic drain that they were, for greed is all they know.”

“And because of us…” Sayd interjects, “…he now knows hate. I do not believe events are what they appear to be.”

“They are not.” Gurion says, “What we do know is that Larfleeze his purposefully going to the Outer Rim, he has pillaged objects have challenged GreenLanterns sector by sector. He has made himself known. He is responsible for the death of three Lanterns, and I believe that for him to enter Outer Rim territory will only stir chaos with the discarded Manhunters, it is time we destroyed him before he accidently releases the yellow imperfection.”

“What do you think Ganthet?” Sayd asks,

Ganthet quietly floats overhead, staring at the images of space in the green light, absorbed in deep thinking, "I believe my fellow Guardians we are the perpetrators of this situation. Larfleeze hate to us was spurred by us after we destroyed his planet which has led him into the darkness he is now in. The error of the Manhunters creation is now finally at hand and Larfleeze, as his intention I believe is not the destruction of the universe, but that of the Lantern Corp.”

“So what do you propose?” asks Zalla.

“Assign me the entire Lantern Corp to stop Larfleeze and more importantly, prevent what I believe he intends to do.”

“Surely the entire Green Lantern Corp is not necessary for Larfleeze!” Reegal exclaims, “It is preposterous.”

“Three Hundred and ninety Lanterns for is not necessary…” Ganthet exclaims in a loud voice, “…for Larfleeze nor the Manhunters, yet to deal with the Yellow Imperfection, I would call on all living things to assist me in its destruction if I could do so. We should get a location of all the lanterns before we implement any actions."

“Would that include Abin?” Sayd asks.

Everyone including Ganthet sighs and rubs his temples, “I do indeed hope, that out of all the Green Lanterns, that Abin Sur, somehow fell into a hot sun.”


Stretched out comfortably on a sandy reclining seat as 4 distant suns slowly rise in the white sky over the Desert Planet Cha'kool’s horizon, a naked pink skin humanoid named Abin Sur, remains stretched on the beach chair like sand mold. Enjoying the intense heat radiating down from above, contently absorbing the sun rays as he holds a reflective mirror under his pink color face, the warm sun tans his face a dark pink as the heat rises from the sandy landscape like heat from griddle.

“This Cha’kool Sun is wonderful at this Moon Cycle, Blok.” Abin states, sipping glowing blue liquid from a rocky crystal cup, “Indeed most Wonderful.”

“If you like the sun you’ll like the Dryad females. Would you like me to summon any?” asks Blok.

A grin comes across Abin’s face as he turns to his left, looking at the muscular humanoid lying down in the hot sand beside him. His grey stony skin simply sizzled in the heat as Blok turns his head towards him and raises a arches his brow as a smile comes across his face.

“Really Blok?” Abin replies, “The Dryadian made of Rock Skin has a soft heart for females? I’d arrest you if I wasn’t in so much shock.”

“I do what keeps me occupied, is that a crime too?”

deet deet - deet deet

Sinestro raises his tanned pink hand to his face, “Crimes are what they Guardians say they are Blok, it’s why I’m employed.” He mumbles, looking at the Green Lantern ring on his finger flashing again with another *deet deet* sound emitting.

“Can’t you turn that fodders thing off?”

“We can, Guardians call it Death.” Abin sighs, slowly sitting up from his sand bed as white sand granules adhere to his muscular pink back and legs, “Yet I’m afraid that even in death I will not enjoy the quiet and serenity I feel as being your guest.” he says.

“You’re welcome any time Abin." Blok replies, "But then again you don’t ask for much. It’s not like tanning naked in the Galaxy’s second hottest desert planet is a luxury out here.” Blok huffs, watching Abin look at him with a pencil thin arched eyebrow, “But if you really need to get away that badly, you should consider working for other people, you are your own legend ya’know.”

Stark naked under the oppressive bright scorching hot suns, Abin smiles at the comment. Walking along the sizzling white hot sand, Abin Sur turns to Blok and raises his hand over his eyes from the overhead glare, “I love what I do Blok, you know that.” Abin replies, raising his glowing green ring on his hand before balling a fist.

“The question is…” Blok says, watching ribbons of green light burst from Abin’s ring and quickly wrap around his body, clothing him in a black and green styled uniform, “…do they love you as much as you love that ring?” he questions.

Smirking at his question, Abin nods respectively while lifting his arm over his head, hearing his ring crackle with green energy, “Don't you know Blok?” Abin asks, slowly lifting off the ground, “Nothing loves anyone as good as Tamaran.” he jokes.

Blok smirks and waves his heavy stony hand as Abin rockets into the sky with a boom before a ring of clouds explodes around him as he breaks through the atmosphere and into space.

Streaking through the hot air as Mach 6, Abin Sur narrows his glowing green eyes as the hot winds howl in his ears. Zooming over miles of desolate white sandy desert, dunes and craggy mountains, Abin draws in a deep breath as he looks up to the blindingly white sky overhead. In a burst of thunderous speed, cloud rings rapidly explode around Abin Sur as he breaks through the sound barriers, hurtling through up through the air until all the white sun light slowly fades away as the hot temperature drops.

Speeding out the atmosphere and into Space, Abin Sur halts his speedy flight and looks down at the rotating tan planet below, decorated with clouds and old meteor impacts. Letting out a sigh, Abin Sur turns around to the stars and sees the floating white ship hovering over the planet, The Manifest.

“Back to work.” Abin mumbles as he soars through space towards The Manifest.


Sitting in a white chair, the pink skinned humanoid, decked in a green and black Green Lantern uniform stares into stars, his eyes fixed on the desert planet Dryad below as four moons slowly obit them.

"Sinestro, set course for Sector 1208. Light Speed." exclaims a voice behind him.

Glancing over his shoulder, Sinestro looks over his shoulder to Abin Sur standing behind him and wiping his face with a cloth.

“As you wish Abin.”

Wiping the last of the Dryad dirt and sand from his face, Abin slowly removes the cloth from his face, looking at Sinestro from behind sitting properly erect in the white chair that faces the wide touchscreen panel before him. Letting out a breath through nose, Abin Sur slowly walks over towards the co-piloting chair beside Sinestro, watching him set the coordinates.

“Did I take long?” Abin asks, entering information via touchscreen panel.

“No.” Sinestro curtly responds.

"I sense stress in your tone Sinestro." Abin Sur says, leaning back in his chair, his eyes closed and his arms folded as the ship engines warming for warp speed, “Please inform me if you plan to develop a tantrum or engage in a verbal warfare.”

Sinestro looks at from the corner of his eye Abin sitting in his chair, annoyed at his accurate deduction be quickly retorting, "No stress." he repeats adamantly, yet his eyes still lock on to Abin who remains perfectly still that it’s almost hard for Sinestro to determine if he died. Sinestro says nothing further as he turns his head to the view of the stars in space floating about like motionless crystals against the black water before they start to form long white lines as the ship explodes with speeding, hurtling them through space at Light Speed.

With only the hum of the ships engine buzzing in the background, Abin Sur keeps his eyes closed and his arms folded in a very comfortable position. Hearing Sinestro evidently motionless, Abin Sur finally hears Sinestros chair swivel, he was going to walk to his quarters.

"I should know if my pupil is stressed or not. I've been your mentor for two years need to hide obvious feelings. Speak your mind Sinestro." Abin says, opening his green eyes that seem to see right through his pupil standing before, clenching his black gloved fists.

"Why did you visit him?" Sinestro asks, his frustration gripping his voice.

"To find out information." Abin responds, "Why?" he asks, waiting for more to come, there was always more to come with Sinestro.

Sinestro firms his pink face and points at him, "What you did was reckless!"


"And that is a problem!" Sinestro shouts, glaring at Abin with a scolding glare, struggling to contain himself, "The Guardians denounced him! He was banished from Oa! He's a Dryad! All Dryad's have dealings with the League of Super Assassins! And you MET WITH HIM! He was the biggest embarrassment to the founding of the Green Lantern Corps. THE ONLY ONE who was chosen by a ring...whom the ring REJECTED after only HOURS of use! I'm not saying your judgment is faulty..."

"’re just saying it’s incorrect." Abin finishes with a smirk as he folds his arms.

Sinestro stands erect, bristled by the smug look on his mentor’s face and remains quiet as he looks at Abin Sur in the eye, "You said it, not me." he flatly, staring back into space.

Clearing his throat, Abin rests his head on his fingers while leaning on his armrest as he looks at Sinestro with a tilted head, "Your right. It was inappropriate."

Sinestro looks at him with wide eyes, nearly baffled by his admittance.

Abin Sur shakes his head and stands to face Sinestro, towering over him, "My relationship with the Dryad race, or in this case his name being Blok, has always been consistent for the betterment of all species. He is the only one in his family that is not in the League of Super Assassins, as much as he says he is involved, he says so to save his own life. Now as much as you may protest and be concerned with how OTHERS may view this, his consistent criticism of the methods and training the Corps and insistence on lethal force, as I recall you once had a problem with, were what lead to his banishment, not his integrity." he says.

"I still don't like it." Sinestro snarls.

"Of course you don’t. You view him as inferior my pupil.” Abin Sur smirks, “That is why you don’t not like him, he is, lower than you. Yet, in order to fulfill your role as Lantern, you must learn that sometimes the Universal Hall of Records, may not have the information you need and must go to cannon fodder, lower life forms drenched in debauchery or, go to Dryad and see if they can give you what you seek for free."

Sinestro looks at Abin from the corner of his eye, as Abin Sur stares right at him, knowing that Sinestro is weighing those words.

“And I found out a great deal.” Abin adds.

Suddenly, Sinestro's ring glows bright green as a voice speaks from the ring:

Attention all Three Hundred and Nine Lanterns. Priority message from The Guardians of the Universe. One on One Hologram sequence initiating

A short blue guardian, dressed in a red robe, appears on the hologram playing from Sinestro's ring.

I give attention to all Three Hundred and Nine Green Lantern Corpsmen. It has come to the attention of the Guardians, the alien space pirate known as Larfleeze, has committed a robbery of the utmost audacity on planet Maltus, the home planet of the Guardians. Among the items stolen are artifacts that are priority for the Integrity of the Green Lanterns as a whole. We have initiated Protocol Emerald. All Lantern Agents must rendezvous at Sector 3900 regardless of your location or immediate preoccupation. Upon arrival at Sector 3900, you will meet Guardian Ganthet, who will lead you all personally to the recovery of the artifacts and the arrest of Larfleeze. Please be charged and prepared for Aggressive Negotiations.


"Well we have orders now so, whatever you made me complicit in his time will have to wait." Sinestro says as he picks up Abin Sur's miniature charging lantern, handing it to him, “Let’s go.”

"We are not going right away." Abin Sur states as he gets up from his seat, and starts punching in the new coordinates, “We’ll let ‘The Manifest’ take us.”


"Calm down." Abin Sur says keeping his eyes locked on Sinestro's sneering face, “We are going to take our ship regardless of orders as it would be foolish to arrive with the potential for a battle with your ring depleted on energy at our point which is in Sector 540."

Sinestro arches his eyebrow, looking at Abin Sur with disgust, "Ever since you started visiting those people on that desert bedrock you've been OVER charging your ring to the point that it’s crackling green electricity. YOUR sooooo slow to battle when you have to fight, ALWAYS doing things at your pace, never listening to ALL your orders...I'm supposed to be YOUR pupil and you DON'T LISTEN TO EVEN DIRECT ORDERS and you leave ME to pick up the rest! We are supposed to an ESTABLISH ORDER AT ALL COSTS! We are Green Lanterns Abin, the military force for Justice, to establish ORDER wherever, WHENEVER, HOWEVER! A TRUE LANTERN..."

Abin points his finger in Sinestro’s face, cutting him off, "A TRUE my pupil, assesses all situations first, rather than blindly going into a situation to get him or others killed. That is the way. We fight when we must and keep it short and to the point. We get what we must get done...done, that is training 101." he states firmly.

Sinestro remains quiet as he just stares at Abins ring overcharging in the portable lantern.

Abin sighs as he stares into the blackness of space as they travel at great speeds, "Sinestro, you must learn if out of all the things I've trained you to do, that the way of the Guardians is secretive though they are not evil, but you must not rush into every single order without assessing things for yourself. The Guardians just called all Three Hundred and Nine Lanterns across the Quadrant, obviously this is not just a recovery of artifacts!"

Sinestro sits in his seat, listening begrudgingly, "But..."

"But nothing Sinestro!" Abin states, "You are my pupil, my responsibility. I have not trained a pupil who has died yet.”

“That’s because they never gave you a pupil.”

“So that means your odds are high.” Abin smirks, watching Sinestro roll his eyes.

“Now listen. Blok enlightened me about Larfleeze.” Abin says, “It has always bothered me that Larfleeze, who has been an enemy of the Guardians for the past two centuries, and with his life-span as long as it is, never amassed riches, never amassed power. According to Blok, which is why we went to that Desert Planet, the League of Super Assassin paid Larfleeze for a job, upon which when he completed, he managed to steal an Ancient Map that was long thought non-existent and something the League of Super Assassins wanted very badly."

Sinestro raises his eyebrow, "What is it?”

"A map from the first Lightsmiths, the crafters of our Power Battery, detailing the whereabouts of the Green Lantern rings true weakness.” Abin replies.

Sinestro stands up in shock, “Our rings HAVE no Weakness! The Guardians….”

“Will you sit down.” Abin states, watching Sinestro looking down at him, “How are you going to know all the things I’m to tell you if you don’t shut up.”

Sinestro clenches his jaw and sits down before Abin as he continues, “Larfleeze has the original map of the Green Lanterns power source. Apparently on the same map, if what Blok says is true, the map contains the location of the imperfection needed to destroy the Green Lantern Corps."

His mind working on overdrive to put together the pieces, Sinestro stands back from Abin in pure shock, “That’s…that’s impossible.”

“Not exactly.” Abin replies, “For years now, I have been researching our so-called, ‘All Powerful Rings’ and there is an imperfection with them, but every time I am close to it, the Guardians have stopped me. I believe that Larfleeze now knows where and what the source is. That’s why the Guardians have called in all of the Lanterns.”

Sinestro looks at him confused, "But it could be a trap even if they get past the Manhunters on the outer rim. We have to warn..."

“No!” Abin Sur snaps, watching Sinestro’s eyes open wide.

“IF WE DON’T WARN THEM THEY WILL DIE!” Sinestro exclaims, “They are already going into Manhunter Territory! They…

“Need us.” Abin interjects, much to Sinestro’s surprise, “If Larfleeze seems to have found the greatest secret in a millennia, The Green Lanterns weakness, then alerting the Guardians the Lanterns to run for Larfleeze to get it, does the Corp no justice. If they get there he Larfleeze has it, they are at risk, but not us, that is if we will take our time, be the last ones there, and while for the first time in all the history of the Corps every last Lanterns descends into one place on the Outer Rim, fight the Manhunters, and search for Larfleeze, we will come in last find Larfleeze he will notice us get close enough to him to kill him.”

“Kill him?” Sinestro says in surprise, “Green Lanterns do not kill.”

Sinestro sits down, looking at his green ring before looking into outer space, “I hope you know what you’re doing Abin.”

“True, but since the Guardians explicit 'No Patrol' sector is where they evidently hid a weakness that will possibly endanger the entire Lantern Corp, compromised us and now are blindly leading the entire Lantern Corp to their possible deaths….” Abin Sur says, walking away from him, “…I see no other choice.”

"It’s WRONG Abin! We’re supposed to be motivated by Willpower NOT Fear!" Sinestro exclaims, watching Abin walk out the cockpit.

“Survival is Willpower my young pupil. If you want to know what fear is, ask the Guardians why they asked all the Lanterns to come when they could do this themselves.” He replies as the glass partition closes behind him.

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PT III - Surprise Attack


No Caption Provided

NEW YORK - 3 Minutes After Global Invasion

Screams, police sirens, ambulance wails and the sound of news choppers hovering in the air fill all of New York City. Mass panic spreads throughout the city like a virus. Pushing grounds running into subways, angered drivers stuck in blocks of piled-up traffic yelling at the top of their lungs adds the City’s overall atmosphere. The streets jammed pack with fleeing crowds, towering buildings once glistening in the sunlight, now cut deep shadows onto the public as a massive Star Destroyer floats over the East River.

Standing in a trashy alleyway, Nico Minoru stares up at the monstrous sight of the spacecraft. Fear and horror fill her soul as she gawks at it. She was done with space crafts. She was done with anyone outside of the ordinary and this was far past her threshold.

With a phone to her ear, Nico remains in a trance like state as she stares up at the floating ships like a fly mesmerized by the light its drawn to.

“Who are you calling Nico?”

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, Nico turns to Molly, staring at the immense ship before looking to her.

Nico gulps, turning her attention back to the ship, “The only person who knows what I know and more.” she replies before hearing the ringing line, get answered.

“Hello?” Nico says, cupping her hand around the end of the phone, “Are you seeing this?!”

~Have they started attacking New York yet?~

Nico throws her hands up in the air, her face washing over with disbelief, “What do you think! Its a mess here!” she replies.

~But have they started firing down on the City?!~

Molly looks to Nico, seeing her lean against a brick wall of a building, trying to hold herself up as she turns pale, “Nico is everything…”

Holding up her finger, Nico looks to Molly sternly as she tries to focus her thoughts, “Abigail, what is going on?” ” she says, “Does this have to do with what we…”

~This has nothing to do with us as far as I can tell. Just listen to me, every city is getting leveled, it just started. Before fire starts raining down from heaven, you have to get somewhere safe, I have to go.~

Feeling her entire body trembling, Nico turns to the wall as anger bubbles up from inside her with intensity, “NO! You do NOT get to just blow me off! I have NO WAY OUT OF HERE!” she shouts, glancing over to Molly standing behind her, on pins and needles to find out the entirety of the conversation, “I have someone with me. Don't You have, can’t you call the Avengers or something…”

~The avengers are fighting a lost cause. I have your location, your on Bond Street and Lafayette, there’s a construction site and a white storage container unit on it. Get to Bleeker Street, and into the container. There's a small transport vessel on that construction property. Get to it and whatever you do, if you can...~

Hearing the line go dead, Nico looks at the phone. Dead.


Hearing Molly’s scream, Nico looks to her pointing down out the alley as all the lights go dark with a harmonious sound of electrical transformers shutting down across the city.

Panic stricken, Molly looks to Nico, “What’s going on?”

Grabbing Molly’s hand, Nico runs, “MOVE!” she shouts in panic.

Throwing one leg in front of the other, Nico races with Nico out the alleyway and into the maddening street. Wall to wall with people, Nico looks to Molly, “DON’T LET GO OF MY HAND!” she shouts.

The sheer amount of bodies shuffling about renders Molly and Nico into a near claustrophobic scenario. Panic sets into the sea of people as everyone almost comes to halt as something streaks past the avenue on Broadway garnering everyone’s head-turned attention.

Cheers erupt. Two-fingered whistles from people pierce the air. Looking over their raised hands, Nico and Molly see Iron Man, streak over the crowd with Spider-man swinging behind him. Blazing past in a bolt of lightning, Thor whizzes by soon followed by a metal ship with a SHIELD logo on its side, all heading to the Ship.


Molly looks up at Nico, nibbling nervously on her lip.

“Its okay Nico, the Avengers are here.”

Nico looks down at her with a look of dread, “When an Avenger comes to a fight…” she says to her, “...its the last place anyone need to be.”

Feeling the tug on her arm, Nico looks to Molly pointing at a restaurant.

“We can cut through the back of the buildings, like in L.A.” Molly suggests.

Looking ahead to the still moving crowd raising their phones to get a picture, Nico nods to her advice, pushing her along, “Alright let's go.” .


Emerging from a massive gaping hole among the remains of Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctum, Darth Sidious steps out between two massive piles of rubble. The smell of burning debris and thick smoke stings his nostrils. The sound of distant cries of children and adult alike fill his ears. However, the wailing sirens of police and fire trucks all become drowned out from the constant explosions rumbling the city under foot.

To Sidious contentment, he raises his yellow eyes to his ship ‘The Executor’ engines roaring with power as it lifts into the orange sky and over the shredded skyscrapers in Manhattan. The exposed bright blue circular turbines on his ships underbelly vibrates the air with power while red laser fire zips out from the side of the ships sharp edges. Cascading over the city like a meteor shower, red blaster fire shoots over Central Park and touches down on Manhattan’s Uptown area with a thunderous boom swiftly followed by black smoke rising into the orange sky.

It was all familiar, the fall of a city and rise of a new power. His power. Until he removed all obstacles.

As the consistent and uncompromising bombardment of destruction trembles the city, felt under his feet, Darth Sidious turns his attention to the mountainous pile of debris leading to the street. However to his mild surprise, Sidious narrows his yellow red eyes at the sight of his Death Troopers, all clad in black are scattered dead in the street with Police Officers. With a growl Sidious hastily stalks down to pavement.

His yellowish eyes scour over the scene. Smoke rises off the slain officers charred chests while bullet holes fill the Death troopers; Sidious caring little for firefight that inevitably left no survivors, Sidious groans, irritated that the feeling as if spying eyes were watching him attentively.

Promptly, Sidious raises his yellow eyes upwards, focusing to the edge of a brownstone home rooftop. There, on the shadowy ledge behind a gargoyle, Sidious narrows his eyes at the discreet shadowy silhouette of a man with the orange sky behind him, touching side of his ear before quickly disappearing from view.

“Curious are we.” snarls Sidious, lifting his open palm over his head before balling a fist.

Immediately, the concrete edge of the rooftop explodes. Chunks of concrete and fine bits a like, fall the street towards Sidious who spots the mysterious figure plummeting to the ground amongst the debris, thrust out a device similar to a grappling hook. As the line from the grappling hook is shot from the mysterious figure, on the ground, Sidious simply gestures his two fingers down, yanking the figure out the air, snapping the grappling hook line and the man slamming him into the street with enough force to break the pavement .

Clad in red, the mystery man's agonizing screams of pain bring an uncontrolled smile Sidious face as he approaches him. Narrows his eyes at the sight of Daredevil’s broken body twitching in the caved in pavement as he cries out a horrible agony, Sidious stands several feet away from.

“Interesting.” Sidious comments, calling him over with a gesture of his finger.

Using force, Sidious drags Daredevil’s broken body across the pavement slowly, savoring each howl of pain he makes. Holding up his finger, Sidious lifts Daredevil’s tattered body off the ground. Dardevil's mask half torn, blood coming from between his bared teeth, Sidious looks upon him with disappointment as their face to face, “So this is the devil of Hell kitchen, in red.” he huffs.

“I assume you cannot see Mister Murdock…” Sidious states “...but I wonder if it is by means of the force that you see? Or is it by some other means?” he wonders.


Suddenly two white energy blasts streak across and explode on both sides of Darth Sidious!

Holding up his hand as the burning embers from the explosion sizzle on his force shield, Sidious narrows his eyes at the sight of Iron Man dropping out the sky and landing in the street with a thud on his knee and fists. Dropping down beside him with a heavier ‘krug’ rumbling the street, Thor landing with his crackling hammer in hand beside Hercules. Floating over all of them, Sidious catches sight of Vision narrowing his steely gaze.

Peering past Vision, Sidious sees in the orange sky, an immense helicopter floating high over New York City, exchanging fire with his ship Executor with crackles of electricity dancing across the translucent shield protecting both their ships.

However, catching his attention, Sidious spots a black Quinjet roaring towards him between the buildings. Swiftly the Quinjet and comes to a roaring halt hovering overhead Iron Man and Thor. Sidious watches the small Quinjet's black underbelly open with Captain America, Black Widow, Hercules and Falcon all dropping out to the street.

Landing beside Iron Man, Captain America can hardly believe his eyes at the sight of Daredevil’s battered body, writhing in pain as he gags in the air beside the mysterious foe. The body of dozens of slain police officers laid beside unrecognizable storm troopers with Stephen Strange’s home laid to waste behind the mysterious hooded foe.

Captain America’s eyes ignite with anger as he points to him, “I'm not in the habit of trouncing old men…” Steve Rogers says, “...but unless you end all this, I WILL!" ”

His statement makes Sidious arch his eyebrow as he drops Daredevil onto his knees, gasping for air.

“Your confidence is inspiring.” Sidious replies, “But nothing will stop my Campaign. It is destiny.” he states.

“Destiny?!” Thor exclaims, “Earth is under Asgardian Protection you fool!"

Sidious arches his eyebrow, “Asguardian, Kree, Inhuman, whatever you may be, all things bow before the DARKSIDE!” he barks, "And your efforts Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Odinson, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Colonel Rhodes and the Synthetic human…” Sidious declares to all the stunned statement, “...are are all less than pointless."

Hercules glances at Stark “He knows of our names.” he scoffs.

"Good." Natasha replies, "That way he can get my name right when he tells his friends who broke his hip for hurting Matt." she spits, "NOW STEP AWAY FROM DAREDEVIL!" she shouts, cocking her guns.

"Look you evil Bernie Sanders..." Iron Man spits as he lifts up his face-place, "...I've already triangulated your global command that went out from your on-person transmitter." Stark reveals, "In thirty seconds, a 'retreat' will be sent out to your ships, they'll leave, you'll be stuck here, and this campaign of yours will be over quicker than it started - don't make this get any more ugly than it has to be." he confidently states, "You came against the Avengers, its inevitable you'll lose!"

Darth Sidious arches his eyes at Iron Man’s comment, and points to the rubble that was the home of Stephen Strange , "Inevitability is your hubris." Sidious replies, "Inevitability was your arrival. But if you do you believe that an attack of this magnitude across your planet within five minutes of my arrival would hinge..." he says, holding up to them a transmitter between his fingers, "...on this?" he scoffs, crushing the transmitter in his hands, "Than you are a further disappointment than I realized."

“You wanted us here?” Captain America realizes.

"No." Vision answers, looking upon Sidious deathly glare, "He wanted his biggest threats, here.” Vision corrects.

"Don't flatter yourself droid!!” snaps Sidious. “I am here only to offer you all a choice.” he growls.

Captain America, seeing Spider-Man stealthily crawl down a building behind Sidious and leap onto telephone pole, tries to buy more time, "And that is what exactly?!" Rogers asks.

“To have peace!” Sidious proudly exclaims, "I have gained knowledge of your world. World Ending Event after Event is ALL YOU ARE!." he yells, "Your world and many others like, will die without the guidance of the power that many a millennia ago was exiled. The Dark Side." he states.

"Could you have picked a more EVIL name?!" scoffs Tony, turning to Thor but remains silent at seeing Thor's face grow very concerned and grim.

"It is only by the Power of the Darkside can I this world and others.." continues Sidious, "...but first, I must punish those who shall stand between my Sith Empire and ..." he says. raising up his finger, "...let say, true peace." he grins, as Daredevil's lifted off the ground, gagging for air.

Stepping ahead of Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow parts her red hair from her face and promptly aims her pistol straight at Sidious face, “How bout I give you a piece of something!!” she counters, cocking her gun with a coy smile.

“Are you threatening me Miss Romanov?” growls Sidious, curling his two fingers together, causing Daredevil to gag as he tightens his telekinetic ground around his neck.

“SITH!" yells Thor as everyone looks to him, "...take this one warning" he threatens, "LEAVE and never return, or by the power of Odin and Mjolnir I shall break more than thy hip and spirit!” he warns.

Shaking his head, Sidious frees both his hands from his long sleeves as two mysterious metal cylinders zip into his grip as he grins madly, "In that case, as Emperor of the Galactic Empire and true Personification of the Darkside, I sentence you all to Death for underestimating the POWER OF THE DARKSIDE!” he shouts, igniting both his bright cardinal red lightsabers before swiftly spinning around and cutting Daredevil in two!

“MAATT!” Natasha screams, tearfully firing her gun as Daredevil’s two halfs drop to the ground. Promptly, Sidious points his red lightsaber and holds up his finger, telekinetically throwing back the bullets she fired.

“TAKE'EM OUT!” shouts Captain America, holding up his shield as he jumps in front of Black Widow with the bullets riddling his shield!

Hearing Cap's order Sidious eyes scours over his personal battlefield. Thor spins his hammer with veracity before bolting ahead at him, leaping across the ground in a single bound alongside Hercules. Iron Man plants his feet on the ground, charging a powerful energy surge in his chest plate. Feeling another disturbance, Sidious senses Spider-Man from behind, lunging straight for him. Falcon streaks up into the air, firing down at him, while Vision, wisely remains poised, waiting for a key moment to attack.

Drawing a breathe and using his ‘force speed’, feeling as if has slowed to a crawl, "APPRENTICE!" Sidious screams out!

At that moment the ground thuds as a blurring yellow flash bashes Thor across the face, rocketing him straight up into Falcon before an equally swift force bashes Hercules across his face, sending him straight through the street and into a subway tunnel as the ion beam bursts out Iron Man's chest and explodes on Darth Sidious!

Covering their eyes from the immense bright explosion from Iron’ Man’s chestplate, the smoke filling the street is suddenly dissipated away with a ‘woosh’. A sudden pit of dread fills Captain America’s gut. Black Widow’s eyes open wide in shock, as she stands on her feet, unable to believe her eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Steve Rogers gasps.

As smoke rises off his muscled body, the large 'S' sign glows a yellow light as his blue cape remains draped behind his back. Darth Sidious incessant cackling echoes down the street as he stands behind Robert Reynolds, the sandy haired forgotten hero standing protectively in front of Sidious.

His eyes black, with pin-hole sized red irises, locked on Rogers and his fists, balled into fists.

“Meet one of the many starved users of the Dark Side in your dimension…” Sidious grins, “...Darth Void.” He declares.


“APPRENTICE!” Sidious declares, getting everyone’s attention as Void shifts his red eyes to Sidious.

"Yes My Master." he replies.

Sidious looks the group of heroes with glee, “Kill them all.” he growls.

Slowly turning his gaze to Iron Man, Darth Void, narrows his red eyes, “Gladly, my master.”

to be continued

Sw Isd Imperial Star Destroyer Over Manhattan. is a photograph by HQ Photo

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Is Green Lantern taken? I'd love to do that. I have a killer story.

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I am currently posting my story - Star Wars - The Campaign (A Marvel Story)


Time is off, something is wrong. Events are not happening in the way it is suppose to have happened. After the events of a New Hope, something or someone, has given Darth Sidious reason to investigate a fable, his universe is not the only one. His universe is actually 'half' and the other is void of the force. Darth Sidious is now on a quest to tear across time and space to Universe 616, the rightful home universe of the Dark Side and thus bring the Galactic Empire into a Sith Sovereignty. Everything is about to change for the Rebel Alliance, for the Marvel Universe and Time and Space as a whole and it all begins with one person - Uatu the Watcher.

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PT III - Prelude

January 2016 - New Years Day. While millions celebrate around the world the start of a New Year, someone else celebrates a Cosmic Event unseen in a millennia. A Birth Star, a singularity event that rips, expands and develops new, uncharged sections of Outer Space, has occurred in Universe 616 over Planet Earth. This unnoticed but awe inspiring event, draws the attention of the one and only - Uatu the Watcher.

Seeing this Birth Star strikes dread in Uatu, for he knows that this Birth Star has the force to eradicate all planets nearby as it expands all visible space. Hence, to save Earth Uatu, against the rules of what a Watcher must do - interferes and tries to quell the threat. However, upon approaching the Birth Star, Uatu experiences an ancient forgotten power through the Birth Star overwhelming his Cosmic Awareness. Strange in its nature, Uatu sees this Birth Star is perhaps connected to another universe.

Feelings of pain and suffering come through the star as Uatu struggles to close it with his significant power, not wanting two alien universes to be connected, until that is, he hears a cry for help echos through the star. Puzzled, Uatu's cosmic awareness reaches out. Sensing fear, pain, and suffering on other side of this Birth Star, Uatu forces the Star's energy portal open. Boldly hurtling himself into portal, Uatu goes where no other Watcher has gone, endeavoring to save those in need.

Upon exiting the other side of the Birth Stars portal at its origin point, Uatu is now in a different universe. However, the Pain, the suffering, the darkness he felt, is concentrated to Metal Planet before him. Sensing his power is diminishing, Uatu is suddenly overwhelmed by the same ancient power he felt previous from the birth star. Only now, one hundred times more in strength, and rendering him unconscious.

Later, Uatu awakens chained and confined to a Power Draining Engine in a darkened room. In the shadows, a disfigured man with fiery eyes in a cloak identifies himself to Uatu as known other than Darth Sidious.

Sidious reveals an ancient fable shared only to Masters of the Dark Side. Once upon a time, all 'force users' went to War with Celestial Beings wielding a Power Cosmic. Although the Force was more powerful than the Celestials, they had the numbers, and the Force and its users were banished.

Having found evidences of truth in this fable, Sidious used his power to create a 'Force Storm' with all of his power to breach Time and Space and hopefully attract something/someone else, just powerful enough to unwittingly open it from their side. Now that Uatu has cracked that divide between two worlds, Sidious amplifies himself by draining Uatu's of his Power Cosmic, taking it via his Power Drain Engine.

Transferring the power to himself, Sidious is now rendered youthful, invigorated and proceeds to aggressively invade Uatu's mind with the Dark Side. Mercilessly tearing Uatu's apart for information, Sidious forces Uatu to rip a path open to Universe 616, killing Uatu in the process. With Uatu's body now a husk and Sidious still processing the wealth of knowledge he has acquired, he orders Uatu's eyes and brain to be 'bio-interface' or extracted and converted into data.

Darth Sidious now youthful, swelled with knowledge of another universe, a full Galactic Armada around him at the ready, a fully functional Death Star at his disposal and aboard his Eclipse-class Dreadnought - armed to end a planet - Sidious prepares everyone for full-scale invasion of another universe.

Knowing his Campaign for Galactic Supremacy has key threats on Earth that could stop him in his tracks, Sidious plans a guerrilla type approach to his war and free allies to his cause.

Thus, Sidious, orders a 'Hyperjump' to Earth. Breaching Earth's atmosphere with no warnings for SHIELD or SWORD alike. Taken off-guard, Sidious allots ten minutes to 'free' Dark Side users from Planet Earth before its be destroyed.

His first attack - the destruction of the Sanctum Sanatorium for its prisoner in the basement, the oldest dark-side user in the history of the Marvel Universe known to Sidious - The Void.

to be continued in Part IV of Star Wars - The Campaign Dec 3rd

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No Caption Provided

“Some secrets were better left hidden.” she mutters as the saying skitters across her mind. The gentle reminder of what was told to her before she took her current station.

Abigail Brand stood in the center of the ‘War Room’s lacquered floor with immense ray-shielded windows overlooking Planet Earth. Earth’s gentle blue glow casts light in the wide-open space, casting everyone’s shadow on the floor while Abigail stands alone, massaging the bridge of her nose. Her frustrated sigh barely audible from the loud voices shouting over the communication channels.

Agencies were supposed to be secret, especially the ‘off-the-book’ type. Hence, The Sentient World Observation and Response Department, or SWORD, the fabled Off-World’orbital anti-terrorist space station that countered more hostile threats in a single afternoon then Earthbound agencies did in a decade, wrote the definition of ‘clandestine’. It fulfilled its purpose; allow everyone, and every hero, to believe they had a bigger role in saving their existence then they actually did. That is, until today.

Glancing at her watch, Abigail rolls her green eyes before raising them to to the 80 inch holographic screen in front of her.


Glancing to her left, Abigail looks to a purple skinned humanoid with bright yellow eyes, handing her an electronic table. Her green irises dilate like a cat as she scans the screen.

Letting out a groan, Abigail pulls her eyes away from the tablet and turns her attention to the massive screen. Small four-by-six frames in the screen hold various Presidents, Generals, Secretaries of States, Emperors, Czars, Experts and the like, shouting at each other with red-faced passion.

“GENTLEMAN!” Abigail Brand shouts, touching a button on the table that mutes everyone.

Almost immediately everyone realizes their rendered exclusively to Abigail Brand’s voice coming over the feed. Looking to her, Abigail folds her arms with a coy smirk, “As much as I would love to hear you all curse at each in your own languages in an inaudible fashion…” she says, holding up her tablet, “...we have wasted three minutes with no ground gained. I’d like be productive, and share SWORD’s Analysis Brief.” she says.

Hearing footsteps beside her, Abigail glances over to Nick Fury. His dark skin reflecting the bluish hue from Earth’s reflection as he stands ominously in his long leather trench coat, black eye patch over his eye and his arms crossed.

Nodding to him, Abigail turns back to screens, “So, as of three minutes ago this opened up…”

“HOW COME WE DID NOT RECEIVE THIS SOONER!?” shouts the President of Germany, “How do we know we can even TRUST YOU! You existed all this time! How do we know you didn’t perpetrate this!”

Abigail arches her green eyebrow, “With all do respect, we can waste time figuring out if you can trust this quite high level clandestine agency, or I can just let you all get blown off your own planet.” she shrugs, “Unless you have a five way point plan to get off the planet, or is that just the deep level data on the structure of your European neighbors?” she asks to everyones very quiet response.

“Please Commander Brand…” the Prime Minister of Britain intervenes, “...we all need to hear this briefing. As you were. She says.”

Abigail shakes her head, “As I was saying, please look to your screens as I show the images.” she states, “As of, now four minutes ago, a fleet, dropped out of what could only be considered a Wormhole and over our planet. As seen here.”

No Caption Provided

“What for?” asks the President of Uganda.

Abigail rolls her eyes, “Why any other fleet of ships and war crafts come from the middle of nowhere to a full thriving planet....” she states, tapping a picture, “ invasion.” she answers to everyone's mumbled concern. “Now our readings and schematics suggest these ships are arriving over strategized positions as you can see here at their first sighting over the Indian Ocean.” Abigail continues.

No Caption Provided

“Each of these arrow head like ships…” Abigail points out, “... span the length of at least three miles and each are twenty stories at a minimum. Encryption codes on these ships are light years ahead to ours, so hacking them’s impossible.” she explains, “Additionally, each ships power readings indicate they are class way above any nuclear response we could launch at them.”

“How sure are you that a Nuclear Option would be ineffective?” asks China’s Emperor.

Abigail points to the image, “Because most, if not all, Alien Civilizations outside our own solar system, consider nuclear energy as archaic as we do cavemen.” she explains, “But these ships, are among the most advance in our galaxy, and we know most.” she answers, “Which leads to how they geniusly positioned themselves:

“...we have one in Paris France…”

No Caption Provided

“...another in the mountains over Zurich, Switzerland…” Abigail continues.

No Caption Provided

“One right over China’s South Province...”

No Caption Provided

“...two in Baghdad with smaller fighters soaring over the city. Guess who they’re blaming?”

No Caption Provided

“The Caspian Sea…”

No Caption Provided

“...And of course…” Abigail sighs, “...two in Washington D.C. conveniently over the pentagon, not to mention…”

No Caption Provided

“ right over the freaking White House.” Abigail states.

No Caption Provided

“The Largest of these ships however...” Abigail sighs, “...landed over part of New Jersey beside Manhattan.” she says.

No Caption Provided

“It's almost the size of the entire island as you can see in this satellite view, we've picked that a cannon shot from this ship struck South of Manhattan the moment the wormhole opened up.” she explains.


No Caption Provided

Removing the images from the screen, Abigail hands over her tablet to an agent behind her, “They may seem to be positioned randomly, but it is quite genius.” she states. “Each ship..” Brand continues, “ positioned over Fault Lines that, if fired on, would decimate all of Earth’s major cities with Earthquakes alone.” Abigail Brand reveals.

“So, that’s the report. Do I dare ask if they’re any questions to this dismal situation?” she asks.

The silence coming from all the monitors settles and seemingly sits between everyone in screens, not daring to ask the obvious question on their minds.

“And I should be clear…” Abigail says, “...the largest ship in Manhattan is not over a fault line.” she clarifies.

“Perhaps this is their way of a studying us?” asks the French Prime Minister, “Maybe they are trying to help us with our planet?”

The statement causes Abigail to take in a hiss of a breath. before glancing look over to Nick Fury standing quietly on her left. Letting out a calm breath, Abigail fixes her attention to the group like an aggravated teacher to a class.

“With all due respect Prime Minister.” Abigail huffs, “This is an invasion.” she spits, “It is hostile, as hostile as i’ve every seen and they’re doing it in expert time. The only reason we’re not all dead, is because…” she says, pointing to the massive ship in New York, “...that ship is after something. But make no mistake, once it leaves, people will die. Evacuation needs to be our top priority” she sternly advises.

“What exactly did they attack South of Manhattan?” asks the Vice President of the United States, “Avengers Tower? For if this is an Avengers issue, evacuation is off the table, we can hold them accountable.” he counters.

Glancing over to Nick Fury who nods at her, Abigail looks back to them, “They attacked the home of Stephen Strange, well, the entire block." she says

"We know that Stephen has 'talents' to prevent this." Nick Fury states, "...but SHIELD intel theorized that attacks from other dimensions, such as in this case, would make Stephen vulnerable, and someone else, proved us right.” he explains.

“What do you think they want?” asks the Canadian Prime Minister.

At that moment, Abigail hears her phone ring. Pulling out a burner phone from her pocket, her face turns grim as she listens before glancing over to Nick Fury, “Its New York, they breached the lair."

~*~*~**~Meanwhile, In New York City, Under the Remains of Sanctum Sanctorum~*~*~*~

“This way.”

The dim tunnel stretched into darkness of what seemed like an infinite tunnel. The brick walls had stretched up from the dusty concrete floor and arched over the Death Troopers. Newly formed cracks sifting dust down from the ceiling were the new additions. Muffled screams and wailing sirens all seemed distant the further the troopers continued in the tunnel behind the Emperor. Their black soulless and expressionless masks reflect the dim light as the sound of their muffled respirators fill the air with sound.

Following behind Darth Sidious, the ten Death Troopers walk behind him with blasters in hand. The smell of burning rubble fades the more Sidious enters the sheer darkness of the tunnel beneath the dwelling of Stephen Strange.

Glancing over his shoulder, Darth Sidious looks to the Death Troopers behind him. His face, covered by his elaborate black hood, Darth Sidious yellow eyes narrow at the sight of Stephen Strange, unconscious. The deep red gash bled significantly, coating the entire right side of his face red with blood. Having been dragged this far, Darth Sidious looks ahead, knowing time is of the essence.

Looking ahead into the darkness, Darth Sidious looks to one of the Death Troopers, “Trooper 2561. Your torch.” he orders..

Promptly, the Death Trooper shines the light on his shoulder, illuminating a matte black iron door at the end of the hallway. Closing his eyes, Darth Sidious lets out a satisfying groan, “Can you feel it?” he says to the Death Troopers, settling his gaze upon the door, “The Dark Side is strong with him.” he says.

Outstretching his hand, Darth Sidious balls up a fist, causing the metal door to scream as its crushed off its hinges, floated off the floor and balled into a crinkle iron mass. Thrusting his wrist forward, Darth Sidious watches the iron door shoot into the dim room. Coming to the front of the doorway, Sidious stalks to the doorway, peering inside. His gaze lowers, seeing something cowering in the far corner.

“There you are. We do not have much time.” Darth Sidious grins, raising one finger, “Just one moment.”

Turning his attention to the Death Troopers, Sidious narrows his eyes at them, “How much time we do we have before the Death Star is charged?” he asks.

“Just under six minutes left sir but...” replies a Death Trooper.

“Then commence Order Twenty Six.” interrupts Sidious, waving his hand at them to leave him alone, “Hold a perimeter in the street, I do not want to be disturbed.” he states.

Turning back to the cell, Sidious motions his hand in a ‘calling’ form towards the officers, summoning Stephen Strange’s limp body the floor. Floating over to Sidious before dropping before his feet, Darth Sidious looks to the figure in the cell, cowering in the dark, “Now, Mister Reynolds, let’s talk about your future.”

to be continued....

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EARTH 616.1 - NEW YORK CITY - March 1st, 2016 - Time: 12:25pm

No Caption Provided

“And how are those nightmares of yours, have they tapered off?”

“They’re still there, not as bad though.”

“Still in the day? Or at just night?”

“Its at night for now. The daydream nightmares have like, almost stopped now.”

“Well that’s good. I know that was a crippling time for you. Can we talk about these nighttime nightmares your having?”

“Do I have to?”

“I’m afraid so. They can indicate what’s really under the surface of your subconscious.”

“Really? So I guess that means I’m a bonafide lunatic, huh?”

“What’s your definition of a ‘bonafide lunatic’, Nico?”

The question itself draws a heavy sigh from the young girl. Snapping her black mascara eyes open, Nico looks up at the grey ceiling as shadows filter through the blinds and walk up the wall like ghosts. The unsettling questions prompts Nico Minoru to pry to sit herself up from the plushy suede couch. The same couch she had been laying in the same way for a year. Letting out a frustrating sigh, Nico plants her arms on both sides of her self, cutting a glare at therapist.

“A bonafid lunatic is someone who can’t see a slice of pizza without getting a flashback to a dead body.” Nico retorts, her attitude filling each word before ending with a seemingly exhausted sigh.

“Is that what happens to you?”

Raising her eyes up from the floor, Nico cuts a narrow eyed look at the therapist. He was young, if not young looking. Chiseled face, crystal clear green eyes and green hair to match. His muscular frame was clearly evident under his white dress shirt, especially when he rolled up his sleeves.

“Your drifting Nico. Answer the question.”

Clenching her jaw, Nico shoulders rise and fall with as she lowers her gaze to the plushy cream carpet, unwilling to answer as silence fills the room.

“Ms Minoru…”

The name itself causes Nico to squeeze the sofa cushion as if sent into great pain. Grinding her teeth, Nico shakes her head before glaring at the therapist with fire in her eyes, “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that Samson?!”

“You say it every time I do it.” Doc Samson states, “And I do everytime you shut down on me.”

Nico lets out a steady breath through her nostrils, calming herself.

“You’ve been through a great deal of trauma Nico.” Doc Samson states, “Compounded by your, ‘eccentric’ upbringing from your parents to put it mildly, it not uncommon for one's mind to create a complex and almost organic sub-reality to deal with trauma. But that doesn’t make you a lunatic. It makes you human.” he states.

“So is that what you determined to be more plausible then the actual truth, huh?” Nico questions.

Samson almost immediately lowers his head, rubbing the bridge of his nose, “Nico, don’t do this. Don’t backslide. We’ve been through this already. Three months in fact. We agreed...”

“No you agreed.” Nico interrupts, “Not me. I know what happened.”

“What you think happened.” corrects Doc Samson, “A version of reality you fabricated to cope with....”

“Stop painting me as a VICTIM!” Nico shouts, “Why can’t you just believe me?!” she growls, “Why does it have to be approved by this, this government forced trauma therapy session for someone to believe that i’m not lying?!”

“I don’t think you’re lying Nico.” sighs Doc Samson.

Nico leans forward in her seat, pointing at Doc Samson, “Yeah but you don’t believe I’m telling the truth either!” she spits. “Believe me i’d love nothing more but to say that it didn’t happen and be doped up on Adderall or whatever you got and so i’m not crazy and be content staring at padded walls all day, - but I can’t. Because I know what happened, I know and it tortures me!!”


“I saved the universe.” Nico exclaims, “And killed evil monstrous mother who tried to end it...” she says, clutching her trembling hands as tears well in her eyes, “ was an accident, I didn’t mean to. But it happened. And no amount of this trauma therapy can change that fact! That REALITY!”

“How do you know Nico?” Samson asks, “How do you know you could’ve done such a thing?”

Nico raises her tear-filled eyes to him, “Because I can smell her blood on my hands like it was yesterday. I can see her wretched face turned to side as her eyes frosted over almost every morning. And every night, I dream it, over and over again. I remember the same apocalyptic event that the Watcher caused everyone else to forget...

“...all of which could be hallucin…”

“....STOP calling me crazy.” Nico shouts, “I heard it enough from my friends back in Los Angeles!” she states, “And I’ll tell you, the same thing I told them, it happened, DEAL with it!.”

Doc Samson folds his brawny arms, arching his green eyebrow, “Do you want to be stuck like this forever? Ranting and raving over the same thing?”

“NO!” Nico screams, standing erect up from her seat as tears cascade down her face, “I want to be normal! You think I like feeling like i’m living outside my own body? Watching myself disintegrate before my own eyes in the bathroom mirror?! I can’t date. I can’t work. I’m a wreck!” she cries, “I HATE MY LIFE! I HATE MYSELF! I HATE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF HAVING BEEN A HERO! THAT…” she shouts, pointing to Samson, “Is my very real, truthful reality, Doc Samson!”

Hearing the soft ‘ding ding’ alarm from his phone, Doctor Samson glances over to his phone, tapping the screen.

“Alright Nico, that’s the end of our session.” Doc Samson states, watching Nico plop back down on the couch, covering her face, “You know as with all our sessions I like to end things on a ‘positive note’. I asked you to bring me a poem, or phrase to help keep you ‘level’ when you felt real low, and i’d bring one too. Did you do it?”

Folding her legs close to her chest, Nico wraps her arms around her legs, burying face into her knees, nodding a silent reply. Samson nods as well, “Okay, well that’s good. I share my first.It's a haiku I found online. It's called Negativity and Positivity Its goes this way:

Everywhere you go

There for all with beating hearts

Choose one and progress.--

Placing down his paper, Doc Samson sits back in his soft leather chair, “That’s what I had. Care to share yours?” he asks Nico. Lifting her eyes from behind her legs, Nico sees Doc Samson tilting his face to see her reaction. However Nico lets out a fluttered sigh as lets down her legs, nervously fumbling with her hands.

“Its called Horizon.” mumbles Nico, pulling out a rumbled napkin from the back of her black jeans. Lowering her eyes to it, Nico draws a nervous deep breath, “Its says:

I am the sun,

And you the sea.

That explains the nights,

You swallow me. --

Crumbling up the note, Nico simply flicks it to the floor as Doc Samson watches the crumpled paper roll to his foot. Silence settles between them as Doc Samson lifts his green eyes to Nico, wrapping herself in her arms as tears flood her eyes.

“Alright Nico alright. Let’s pick this up next week.”


Sitting on a leather cushioned bench in a quiet lobby with multiple doors leading to dimly lit offices; a young girl wearing a pink puffer jacket, yellow scarf and blue and white star sweatpants, swings her white sneakered feet enthusiastically back and forth. Bobbing her head left to right while gesturing her hand in the air to the beat coming out her large headphones, the young girl comes to an abrupt stop as she suddenly sees a set of black boots stop in front of her.

Pulling off her headphones, the young girl quickly looks up to see Nico. Nico’s pointed face was despondent. Her wide set black mascara eyes, now a tint of pink. She watches Nico quitely pick up her black leather jacket thrown beside her before mumbly a raspy, “You ready Mol?”

“Ye-yeah.” she replies, hearing the sadness in her voice, “You okay?” she asks, gathering her things.

“I’m fine.” Nico sniffles, quickly wiping away a black mascara dyed teardrop from her cheek. “I’m sorry to make you wait for me while I do this stupid stuff.” she says, clearing her throat, “I know its not the way you expected to start your New York vacation.”

Sliding on her pink backpack, Molly nods at her, “I don’t care Nico. I rode on a train for the first time, that was freakin’ awesome! I never heard so many people swear.”

With that said, Nico and Molly proceed down the elevator and out the door, entering in amongst the herds of New Yorkers in Forty Second Street. Fading winter air relents to the spring warmth in the sun's glow. Brushing past packs of people walking to and fro, Molly gawks at everything in her view. Towering buildings, herds of New Yorkers filling the sidewalks, a sea of yellow taxis in the streets; Molly’s eyes feast on the sights and sounds stimulating all her senses at once. However, at Nico’s direction, Molly is pulled out the crowds and into small cafe. At the closing of the door behind them, sounds of the city is drowned out and replaced by the scream of espresso machines steaming milk and grinding coffee beans.

Making her way through the cafe, Molly follows behind Nico like a puppy through the establishment. Giving a general wave to one of the barista’s that wink at her, Nico continues her stride to a lone a wood table at the rear of the establishment. Sitting down, Molly watches Nico sit down in her seat as if relieved to be out of the building they left. Letting out a sigh of relief, Nico peers past Molly, making eye-contact again with the handsome barista in his black apron. With a simple gesture, Nico nods as he starts making her drink.

“So how you like New York?” Molly asks, “Better than Cali?”

Nico shrugs, “Yes and no.” she replies, “It's way too expensive and there’s no real beach and there always seems to be some explosion happening with so many men in tights flying around. But, its not why I came so, it is what it is.” she huffs.

Molly nods, folding her small hands, “I know. We miss you though. Gert, Karolina, Xavin…”

“Really?” Nico scoffs with a roll of the eyes. “The way we left things...” she recalls, her mind drifting momentarily before snapping herself out of it as the barista places a foamy cappuccino in front of her, “...I’m just sorry I left, the way I left.”

Molly’s eyes open wide at the sight of the scrumptious drink. “Well if it's for this thing, then I get it!”

Smirking at her reply, Nico nods, “Its my post-therapy treat. Edible consoling.”

“Oh.” Molly nods, “Why do you have to do that again?”

Nico rolls her eyes, “Because after the event that…” raising her hands up to make air quotes, “...‘never happened’ that ‘no one remembers’...” she says, “...the one other person that does know, got social services to get my name in their systems that I was a ‘runaway’, assumed I fell between the cracks and put me on government assistance. Catch is, therapy is mandated. I apparently have PTSD or whatever.”

“So have espn?” Molly asks.

Her questions makes Nico smirk momentarily, struggling to gulp down her coffee, quickly setting it down. “Post Traumatic Stress Mol, its a lil different.” Nico replies, “But it doesn’t matter. My ‘shrink’, Doc Samson, doesn’t believe me so it kinda…”

“Sucks.” Molly interrupts, sliding over Nico’s cup to her, “He should believe you. I do.” she says, sipping Nico’s cappuccino, “You never lie. Like, ever.” she says.

Nico cover her mouth as an uncontrollable smile comes across her face. Handing Molly a napkin Nico points to her, “You got a foam mustache.”

“Oh dangit.” Molly whines, rubbing off the milk foam from her lip, but then emphatically points at her, “SEE SEE you always tell the truth!”

Nico leans back, folding her arms as she stares at the table contemplatively, “Molly, can I ask you something?” she asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah sure.”

“Why do you believe me?” Nico asks, “I mean like, no one, Xavin, Gert, Karolina no one remembers anything, do you remember how we saved the world?”

Molly shakes her head, “No. I mean, i wish I could. I try to imagine the stuff you tell me in my head. If you count that like kinda remembering I guess, I do but, not on my own. No.” she admits.

Nico nods, “So why do you believe me?” she asks, “I mean, you’re freakin’ thirteen you don’t have to care about this stuff or me.”

“But your my friend.” Molly plainly retorts. Her eyes fixed to Nico as if it was obvious no explanation was needed. Looking down at the foamy cappuccino, Molly stirs it with her small wooden stick. “I mean don’t friends do that? Like, believe each other even if the whole world doesn’t? You’ve been a good friend to me, always. An, well, the other guys are nice but, when I think of you, sometimes I wish you were my mom. Is that okay, to think that?” she asks with a tad of caution.

Nico lets out a deep sigh, feeling the weight of her simple words almost bring her to tears, “Yeah Mol, of course that’s okay.” he gulps, folding her arms, “It’s more than okay.”

Nodding her head happily, Molly smiles “Cool. So yeah, um, I believe you. I don’t care if you told me you saw a big bear wearing a pink tu-tu, I’d believe you.” she says, sipping Nico’s cappuccino again before cautiously looking up at Nico, “But you didn’t did you?” she worriedly asks.

“No Mol.”

Letting out a sigh of relief, Molly wipes her forehead, “Okay good.” she grins before turning serious, “Because that’d be horrible. Poor bear. I hate the circus.”

Nico shakes her head, “Okay, well, enough about this depressing topic. It's your first day in New York City. I’m sure you want to see a lot of stuff right.”




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Standing on the lone bridge overlooking the docking bay, Commander Abigail Brand slides her green hair behind her ears before tapping into her earpiece, “How did it go?”

*She’s still very insistent. I think we’ve gotten her to the point where she is stable enough to know she can’t express what she believes occured, but still believes it.*

“Good. Last thing we need is one person removing the veil of security.”

*Agreed. I mean, I didn’t believe Nico until you confirmed it but still, I’d rather have not known the world ended and was brought back. So I see your point. How are you doing?*

“I’m not your client samson. I’m just the one keeping tabs on the only person that can be a threat to our Planetary Security if she opens her big mouth.”

*And if you think a general concern into your well-being makes you my client, then maybe you do need to be one. Is it that stressful up there that you can’t tell the difference from a ‘hello and...*


Turning around to the wide open door, Abigail Brand watches a corporal agent run up to her. His face sweated, his eyes full of panic as he pants out of breath.

“I gotta go.” Brand says to Samson, hanging him up, “Speak Agent, cat got your tongue!”

Pointing behind him, the Officer shakes his head, “We have Level One Priority Breach over Earth.”

Stunned, Abigail body goes cold at his statement.


Shaking it off, Abigail Brand takes off running past the agent. Sprinting out hanger balcony, Abigail reaches the dimly lit grey hallways that hold panoramic view of their location. Touching her earpiece, Abigail peers out the window, looking for any anomalies, “This is Abigail Brand to the “Peak Overwatch” what are you se….oh Hala” she gasps.

Peering out the window, Abigail Brand pulls off her dark glasses and touches her earpiece. A gaping swell of fear fills her stomach as her face grows firm.

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“This is Commander Brand to all stations…” Abigail says in a stern voice, “...we have a Code Black, I repeat, we have a code black!”

To be continued….

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I am writing a current story that takes place within the Marvel Universe. It is entitled:

Star Wars: The Campaign -

It will detail the expansion of the Galactic Empire through the Marvel Universe, its implications, and surprising developments.

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