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Darth Sidious has ripped open a doorway to a universe banished from the Force, The Marvel Universe.

Having killed Uatu the Watcher, Sidious stripped away his knowledge from his eyes and brain for himself.

Upgraded with untold knowledge, Sidious launched a surprise attack on Earth to build himself a new Sith Order.

Knowing he cannot sustain a long war on Earth, Sidious sought out an ancient Dark Side user trapped on Earth, The Void.

Now just over 8 minutes have passed as Sidious has ravaged a devastating attack on Earth, rendering everyone off-guard.


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“Why’d I let you talk me into this?” Hera grumbles, hurtling through hyperdrive in her ship, The Ghost.

Tightening her grip around the ship's control wheel, Hera Syndulla’s palms grow moist. Her vibrant green eyes remain focused, alert to any danger lurking behind the stars that have blurred into white splotches amongst the blue canvas of space. The ship trembles in its turbulance, making Hera close her eyes as if to retreat into her mind, settling her emotions. It was so fast. All of it. One concern, then a half-baked plan. This wasn’t right, none of it was, but still, against every in the back of her mind - here she was, in the rebellion.

“We’re going to be fine Hera.”

Opening her green eyes at the statement, Hera looks to Sabine sitting beside her, decked in her retrofitted Mandalorian armor, “Sabine…” sighs Hera , “ know how many times we’ve said that before an ambush?!” she states a matter of factly, knowing they both have the history levy their points.

Sabine’s thin purple eyebrows arch at the statement, “Look Hera, its surveillance, the Rebellion.” Sabine counters, “We’re the only ones that can do this, literally the only ones. You know this is important.”

Taking a nervous deep breath, Hera keeps her eyes focused ahead, “Important, yes.” Hera agrees, “But following an entire Fleet into a literal ‘rip’ in the fabric of space...” she sighs, “ suicide!” she states, “You should’ve called that guy, that pilot I’ve been hearing about, Han is it? Because I can’t shake this, this…”

“Dense darkness?” interjects a voice

Looking over her shoulder, Hera eyes meet with Ahsoka Tano, standing in a long tan cloak behind her. Holding a metal staff to the floor, Ahsoka’s vibrant blue eyes focused to the distance as a concerned expression washes over her brown and white face.

“I know Hera…” she admits to Hera, “...I sense it too.” Ahsoka sighs, tightening her grip on the staff as she looks ahead into the distance with determination, “And that’s exactly why we have to go.” she says




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No Caption Provided

Standing on the bridge, the son of legendary General Tarkin, Captain Tarkin or Tark as preferred, observes the glowing blue planet far below as multiple explosions streak across the sky. Glancing down at his watch, Captain Tark sees the time. Eight minutes. Eight minutes since the start of their surprise attack and already the planet’s heavy hitting forces were beginning to show their presence. His logistical worst nightmare was materializing before his eyes and the scowl of his perfectionist father lingered in his mind.

Captain Tark rubs the bridge of his nose, cursing himself for overlooking the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station having collected survivors from destroyed SWORD space satellite, now launching an attack. However the paralyzing fear of Emperor Palpatine’s reaction to his incompetence was momentarily paused as the sight of ‘powered people’ tore through their TIE fighters like paper. Twenty TIE fighters down and two Star Destroyers in flames, Tark found decisiveness through fear as plans came to mind.

Glancing at his timepiece again, Captain Tark eyes peer through the ray-shields, watching TIE fighters streak down to the orbiting space station at maddening speeds. “I want that space station reduced to RUBBLE!” he shouts before pointing ahead, “Call in Star Destroyers Renegade’ and Obliterator’ to our Port…” he orders. “...I want their collective shields at our protection so we don’t drain energy from our weapon.” he says, “AND SOMEONE GET A HOLD OF THE EMPEROR!”

“SIR!” calls out an officer from the right data pit, “Our Ground Forces are reporting heavy casualties around the planet. We’re losing Star Destroyers sir.” he exclaims.

“Instruct all Star Destroyers to start pulling off the planet…” Tark replies, “..but I tell them to drop their thermo-bombs on the planet faultlines.” he orders, “Let’s see if these primitive people can launch an offensive on a crumbling planet.” he concludes.


Turning around, the Captain glares at an officer standing away from his station, but holds up a device counting down, “The Emperor started the countdown, for his coordinates.”

Captain Tark’s face goes white as he turns to the left side data pit, “MOVE US INTO POSITION NOW!”

~*~*~*New York...4 Minutes Ago~*~*~*

No Caption Provided

Her clothes covered in dirt, her hands numb from the cold, Nico Minoru stands on a unstable mountain of rubble from the collapsed building Molly had ran into. Sobbing, Nico sniffles while tossing aside warm brick after brick. Heat lifts up from between the debris as Nico desperate struggles to dig her way down, “MOLLAY!” she screams.

Distant ‘booming’ explosions tremble the street and the rubble. The battle of heroes a mere two blocks away, Nico ignores the scores of people fleeing for their life in a collective cry. Her body throbbing with exhaustion, Nico drops down on all fours, trying to catch her breath and listen for any signs of life that Molly is alive beneath the rubble.

However at that moment, a distant explosion quakes the street an the collect cry of a crowd. Looking to the street from her high vantage point, Nico sees spots scores of people stampeding down the avenue, fleeing for their lives.


Nico’s eyes dart down to a police officer bleeding from his temple and covered in dus, scrambling up the mound of rubble to her, “YOU GOTTA GET OUT’VE’RE!” he shouts, his voice full of panic, THOSE RED BLADES ARE COMIN’ DOWN DA STREET!” he warns grabbing her arm.

Angrily Nico pulls her elbow away and grabs brick, rearing it back to hit him as she stands up, “I’M NOT LEAVING HER!” Nico doggidly yells, threatening to throw it, “SHE’S BURIED AND I’M NOT LEAVING HER!” she shouts.

Holding up his hands in surrender, the Officer backs away as a crazed look settles in Nico’s eyes, “You're gonna here die lady!” he warns, pointing to the otherside rubble as another explosion erupts, “Half dem’ heroes are dead or worse and now more of those ‘red blades’ are coming! If you’re friend is under here, you’ll die here too!” he warns.

Nico firms her face, “Then my fate will be the same as hers!!!” she spits.

The Police Offer shakes his head, “Then screw…”

Suddenly before Nico’s eyes, the Police Officer uncontrollably yanked down the rubble and off his feet as he screams of his life!

“NO!!!!” Nico scream as the Officers sent careening towards a tall figure that ignites his red lightsaber and cuts the him half!!!”

Horrified, Nico stands on her feet, terrified as she looks at the easily seven foot tall hulking figure standing in the half destroyed street with burning car's and fiery rubble at his feet. Decked in a grey armored suit and sporting a wide metal hat almost like that of a pirate, the figure holds a circular device in hand with a bright red lightsaber coming out its center hilt. His face, smooth and pale grey remains resolute. His white eyes and pale gray irises, barely visible, settle on Nico, making her feel a cold shiver run down her spine.

“Fifth Brother, do you see this!”

Startled, Nico turns around like a petrified cat, spotting slender woman standing behind her ontop of the rubble as if she conquered it. Wearing a triangular armored hat that covers part of her smooth dark olive green face, the woman lifts up her head slightly, exposing her strikingly clear, yellow menacing eyes that glare at Nico.

A murderous smirk comes across her face, Swinging her slender arm out from her backside, revealing a ringed metal device in her grip with a hilt attached at its center, the woman remains still as three white stormtroopers race up to her from behind, aiming their blasters at Nico.

“I think this poor creature is trying to save someone.’” she smirks, “She didn’t run like the others. You believe worth the effort, Fifth Brother?” she asks.

Glancing over her shoulder, Nico trembles in fear as the hulking Seventh Brother stalks towards the bottom of the rubble like a lion stalking a zebra, “The others are searching for ‘worthies’, we should not come back empty handed.” he says.

Nico eyes dart back at Seventh Sister igniting her bright red lightsaber at his reply, “Well then…” she grins, “...CATCH” she says thrusting out her open palm at Nico!

Suddenly Nico’s shot off her feet! Screaming, Nico’s sent uncontrollably down the mound of rubble like a meteor. Hitting the pavement hard, she’s sent rolling towards Fifth Brother. Brutally Fifth Brother winds his foot back and kicks Nico in the stomach to a stop! Hearing her wail in pain as Nico slumps over his boot, Fifth Brother grabs Nico by the scruff of her neck. Effortlessly lifted off the ground, Nico kicks her legs before the Inquistor starts to chokes with her his brawny hand. Seeing Seventh Sister skid down the rubble with the three storm-troopers in tow, Fifth Brother returns his attention to Nico gagging and violently kicking her legs as her face turns purple.

“This one...” growls Fifth Brother, igniting his red lightsaber, “ too weak.”

At that moment, Nico sees a Japanese woman standing far behind Fifth Brother in an alleyway. Wearing a glittery form-fitted red dress, Nico can’t believe her eyes as her mother, narrows her eyes at her, “Worthless, stupid girl.” she spits, “You killed me to save Molly, but this, this is how you die?” she huffs, disappearing into black smoke.

Immediately Nico’s brown eyes well with tears as she looks at Fifth Brother’s face colored by the red light of his saber, “LET ME GOOO!!!” she shrieks as a bright light bursts from Nico’s chest. Instantly Fifth Brother’s hand is forced open and pushed back from Nico who drops onto her knees and hands, gasping for air. Holding her redden throat, Nico’s stunned as a rod composed of white light falls on the ground in front of her, however, Fifth Brother lunges at her with his lightsaber pulled back to behead her. Suddenly the rod lifts up and shoots a white energy blast that explodes off Fifth Brother, sending him flying into a burning truck!

Stunned, Nico slowly stands up, cautiously observing the long gold rod that phased out her chest. Rubbing her throat, Nico looks over gold staff decorated in ancient carvings on its exterior. Her eyes lift to the round circle at the top, examining the etched words on its circular rim, ‘Staff of One’, as a gold light throbs at its empty center.

“I guess there’s no getting rid of you after all.” Nico huffs.


Immediately Nico’s looks over her shoulder to Seventh Sister pointing at her as three Storm troopers run in front of her, “KILL’ER!” she commands the troopers. Seeing them all of them positioned in front of the mound of rubble Molly is buried beneath, Nico opens her palm. Instantly Staff zips into her grip as Nico charges at them, “Get…” she snarls, as her irises turn gold, “...OUT’VE MY WAAAY!” she screams, hurling her Staff like a spear.

To Seventh Sister’s surprise, the staff vanishes out of thin air before reappearing sunk halfway through the lead Storm troopers chestplate! Stunned, as the trooper falls back, the two troopers look to Nico holding up her open palm that she balls into fist, “DETONATE!” she shouts.

Seventh Sister swiftly ‘force jumps’ in the air as the staff explodes, incinerating the Storm-troopers in intense green flames. Holding up her lightsaber over her head, Seventh Sister ignites dual red blades in her circular hilt that spins like helicopter propellers. Hovering over the street, Seventh Sister eyes open wide in shock at Nico holding out her hand to the flames to call staff but is suddenly pulled off her feet!

Hurtling backwards over the ground, Nico spots Fifth Brother over her shoulder, ‘force pulling’ her to him as he ignites his red lightsaber that spins like a high speed fan, ready to cut her down as he did the cop.

“NOO!!” screams out Nico as the staff zips burst out the smoke of the explosion, skims over the ground, into her grip and stabs itself into the pavement, negating Fifth Brother’s ‘force pull’!

“Impossible!!” snarls Seventh Sister, disengaging her lightsaber and dropping down towards Nico with her lightsaber poised over her head! Focused on Fifth Brother, Nico pulls the Staff out the ground and whips it, causing the long end to throw out long glowing golden rope around Fifth Brother’s waist before pulling him off his feet, over her head and throwing him down into the pavement.

“DIE JEDI!” shouts Seventh Sister. Caught off guard Nico eyes open wide at Seventh Sister, moments away from delivering her a deathblow to her head. Suddenly Seventh Sister yanked back through the air and sent crashing into the pavement beside Fifth Brother. Shocked, Nico immediately spots a figure somersault over them through the air and nimbly land on her feet in a squat in a before her.

Decked in a fitted black bodysuit with a white spider-emblem stretched across her chest, and her blond hair in a ponytail, Spider-Girl looks up at her, “You’re welcome!”

“Julia?! Julia Carpenter?!” Nico exclaims in disbelief as she stands up, “H-how did, how’d you know I was here?!” she exclaimed, thoroughly confused as she was supposed to be in California. Keeping her eye on both Fifth Brother and Seventh groaning in pain behind her, Julia immediately stands up.

“SERIOUSLY!” Julia exclaims, “We just spewing out secret identities to the bad guys now!” she shouts.

Nico goes to speak but Julia holds up gloved hand to her face, “Forget it I don’t wanna hear it.” she says before pointing back and forth at each other, “You and me, not speaking., I’m here for Molly, who ‘is’ actually my friend and doesn’t only hit me up for cash like i’m an A.T. freakin em for their freakin BAIL!!”

Nico rubs the bridge of her nose in frustration, “Jules we dont’ have time for our petty…”

“YOU cut’en run Nico!” Julia shouts, pointing at her, “YOU STRANDED US ALL so don’t you DARE pull this higher road crap on me!!” she snaps, “I’m here, because as Molly’s friend I actually look out for her, and she texted me and thank goodness I was in Jersey. So do me a favor, tell me where Molly is!”

Suddenly a dense shadow weakens the sunlight over Manhattan. Raising their eyes skyward, Nico, Julia and the Inquisitors watch as hundreds of TIE fighters zipping across the burning sky as arrowhead shaped Star Destroyers rise into the darkening sky while a small moon, slowly eclipsing the sun!

No Caption Provided

Squinting her eyes, Julia holds up her hand to the bright light of the sun, “ that the moon?”

Nico takes a step back, her face riddled with fear, “That’s no moon Jules.” she gasps.

Suddenly the sound of lightsabers ignite. Julia and Nico eyes snap back to the Inquisitors marching at them. Grabbing Nico’s arms, Julia looks at her, Grab Molly and let’s go!!”

“Not yet …” Nico says, bolting away from Julia, “...HOLD THEM OFF FIRST!” she says.

Stunned, Julia watches Nico sprint for the rubble behind them, “HOLD THEM....” Julia bites her tongue, returning her attention back to the approaching Inquisitors, “...NICO...” Julia calls out , watching Fifth Brother crack his neck as Seventh Sister flexes her arms, “...WHERE IS MOLLY.!”

“UNDER HERE!” shouts back Nico, skidding to a stop in front of the rubble while holding out the circular head of the Staff to the debris, “C’mon c’mon lift lift lift lift!” she anxiously mumbles.

At that moment, Nico’s Staff of One hums with power. Instantly before her eyes all the rubble trembles and rattles. Shuttering together, Nico watches all her rubble slowly lift off the ground and separate. Peering between the gaps of the separating rubble, Nico eyes light up at seeing Molly’s body sprawled out on the ground, “I SEE HER!”

Holding out her left that forms a long blade out of her webbing, Julia braces herself, ready for the Inquisitors to attack, “AN I SEE TWO DEATH MACHINES! JUST GET HER NICO!” she shouts.

Suddenly a deafening boom fills Julia's ears and crashes down between her and the Inquisitors! On her back as dust blows past her, Spider-girls eyes as wide as quarters at seeing a bloodied Sentry on his back, struggling to hold off Blue Marvel and Carol Danvers. Dropping onto the ground behind them, Julia spots Thor holding out his hammer skyward. Thunder booms as blinding white clusters of lightning strikes the ground around Thor as a massive lightning bolt strikes Mjolnir, sizzling with intense power!

“I SHALL HAVE THEEE!” Thor shouts, hurling his crackling Hammer at Sentry. However, within an instant Thor is enveloped in a bright rainbow beam from the sky and disappears with his hammer crashing down into the pavement at Carol’s feet.


No Caption Provided

In a dizzying array of rainbow light, Thor crashes down onto a cold marble floor with a thud. Hearing thunder rumble over him, Thor’s raises his eyes from the cool marble floor under his bloodied hand, Odin, decked in gold battle armor, lounging on his throne. “NOOOOOOO!!!” Thor hollars,

The aged Asgardian rises onto his feet, “Calm yourself, my son.” he says to Thor as smoke rises off his back, “Welcome home.” he greets.

“Welcome home?!” Thor repeats, getting onto feet while pointing at the view, “I WAS IN BATTLE FOR THE REALM. I WAS POISED FOR VICTORY, AND YOU SUMMON ME! EXPLAIN THIS!”

Odin’s eye narrows, “Do I, Odin, have to explain my ‘right’ to ‘summon’ anyone, least of all to you, boy?” he growls “Especially from a meaningless battle?” He reasons.

“MEANINGLESS!” exclaims Thor angrily, motioning to Odin but then hears a collective ‘stomp’ behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, Thor sees dozens of Thunderguard filling the Throne room behind him, all bearing burnished shields and crackling tipped spears. However, to Thor’s leveling surprise, there he sees the Olympians as Hercules drops on to the floor in equal surprise.

“What is this?” Hercules gasps, thoroughly confused as he’s now in Asgard.

“A new chapter.” Odin sterily replies to Thor’s perplexed look, “One that the Olympians and I have agreed upon.” he states while looking to Thor and Hercules, “A new chapter is closing on Midgard, and it does not require our presence...” he says, “...especially yours.” he states in a tone of finality.

“You must be joking.” Thor scoffs, “People are DYING from a rising foreign power we do not recognize!

“Tell me Odinson, how did Midgards modern governance come to be?”

Thor turns around to see Athena, decked in her gold Greek armor standing behind him but glaring at Hercules as well, “It was not NOT by my Father Zeus’s hand Hercules.” She asks him before looking to Thor, “Or your Father's power at that.” she reasons, “Rather like Rome or Constantinople before it...” she states, “...all kingdoms on Midgard have risen and fallen on their own accord from foreign power, it is a ‘type of nature’ we accept, the only difference here is...” she says to Thor’s angered face, “ have yet to accept it.” she concludes.

Thor adamantly points to her, “That is wrong!” he spits before turning to Odin, “Father please!”

“Alas Odinson is right.” Hercules declares, “This is wrong Odin, we we are more honorable than this!”

“Wrong? Right?” Ordin scoffs, “Terms for the mortal…” he says, looking to Thor, “...not for gods.” Odin firmly states, “What shall occur shall be no different than the rising and setting of the sun.” he states, “And its time for the sun, to set on the inhabitants of Midgard.” he says.

“And if we stand against thee!” Hercules declares, garnering a narrowed one eyed look from the aged Odin.

“Then…” says a baritone voice that makes everyone grow silent.

Struck with shock, Hercules eyes open wide in shock as he turns around and sees Zeus standing at the doorway, “...thou is against, me, son.”

To be continued….

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@4donkeyjohnson - thanks for the read! I’m trying to build a real saga with this.

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All of the Lantern Corp have been called to a Priority One Mission. An unknown entity code name: The Yellow Imperfection has escaped its constraints thanks to Larfleeze the Raider. Ganthet and the entire Green Lantern Corps were dispatched to deal with the crisis - and now, they have all but disappeared. Except for two. Legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur and his pupil Sinestro are the last to arrive via Abin's spacecraft. Upon entry to the planet, they were attacked by yellow spectrum energy signatures. Crashing to the planet, Sinestro realizes his scenario, many Green Lanterns have been infected with the Yellow Impurity. Sinestro is injured. Abin is missing as well as the corps.

And one this once lush green forest planet...

...his Fiance, Arin Sur has survived - with a yellow ring.


Chapter 1

The Great Yellow Impurity

Part 5 - Parallax


No Caption Provided

"Ring analyze what's wrong with her!" Sinestro says.

"Darling I told you, i'm fine." replies Arin Sur.

Sinestro clenches his jaw as tears fill his eyes, "Listen to me..." he begs, "...there is something wrong with this planet. We have to go. Take off the ring Arin..."

"ARIN IS DEAD!" snaps Arin, her voice blood curdling startling Sinestro, "I AM NOT ARIN!” she adamantly states.

Analysis Error. Rescanning, Source Found. Arin Sur is the Yellow Impurity.

Sinestro gulps hearing the rings assessment while seeing the veins in her face raise up under her skin momentarily as her eyes dilate like a cats before returning back to its pleasant appearance as she calms herself, “I take offense to the word 'impurity'. Its more like an 'improvement'.” she smiles

Sinestro shakes his head, "Arin, my darling, LISTEN to me! Whatever this is you have to fight it."

"No I don't. I'm fine, you will be too if you experience what I have." she refutes.


Growing agitated, Arin Sur eyes glow bright yellow and covers her ears, "Why do you keep saying these things!"

"WE MET ON THANAGAR!" Sinestro continues, "In the Heather Fields of..."

"Shut up!" she growls.

"Being a Green Lantern is all you've ever want to..."

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Arin shouts, causing the ground to thud with power and shake the trees, stunning Sinestro.

Glaring at him with lit hollow yellow eyes, Arin Sur points at him, “I am NOT a Green Lantern! And I am NOT that WEAK female you once knew. That weak female who disgustingly cried for you to help her on this planet. The weak female who was so confident that her comrades would save her, THAT YOU would save her - IS GONE! All that found her was fear, and fear is here to STAY!" he roars.

Tears flood Sinestro eyes as he extends his hand to her, "Arin, I'm sorry I couldn't..."

"Couldn't what?!!” Arin interrupts, "Couldn't save me?! There's nothing to save Sinestro! I AM FINE! I am BETTER!"

" need MEDICAL ATTENTION! This Yellow Impurity has infected you and you're not the same.."

"YOU..." Arin points as the ground trembles and yellow dander rises off the ground her "...ARE THE ONE THATS SICK, SINESTRO! SICK with the ideals the WILL and the bidding's of those Guardians have the right and POWER in the Galaxy! YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY'VE DONE?! WHAT THEY DID TO ME?!” she shouts.

Sinestro looks at her oddly confused at Arin’s statement.

“They bound me! Confined me! For what?!?" Arin asks, "For enhancing the emotion the drives living creatures for survival, for making other 'FEEL' something! Guardians. BLIND GUIDES AND SCARED LIL TROLLS ARE THAT FEAR WHAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND! Thats all they are! And you! Sick green puppets of will meant to be a buffer between THEM AND ME!! Your pawns! ALL OF YOU!"

Sinestro face turns serious, catching sight of mysterious shadows lingering in the trees before settling his eyes on her, “You..." Sinestro hesitates, "...what have you done to Arin…”


Sinesto gulps as Arin’s eyes turn golden yellow and dilate in her eyes as her teeth sharpen like needles, “And its time everyone KNOWS IT." she growls.


"I am more than that WEAK WOMAN YOU CALL!" Arin screams.

"You weere NEVER weak Arin, you are my soulmate!!" Sinestro pleads.

Arin covers her ears once more, shrieking in pain "ARIN CANNOT HEAR YOU!"


"I LOVE NO ONE!!" Arin snarls.


"SHUT UP!" Arin yells, covering her ears, "I DO NOT LOVE…”

"Do you remember how we BOTH planned to NOT even STAY WITH THE CORPS!” Sinestro shouts, watching Arin drop to her knees, crying and shaking her head as the yellow ring on her finger crackles and sparks, “It was going to be you and I Arin! Remember? Don't you remember we promised each other! That was no more than a WEEK AGO! We were gonna quit..."

"Stop it!"

"...go to Sector 103..."

"Stop it!!!"


"I SAID STOP IIIIIIITTTT!!!!" Arin shrieks as her voice echoes through entire forest as ground around her trembles while a sweeping wind gusts through the area. Sinestro stands there, stunned as Arin glares at him, her eyes blacked out, her sharp teeth baring as six more arm sprouting out her back!

“Oh my word…” Sinestro gasps, stepping away from her.

Alert Level Priority. Classified Entity Parallax, Detected...Confirmed. Host, Arin Sur.

Sinestro's ring's voice lingers in his ears as he looks at Arin’s six other arms lift her onto her feet and absorb into her back. Astonished as a chill runs up his spine, he gazes at her cold eyes and pink face that mirrors no emotion or tenderness. Silence fills the air they both stand there with the yellow glow all around her emitting more and more as the yellow snow falls on her.

Only guilt and heartbreak fills his heart and weighs like a stone as he watches her stand there become the very thing they've fought for so long, "Oh no Arin no.." he mumbles as tears come to his eyes.

"Why do you weep?" Parallax spits, "It is a privilege to be Host to me, to have REAL power. She's at peace now." Parallax smiles, "You can be too and know a power you never could have imagined. Why do you think the guardians have hidden me away, its not because i'm weak!"

"I can't do that." replies Sinestro with a slight crack in his voice, "I won't."

Parallax narrows her eyes, "Only once did another refuse me, i made sure that race of kryptonians didn't survive either, you think you'll fair any better."

Sinestro narrows his eyes, "We're done speaking..." he says, looking at Arin up and down, "...Arin, I know you're in there...fight this please."

Parallax smiles, "Maybe I chose the wrong host." she smiles, "I sense a great amount of fear in you. Maybe you're a better suitor."

"You'll find i'm quite indigestible." Sinestro replies.

Nodding at his statement, Parallax smiles a toothy grin, "We'll see.". Suddenly her eyes turn bright yellow, "TAKE HIM!"

Suddenly Sinestro notices from his peripheral vision dozens of other former Green Lanterns, now shirtless with bright yellow lantern emblems glowing in the center of chests, emerge from the dense yellow forest as yellow snow falls from up high.

Sinestro looks at Arin smiling at him with sharp teeth and glowing eyes, "ARIN FIGHT THIS, FIGHT IT NOW..."

"ITS PARALLAX AND ARIN CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Arin snaps, raising up her hands as to Sinestro's horrible terror, he see hundreds of former green lanterns rise up from the dense yellow forest into the yellow sky. All of the former green Latnerns, now exuding glowing yellow emblem on their bare chests, ascend high into yellow sky as the temperature plummets.


As if the minutes slowed and the seconds stopped, Arin thrashes back and forth, clutching her head in pain and looks at Sinestro unsure what to do as her yellow eyes fade back to their normal clear blue color and well up with tears as her yellow skin returns back to its rosy hue.

Reaching out to him, Arin looks at Sinestro frozen in place as tears stream down her face, "SINESTRO!” she cries out in pain, “ youAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH..." she shrills in agony.

Suddenly a giant parasitic like mosquito-creature bursts out Arin’s back. Ascending into the yellow sky like a dragon, the yellow insect turns back to Arin's body and fans out its fifty foot insect wings and swings it sharp leg, impaling Arin Sur on its yellow sharp tendril!!!

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Sinestro screams as the parasite alien creature lifts Arin's off the yellow dirt, opens its enormous mouth and drops Arin’s body into its black mouth as all the other lanterns, now under Parallax control, all open fire at once one Sinestro.

“AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” Sinestro screams as his ring suddenly erects a shield round as Parallax dives towards Sinestro with open claws, ready to devour him!

Suddenly a green energy beam explodes through the face of the Parallax Parasite as bloodied Abin Sur bursts through, grabs Sinestro by the back of his shirt color and bolts into the sky with him.

"HANG ON BOY! HANG ON!!" Abin shouts as Sinestro looks up at him with the guardian known as Ganthet, passed out on his back.

Looking below with the forest fading far behind them as Abin blazes across the planet, Sinestro covers his eyes as bright yellow explosion erupts in the horizon.

Awakened by the noise, Ganthet, on Abin’s broad back, looks up at the bright yellow sky darkening on the horizon as hundreds of former Green Lantern under Parallax control fill rise sky as a blinding yellow star rises over them, “Parallax has risen!”


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Floating in a vortex of swirling green light, 9 members of the Guardians of the Universe look down the vortex of green light as the reflection of Planet Okaara, in the Vega System appears as a green hologram. The guardians collectively gasp at the sight of the once dark and lush green forest planet slowly displays a change of color. From the foliage, seas, minerals and atmosphere, a yellow color spreads from the west of the Planet to the east.

Appa Ali Apsa, the most senior Guardian of the blue skinned alien race, points downward to with his frail blue finger, "Unleashed is the Parallax.”

“It was a risk we calculated. We are now facing the death of the entire Green Lanterns Corp." Replies another guardian.

"Death is nothing but an opportunity to prove use of will power...if some die, than they were not worthy of their will." says Scar, one of the older female guardians as she stands on white pillar inside the green vortex of light.

With a raised eyebrow, Sayd, another female guardian, looks at her with disdain, "Am I to conclude that you believe in allowing death to be an overall sign of weakness for us as well? Or losing a fight against Death worse?” she asks.

“Mind your words, you know nothing of what you said in your foolishness." she contests.

A much taller, blue skinned guardian with a dark blue braid tied behind his back, floats amongst them, "We must focus on the task at hand. In the end, there are many secrets of the universe, to simply perceive that the death of more than 25,000 individuals, including our own Lanterns are the will of the theoretic at best."

"Well said Kronos." says Lianna, a new member to the Guardians.

"Being so." Appa Ali Apsa says, looking at the rest of the four silent guardians, "We must determine the approximate solution to this catastrophe. If we allow the Parallax Entity to leave Planet Okaara, we will be the direct cause of a disturbance in the galaxy."

"It will not be as if we have not done so before." Scar interjects, floating behind him with her irises reflecting only the shapes of the lantern symbol.

Lianna looks at her, "To balance the universe in its terms of realization and progression for better is so our purpose...not potential destruction of it. Releasing the Parallax entity endangers every life-form in the galaxy."

"Agreed." Sayd exclaims, "We must act now...even if it is as the cost of one of us."

"But Ganthet is there..." Lianna says but Kronos cuts her off.

"He understood the calculated risk, despite our protests." Kronos coldly replies as he narrows his eyes at her surprised expression.

Appa Ali Apsa raises his hand weakly as he floats within the green vortex of light and forms a bright blue orb, "I move to declare the 'Order of 6'." he says.

Lianna eyes open wide, "This is not the time for rash decisions."

"I second it." Sayd exclaims, staring down at the image of the planet with sorrow.

Lianna turns to her, "Not you also." she gasps in surprise as she turns to Kronos with hope, "You do not believe in this do you? 'Order of 6 was reserved for..."

"Moments like this." Appa Ali Apsa interjects, who stares at the other silent Guardians floating behind him, nodding in agreement.

"FOR UNIVERSAL DANGER!" Lianna protests.

"As now." Appa says in a very cold voice, staring at her as if he could stare through her while she floats above the imagery of the planet Okaara.

Lianna looks at Kronos, "I am only a new Guardian, my voice is as grand as my finger in this universe, yet Kronos, your voice holds weight with us Guardians. Tell them please, that this is a mistake. You are one of reason and none of selfishness, please...I beg of you, tell them this is not the path. I implore you. " she begs.

Kronos firms his face, "Our universe holds the key, I believe, to more origins and secrets to the universe. More than we know now. Despite the fact that it is legend finding such secrets will destroy us if we are aware. Part of those secrets are Parallax itself. Parallax being a powerful virus that we ourselves confined to that planet as it at one time, almost destroyed us. Being the case I... or should I say we cannot allow one entity to jeopardize this universe and our existence because of the bond we have with those who are tragically caught within the paths of morality. With a pained heart…." he says as Lianna's eyes open wide with horror, “I do endorse and finalize using Order of 6, immediately.”

to be continued....

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Nico’s brown eyes snap open. Immediately her body stiffens. Overwhelming fear seizes her nerves like vise. A sudden cold sweat drenches Nico’s back. Her fingertips numb, her nails blue. Her pounding heart hastens at the speed of a firing machine gun. Uncontrollable tears burst from Nico’s eyes like a broken dam. Sobs tremble her body. Her chest tightens. Breath, now shallow. Nico desperate wheeze for air reddens her face even more. Struggling to catch a breath, Nico gasps as paralyzing fear and terror engulf her in another wave of terror, pouring over her like waves on a sandy shore.

It was happening again. Her panic attacks. Overwhelming and drowning her all at once.

Suddenly a soft touch warms Nico’s shoulder. Terrifying her, Nico’s eyes snap open, her irises’ contracted into pinholes! Nico sends herself onto her back desperately crawling away like an injured animal until her back touches an unmoving cold metal wall.

Shocked and paralyzed, Nico’s face turns ghost white as her eyes lift upwards, transfixed at a silhouetted figure standing in front of her with a burning sky behind it.

“Mom please...” begs Nico in a weak whimper with tears cascading down her cheeks, “...don’t kill me. Not now. Not yet.”

“NICO!!” says the voice.

“Mom please…” Nico repeats, holding out her hand,“...D-don’t, don’t kill me…”


Closing her eyes, Nico shakes her head before refocusing on the small girl standing in front of her, Molly Hayes, standing before her. Wearing tattered pink sweater, purple jeans, white sneakers, and her pink puffer coat tied around her waist, Molly kneels down to Nico who stares at her as if having seen a ghost.

“Nico…” Molly says softly, “...its just me.” she says, extending her hand to her. Nico, like a scared cat, jolts back, staring at her dirted palm as if it was foreign object.

“Breathe Nico…” Molly interrupts, her big blue eyes locking with Nico’s, “... jeezus breathe.” she says in a soft tone. Nico’s eyes blink repeatedly as Molly’s words echo in her ears. Resting her head on the back of the metal wall behind her, Nico covers her face with her trembling hands, trying to steady her breath.

“I’m calling for help.” Molly says, pulling out her cell phone, typing out a text, “What happened to you?””

Nico rubs her moisten forehead with her trembling hand, “I became a hero...” she mumbles, “...and got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a souvenir.” sighs Nico.

Suddenly a earth quaking rumble makes Molly rises to her feet defensively. Nico anxiously grabs the concrete, her eyes darting to the left like a petrified animal of prey, “What’s going on?!” she nervously asks, her heart racing all over again. However, her senses back to normal, Nico observes their surroundings. Confused, Nico sees the blue seats and bent metal poles decorating the ceilings over them. Broken half glass window frames lodged in the concrete with bits of glistening glass scattered about.

“Are we in a bus?” Nico asks Molly as the haze of her panic attack lifts. , Nico’s looks upon Molly as if for the first time, truly, for the first time. Standing before her with blooded knuckles, bullet holes in her sweater, and a pink bandanna wrapped around her forehead with her backpack at her feet, Molly kneels to her.

“Something’s goin’ on out there Nico.” the twelve year old preteen says, “And…


Hearing the voices outside, Molly pulls away from Nico, looking to the end of the upside down bus, “I’ll be back, I promise.” she says, taking off in a sprint.

Paralyzed and shocked all at once, Nico struggles to get up but falls onto her knees as fear buckles her knees, “No…” she groans, shaking her head, “Mol....MOLLAAAY!” Nico shrieks as the young pre-teen throws her legs one after the other, running out the narrow bus as fast as she can.

In seconds, Molly’s once blue eyes turn determinedly bright violet as she skids outside the bus. Her violet purple eyes look up at the apocalyptic flaming skyscrapers burning in the black smoke ridden orange sky. Howling engines roar over head from swift moving TIE fighters obliterating military jets with ease while massive boat like Helicarriers descend out in the sky in a flurry of flames. All the while, one massive arrowhead shaped ship, climbs over the city with dynamic aerial superiority as TIE fighters swarm around it protectively like bees around a hive.

On the ground before her, hundreds of people fight in the streets against other Stormtroopers struggling to shoot them down. Among the mad crowd, leaping onto one Stormtroopers , the masked yellow and blue heroine Hellcat, acrobatically flips off the white trooper, kicking another across the helmet as she lands in the street. Grabbing his blaster from the ground, Hellcat blasts another Stormtroopers before tossing it to Punisher sliding across the ground and laying waste to group of Stormtroopers chasing innocent New Yorkers. Other citizens rush out stores and alleyways with clubs, pipes and anything they can grab, to support the heroes as more Stormtroopers arrive.


Molly’s violet eyes immediately focus to the ten white armored Stormtroopers running at her with blasters in hand, “TAKE’ER OUT!” shouts the Storm Trooper as they skid to a stop to fire.

Quickly, Molly raises her foot, “RAAH!” she shouts, stomping the ground with all her might! The black pavement crumbles beneath her foot, quaking the entire street and sends everyone to the ground. Hellcat and Punisher take advantage, going after the Stormtroopers who are taken off balance. Wasting no time, Molly opens her arms wide before clapping her hands, sending a thunderous sound wave into the ten Stormtroopers , launching them away.


Looking over her shoulder, Molly spots Luke Cage, far behind with a bullet riddled yellow shirt on, pointing to a flaming building behind him, “WE GOT CIVILIANS IN THERE! GET’EM OUT!” he shouts. Her glowing violet eyes look over the bodies and dead Stormtroopers on the streets to a small art store with people inside, peaking out while the top the entire building is poised to crumble from the flames engulfing it.

“ON IT!” Molly shouts. Bravely running across the chaotic street, Molly holds up her hands as stray blaster ricochets off her bulletproof body. Reaching a toppled burning car, Molly thrusts her small palm into the searing hot fiber glass and flings the burning car low and fast into the Stormtroopers, taking them all out. Peeking out from the bus, Nico’s eyes open wide in shock as Molly leaps into the burning through a broken window as the building billows smoke from its top, ready to collapses.

“SHE WENT IN THERE!” shouts a Stormtroopers .

Nico’s heart sinks at the sight of the numerous Stormtroopers gathering in front of the burning store. Knowledge of Molly’s super strength and durability was nothing knew, but at seeing a Stormtrooper pull out a grenade, a flurry of fear rolls in Nico’s stomach.

“MOLLY GET OUT OF THERE!” Nico shouts, quickly garnering the attention of the Stormtroopers.

Suddenly a deafening boom trembles the ground. Before anyone can see, a swift moving ship explodes through the middle of a high rise building, plummets out the air, slams onto the street with tremendous quake and grinds across the pavement with an ear splitting metal scream. Unable to escape the ships momentous path, civilians and Stormtroopers alike are run over as Nico dives away as the ship screeches pass and smashes through a building.

Lifting her up her eyes, Nico’s heart sinks at the smoke filling the streets as a gaping hole now rests in the storefront Molly had went into with bricks crumbling down. Nico’s heart sinks as she scrambles on her feet as the entire building starts to collapse, “MOLLLAAAAAAY!!” she screams

Suddenly a blur of red, white and blue streaks past her and smashes into a charred car frame!

Amazed, Nico looks at the hulking figure of a bloodied Captain America, holding up his shield over his body defensively, and quickly rising to his feet. Suddenly a massive iron beam slams against the shield a loud ‘bung’. Deflecting the iron beam with all his might, Steve Rogers feet slides back from the impact as the beam drops to the ground. Letting out a tired breath, Steve Rogers eyes meet with Nico staring at him, awestruck. His face mask torn off, his face bruised and bloody, Rogers staggers momentarily before pointing to shelter, “GET OUT’VE HERE!” he shouts before taking off running from which he was sent.

Running with all his might, Steve Rogers sprints down the destroyed street at great speed, smashing his shield into any storm trooper daring to block his path. Leaping over the slain bodies littering the street, Steve Rogers reaches the intersection leading to the main avenue but comes to a prompt halt, stunned at what he sees.

Standing back to back, Sentry and Darth Sidious fight fluidly atop a mound of crushed cars. Decimating dozens of SHIELD agents rushing them at a a time, screams and howls fill the air as Sidious ducks below Sentry’s blinding red eye beams that shoot out from his eyes and spin in a three hundred sixty degree rotation around the street, cutting down dozens of agents at once.

Silently and efficiently, the pair hold their ground. Sidious shoots out bright crackling clusters of red lightning from his fingertips through multiple heroes. Sentry ruthlessly grabs hold of Moon Knight by the face and hurls him straight to the Sun with conscious. The street teems with slain bodies. Still, Police and SHIELD agents duck behind scorched cars, shooting at their assailants while braver heroes flank the pair.

Everyone concentrated in one direction with one aim as Sentry and Sidious murderously hold their ground with absolute dominance; until a bellowing voice calls out from above.


Lifting his yellow eyes to the above voice, Sidious raises ten SHIELD agents around him off their feet while looking up to Vision, diving bombing at him like a guided missile. Narrowing his piercing orange eyes, Sidious smirks at the newly acquiring knowledge he attained from Uatu's brain, having grown anxious to use it.

“Finally.” he mumbles under his breath. Balling his fist, Sidious hears all the agents neck crack at once around him before shouting, “Ultron Programming Nine two five seven Alpha Shutdown!”

Hearing Sidious words, Vision suddenly clutches his head. Unable to control himself, he plummets out of control and slams into the pavement, rolling onto his back. His eyes turn black with bright green ‘ones’ and ‘zeroes’ running down irises. Twitching on the ground, Vision struggles to get up but Sentry swiftly drives his heel straight through his mechanical head, destroying him.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!” shouts Natasha Romanova. Howver her cry calls to Sidious predatory attention and he promptly ‘force pulls’ her off her feet towards him.

“APPRENTICE!” calls out Sidious, meeting his eyes Sentry, “ARE YOU LOYAL?!!” He shouts, shooting his eyes beams through Romanov's chest.


At that moment, Thor drops to the Earth with Mjolnir crackling in his grip, “BE GOOOONE!” he shouts, unleashing a powerful flurry of lighting at Sidious!

“IF YOU ARE...” Sidious shouts to to Void, “THEN PROVE IT!” he orders.

Sentry quickly speeds away from Sidious, smashing through a building but streaks back faster than he came, hurling a bloodied and battered Luke Cage straight into Thor’s lightning blast! Luke Cages bones flashes under his skin like an x-ray before abruptly exploding from the inside out at Thor’s lightning attack.

Stunned, Thor drops his hammer at seeing Luke Cage’s ashes linger in the air like smoke..

Proving himself to his Master, Sentry plows through the ashes of what was Luke Cage, clothes-lining both Hawkeye and Falcon across their jaws with his outstretched arms, and breaking their necks! Barreling ahead at full speed, Sentry plows straight through Ben Grimm aka Thing’s torso, exploding him into pebbles before careening straight at Iron Man like a missile!

Suddenly in a flurry of lightning, Thor body slams Iron Man away into a car and bashes Sentry across the jaw with his hammer, sending him face-first into the ground, shattering the windows from the blow. Dazed and now with a ringing in his ears, Sentry grinds his bloodied teeth as pain radiates from the right side of his face. However, at hearing the snap and crackle of Thor's hammer, Sentry pulls his face out the broken pavement, his eyes meeting with Odinson’s angry face glaring down at him.

“Yield thyself Roberts...” Thor growls, “...lest Mjolnir end you.” he warns.

Sentry blazing red eyes turn black. His face pales and blue veins rises under his skin as he crouches down like an animal, “You can’t kill...the VOID!” he shouts, throwing himself into Thor breaking the sound barrier over the ground. Immediately the pair arc into the air, with white smoke trailing them into the burning red sky.

Getting himself up, Iron Man taking advantage of the opportunity, he promptly charges his chest piece uni-beam!

"Jarvis divert all auxiliary power to the unibeam now."

Paying him no mind, Sidious touches his earpiece as he looks up to the blazing orange sky and burning hazy sun.

“Commander Tark, how long before the Primary Weapon is fully charged?” Sidious asks via comm unit.

*Exactly Two minutes and twenty seconds, my eminence.* replies the Officer on the Death Star.

Sidious looks to his wrist gauntlet, seeing the time: 12:34.

Suddenly Sidious sees the blue glow of Iron Man’s incoming unibeam bathing him in its light. In one motion, Sidious spins around, slashing both his red lightsabers through Iron Man’s energy beam, causing it to explode on both sides of him. Seeing Iron Man standing from far through the waves of heat, Sidious watches Iron Man’s face-plate slide up, exposing his astonished face.

“My turn.” snarls Sidious.

Quickly rotating his hands over the other, a pocket of foggy air formulates between Sidious palms before thrusting out his palms outward. Starks faceplate slams shut just as Sidious ‘force burst’ explodes the ground, disintegrates the slain bodies and slams into Iron Man, sending him straight through a building! Seeing the massive hole in the building structure, Sidious is taken off guard as Iron Man rockets back out the building at top speed, tackling him into pavement!

Rolling over several times, Iron Man pins Sidious to the ground and grabs him by the throat, “NITE NITE GRIM DEATH!” he shouts as the slots on his armored shoulder rise up, exposing tiny darts. Tightening his armored grip around Sidious throat, Iron Man shoulder darts shoot out to Sidious, but Iron Man can't believe his eyes as all the darts halt over Sidious face.

‘Armor integrity compromised, 80 percent, 60 percent, 45 percent…’’ alerts Jarvis.

Feeling the grip around his hand strain open, Stark sees schematics of his suit on his interface caving in from Sidious ‘force grip’ squeezing his armored suit from all sides as sparks being shooting out his uit. .

Sidious yellow eyes glare into Iron Man’s blue eyelets, “If Mandalorians are no match for me...” Sidious snarls as sparks spew out Iron Man’s armored back “...NEITHER ARE YOU!” he shouts as Iron Man’s entire suit gets enveloped with red electricity from Sidious body! A explosive burst erupts, blasting Iron Man off his body and into the air. With a groan, Sidious sits up as catches sight of Iron Man smashing into the top floor of another high rise, but then narrows his eyes at a figure standing in the middle of the street.

Stunned, Rogers sees where Iron Man was sent through, but suddenly hears two laserswords ignite. Roger's blue eyes dart to Sidious ‘force speeding’ at him with his blazing red lightsabers cutting bright molten marks into the pavement . Instinctively Rogers flips over the red blades that cut across at him, as the dark lord skids past him. Landing on both feet, Steve turns around and flings his shield at the back of Sidious head.

However Sidious turns slams his lightsaber against the shield, bouncing it straight back to Steve as bright sparks erupt between the two objects, forcing Sidious feet to slide back over the pavement from the blow. Sidious yellow eyes peers past the glow of his red lightsaber, observing the red white and blue shield zip back to Rogers grip, now sporting a long black scorch mark.

“Now that…” smirks Sidious, dissolving his lightsabers while pointing at Rogers, “...was impressive.” He says, flicking his finger upwards. Immediately Rogers is 'force-thrown’ straight up into the air like a ball.

"But ultimately pointless." Sidious mumbles, gesturing his finger to the ground, ‘force pulling’ Rogers straight down out the air.

“It is obvious the materials your shield is made of a quality...” He snarls, as Rogers slams into the pavement with a ‘krug’.

Screaming at the top of his lungs at the sharp break in his leg, Sidious narrows his eyes at him, "...and its quality is far more superior than you!" Sidious spits.

Screaming out in pain, Rogers clutches his leg but then hears a crackling lightsaber ignite again, and is drenched in red light. Rogers eyes lock onto Sidious standing over him with his red saber poised over his head like a blazing red guillotine blade.

“I find it fascinating how Uatu could watch someone with such dedication...” Sidious snarls, “...and they only be weakling hiding behind a shield and a mask, pathetic.” he says, swinging the blade down.

Suddenly Sidious gets a sucker punched clean across the right side of his jaw! Sent staggering back from the speed and momentum, Sidious gasps in pain before getting cracked across the left side of his jaw once more. Sent spinning and unable to get his footing, Sidious gets caught in dizzying flurry of rapid punches over his entire body. Sent convulsing back and force, Sidious can barely yell before a firm gut fist drives straight into his soft stomach, making him drop to his knees in a silent gasp!

Skidding to a stop with Rogers held over his shoulder as Iron Man drops down beside him, Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver stands with smoke rising off his feet and fists, “You’re welcome.” Pietro cockily says to Rogers as Hercules pulls himself out the broken street,

Seeing the scores of bodies littering the street with Sidious clutching his stomach while on his knees, Hercules looks to Rogers, “Where is he!?” Hercules grunts, speaking of Sentry.

Iron Man looks skyward. Flashes of lightning behind the rolling orange clouds and distant booms rock the skies as Iron Man takes a deep breath, “Blue Marvel, Carol and Thor have him handled…” he says, focusing his attention to Sidious clutching his stomach, “...this one needs a special touch.”

Turning aside from them, Hercules narrows his eyes at Darth Sidious, on his knees, spitting out blood while raising his angered eyes at them. Rubbing his callous fists, Hercules narrows his eyes at Sidious, “By the gods I’ll do more then just ‘touch’ him.”

“Get in line.” Pietro spits, “His forces killed a lot mutants - so we sent our best, X-Force.” says the mutant speedster, as a blackbird jet streaks between the burning buildings in Manhattan. All at once, Archangel, Psylocke, Cable, Laura Kinney aka X-23, Bishop, Warpath, and Old-Man Logan in a long tan trench coat drop down from the plane beside Quicksilver, Captain America, Hercules and Iron Man.

“Don't just rush in!” Captain America shouts as the mutants come to his side, ready to go on his word, “He’s a powerful telekinetic.” Rogers warns.

“We’ve handled worse.” Warpath huffs.

“You....” growls Sidious, rubbing his bruised jaw, “underestimate the darkside, like your ‘Watcher’ friend…” calling both his lightsabers to his grip, “...that is, before I ripped his mind apart for all his knowledge.” he smirks.

Steve Rogers face goes nearly white as he looks to Tony Stark in equal surprise.

“That's impossible.” Steve mumbles, looking to Tony who is equally shocked.

"Old man..." Thor exclaims, " kill a Watcher, a cosmic being of such importance and strength is achieved by a lesser mortal as yourself!"

Sidious narrows his yellow eyes at the Asguardian, "There is nothing 'lesser' about a Sith!" he replies.

Psylocke touches her temple, “This is over, i’m shutting him down.” she states. However, Psylocke gulps and cuts Rogers a concerned look, “I can't...his mind... I-I can’t read him.” she says.

“That curious little creature had a good many gems for my advantage.” Sidious snarls, “Apparently even Watchers know how to protecting themselves, especially ones like you, Betsy.” grins Sidious.

Laura Kinney aka X-23 looks to Psylocke, unnerved, "Did he just call you out by name?"

“APPRENTICE! RISE!” Sidious shouts. Immediately everyone takes notice of the massive crash landed ship behind Sidious, shoot off its cockpit window as steam pours out. Feeling a cold chill run down their spines, everyone hears a crisp and metallic respirator echo. From the midst the white steam a shadowy silhouette emerges until all at once, all the steam is quickly cleared way, exposing Darth Vader holding out his arm, igniting his lightsaber.

“Great...” Psylocke sarcastically replies, “ the old man has a cult following.” she says, igniting a bright purple katana from her bare palm.

Sidious glances over his shoulder to Vader lowering his lightsaber to his side, revealing a young man sporting a short buzzed haircut. Decked in all black, the young man’s crystal clear golden irises narrow at the sight of the assembled heroes.

“It's time to weed out the worthy, Vader." Sidious announces, “Inform the Inquisitors to search for any ‘force sensitives’ as instructed...” he says to everyone surprise as multiple red lightsabers ignite on top of the buildings around them, “...But tell your, ‘hidden’ apprentice…” Sidious snarls, shifting his yellow eyes to the young man at Vader’s side who fearfully takes a step back, “ fetch me my next Grand Inquisitor.” he demands, pointing at a very shocked Archangel, “Or you both die for your treachery.” He threatens.

“I don’t like the way he’s looking at me?” snarls Archangel, unnerved at the Sith Lords direct attention.

Psylocke shakes her head, “Me either.”

“The dark side is strong with you boy!” replies Sidious, pointing up at the orange sky rapidly forming purplish clouds swirling about like paint colors swirled in a cup, “I can feel it churning in you like a storm as it does only in one other but, you, shall be MINE.” He says.

Psylocke glances at Archangel wince, taking another step back, “Warren? Are you ok?” She whispers , watching him break into a sweat as he nods to her. Looking to his apprentice, Vader steps back from his apprentice, “Ready yourself, Starkiller.”

“You are all to be commended for presenting yourself in action together.…” Sidious shouts to the heroes, “...It shows greater initiative than I'd foreseen but, you shall pay the price for purging the force from this universe.” he declares, “I AM LORD OF THE SITH...” he declares as booming thunder rumbles overhead, “... AND MY JUDGEMENT...” he shouts, “...IS DEATH!” he declare pointing at them as the swirling clouds descend out the sky like a tornado, stunning all the heroes!

“Zeus's grave…” Hercules gawks at the descending 'force storm'.

“I GOT IT!” shouts Psylocke thrusting up her hands. Immediately a powerful purple band of light arc’s off Psylocks body and expands like a dome over the block, just as the 'force storm' slams into her TK shield. Grunting under the great strain, Psylocke drops to her knees, grinding her teeth from the strain as everyone is bathed under the purple tint.

"I CAN'T HOLD IT FOR LONG TAKE'EM OUT!" Psylocke cries but then looks to Hercules with eyes full of dream, “WATCH OUT!” she screams.

All of them bathed in purple light from Psylocke’s TK shield, Hercules turns around just as Starkiller drops down out the sky like a bomb to the street, blitzing at them like a bull at full speed!

"AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" Hercules shouts.

“ON IT!” shouts Pietro, streaks past of Old Man Logan and Warpath in a blur.

“PIETRO WAIT!” Iron Man shouts.

Quickly Starkiller drops to his knee as Pietro is inches from him, emitting a cluster of ‘force lightning’ bursts off his body. Like an animal in a net, Pietro scream out in pain as a net of ‘force lightning’, envelopes his body, making him drop to the ground in agony. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Starkiller reaches out to Quicksilver and ‘force throws’ him to Warpath and Old Man Logan. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Pietro’s body glows like a lightbulb causing his skeleton to flash black from under his skin just before he hits the ground again, exploding into a flurry of sparks!

Clutching his injured leg Captain America’s eyes open wide in horror, “DON'T GET CLOSE!” he shouts as Starkiller thrusts out his open palms and closes his fist. Instantly Logan and Warpath’s spinal columns collapse as their bodies are crushed into itself like stomped cans before being tossing into a burning bus! Turning his attention everyone else, Starkiller reaches out to everyone else with both hands and pulls in his arms as if tugging on ropes.

Yanked hard and fast off their feet, everyone's sent uncontrollably rolling through air to Starkiller! However Iron Man watches Starkiller quickly ignite two red lightsabers in reverse grip, ready to cut them all down. Catching sight of Steve Rogers, Stark nods at Steve who ducks behind his shield as Iron Man shoots a powerful repulsor blast at him. Quickly the repulsor blast ricochets off Rogers shield and hurtles at Starkiller who’s taken off guard and drops everyone, ‘force jumping’ into the air as the pavement explodes beneath him.

Dropping down far behind everyone as everyone hits the ground, Starkiller angrily re-ignites his lightsaber and spins around, smacking away an incoming blaster from Bishop that explodes off X-23 face, sending her back. Seeing Iron Man already rocketing high overhead and diving at him, Starkiller catches sight of Hercules and Archangel bolting for him as Bishop far behind, trains his rifle at his head. Immediately Starkiller thrusts his hand to the ground, ‘force throwing’ Archangel, Bishop and Hercules face first to the pavement, breaking the concrete on contact just Iron Man drops out the air beside him with a thud!!

“ITS OVER!” shouts Iron Man, firing the full power of his unibeam on to him. Starkiller barely gets time to turn to throw up his hand as the unibeam slams into palm, pushing him back. Starkiller’s feet skids over the ground but stops yelling as the pavement shatters under his foot! Peering past the blinding unibeam’s bright light, Starkiller glares at Iron Man pumping more power into his unibeam.

"JARVIS PULL ALL POWER FROM ANY SOURCE NOW!" Stark orders as wires zip out his boots and sink into the ground, pulling electricity from the city grid.

Starkiller drops on his knees concentrating as a surge of energy from the unibeam presses onto his palms.

‘Warning, absorption detected. Target must take bodily damage.’ Jarvis warns.

“EVERYONE TAKE HIM OUT NOW!” Iron Man yells as X-23 who’s face heals, sprints past him for Starkiller with Hercules behind her.

Grinding his teeth from the powersurge, Starkiller absorbs the energy, feeling the power as his body tingles with ‘pins and needles’. Starkiller hollers at the top of his lungs as he forcibly pushes both arms forward, sending massive energy pulse back through Iron Man’s beam with a swell that explodes off Iron Man's chest, throwing him back. Sensing her coming, Starkiller glances over his shoulder at X-23, her burning face still healing as she lunges at him, claws exposed. Starkiller points his finger to X-23, shooting out the absorbed energy from the unibeam into a bright red lightning bolt that pierces Laura’s head, exploding it clear off her shoulders, leaving charred headless metal skeleton!

“LAURA!” yells Hercules while lunging through the smoke at Starkiller with both his fists reared over his head!

Seeing the Olympian coming down on him him, Starkiller reaches to Rogers, ‘force grips’ the injured Captain America’s arm and shatters the bones in his arm while ‘force pulling’ the shield out his grip and zipping it over to over his head, blocking Hercules powerful punch!

A massive shockwave rings from the shield, sending Starkiller sliding back but he thrusts his hand, slamming the shield into Hercules face, before promptly stabbing both lightsabers into his torso, “GAAAAH!” he yells.

“HEEERC!” yells Iron Man. Suddenly Starkiller screams out in pain at something quickly slices across his back.

“AAAH!!” yells Starkiller in pain, spotting Archangel streaking away with blood on his metal wingtip. Angrily Starkiller force pushes Hercules away with one hand while thrusts the othe, ‘force pulling’ Archangel out the air, swinging him high overhead and slams him headfirst into the pavement at Sidious feet. Swiping his arm left, Starkiller rips off Warrens left metal wing and impales it through Bishop’s chest before he can get to Rogers to help him.

“NOOO!!!” shouts Iron Man desperately rocketing across the ground at Starkiller again. With Hercules grinding his teeth in pain at pulling out the lightsabers from his torso and Iron Man coming at him from the otherside, Starkiller quickly brings his trembling forearms together before his face. Immediately surge of reddish air gathers in front of his body like a fog. The air rumbles around him with a great phenomena of electricity sparking and skittering across a forming bubble around him. Closing his eyes, Starkiller lifts off the ground, griding his teeth. Opening his red eyes, he extends out arms.

As if a hush fell over the area, a bright burst of light erupts before fading away with the dooming sound of breaking the concrete shattering with Starkiller hollering voice echoing over everything around him burning and disintegrating from his overwhelming force energy-wave of the ‘force wave’!

Dropping to his knee, Starkiller’s red eyes look upon the devastation as he draws a deep breath. Rising to his feet, Starkiller opens his dirty palms that are greeted by his lightsabers zipping out Hercules torso and into his reverse grip. Scouring the street full of the slain, Starkiller's eyes rest on Tony Stark, sprawled out unconscious among fragments and shards of his Iron Man suit. Hercules twitching on the smoldering ground while his skin rapidly heals over the severe burns exposing some bone.

Suddenly, Starkiller hears a distant ‘boom’ above before the ground ‘thuds’! Looking over his shoulder, Starkiller spots a bloodied Sentry standing over cracked ground behind him. His yellow tight fitted suit torn, his blue cape tattered with holes. Sentry’s bloodied sandy hair covers his resolute and battered face that curiously tilts at the sight of an injured Hercules on the ground, “About time he’s fallen.” Sentry huffs.

As the purple light fades from Psylocke TK shield, Starkiller looks ahead to Darth Sidious standing proudly with mutants Psylocke and Archangel sprawled out at his feet. Suddenly a dense shadow stretches over everyone. Raising his red eyes skyward, Starkiller watches the arrowhead shaped Star Destroyers barraging the city while what looks like a planet, slowly begins to eclipsing the sun! Streaking out from the sky, Blue Marvel slams down into the ground with Carol Danvers and Thor behind him.

All of them bruised, cuts on their faces, their costumes tattered and torn, Starkiller bends his knees, ready to spring into action, holding both red lightsabers in reverse grip. Thor’s eyes open wide in shock at the sight of all the fallen heroes on the ground behind the Sith with burning car's, rubble and scores of slain heroes. Carols’ eyes water with tears and her face reddens with anger as Darth Vader stands with Starkiller and Sentry as Steve Rogers floats past them, gagging and gasping for air, clutching for his throat.

Carol face reddens with anger, “If you think you can hide behind harming our friends...” she bitterly snarls, “...then you got another thing coming.”

Sidious narrows his eyes as Vader ignites his red lightsaber straight through Steve Rogers chest. Everyone gasps at the sight of Vader’s bright red saber glowing out from the center of Steve’s white star insignia as Sidious points at her, “No one hides today.”

To be continued….

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All of the Lantern Corp has been called to a Priority One Mission. An unknown entity code name: The Yellow Imperfection has escaped its constraints thanks to Larfleeze the Raider. Ganthet and the entire Green Lantern Corps were dispatched to deal with the crisis - and now, they have all but disappeared. Except for two. Legendary Green Lantern Abin Sur and his pupil Sinestro are the last to arrive via Abin's spacecraft. Upon entry to the planet, they were attacked by yellow spectrum energy signatures. Crashing to the planet, Sinestro realizes his scenario.

Sinestro is injured.

Abin is missing as well as the corps.

And the once lush green forest planet... yellow.


Chapter 1

The Great Yellow Impurity

Part 4 - When Fear Finds You


No Caption Provided

"Finally water." Sinestro sighs in relief, seeing a lake before him as the forest clears.

It had only been an hour, but the hour felt like days. Larger planets were known to have that effect. Larger the planet, harsher the gravity, longer the time.

Thanks to his own physiology, Sinestro was built to endure hardship. As a Korugarian, it was his pride to be a 'better' species than most. However under the two blazing hot yellow suns, even the strongest Korugarian would be struggling.

Looking at his power ring, Sinestro clenches a fist once more, struggling to muster power as his ring sparks with green electricity. He hand overcharged as his masters insistence. Yet, the environment had an event. Observing the densely wooded area, yellow barked trees, yellow foiliage, yellow dirt, a yellow haze in the air - something was unnatural and dampening his power.

Whatever it was, his objective was simple: Find his master without expending energy within a reasonable time. Then get off this planet.

However at that moment, Sinestro hears a deafening boom from above.

Raising his narrowed eyes to the sky, Sinestro hears the sound of twisting metal before seeing among the hazy yellow clouds, the fiery glow of a ship barreling down towards him. Quickly Sinestro bolts for the yellow tainted lake in front of him. Leaping forward, Sinestro dives in, as a twisted metal explodes on the ground with fiery plumes flowing over the surface of the yellow water. Holding his breath in the murky waters, Sinestro swimming underwater as far as he can so as not to get caught in the super hot blaze that now warms the water.

Able to hold his breath longer than the average humanoid, Sinestro waits for the black smoke to clear on the surface of the waters. Seeing all the smoke dissipate, Sinestro gets ready to rise to the surface but sees something from the corner of his eye and momentarily peers down to the bottom of the yellow tinted lake water’s floor bed. Sinestro muffled scream and bubbles emitting from his mouth do nothing to obscure the sight of thousands of dead sea-life rising at him to the surface of the water.

Rocketing out the waters like a green missile, Sinestro blasts out the water, streaking high into the air before landing on the yellow yellow powdery bank of the lake with a thud, gasping for air.

"What in Hala's name was that!” Sinestro pants, wiping the yellow water off his face as he turns onto his back and sees dead animal carcasses rising up to surface of the translucent yellow waters while the ships wing burns on the ground across the lake.

Spitting out the bitter yellow water in his mouth, Sinestro wipes his face, feeling the drops starting to burn his skin. Clenching his fist as his green ring crackles with energy, Sinestro mind starts to race. He had to get out of here, he had to find help, he needed his master, he couldn't do this alone he...

"NO!" Sinestro snaps, cursing himself at his running thoughts.

No, he couldn't think like this, he had to remain disciplined. He had to remain focused, tactical, collected and if need be, ruthless if he was going to survive. He was a Green Lantern. The ULTIMATE Green Lantern if he dare say so himself and no planet reeking of death and rot was gonna get the better of him.

Taking a deep breath, Sinestro calms his nerves, narrows his blue eyes and begins to look around, "Ring..." Sinestro declares, "...what information do we have of Planet Okaara."

"Planet Okaara..." speaks the ring.

"A forest planet. Every Eight Moon cycles, Planet Okaara remains in darkness while the last two provide copious sunlight and extended daytime hours by 97 percent. Gravitational Pull is stronger than most planets, hence, two hours spent on Planet Okaara equates to an additional hour of time according to Oa's time circumference. However, something has tainted or altered the planets time cycle. Nothing is as it should be."

Lowering his ring, Sinestro lets out a growl. Something wasn't right. Something was larger was at play here that altered an entire planet after Larfleeze reported landed on the planet. Sinestro’s blue eyes notices at the lake’s edge by his foot, the yellow water, literally climbing over its bank and reaching out to his foot until his ring projects a shield around him.

LEVEL 10 WARNING...Multiple Symbiotic Hosts Detected...Lethal Force authorized...Bogies 5 Miles away and closing. alerts his ring. Warns the ring.

Sinestro raises his ring to his mouth, "Abin do you come in! Ive been trying to reach you for an hour!" he snaps, looking around tall forest trees as smoke rising in the yellow sky, "If you're alive SAY something!"

For a moment, Sinestro looks around the vicinity, seeing they sky has turned the same yellow as the trees and the bark and the waters while the distinct smell of rotten fish in the air becomes more pungent.

Suddenly, Sinestro hears an odd sound coming deep from within the forest trees. Sinestro looks around, hearing the sound become louder and louder until his peripheral vision focuses on the bright neon yellow light zipping through the trees and right to him.

The attackers from before, they found him, best send a last distress call while the opportunity is still here.


Beacon Activated

Quickly Sinestro erects a green shield construct, ricocheting the blast into a tree, but as his feet slide on the wet yellow mud from its impact, Sinestro’s sensitive ears twitch at the sound of another rapid yellow beam rocketing at him from behind. Turning around on his heels Sinestro tries to deflect it but is blasted onto his shoulder by the yellow laser beam.

Staggering aback and losing his footing, Sinestro grinds his teeth from the searing burning pain and force of the hit.

"C'mon sinestro get your HEAD in IT!" he mumbles to himself.

Grinding in his teeth, Sinestro hears it again, the high pitch noise traveling at a faster from behind to his left before catching sight of the bright blast zipping across the lake on his far right. Locking onto ti, Sinestro turns on his heels and erects a shield in front of him as now suddenly three yellow energy beams slam onto his shield.

Gritting his teeth as the glow of the yellow energy beams reflect on his pink sweaty face, Sinestro digs his heels into the yellow muddy ground, struggling to hold his ground as the force of the beams make his feet slide. His strained arm begins to ache as sweat pours down his face while anxiety starts to set in. Fear starts to plague his mind as he feels himself growing weak. He required his Master's assistance but he was alone. HE died alone, now he will die here too. With no one to help him, unknown, unaided and a waste of talent. He would die as…

Standing in front of Sinetro, Abin, places his large rosy pink hand on his shoulder and looks down at his pupil, "Than you should have no problems, you are, a true green lantern and a friend.." he retorts,."

Sinestro’s eyes burst with bright green light as his master’s words reverberate through his mind as he takes takes a firm step forward while thrusting his arm forward, "FEEEL MY LIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!" he shouts determinedly while shooting a green burst of energy that travels through the yellow beams into the forest and explodes the wielders at their three separate locations at once with green energy waves emitting deep within the forest.

Sinestro stands with his arm outstretched as green smoke lifts from his ring.

His green eyes sharp and attentive, Sinestro eyes dilate at the sight something moving within the dense yellow forest towards him.

"C'MOOOON!!!" roars Sinestro, erecting two massive glowing cannons beside himself, "I'M RIGHT HERE YOU COWAAAAAAAARDS!"he screams, unleashing powerful green rapid fire blasts into the thick yellow tree forest.

Cutting down the yellow trees and shrubbery the creature uses for cover, Sinestro's lit green eyes suddenly spot the swift moving creature bolt out the forest. Swiftly it, zig-zags his blasts, dodging his attacks with such speed the creature easily skims over the yellow water to Sinestro, bashing him across the face with its long thick tendril arm!

Immediately, Sinestro's launched clear off his feet. Streaking back head first, Sinestro hits the yellow forest ground hard, sent skidding on his back. Coming to a stop, Sinestro shakes his head while rubbing his bruised pink jaw but sees a shadow form around him and looks up. Promptly Sinestro dives away as the creature’s heavy tendril slams into the ground where he laid.

Rolling away, Sinestro angrily swipes his arm across the air with his power ring ablaze!

"RAAAAAAAAA" Sinestro yells, slicing off the tendril as the creatures high-pitch cry echoes through the yellow forest, causing Sinestro to cover his ears from its deafening cry.

Seeing the thick yellowish tendril squirming on the ground beside him with its tooth-like horns under its suction cups, Sinestro focuses to the large strange starfish like creature splash out the water and unleash an ear-piercing shriek before bolting at him at great speed.

Snarling, Sinestro hops onto his feet and runs towards the incoming creature and immediately thrusts his arm forward, impaling the creature on a giant green sword construct via his ring. Ruthlessly, Sinestro glares at the squirming creature cough out pink liquid on his green bladed construct while its squirming in agony. Wasting no time, Sinestro swings the creature around before hurling it into the sky with all his might, aims his ring at the airborne creature and shoots a green blast, exploding it out the yellow sky.

Unknown symbiotic hosts closing in

Unknown symbiotic hosts closing in

Unknown symbiotic hosts closing in

Unknown symbiotic hosts closing in

Unknown symbiotic hosts closing inhis ring repeatedly alerts.

Glancing over his shoulder, Sinestro eyes zero into the forest, scanning for anything coming out from the cluttered trees.

“SCAN THE SYMBIOTIC HOSTS and tell me WHAT I’M FIGHTING HERE!” Sinestro orders his ring while hearing the rustling of various assailants coming at him from all sides.

Scan Complete. Symbiotic Hosts are Former Green Lantern Corp Officers infected with the Parallax Virus ....alerts his ring

Sinestro looks at his ring, puzzled, "What's a parallax!"


Before Sinestro can finish mumbling what's under his breath, he quickly catches sight of four former Green Lantern Corp officers leap out from the dense yellow forest like swift moving animals. Sinestro’s lit green eyes open wide in shock as he recognizes the faces of his comrades, now all with palm veiny yellow skin, unusually narrow sharp teeth that seem to fill their mouths, and blacked out eyes that look upon him with eerie evilness.

“HEY Sinestro!”

Sinestro turns around, spotting the former Lantern known as Ch'p, raccoonlike creature stand on his two feet, now sporting yellow fur, glare at him few feet away.

“Came to join us?”

Sinestro looks over his shoulder to Zaneth, the once blue scaled four eyed alien with now pale yellow skin and pale eyes narrowing his eyes at him. Zaneth was slow moving, although at an intimidating 12 feet tall, each of his hands were large enough to crush his skull.

“Don’t make us have to fight you Sinestro.” smiles the J’zon, the young Daxamite whose human-like appearance was now changed by his veiny pale yellow skin, pointy blond hair and white eyes.

His smile was full of sharp teeth and a slimy black tongue in his now wider mouth. He was the harder one to beat. Daxamites, knock-off Kryptonians with more arrogance but greater aptitude for using 'special' abilities, he was the greater threat out the group. He had to be careful. If he demonstrated too many feats with his ring he could duplicate it twice as fast. This has to be quick.

Sinestro looks at his former friends surrounding him. Infected. Hostile. Their green lantern suits all torn off from their waists up as a glowing, vibrant yellow lantern emblem shines in the middle of their chest as bright as the yellow rings on their fingers. Four to one. He’d have to make due until he found Abin, he couldn’t wait any more.

"LISTEN TO ME!" Sinestro calls out to them, but they just smile like savage animals looking at a carcass, “YOU ALL NEED HELP..." Sinestro shouts, hoping to reason with them “…NOW WE CAN FIX THIS! JUST..."

Suddenly, Sinestro notices a flickering bright light in the sky and looks up to see another lantern, a fifth one.

'Five to One.' he thinks.

"Always be aware of your surroundings." Sinestro grumbles to himself as the fifth infected lantern above fires a powerful energy beam towards him as do the rest.

Diving forward as the ground explodes behind him as everyone’s attack.

Sinestro wastes no time and swings back around, swiping his fist in sweeping motion as his ring forms a long sharp sword that slices through Ch’rp in mid-air before Sinestro skids to a stop, but dives away from another a blast attack from above.

Now 4 against one, he had to take care of the one above.

Hopping to his feet, Sinestro sees Zaneth already pulling his massive fist back to punch him but seeing in his peripheral, the Daxamite skidding behind him with his ring aimed to blast him from behind. Quickly Sinestro drops to the ground as the Daxamite’s blast zips over him and hits Zaneth in chest, exploding him into yellow ash.

Sinestro rolls over and unleashes a powerful green blast at the lantern high above, knocking him out the sky to the ground.

Scrambling to his feet, Sinestro looks up to already see the Daxamite swinging his leg and bash Sinestro across the in the face with his foot! Hitting the powdery yellow ground and rolls away, Sinestro rolls onto his stomach but hold his head in a daze as the Daxamite watches Sinestro with glee.

"Do feel it yet?"

Looking up at the Daxamite, Sinestro watches him march towards him with his crackling yellow ring on his finger, "DO YOU FEEEL THAT BOTTOMLESS PIT IN YOUR STOMACH SINESTRO!" he roars, opening his mouth and exposing his blacken tongue and sharp teeth, “DO YOU FEEL THE FEAR?! DO YOU? ITS OVER SINESTRO!”

Sinestro, turns over onto his back and forms two green cannons, “NOT FOR ME!” he shouts, opening fire on the Daxamite who quickly bolts high up into the yellow sky with a flurry of green blast exploding around him, "I HAVE NO FEAAAAAAAAAR!" Sinestro shouts, forming two more massive cannon firing constructs behind his head as the agile Daxamite zips through the sky amidst the blasts like flyby plane over a battleship.

“C’MOOOON!” Sinestro shouts as the Daximite suddenly dive-bombs towards Sinestro at great speed, whizzing by all the green shots exploding around him before swooping low to the yellow dusty ground, bolts past two more blasts and rams right into the Sinestro chest! Smashing through his green constructs both roll on the yellow muddy ground before the Daxamite pins Sinestro down by the back his neck and opens its wide mouth, biting down on Sinestro's head!

“EYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH”! Sinestro screams in agony as the Daxamite gnaws on his pink skull.

“AH!!!” the Daxamite smiles contently, wiping the green blood from his mouth as Sinestro drops dead to ground, “TASTY!” he snickers.

However at that moment, the Daxamite stands up in confusion as Sinestro's body dissolves into green dust.

With a growl the Daxamite turns around to see Sinestro standing behind him with his fist and cracking Green Lantern ring shining right at his face. Sinestro's wipes the dark pink blood from his nose and narrows his green lit eyes, "All energy constructs bleed green." he spits.

The Daxaminte snarls before lunging at him but Sinestro unleashes a powerful green blast, incinerating the Daxamite within the pale green light-beam until nothing but yellow ash rising into the yellow sky. Ceasing his attack, Sinestro sees an odd yellow ring drops to the ground, smoldering with green smoke. Curious Sinestro glares at the glowing yellow ring on the yellow muddy ground sprout eight needle-like legs and crawl away into the forest.

Seeing the rest of the corpses bodies around him lying still with smoke rising off their bodies, Sinestro raises his crackling ring overhead and blasts off the ground, tearing through the sky at great speed.

"COME IN ABIN SUR COME IN!!!" he yells into his ring, but hears no response.

"Ring do you have ANY energy signature coming from Abin Sur's Ring or a Ganthet! I can't stay here!" he yells into the ring.

Scanning…....Located-Loading Coordinates...Travel 24 Longitude...90 Latitude and bear right into Field Clearing.

Suddenly a yellow blast zips by his face Sinestro’s fast, causing him to swerve as dozens of yellow energy beams fire past him.

Sinestro looks over his shoulder and sees a horde of at least 10 figures, glowing bright yellow, zooming after him as they sky seems to only glow brighter yellow.

“Ring identify!”

Identities Confirmed. Former Lantern Corps of Sectors 251, 100 and Sector 5....Three Green Lantern User’s Remain on the Planet Surfaces.

"THREE!! THAT MEANS THE REST ARE DEAD!!" yells Sinestro in shock.

All Former Users are Currently Hosts to the Parallax Virus...Searching for Entity Locatoin

"WHAT THE HECK IS A PARALLAX!?!" Sinestro yells in frustration, streaking away as he’s pursued.

Information Restricted...Requires Guardians Access Key.

In a hail of curses and profanity, Sinestro streaks across the yellow sky, trying his best to put distance between him and his pursuers as he makes his way for area he believes Abin to be in. Frustrated and determined, Sinestro picks up more and more speed, exploding through the air with deafening noise as he breaks through the sound barrier as yellow trees and yellow tinted waters pass underneath him in a blur.

“Can you locate Arin Sur? CAN YOU LOCATE HER!”

Yellow energy interference too high for scan…deducing filtering aids…none found. New Objective, Eliminate Yellow Energy Source…. Scanning for Yellow Energy Source…buffering…buffering…

As thoughts of Arin Sur, his Mentor's sister and his fiance flood his mind. He hadn't seen her in four days and planned on seeing her in secret only an hour ago before this situation happened. Now, the dream of losing her and the bright glowing yellow women sent a fear into him he had never experienced before, but refused to give into.

Hearing nothing but howling wind behind him, and seeing no other pursers behind, Sinestro clenches his jaw as pit of fear swells in his stomach.

"This isn't good." he mumbles as he flies over the yellow trees, but quickly notices rising black smoke and burning trees. “Abin’s SHIP!” he exclaims, spotting the devastating trail of burning yellow trees and debris.

Sinestro’s eyes follow the epic devastating trail of Abin’s ship wrecked in the forest area, but he spots the other half of the ship burning from leaking fuel that pours out the main hull some distance away. Seeing no on in the first site, Sinestro heads to the other some yards away, descending to the yellow ground in the middle of the thick forest.

"Abin no…” He mumbles, worried his Mentor and ultimately his only friend is stuck inside the other half of the burning ship, left to die a torturous death by fire.

Dropping out the sky, Sinestro runs to the ship but skids to a stop as a yellow blast grazes his temple, twirling Sinestro to the ground in a cry of pain.

Clutching the side of his temple Sinestro quickly sees three more yellow energy blasts hurtling to him and dives away as the ground explodes behind him and shoots out green blast to the figure in the yellow forest bolts after him.

Getting on to his feet, the swift and thin framed figure tackles Sinestro back to the ground, rolling with him in the yellow dirt until Sinestro feels the creature turn him over with superior strength, firmly pin him to the ground by holding his head into the dirt and quickly position itself on his back.

“AAAh….” Growls the creature, running its slender sharp fingers along his spine to the base of Sinestro’s neck, “oooh baby this is gonna be fun…”

"GET OFF ME!" Sinestro barks, forming a green energy hand construct that grabs the creature by its thick hair and flings it off his back.

Rolling onto his back and hopping to his feet, Sinestro stands his ground but sees a bright yellow light careening to him.

“RAAAAAAAAAH”! Sinestro angrily shouts, slamming his fist through the yellow blast as it shatters into bright yellow shards around him! His crackling green arm already extended, Sinestro's pulsating green eyes crackle with green energy and lock onto to the figure as the yellow midst clears. However, as soon as Sinestro sees his target clearly, his green eyes open wide and return to his natural blue color, “Arin?” he says in disbelief.

Standing only feet away from him in her tattered green lantern suit, her once rosy skin now pale yellow, her blue eyes now golden and clear, her short blue hair now long and blond, Arin Sur, stands before him with a toothy smirk as yellow snow falls from the sky.

"Aah-arin..." Sinestro says again, unable to believe the sight of his shapely fiancé, "Wha-what happened to you?"

Arin smiles at him, fluttering her yellow eyelashes at him flirtatiously, "Nothing my darling." she smiles, twirling in place before raising up her hand to him, “See, you have nothing to fear.” She says, drawing his attention to the yellow ring on her finger.

to be continued....

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Chapter 1

The Great Yellow Impurity

Part 3 - Planet Okaara


No Caption Provided

Strapped in his seat, Abin Sur, the pink skinned Master of his pupil Sinestro, types his widescreen control panel as their ship hurtles through the blackness of Space at Hyper-speed. Placing his rosy pink hand on the lever controlling the ships speed, Abin slowly pulls back on the lever, reducing the ships velocity as he keeps his eyes on the long lines of passing stars becoming more visible as they pass.

Glancing at the ships radar embedded on his armrest, Abin nods, "We're getting close Sinestro, get ready."

Hearing no response from his pupil, only the hum of the ships powerful turbines vibrating through ship, Abin Sur cuts Sinestro a sideways glance as he's seated beside him. Arching his brow, Abin Sur's hyperclear blue eyes fix on his pupil, who simply stares at the passing stars.

"What is it?" Abin Sur asks, letting go of the ships speed lever, "Get it out now before we land." he insists while reaching out to his crackling ring inside the green lantern charging port.

Letting out a sigh, Sinestro leans forward, his face in a pensive stare at the passing stars.

"Do you think..." Sinestro pauses, quickly reconsidering his question as he draws a deep breath, "...that I'll be a good Lantern?" he asks, awkwardly looking to Abin.

Abin smirks at the sound of the question he himself had asked to one of the guardians ages ago.

"What makes you think you’re not?" replies Abin, smirking at Sinestro's narrow eyebrow curl up in reply.

Sinestro's face firms. "What does that mean?"

Abin shakes his head as he stands on his feet, sliding on his Green Lantern ring while the Ships screen indicators flash in bright green letters, ‘Arriving in 30 seconds.’

Abin points at Sinestro, "It means that you should 'know' if you'll be a good Green Lantern because that is something you can control by your own WILL." he answers. "No one can control you, not your ring, not the guardians, only you. It is by your will that you'll either help others because its 'right' or out of ego. Either way you'll be a lantern, but a 'good' lantern? Only by your choices, can you determine that." he states.

Sinestro remains quiet, looking down at the green ring on his pink finger.

Seeing his words weigh heavily on Sinestro, Abin rolls his eyes, "From what I've seen so far however..." he smirks, "'ll be better than me." he says reassuringly, but then points at Sinestro, "That is, 'IF' you keep that over-confidence in check and if YOU don't break my sisters heart."

Sinestro hastily stands up from his seat seeing they will be dropping out of hyperspace in 10 seconds.

"I'd never break Arin's heart." Sinestro exclaims.

Standing in front of Sinestro, Abin, places his large rosy pink hand on Sinestro's shoulder, "Spoken like a true green lantern and a friend.." he retorts, patting him on the back, “Maybe when this is all said and done, I can…”


Seeing the warnings alerts appearing on the ships screen, Abin speaks out, "COMPUTER, DROP US OUT OF HYPER SPEED NOW!"

Dropping out of Hyperspeed, long streaks of white stars return whole and spherical as Planet Okaara comes into full view.

“I don’t see anything endangering our proximity!” Sinestro shouts but Abin steps ahead of him and looks through the windshield as they approaching the massive dark forest Planet Okaara, slowly become enveloped in a yellow color.


No Caption Provided

“By the stars is that yellow light?!” Sinestro mumbles, never having seen such a phenomena.


Suddenly, debris begins raining on the ship like hail until larger chunks of debris collide into the ship, cracking the windshield as Abin and Sinestro struggle to keep their footing.

“Increase shields to 300 percent!” Abin orders Sinestro, “Get us close as we can to the planet!"

"Not gonna happen.' Sinestro replies, "The Asteroid field battering our shields! We won’t make it even halfway. We should drop the ship and use are rings to get to the surface. " Sinestro shouts as the ship thrashes back and forth making Abin and Sinestro clasps on to the control panel.

"This isn’t an asteroid field Sinestro!" Abin exclaims as the ship continues to shake about like a plane in harsh turbulence and points at the debris, "WE’RE HITTING BODY PARTS…”

“WHAT!” Sinestro shouts.

“THESE ARE BODY PARTS OF DESTROYED MANHUNTERS!" Abin exclaims, pointing to a passing chunk of debris, “SEE! It’s a face! Green Lanterns must’ve engaged the Manhunters…all of them!”

“We’ve got to get out this…”

Suddenly Abin and Sinestro's green lantern rings project illuminated green panels with dark green lettering as a robotic voice says:

Green Lantern Corp Alert: Security Level increased to Level 5. All Green Lanterns Granted Permission of Lethal Force...

Sinestro mouth opens in shock at the alert their rings just voiced. Looking to Abin who's face remains stern and pensive, Sinestro points at his ring, “Did they just…”

“Quiet Sinestro!" Abin snaps, "Ring, Status update on Planet Okaara.”

‘…Planetary Status - Manhunters Remaining around Planet Okaara Zero. 70 Green Lanterns relieved of Life Force Usage...

Sinestro eyes open wide at the news, "No!"

"...Correction 149 Green Lanterns relieved of Life Force...."

"THATS IMPOSSIBLE!" yells Abin, "THAT’S HALF THE LANTERN CORP!" he shouts as the ship trembles violently to the left and right in its descent into planet Okaara’s atmosphere.

Seeing Sinestro staring at the Death Toll count rise on his ring's alert, Abin snaps his fingers at Sinestro, pulling him out of his train of thought, "Listen Sinestro, whatever's happening on the surface, don't...."

Suddenly Abin and Sinestro’s lantern rings envelope each of them in a bright green bubble shield.

Self-preservation mode initiated

The rings declaration rings in Abin's ears as Abin’s entire ship explodes around them in a fiery heap of twisted metal and searing heat! Jarred from the intense explosion, Sinestro free-falls at high speed

Plummeting to the planet surface at high speed, Abin and Sinestro freefall through the howling cold wind as the finish entering through the atmosphere. Thick walls of white foggy clouds surround them. Unable to see anything, Abin and Sinestro’s rings recede the protective green sphere away as the thick white foggy clouds evaporate away, revealing the planet’s surface below.

No Caption Provided

Dear hala…” Sinestro gasp in disbelief as he sees from the arial view, of the yellow colored atmosphere!

“ARE YOU SEEING THIS ABIN! THE ENTIRE ATMOSPHERE CHANGED!” Sinestro shouts, looking over to Abin plummeting a few away yards from him.

However, Sinestro sees Abin's face grow worried as he points before, "INCOMING!" he shouts.

Sinestro look below to the surface and sees, to his great surprise, hundreds of yellow laser blasts streaking up from the planet towards them as if an army awaited them.

“SHIELDS!” Sinestro shouts. Quickly he and Abin thrust their fists forward, erecting a large bright green wall construct in front of themselves.

Within milliseconds, a hail of yellow laser blasts explode off Abin and Sinestro's joint green construct. Gritting his teeth, Abin sees his arm grow weak as their contruct beings to crack as its hammered by the ongoing attack.

Looking over to Abin with great concern, Sinestro taken off guard as yellow blast shatters through his green construct like glass, exploding off of him.

"SINAASTROOO!!!" yells Abin as Sinestro is end back, flipping back uncontrollably through the air in pain as the yellow blasts explode over his entire body, engulfing him in a yellow cloud while he falls to the planet's surface.

~*~*~*~*Some time ago.

Standing on the terrace that looks at the blue ocean, the shapely pink skinned humanoid stood in the doorway of the terrace as soft light graces her rosy skin. Slightly turning her head, her short blue hair, its points tucked behind her pointy ears, glisten as she looks over her shoulder to him. Her soft pink face and blue eyes light up with joy as the four moons of Kraik descending into the watery horizon. Turning towards him at the terrace door, holding only a silk black sheet around her, she slowly walks over to him, and places her warm slender hand to his face.

"Do you love me?"

Feeling the urge to answer, Sinestro’s captivated blue eyes look at Arin, but than to the distracting glow in her once blue eyes.

"Answer me beloved, do you love me?" she asks again softly as a strange woman, enveloped in yellow light, rises from the sea’s watery horizon.

"I...I love you." Sinestro responds, but his eyes glance towards the threat on the horizon.

"Say it again." Arin requests, her voiced filled with playfulness.

However Sinestro gulps, seeing the night envelope the landscape yet the yellow light from the horizon grows as bright as day. Sweat drips down Sinestro’s face the more he sees in the watery horizon the glowing yellow woman lift over the horizon and into the sky as the pale moon rise over her.

"Sinestro..." calls the woman with a smirk her tendril whips up to the moon, wraps around in and pumps yellow energy into, “…do you fear me?

Sinestro gulps, backing away from Arin who stands before him.

“Sinestro…what is wrong?” Arin asks, watching Sinestro back away and tremble as sweat pours down his face.

“Na-nothing…” Sinestro says but suddenly sees the yellow woman’s tendril stretch across the surface of the waters for miles and wrap around Arin’s waist.

“AAAAAAAAARIN!” Sinestro shouts, as he reaches out to her but Arin is yanked out the room and over the surface of the waters.

“AAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAN!” Sinestro shouts, leaping off the bed, ready to leap through the window and into flight but the glowing yellow women appears on the terrace, causing Sinestro to raise his hands over his eyes, “FEAR ME!” she roars.

“ARIN! WHERE IS ARIN!” Sinestro shouts as the yellow light burns his skin.





Green Electricity suddenly shoots out from Sinestro's ring, coursing through his nerves and muscles. Suddenly Sinestro's eyes open wide. Pain grips his body as he's shocked awake by his ring!

“AAAAAAAH!”screams Sinestro, clutching his hand and he rolls in the air. Wind howls in his ears as the mind-numbing pain quickly dissipates from his ring. Trying to rally himself, Sinestro sees nothing but burning debris covered in flames around him from Abin's ship.


Hearing his ring's warning, Sinestro's bright blue eyes quickly focus at the rapidly approaching yellow trees beneath him,.seconds away from greeting him.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Sinestro yells.

Thrusting out his clenched fist, Sinestro's blue eyes glow bright green as a powerful green energy beam bursts out from his ring! Streaking down to the planet's surface, Sinestro's energy beam slams into the yellow ground, burning into the soil to slow his descent. Coming down at terminal velocity, Sinestro intensifies the energy output as his entire body glows bright green as he plummets between the yellow trees. Seeing he's close to the ground, Sinestro dissolves the beam, drops several feet through the air and hits yellow dirt mound, rolling down the yellow covered hill before stop amidst a thick yellow cloud of dander and kicked-up dust.

Out of breath and sore, Sinestro remains on his stomach, trying to catch his breath as a foul, putrid stench fills his nose with every breath. His body throbbed almost all at once, more than it should. Something happened, his ring protected him from the ships explosion but still, his body remains wracked with pain.

Groaning in pain, Sinestro rolls onto his back, staring up at the yellow sky. The yellow blasts that hit him were abnormally painful. He had been hit before by laser fire, torpedo fire, even Cruiser Class J ships but nothing hurt like this. The pain burned more than anything, and lingered longer than unwanted company. More concerning, was the thought of something breaking through his construct.

He 'willed' his defenses! His will was strong, but clearly Whatever this was, 'the yellow' had a powerful reach.

Drawing a deep breath, Sinestro attempts to sit up. Pain greets him once more with every move he makes. Taking his time, Sinestro rises onto his feet. Trying to steady himself, Sinestro pinches the bridge of his sharp nose, trying to refocus his mind on the moment, not on the past, no matter how soon it was - he had to rely on his training.

Rules one for crash landings, Take a Self Assessment Outstretching his arm, Sinestro rolls back his partial green sleeve. Grimacing in discomfort, Sinestro sees glimpses at his pink skin now riddled with dark purplish bruises from the attack. Rolling it back down, Sinestro refuses to look any further, he knew he was hurt, but he could move that's all that mattered.

Now the next rule, survey your location. However, the sense of doom Sinestro tries to flee from at seeing his injuries, finds him again as he looks at the once lush forest planet.

"Oh Wonderful." Sinestro mumbles,

No Caption Provided

“Ring, Give me Planetary Status Report.” Sinestro orders, grinding his teeth in pain as he stretches out his arms, getting ready to travel.

"Currently Status: Planet Okaara...Vega System...Population Record 29 Billion....Latest Census,One Hundred thirty…buffering…One Hundred Twenty Seven…buffering..."

Suddenly Sinestro looks skyward at the sound of twisting metal exploding through the sky and streaking overhead like meteors.

"Alight Abin where are you and what have you gotten me into this time." Sinestro sighs.

to be continued....

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Wiping the sweat from her brow, Abigail Brand grips the edge of her glass workstation, keeping her eyes peeled to the cracked glass monitor. The glow of orange flames surrounds her, tinting everything in her sight fiery orange. The immense heat filling the Command space becomes nothing less than sweltering. Barely able to breath and struggling to keep her footing, Abigail looks behind her, watching chairs, debris and computer stations all fall to the floor and slide to into an enormous void of fire blackening the walls as the entire satellite base breaks apart. Hearing the sudden high pitch scream of turbines whizzing past, Abigail briefly catches sight of thousands of TIE fighters pouring out from the bottom of another Star Cruiser.

Touching her earpiece, Abigail Brand quickly types on the holographic keyboard, “This Commander Abigail Brand of the SWORD AGENCY!” she exclaims, “I am opening all COMMS to all agencies across the globe, SWORD HAS FALLEN! I REPEAT, SWORD HAS FALLEN!”

No Caption Provided

Jumping onto the glass touch panel below the monitor, Abigail curls up as a large beam engulfed in flames crashes down behind her. Abigail Brand turns to the window, focusing on Earth.

“As we speak, aircraft's from around the world will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind.” Abigail declares, “Mankind, a word that should have new meaning to all of you today. For today, we do not fight against tyranny or against oppression but annihilation!” she says, grabbing onto the panel with all her might as the entire space station leans towards the Earth.

“SWORD may fall today, but anyone can pick it up and wield it with power of army if they chose too. So i challenge you all, to pick up where this sword will fall, and fight! DO NOT let them bring the night upon mankind! Rage against the light, RAGE AGAINST THE----”

Suddenly Abigail sees a brightening red glow bathe everything in the crumbling command center, “Oh my…”


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Standing on the command deck, the immense deep pit before him, filled with agents decked in blue uniform faded into the background. Grabbing onto the railing with all his strength as the ship rattles and trashes about with deafening ‘booms’ Nick’s Fury eye remains locked with intensity at the sight on his screen broadcasting SWORDs orbital satellite exploding in a flurry of green laser fire.

“ABIGAAIL!!!” Nick Fury shouts, punching the screen,

“SIR WE’RE LOSING ENGINE ONE AND FOUR…” shouts Agent Derek, “We’re taking too much damage these fighter planes are too fast for our guns to handle!”

Raising his attention from the screen, Nick Fury looks to windows, watching the whizzing TIE fighters zip by at mind blowing speeds. The deafening sound of constant machine guns and blaster fire from the Helicarrier fills Nick Fury’s ears with noise. However, everyone watches as a Star Destroyer, holding a motionless position high above in the blue sky, open the bottom of its under belly with more TIE fighters pouring out like bees from a hive, heading straight for them.

“PITCH THE HELICARRIER TO THE WATER NOW.” Fury orders, before hitting a comm button that goes to all speakers, “THIS IS COLONEL FURY, ABANDON SHIP! I REPEAT, ABANDON SHIP! AND PREP THE ZEPHYR” he exclaims.

Storming away from the command station, Nick Fury races through the ‘whooshing’ doors and into the hallway filled with Agents running for escape pods. Explosions and quaking rattle the ship, throwing Nick off his balance ashe grabs onto a railing. Presses his earpiece, Nick looks out the window beside him, seeing the entire ship lean towards a massive river, “MARIA…” he calls out, “..WE’RE GOING DOWN!.”


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Standing in the dark room observing the myriad of broadcasting screens on the wall, Maria Hill touches her earpiece, “I see you Fury. You’re heading to the Potomac River. But once you land those TIE fighters ‘will’ converge on your location…”

~I know, i’m boarding a ship now before we crash, what’s the update, where are the Thunderbolts?~

“Thunderbolts joined Captain Britain British Forces on the European front once Spain and France were leveled.” Maria replies, “War Machine joined with Omega Flight and the Canadian Military to prevent a campaign flanks the States.” she informs him, “But with SWORD gone, the Alpha Flight Space Program is in no position to stop these Star Destroyers. Carol Danvers coming from deep space now but no one can deploy their small fighters.” she states, “Our attackers are scattering like roaches; bombarding every non capital city on the Planet.” she finishes.

“Did you see the SWORD station?” Fury asks, “Something else it took out SWORD and it came from within portal!”

Maria slides her finger across her tabletop screen, revealing a map of the United States with two dots swiftly moving across the map towards New York. “No I was in the bathroom, OF COURSE I SAW IT?!!” she replies in frustration, “Something else is coming through that portal but everyone is still scrambling to put on underwear let alone get up to space to fight what’s trying to kill us right now!”

*Have Avengers assets mobilized yet?”

“Monica Rambeau, Wonder Man and Miguel Santos aka Living Lightning just got word their heading over our atmosphere. ” Hill states, “They’ll link up with whoever’s left from Alpha Flight and launch a sweeping assault over the Western Hemisphere.” she says, “In D.C. Red Hulk and his U.S. Avengers and War Machine are in a full-scale battle-zone in front of the White House struggling against whatever aerial superiority we just lost, oh yeah, our Air Force is gone!”

*What about our allies?” asks Fury.

“Ma’am’...” interrupts an Agent as he turns away from his computer to her, “...Unity Avengers team just took down a ship in Utah.” he reports

No Caption Provided

Pointing to the screen, Maria narrows her eyes, “Put out a call to every mercenary in Madripoor…” Hill orders, “ hundred million dollar reward to the team that goes through that ship and makes sure nothing walks out!!” she points.

“Instead of calling mercenaries Maria, you should be calling in our heavy hitters.” Nick asks.

“Look Nick…” Maria aggravated groans, “...we just got sneak attacked by more than ten ships with a collective signatures able to take our planet. They’ve blinded us, they’re crippling us and currently sending two flank squadrons at the U.S. to both coasts, all within FIVE minutes…” she explains, “ sue me for delegating.” Maria snaps.

*This is a lot of planning for five minutes Maria* Nick counters, *And it all started when that ship in New York took out Stephen Strange non-existent house. Last I check before we went down, that ship, started lifting off the city, if that thing leaves the planet, I have a feeling we’re...”

“Nick? NICK!” Maria Hill shouts before turning to an agent, “What happened?”

“An E.M.P just went off from five Star Destroyers over New York CIty.” The agent replies, “The entire East Coast just went into a blackout.”

Maria HIll balls up a fist before kicking a desk, “SOMEONE GET ME EYES AND EARS THERE NOW!”

“Ma’am’...” calls out an agent, “...I have a transmission from the ‘X-Men Gold Team and Blue Team…” he says skeptically, “... they saying they’re on route to backup the Avengers Unity Squad. E.T.A five minutes.”

“Commander Hill!” interrupts an agent.

Turning around, Maria Hill catches sight of an agent holding up his tablet, “Singapore, Japan and China governments forces just got wiped out and the aerial squad that ‘hit’ them, is heading to the U.S. now.”

“Jeezus…” grumbles Hill.

“COMMANDER!” shouts another Agent, “San Francisco just reported a Star Destroyer entering the Bay Area and firing down on civilians.”

No Caption Provided

Maria points to the screen, “Get whatever allied fighters we have in the skies over Canada West coastline to get down to the California to back up the X-Men and Unity Squad! We lose that Coast, we’re cornered in the East.”

“Ma’am!” exclaims an officer, pointing at his screen, “A small craft shot just shot out of the same portal the rest of these ships came from. They just broke over the Pennsylvania and, and…” stutters the officer, his face washing over with a skeptical look.

“SPIT IT OUT DAVIS!” Maria shouts.

“Its..” Agent Davis continues, “...its just shot down a bunch of its own fighters just because they were in the way…”

Storming over to him, Maria Hill pushes him aside and hunches to his screen to see with her own eyes, “This is Hill to all open channels…” she announces, “...I got a bogey coming in hot from the atmosphere. That ship must be a high-ranking officer and its headed over to New York City from the South.” Maria states, tracking it via the satellites as ship moves fast over the midwest, “Can somebody take it out!”

*This is Quinjet 009. We have the bogey in sight...*

Maria Hill looks to the large wall screen, “Agent identify yourself.” she orders.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

“What?! You don’t recognize our sunshine demeanor voice?” Phil Coulson says.

“This is Agent May and Coulson ” answers Agent May, “And whatever just came down, it broke up into three ships, its coasting past Lady Liberty, we’re in engaging .” she adds.

No Caption Provided

Descending out the clouds at high speed, Agent May hears the loud ‘BOOM’ around the Quinjet as they break into Mach 2. Sucked in her chair, Agent May’s face firms as their craft picks up speed. Tapping the touch screen panel, Agent Coulson watches two joysticks extend out dashboard and flip up to him.

“They’re hitting Mach 4, we’re gonna lose’em!.” Coulson states.

“Not today.” May replies, bringing the red throttle lever beside her forward.Trees below them turn into a green blur as Coulson grunts in discomfort as the Quinjet blasts forward. Sucked harder into their seats, May shifts in her seat with discomfort. The speedy quinjet puts a strain on the body as they roars past a bridge, pulling off the top of trees in its wake. Fire roars out the rear propulsion, careening faster headlong into the distance towards the mysterious three ships that continue steadfastly in one direction.

Seeing their target in sight and over a forest area with no civilians, May nods to Phil, “Fire when you have a…”

Before she can finish, two of the small tie-fighters abruptly barrel roll in opposite directions, while the middle streaks up to the blue sky.

“Crap!” May fusses, pulling the yoke towards her and arcing up the nose of their speedy quinjet.

Feeling as if he fell deeper in his seat, Phil braces himself as May rockets them upwards to the overcast sky. Peering out the window beside him, Coulson narrows his eyes seeing the other ships that peeled off, “May we got two bogeys at our rear!” he warns.

“I know, I Know!!” May replies.

*Agent May what’s your status!!* Maria Hill asks over the comm.

“SINGLE AND NOT DYING!” shouts May as the entire quinjet rumbles from turbulence as they rapidly ascend higher and higher into the overcast sky “COULSON, SHOOT THIS GUY DOWN!” she shouts.

“ON IT!” exclaims Coulson, pulling on the triggers.

Coulson unleashes a barrage of machine gun fire from the belly of the quinjet. Hundreds of bright orange fiery bullets hurdle through the sky at the nimble speedy TIE fighters that defies all laws of avionics, twirling around like a spinning top before abruptly, changing course to a straight nose dive!

Suddenly alarms ring out. Coulson eyes zip to the pulsating red indicator light, “Missile lock, the ships behind us!” he exclaims.

“Hang on!”” May exclaims, quickly veering the ship left. Sucked into her seat, May strains as she puts them in a steep descent. A deafening hiss passes them as they turn. Seeing two missiles miss them and continue to space, Coulson concentrates firing at the extremely nimble ships dodging every shot as they barrel down to the water, “May these two ships behind us aren't’ going anywhere we gotta shake’em.”

“I’m gonna try something.” May exclaims, swerving quinjet into a sharp left steep turn.

Barely able to stay in his seat, Coulson looks to her with concern, “Whatever it is, do it before this ship reaches Manhattan!” Coulson replies as they pass over Staten Island.

“Reeeady…” May says over the howling winds filling their ears as Phil quickly taps the touchscreen dash.

Immediately on their windshield, a yellow crosshairs appears and turns green settling on one TIE fighter zooming past the Statue of Liberty as it levels off over water, barreling towards the city.

“NOW!” May exclaims.

“GOT’EM!.” Coulson says, firing a missile.

Yanking the ship to a sharp left with all her might, May barrel rolls the Quinjet to the right as a missile zooms underneath their left wing and streaks ahead for the TIE fighter ahead of them alongside their missile. Leveling off quinjet in hot pursuit of their target, before Coulson and May’s very eyes, their eyes open wide, stunned as the two missiles closing in on the TIE fighter, suddenly wobble from the nose before veering off and exploding away from it!

“Tell me that didn’t happen!” May growls, tightening her grip on her controls. Hitting the dashboard in frustration, May shakes her head, “TELL ME THAT DIDN’T JUST…”

Before she can finish and against all her practical knowledge, May and Coulson watch as the speedy TIE fighter ahead of them abruptly flips in the air as small rockets propel it backwards at high-speed.

Peering ahead to the cockpit, Coulson rises out his seat in sheer disbelief trying to see the pilot in the fighter. At that moment, Coulson points to May “PULL BACK NNnn...”

Immediately Coulson gasps, clutching his throat.

May looks to him, confused as Phil clasps at his neck in agony and lifted off his feet

“PHIL!” she cries out, but suddenly May’s sent face first into dashboard as the yoke of the plane is pushed forward, sending them into a steep dive right into the murky waters.



Trying to compose herself, Maria Hill face firms as she touches her earpiece, “Helicarrier One REPORT!” shouts.

Hearing nothing but white noise, Maria turns to an agent standing up from his seat, “Ma’am..” he says,

“...its New York, I got this from a building’s weather cam.”

Maria folds her arms, bracing herself for what she’s about to see.

No Caption Provided

Maria Hill hands drop to her side as her breath escapes her, “Void…” she mumbles.


Closing her eyes, Maria clenches her jaw and turns to the Agent, “What now.” he snarls.

The Agent pulls off his headset, “I have something coming through the portal over earth...something big.”

Aggravated at his vagueness, Maria plants her hands on her waist before narrowing her eyes at him, “Define, big.”

The agent looks to her before turning back to his screen, “As big, as the moon, ma’am.” ,

to be continued....

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Well done and we’ll written. 👍

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I am Currently Posting my Story - DC BEGINNINGS: GREEN LANTERN CORPS.

The Galaxy's only means of protection has a dark secret, a secret that will change the safety of everyone in the universe. However, the only person that can help the universe recover, is the last person anyone every wanted. Witness the birth of a legend. The good will be seen. The Ugly will be known and the Bad will be plentiful. Come ready the birth of legend and will of one.

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Chapter 1

The Great Yellow Impurity

Part 2

Show No Fear


No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

Planet Okaara (Vega System)

Breaking through the thick plumes of purple clouds, the blue skinned Guardian of the Universe member Gantlet, dives out the clouds and hurtles through the midnight air with ease inside his green energy sphere. Zooming over the dark of Okaara, Ganthet looks skyward, getting glimpses of the intense fighting that rumbles like thunder. Halting his flight, Ganthet spreads out his hands and narrows his eyes, watching hundreds of Green Lanterns engaged in aerial fights with the android humanoids known as Manhunters. Watching hordes of green and red laser blast exchange between the two sides fill the sky, Ganthet raises his hand over his head a deafening explode quakes the sky with dozens upon dozens of other Green descending into the atmosphere towards him.

Within moments, Ganthet sees the various Green Lanterns before him. Some female with purple skin and pink hair, others members squid-like with yellow tentacles and glowing green rings, and many more before him, ready for orders while many more remain over the atmosphere, still engaged in battle.

“WELL DONE!” Ganthet complements, but turns away from them and point to the forest landscape, “But do not take rest, what lies ahead of us is more challenging than the menacing Manhunters.” he declares.

"How did the Manhunters know were coming in the first place?!" asks Arkkis, a dog-humanoid Green Lantern.

"Once Lafleeze engaged the Manhunters upon his entry to the planet..." Ganthet explains, " caused the Manhunters to identify us as the intruder to their space sector while Larfleeze plummeted to the planet leaving us to engage them for him." he says.

Another Green Lantern with blue tentacles for extremities looks to Ganthet, "That's Impossible! They would..."

“It doesn’t not matter!” interrupts a pink humanoid with purple lips, "We have to stay on point with the task at hand." she says, turning to Ganthet, "What are you orders Sir."

"Thank you Arin Sur." Ganthet nods before pointing down to the planet covered in trees, "This is part of Larfleeze scheme. He is aware we cannot find him quickly if our attention is divided. He is depending on us being preoccupied with the Manhunters for him, thinning our numbers, since he is only a...."

Suddenly a thunderous explosion drowns out Ganthet's voice and shakes the air around them. The band of loyal Green Lanterns promptly raise their eyes skyward. Consecutive green explosion ignite the atmosphere through the clouds with streaks of green laser fire colliding with bright white lasers.

"Search through the planet!" Ganthet orders, pointing to his left, " I want ten lanterns going East, ten South, ten North and another ten West. I want five going North-East, another five going north west, another five going south-east and another five going south-west...the remaining thirty lanterns, including Arin Sur, will come with me. Upon sighting of Larfleeze or any yellow streak of light...”

Everyone nervously glances at each oddly at Ganthet's saying ‘yellow light’ as they have never heard of such things.

“EHEM…” Ganthet raises his voice among the chatter, looking at them sternly "...if you see a yellow LIGHT, communicate as to your location immediately and wait for us to arrive, now GO!" he orders.

Somewhere on the Planet...

No Caption Provided

Deep dimly lit cavernous tunnel, Larfleeze leaves his two equine-crew members in front of the Cave with blasters in hand. Staring up at the raging battle between Manhunters and Green Lantern rage on, the rest of Larfleeze crew proceed into the long dark tunnel.

Bas Flob and Chattle slosh their way through the knee-deep water, marveling at the orange and yellow lightning bugs that crawl on the rock ceiling over them, glowing like candlelight. As they slosh through the murky waters of the cave, the smell of rotten fish, moldy mud and wet rock fills their sensitives noses so much that Flob, vomits into the water behind him as Larfleeze eagerly sloshes ahead at a faster pace.

“I never seen anything like this before Larf." Chattle says, hearing his voice echo down the winding tunnel.

“No one has seen anything like this before.” Flob coughs, wiping his mouth before looking to Larfleeze who leads with the way with a glowing ‘light stick’ in his hand, “Larf, please tell me are we close to this thing? Because once those Green Lanterns are done with those Manhunters they’re going to be all over us.” he says worriedly.

Holding the yellow illumined light stick in his triple-jointed hand, Larfleeze looks over his shoulder to Flob and Chattle sloshing through the water behind him, "It doesn’t matter." he sternly replies, "The Lanterns found us as I hope they would. They are fighting the Manhunters for us as I Planned. And will finally get what I have been searching years for.” he concludes.

“That's all well and good but are you sure about this?” Chattle asks, squinting his small eyes as he tries to peer into the dark water. Suddenly Chattle opens his eyes wide in shock at the sight of all the fish in the water swimming the opposite way from the direction they are headed, “Larf I-I don’t know about this…”

“ENOUGH!” Larfleeze roars, glaring at him from over his shoulder, his eyes full of rage, "I will hear no more of your COWARDLINESS! I know what I am doing. MANHUNTERS are robotic conquerors CREATED and DISCARDED by the Guardians who are responsible for the destruction of our species. They will deal with their 'mistakes' in the atmosphere while we get the key to their righteous destruction. The Manhunters will prioritize the Green Lanterns and Guardians exclusively which means you can SHUT UP AND KEEP MOVING!" he roars.

Chattle and Flob look at him with fear as Larfleeze turns away from them, and climbs over smooth stones that lead them out the water

Flob and Chattle nervously look at each but then notice all the orange and yellow glowing lightning bugs on the ceiling follow after Larfleeze, leaving them in the dark.

Watching the swarm behind them, Flob looks at them with an arched eyebrow, “What the…”

Hastily climbing over the cavernous stones and rock, Chattle and Flob climb out the water and collapse onto the hard stone floor.

“Flob.” Chattle calls.

Catching his breath as the stench begins to subside, Flob looks up to see Chattle staring at Larfleeze in the cavern tunnel with the yellow and orange lightning bugs swarming around him! Buzzing around him as if in perfect synchronicity, yellow and orange lightning bugs flutter around Larfleeze, pulsating their light brighter and brighter. Holding up his arms, Larfleeze watches in wonderment out of the myriad of insects, one lands carefully on his chest. Immediately all the lightning bugs flying about, shut off their light and drop to the cave floor, dying and leaving Larfleeze and his companions in the dark.

“Give me 'MY' torch.” Lafleeze orders, seeing the bug on his chest staring back him.

Frustrated and annoyed, Chattle rummages through his large bag, but they jolt at the sound of a thud against the cavern wall.

“Lanterns!” Chattle loudly whispers loudly, pulling out a weapon.

Hearing a thud again, they all look to the cavern wall, hearing a deep bass-tone hum churning behind the wall.

“That wasn't from outside.” Flob says nervously,

Suddenly a low hum vibrates the rock walls of the cave tunnel. Slowly it grows louder and louder. Trying to keep his balance Larfleeze grabs onto the rock wall to keep his foot as the insect glows bright yellow, but than flickers brightly changes its color to orange. Larfleeze eyes open wide, as the insect flies off him and sets on his the back of his furry hand resting on the rock wall. Suddenly the rock wall splinters and cracks like ice under Larfleeze palm. Powerful yellow light bleeds through cracking rock wall, making Larfleeze squint from its bright intensity, "ITS HERE!" he shouts.

“LARFLEEZE!” Flob yells, turning to run out the tunnel but a massive rock drops out the ceiling slams down in the waist deep water, sealing off their exit.

"WE’RE TRAPPED!" yells Chattle in panic, but suddenly lifts his hand over his eyes as he and Flob watch the rock wall beside Larfleeze crumble apart and collapse with blinding yellow light filling the tunnel as the sun came inside!

Dropping to his knees, Larfleeze holds up his hands to the light, "MY DESTINY!!!” he shouts.

Meanwhile....some miles away

Flying at fast speeds over the forest planet with Lanterns in tow, Ganthet’s eyes scan the landscape as they search for Larfleeze until streaks Arin Sur to his side and points into the distance, “SIR LOOK!”

Ganthet as well as the other lanterns look in shock as tower of massive yellow light shoots into sky, turning all the trees and foliage around it yellow!

Ganthet eyes open wide, "By the stars..."


No Caption Provided

Larfleeze cries and laughs hysterically on his knees, bathed the warm glow of a yellow orb pulsating within the cave, "MY DESTINY IS HERE!" he shouts.

However, the lights slowly ebbs, allowing Larfleeze to see that the light coming from inside the rock wall takes the shape of a woman. Stunned, Lafleeze horselike ears stand up straight as he observes her. Her entire almost composed of light pulsates with yellow light. Her skin fair yellow and her hair bright white hair. Opening her sharp yellow eyes, the woman weakly pulls forward but falls back onto her bright yellow stone, restricted by bright orange energy chains around her ankles, wrists, waist and neck.

Shaking with fear in the waist deep waters of the cave, Chattle and Flob hug each other in great fear as Larfleeze remains ahead of them on the risen cave floor before the mysterious woman who slowly opens her eyes. Her irises bright yellow, bats her long yellow eyelashes, and pouts her soft golden lips part open before taking a breath that seems to cause a rush of wind within the cave tunnel.

"You have found me…"

Larfleeze clears his throat at the woman's deep voice that seems to vibrate through his very soul. Licking his dirty palm, Larfleeze slicks back his mangy fur on his head, "I-I am, I mean I have." he says, mesmerized by the humanoid woman.


Larfleeze pays him no attention as the woman who glows so brightly, smiles at Larfleeze, "The Guardians..." she whimpers, "...have confined me here for a millennia's upon millennia's'..." she cries. Bright white tears roll down her pale yellow illuminate face as she sobs, "And now you have brought them to kill me."

"NO!" Larfleezes exclaims, standing on his feet, "I am here to save you.

The men stare in shock as the rocky floor under Larfleeze slowly begins lifting him up towards, without his notice.

"LARFLEEEEZE! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Flob yells as they all start calling him

Seeing Larfleeze ignore them, Chattle and Flob get ready to crawl out from the water to get him, but suddenly the walls beside begin glowing bright yellow with insects eating their way through.


Unable to hear their voices, Larfleeze eyes slowly glow yellow as he's entranced by the woman. Floating off the cave floor in a swirl of yellow light, Larfleeze is brought closer to the woman in cave wall.

"Will you free me?"

Completely enraptured by her awing beauty, Larfleeze nods at her as the woman's golden eyes seem to pulsate with streaks of yellow electricity, as does his!

" queen." Larfleeze drools.

"Prove your devotion..."

Nodding over to the Flob and Chattle, the woman smiles at Larfleeze

"….refuse to share me."

Immediately Larfleeze drops back to the cave floor, firm on his ffeet and marches to Chattle and Flob.

"WHOA!" they both say at once, holding up their hands at Larfleeze glares at them with angered yellow eyes.


Closing his eyes, Larfleeze takes a deep breath before exhaling calmly. Opening his eyes, Chattle and Flob see his irises have returned back to normal, however, Larfleeze tilts his head at them, "No." he says.

To their horror, Chattle and Flob watch as Larfleeze eyes glow bright yellow once again! Silent, Larfleeze holds nothing back and jumps into the waist deep. Sloshing over to them, Larfleeze hauls off and punches Chattle across his face with all his might, sending him reeling!

"LARFLEEZE STOP!" Flob shouts, jumping on his back.

However Larfleeze, upon seeing Chattle hold his face as he comes out the water, angrily flips Chattle off his back, "YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER!" he hollers, pulling out a knife from his back.

"WE NEVER WANTED HER!" Flob shouts back, "WE'RE THE LAST OF OUR KIND! DON'T DO THIS!" he pleads.

Chattle nods, "GET HER OUT OF YOUR HEAD! LEAVE WITH US NOW!" he exclaims.

Larfleeze tosses the knife between his hands with great skill before snarling at them both, "She's MINE!" he screams, bolting at them both. Skilled and experienced, Larfleeze ducks and blocks their blows before swiftly slicing Chattle's neck, bashing Flob's head against the rock wall and stabbing him multiple times in the gut and chest before pushing his head under the water. Holding him firmly under the water to drown him, Larfleeze yellow eyes glare at Chattle, clutching his bleeding neck as he slides down against the rock wall into the water. Glaring at him Chattle, a muffle crack from under the water startles Chattle as Larfleeze lets Flobs, watching his body float in the water with a his neck now snapped.

"Larfleeze..." Chattle pleads, "STOP!"

Bolting for him, Larfleeze overpowers his friend, forcing him down under the water. Grinning at the sight of Larfleeze stabbing Chattle multiple times, the woman watches as Larfleeze finishes his assault. His comrades now dead, Larfleeze tiredly sloshes out the water, drops the knife on the cave floor and drops onto his knees. Content, the woman yellow eyes lock with Larfleeze.

"You're devotion is proven, break my chains."

Larfleeze sees the glowing orange binds on her neck and arms and waist are transparent and breakable. His yellow eyes glare with anger at them, "WHO WOULD DARE DO THIS TO YOU!"

"The Evil Guardians for they know only Avarice feels no fear."

Her reply makes a heated rage rise in Larfleeze as he looks up at the cavern ceiling, feeling the rumble from the battle outside, "They will pay for what they have done, I swear it."

Grabbing hold of the glowing orange binding, Larfleeze shakes his head, his eyes shifting from yellow to orange as he turns to the glowing woman, "What shall I get in return for my devotion?" Larfleeze asks, as he can now see the woman again. "I have killed for you, caused others much fear and have managed to get all the Green Lanterns here...I WANT something in return." he demands.

The woman smiles, seeing his face eager for her reply.

"With others I sense much fear...but with you, only greed fills your heart. And that's what I shall give you. Something that you want, forever.

Larfleeze smiles evilly, "Done." he says. Grabbing the lit orange chains binding her, Larfleeze pulls at the chains. Tugging with all his might, Larfleeze eyes glow brightly orange as all the chains around the woman, shatter. rips off one of the bindings.

As he continues to rip off the orange bindings around her, Larfleeze pulls off the last, stepping back as he watches the woman look at him with her piercing yellow eyes.

Lifting off the yellow stone, the woman holds up her hands away from her body, floating over cavern floor with the broken orange chains at her feet. Taking a deep breath, she tightens her fists, feeling her power return to her. Opening her eyes, she looks to Larfleeze, waiting.

“Your reward."

With a smirk, the woman lifts her hand up. Hearing the wall rumble behind her, Larfleeze turns around to see the wall crumble apart. Beaming orange light bathes him as his eyes open wide in wonderment. Standing onto his feet, Larfleeze gawks at the sight of the a giant Orange Power Battery Lantern, churning with fiery orange flames and orange chains attached to it.

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Laughing hysterically, Larfleeze covers his face as the woman watches the yellow woman's eyes turn black, "Now I am free." she mumbles, closing her eyes and lifting up her head.

As if having come up for fresh air out of water, Larfleeze turns around and sees the cave now dark. The mysterious woman, nowhere to be found. His friends, face down floating dead in the cavern water. Looking back to the Orange Lantern glowing in the cavern wall, Larfleeze rises onto his feet and steps forward to the crackling Orange Power battery. Ribbons of light burst from the battery and grab hold of him by his arms and legs, steadying him. Bursting out the battery like a small lightning bug, a flicker of light buzzes in the air before landing on Larfleeze furry hand and melts over a portion of his finger, forming a ring.

Hearing a sizzle, Larfleeze grabs his wrist as the ring burns into his flesh. Screaming in pain, Larfleeze staggers about, grunting in pain as the orange ring sprouts a glowing orange jewel in the blackness of the cave. Chuckling, Larfleeze feels a surge of power course through his veins. Orange lines form up along his arm, stretching to his neck and his face. Looking at the power battery, Larfleeze eyes turn black with bright orange irises focusing on the battery. reaches out for the ring as it glows bright orange in his eyes and utters, "Its mine..." he laughs, "ITS ALL MINE!!!!"


Standing inside a blue energy sphere, Ganthet makes hasty flight as more Green Lanterns drop out from space, having finished off the Manhunters and assemble behind him. Three Hundred and Seventeen strong flying behind him, Ganthet narrows his eyes as he looks at the distance ahead tower of yellow light beaming into the sky.

Looking over his shoulder at the Lanterns, Ganthet takes a deep nervous breath as he notices the the massive yellow light blazing in the sky from afar, coming closer on their approach of it. Ganthet communicates using the green lantern rings on the Lanterns.

"Attention all the Lantern. Contain the yellow light without DIRECT contact. Once it has been contained, it is imperative we destroy the ENTIRE area! Any signs of life resulting within the light are to be elimated with LETHAL I repeat, LETHAL FORCE!"

All the lanterns looks at each other in astonishment as Ganthet halts his flight in mid-air, holding out his arms as all the Green Lanterns come to a stop before him. Floating in the air and looks at them all Ganthet narrows his eyes, noticing a cave with an orange glow slowly growing with intensity. Hastily Ganthet points to it, "DESTROY THAT CAVE! NOW!" he orders.

Suddenly, a horrible and echoing shriek of a woman's voice fills the air of the entire planet as all the Lanterns cover their ears as does Ganthet. The shriek, so loud, and so intense, all the Lanterns as does Ganthet, fall downward to the purple high grass of the planet.

Ganthet, on his knees, holds his ears now covered in his purple blood, looks up with a strain as the shrieking comes a to stop. Suddenly, the ground rumbles for an explosion of yellow light engulfs the atmosphere. Rolling onto his back, Ganthet sees his fellow Green Lanterns on the grassy ground, watching the forest around them slowly turn yellow.

"SHIELDS UP!" Ganthet orders. Immediately all l the Green Lanterns rings form green tinted energy shields around them all dark evening sky brightens yellow from a star rising flicking brightly over the land 10 hours early.

Ganthet firms his face as all the lanterns stand behind him in awe as Arin Sur, daughter of Abin Sur, races to Ganthet's side.

"WHAT IS THAT!" yells Arin Sur stunned at the phenomena but then looks at Ganthet who falls to his knees his eyes, struck with fear!

"GANTHET!" Arin Sur cries out to the Guardian who remains on his knees, paralyzed. Looking away from him, Arin Sur raises up her fist and crackling green ring in aim as do her fellow lanterns as the bright star's floats over towards them and slowly descends from the sky, just over the the top of the yellowing trees. Its bright vibrant light ebbs away, revealing the form of a woman, staring at them with a scowl.

"EVERYONE GET READY!" Arin Sur yells. Quickly the sky behind the woman glows yellow while hovering over the trees, staring the horde of Green Lanterns that have amassed.

Arin Sur's gasps. Her naturally pink hue turning pale around her face in shock. Glancing at Ganthet, as doe the other Green Lanterns, Arin stops her feet at him, trying to snap him out of his locked in gaze, "SIR YOUR ORDERS!" yells Arin Sur, trying to snap him out of it.

Ganthet, gulps standing up on his feet, "Sh-show no fa-fear..." he stammers.

Seeing Ganthet paralyzed with fear, Arin Sur grits her teeth, determined for this not to go sideways, "ALRIGHT YOU!" she shouts to the entity, "I, ARIN SUR, GREEN LANTERN OF THE SECTOR SEVEN ONE, AM PLACING YOU UNDER ARREST AS A GALACTIC ENTITY OF TERRORISM. NOW IDENTIFY YOURSELF TO BE REMANDED INTO CUSTODY!"

At that moment, the ground starts to vibrate as the trees start to shake. The woman's hollow white eyes turn bright yellow as a evil smirk comes across her face. Suddenly a massive , parasitic creature slowly stands up from the trees behind the woman. Arin Sur's eyes open wide in horror as all the Green Lanterns behind her step back, as the creature takes up the entire sky.

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to be continued.....12/11/2018