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Planet Ergonar
Planet Ergonar
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“This is the Ergonian refugee cruiser Piercer. We are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack! Our planet is under siege and our escaped vessels are being shot down. PLEASE! We are 39 jump points away from Hala! We are not a warcraft. I repeat, this is not a warcraAAACKK.”

Gagging at the built-in wall communicator, the red skinned Ergonian slumps down to his knees. Staring at his chest protruding the tip of a glowing purple energy blade, the alien refugee leans forward as a foot is pressed against his back. Suddenly he feels the sword ripped out his back. A cry of pain forces him to fall onto his back. A puddle of green blood pools under him he gasps for air.

Life was escaping him like smoke from a fire. Every fluttered exhale was struggled attempt to hold on a few moments longer. Yet the body start to shiver from the cold realm of deaths invite. His dying breaths fill his ears like water, muffling everything around him, even the faint screams and cries of voices familiar. Struggling to turn his head to the side, the red skinned humanoid squints his dark eyes at sight of the chaos erupting throughout his ship.

The white armored stormtroopers that poured through the exploded through their hull, scatter about from the opening into their ship like roaches. Decisive and brutal, dozens of red skinned humanoids die hunch over their loved ones in a flurry of blaster fire from the stormtroopers prejudiced slaughter. Grinding his teeth in anger at the sight of the slaughter, the Ergonian clenches his jaw in pain, desperately struggling to stand up despite his wound.

However at that moment, a sudden hard boot presses on his critical chest wound, forcing him onto his back once more. Parting her fine jet black hair away from her face, the Ergonian refugee face pales at the sight of the oriental beauty, Betsy Braddock, standing over him. Decked in her black one-piece body suit with eyes fiery red-rimmed, Betsy’s eyes focus solely on the Ergonian as the cries of pain fade in the backdrop.

“You, show me where’s the rest of the royal family?” she asks.

The Ergonian clenches his jaw and shakes his head, “I will die before I tell you anything witch!”

Letting out a frustrated sight, Psylocke clenches her strong jaw. Her eyes focused on the dying Ergonian, Psylocke simply touch the side of her temple, “Well, we agree on one thing.” she snarls as her eyes glow bright purple.

Immediately the Ergonian bares his teeth in agony as the muscles in his mind tighten. What feels like thousands of hot needles piercing his through his brain all at once causes the Egonian to scream out all at once.

Grabbing both sides of his head, the Ergonian screams out as green blood pours out his ears.

Psylocke angrily balls a fist, hearing the Ergonian squeal as she slices through his thoughts, “That’s it, that’s it, give it to me…”

Suddenly Psylocke pauses, feeling the hidden thought the Ergonian struggles to forget like a throbbing heart in someone's chest.

“NO! NOOOO!!” the Ergonian cries out.

Glancing down at the Ergonian, Psylocke smirks, releasing her telepathic hold on him. “Thank you, for your usefulness.” she says, before plafullying swiping her finger across the air and telekinetically breaking the Ergonian’s neck.

Turning aside from the body, Psylocke looks at the sea of Stormtroopers shooting down Ergonian’s struggling to flee or fight back. Closing her eyes, Psylocke tilts her head to the side, tuning out the screams and ambient noise, sifting through all the mind's on the ship.

Then it comes. The fear. The anxiety. The connection she was looking for, Psylocke smirks.

“GLAKTU!.” she hollers. Opening her eyes Psylocke looks ahead with determination, “GET UP!” she demands

Instantly all the stormtroopers cease their fire. Stunned, the few remaining Ergonian’s, watch as the stormtroopers remain frozen in place like statues before all turning to one red skinned humanoid dressed in rags, hiding behind the body of a female Ergonian clothed in white robes.

Glaring at the him, Psylocke points at him, “King Glaktu. You're a slippery one. We descend on your Kingdom like locust, have burned your icy marble of a planet. Annihilated your whole government but you still live. Well bravo at lasting this long." she says, gesturing for him to rise, “Perhaps we can discuss your underground catacomb system after we have a little, 'chat'.”

“Chat?!” The King bellows in his gravelly voice, “I have talked with your so-called ‘Galactic Empire’ Emissary. And i’ll tell you the same thing I told them, you can't attack us! Its suicide! The Ergonian Kingdom is under protection by the BADOON DYNASTY YOU VAGRANT!” he shouts.

"The Badoon Brotherhood to be specific.” Psylocke corrects, “Which, Darth Void just razed the entire Kingdom and pitched them into the nearest Sun. Fortunately, the Badoon Sisterhood, which was quite welcoming to see, are logically forfeited any protections the Brotherhood have promised in interest of keeping a central government. You belong to the Empire now. Thus you will not address me as a Vagrant, but by my name I have earned.” she says.

Glaktu chiseled face washes over with fear as Psylocke steps closer. Watching the red skinned humanoid clench his jaw, Psylocke gently raises her finger, telekinetically lifting Glaktu off his feet. Helpless, Glaktu gulps as Psylocke narrows her mascara heavy soulless eyes.

“DARTH Locke!” Psylocke exclaims she says, gesturing to her finger to the left. Suddenly Glaktu is hurdled through the air slammed up against the metal wall of the ships hull, , “And we need to have a conversation!” she finishes. Immediately Glaktu whines in pain his body is pressed against the metal wall with mounting pressure. Stalking towards him, stepping over the bodies in her path, Psylocke points at him.

“Empire Probes picked up some of your, ‘people’ looking at our Super Secret Mining facility near the Clench Worlds.” Psylocke states, “For your protection, I need to have whatever Intel you gathered and I need guarantees they weren't circulated.” she demands.

Grinding his teeth, barely able to move from Psylocke's tight telekinetic hold, Glaktu face strains in great pain as he struggles to get out his words, “W-we do-nnnot haaavv…”

“Let’s try this again…” Psylocke growls, gesturing her finger to the ceiling.

Suddenly Glaktu is shot up off the wall and slammed up against to the ceiling with a tremble. All the Ergonians in the room to scream at once, watching their King grind his teeth in pain. Tilting her head at him, Psylocke narrows her eyes at the King, "I want you to know this can get VERY bad for you." she says, as random objects fly from around the room and stab into the ceiling, milimeters from Glaktu's face.

"But I am under STRICT orders not to harm you physically or mentally in anyway.” Psylocke explains, but points to the crowd, “But everyone else…” she pauses, looking upon the crowd of Ergonians held at blaster point, “..well, everyone's gotta die some time.” she spits, glancing at a Storm trooper.

Glaktu becomes fearful, seeing Psylocke evident mental control over the storm trooper with a swiftness.

“What are you doing! Stop this!” Glaktu pleads, “I do not have what you are looking for!”

Psylocke cuts a glance at Glaktu, holding her finger to her mouth, “ pleading yet." she says.

Quickly the stormtrooper makes a swift hand signal to the rest regiment. At that moment, all the Ergonian younglings are pulled away from the screaming hands of the Ergonian females.

“STOP THIS THIS! STOP!!” Glaktu shouts.

"I'm sorry I can't...” Psylocke states as Storm Troopers gather all the younglings to her in formed line up, “ started this when you let your backwater, dirt hole of Kingdom refuse to dealing with the Skrull or the Kree Empires and only the Shi’Ar who aren’t as, shall we say, flexible when it comes to the Galactic Empire.” she states.


“So it makes me wonder…” Psylocke continues, “...if the Badoon politically deal exclusively with the Shi’Ar, and your under the Badoon jurisdiction, wouldn’t you share what you have with the Badoon, who would turn it over to the Shi’Ar, thus making a stronger alliance?” she asks, angling her face towards Glaktu on the ceiling, “But if the Badoon Empire is destroyed, your treaty void...” she says, “...then that means you have a decision to make, King Glaktu. Tell me what I want to know, or I start ripping through every younglings mind to find what I'm looking for, then move on to everyone else.”

“You think you can bully me into submission by fear.” Glaktu replies, “I AM KING GLAKTU. ITS MY DUTY…”

“TO SERVE YOUR PEOPLE!" Psylocke loudly interrupts, “But you can’t serve them, if they’re all brain dead. Unless you want to be a King of the Dead, which i'm happy to oblige if that's the case.” she flatly threatens.

Psylocke eyes shift to to a crimson red skinned youngling with big blue eyes, clutched by his mother.

“Don't think I have guilt over doing this.” Psylocke snarls, placing her hand on the crying child's head as she looks at Glaktu “The Emperor showed me how to embrace my darkness for a purpose. And right now, you’re getting in the way of that ideal and I have no qualms over my actions.”

“DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Glaktu shouts.

Psylocke narrows her eyes at the boy before looking back at Glaktu, still telekinetically held up against the ceiling. The sound of multiple high pitch charges from the storm troopers blasters fills their ears as Psylocke eyes glow bright purple, "No." she replies.


“My my, I can already see when he was four years old, interesting, how your planet looked.” Psylocke she says as the youngling screams.

Grinding his eyes, Glaktu shakes his head as the child's screams grow louder and louder.

"Stop this...I SAID STOP!"

Psylocke's eyes return to normal as she looks to Glaktu, "I'll stop when I have a REASON to stop! But i'm getting bored of this youngling." she says in huff of frustration.

Psylocke raises her arm and clenches her fist. Immediately a bright telekinetic knife comprised of purple light constitutes over her fist as Psylocke looks at the youngling, “Perhaps I should dispose of this one and find one more interesting, What do think, O'King Glaktu!" she says, her arm poised over the youngling like a guillotine.


Dissolving the Psy-Knife, Psylocke drops her hand to her side, making King Glaktu fall from the ceiling to the metal grate floor with a ‘thud’.

“My chambers, down the corridor, behind the plasma image.” Glaktu says.

Psylocke looks at the Stormtroopers and nods, "GL One Forty Eight, check it!" she orders the Trooper.

Groaning on the metal floor, Glaktu looks up at the Psylocke staring down at him as the Stormtroopers run past her.

“The Empire thanks you for your cooperation.” Psylocke says, “You’ll be transported to Mustafar for processing.” she adds, pressing the communicator in her ear, "Lord Vader I am on the Shuttle, I have the King and I should have the Intel shortly."

Rubbing his neck, Glaktu gasps for air as Storm Troopers rush over and grab him by his arms, lifting him up onto his knees while placing a blaster against the base of his skull, “I hope my eyes live long enough to see you pay for this!” Glaktu pits.

“Tell me that after you return from Mustafar." Psylocke smirks.

“Darth Locke!” calls out a Stormtrooper.

Immediately Psylocke eyes snap to a Stormtrooper running over to her in haste.

“What is it Trooper?"

Standing before her, the Stormtrooper looks at Glaktu’s once angry and resolute red-skin face, now soften to a panic-stricken demeanor, “Vault was already opened and empty. Troopers on the lower level found an escaped shuttle too.”

Closing her eyes in frustration, Psylocke lets out a steady breath, rubbing the bridge of her nose, “Well that's unfortunate.” she sighs, resting her eyes on Glaktu’s resolute face.

“We are all prepared to die…” Glaktu says, “...we do not fear you!”

Looking around, Psylocke shakes her head, “You wanna die, fine, but I don't need your fear" she says before turning to the troopers, "TURN THIS BUCKET AROUND! SET COURSE FOR SHi'AR SPACE IMMEDIATELY!" she orders.

“Ma’am?” says the Storm Trooper.

Psylocke narrows her eyes at Glaktu, “I just need you to be useful.” she says before turning to the storm troopers, “SWITCH BLASTERS TO KREE ROUNDS! KILL EVERY LAST SOUL ON THIS SHIP AND GET ME A TRACE ON THAT ESCAPE POD!” she orders.

As soon as she speaks, Glaku covers his head dropping onto his face as screams and blaster fire erupt. However, Glaktu feels Psylocke’s overwhelming telekinetic hold seize his body. Forced to sit up, Glaktu sees Psylocke standing over him, holding her hand out with purple light swirling around her hand as green blood splatters on her face, “Oh no King you said you're all prepared to die....”

Grinding his teeth, struggling to to resist, King Glaktu screams out loud as his neck is forcibly turned and his eyelids stretched open.

“ lets see how well they die!” she snarls.


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“This is closest rendering we have of our newly expanded universe.” C3PO states. “The Top Sector of space is called, the Empire Galaxy. While the Lower Sector is described as ‘the Known Sector’.

“And the regions with no stars?”

“That is where, prior to the joining of the two universe, what each prospective galaxy would have called their ‘Outer Rim’. Its seems it is quite devoid of life.” answers C3PO.

“Thank you my friend.” says Mon Mothma, placing her hand on the loyal androids cool shoulder. Looking at the crowd around her, Mon Mothma takes a deep breath as she feels everyone’s rapt attention focused to her.

“Our Intelligence gathered Intel that the Empire is striving to develop allies in the new territories.” Mon Mothma declares, “Knowing what Palpatine has done in our galaxy, we have no doubt he will try to replicate what he’s done times past. Coax other kingdoms to ally with him, and then use them as a blunt instrument against his threats - especially us.”

Stepping beside her, General Leia Organa changes the holographic image.

“There’s a silver lining in all of this.” Leia states, “We know for a fact, at least two Kingdom’s refuse to put themselves in a treaty with the Empire. One is The Kree, Homeworld called Hala…” Leia states.

No Caption Provided

“...and the other, The Shi’Ar Imperium.” Leia states.

No Caption Provided

“Both of these world are powerful to a large degree…”Leia states, “...and refuse any subjugation to another government let alone the Empire. Unfortunately that’s not enough.” she comments, “We need cannot sit by as the the Empire launches what we know is a campaign, and get caught in the middle of it.”

Seeing a fighter in the crowd, Leia points at him, “Go ahead.”

“Do you believe we can really defeat the Empire if they are already trying to get allies and recognition?”

Hearing the mumbling concerns, Leia holds up her hands, “Yes I do.” she says, “We blew one Death Star out the sky once. We saved those “Earthlings’ from destruction. I don’t know about you, but I know our enemy bleeds.” she says, “And I intend to make the Empire bleed more.” she boasts.

“Which is why we gathered you all here today.” interjects Mon Mothma, “The Empire attacked a planet, razed it with their rumored ‘superhuman’ Sith Lord. This isn’t the first time this has happened.” she says, “They are acting stealthily, but boldly, and so can we.”

“What else can we do?” asks a voice.

Leia stands up, “Find survivors.” she answers, “Bring them to the Kree, to the ShiAr. Show them exactly who they shouldn’t be allying themselves with so we gain them as allies and stop this Campaign by the Empire cold in its tracks.”

“At that…” Mon Mothma interjects, “ how our Rebellion will grow substantially. Already with the help of our extraordinary Earthlings, we are in a position to push in this direction, but we need to keep fighting and infiltrating.” she says to the mumbling crowd.

“Hence…” Mothma continues, “...we will start surveillance missions as arranged by General Organa. General Organa will board the Millenium Falcon and lead the Empire Strike Team to hold the fight at or homefront. I will lead a Rebellion Task Force.”

“Names will be called out, your assignments given in person.” Leia exclaims, “This is it my friends, this the moment we’ve been waiting for, now go. Rebel.” she says, standing on her feet, “And May be the force be with you all, always.

To be continued….

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J’Son - Emperor of Spartax

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Kallark - Emperor of Shi’Ar

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Klrt - Super Skrull

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General Leia Organa

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Commander in Chief - Mon Mothma

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"You have my attention for these moments princess before all of ‘absences’ are discovered. Make it good. This space station smells like a universal mistake.”

The Emperor’s voice was deep and imposing. It completed the nature of his stature. His dark colored grey garb of a strange material, seemed to fit over his obviously muscular body like silk. His crystal clear eyes looked upon Leia who refused to be undeterred by his intimidating gaze. Thirty one days had passed from the initial contact to get to this moment, and by The Force and all those connected to it, Leia was going to make the most of it by all means necessary.

“Its General, Emperor Kallark.” Leia corrects.

Leia’s clear voice seemed to echo for miles in the expand all around her. The glow of the numerous stars and distant fading sun in the Spartax Sun Chamber casted everyone shadows on the smooth metal floor. Dressed in her rebel uniform, Leia looks to Mon Mothma behind her, nodding at her. Turning to the Emperor, Leia takes a deep breath as she looks up directly into the eyes of the purple skinned Emperor standing head and shoulders over her.

“I do appreciate you seeing us like this.” Leia begins, “So I’ll be frank. I am part of a Rebel Alliance, seeking freedom for a large cluster of systems in my galaxy from subjugation. My people are in a war and our battlefield has changed. Unfortunately this change involves you. I’m here to discuss the topic of allegiances.” she states.

Kallark arches his fine purple eyebrow at her, “Every side of a war believes they are righteous, General.” Emperor Kallark bluntly states, “Hence my allegiance is to the Shi’Ar Empire and it’s interests Thus, I see little reason to embroil ourselves in your war.” he says.

“Its inevitable that you will, Emperor.” Leia firmly replies much to the Emperor’s visible dislike.

She continues. “And to be clear, I didn’t risk my Commander in Chief or my life despite the constant threat of assassination, to come all the way to a Spartax Outpost in your Outer Rim, just to challenge you on the issue of neutrality!” she snaps, “But our universe has changed.” she says.

“I am aware.” Kallark replies. “Two universes, are now one, divided into two sectors. The Known Sector, my galaxy. And ‘The Empire Sector’ your galaxy. Both governed by their Empires. Ours the collective Galactic Council. Yours, by the Galactic Empire; I am well aware of where we stand - and I see no threat to the Shi’Ar.”

“Again, for now.” Mon Mothma interjects, “Emperor Kallark, the Galactic Empire has ambitions that will inevitably collide with the Galactic Council and your Empire.”

Her words seem to ring in Emperor Kallark ears, making his callous purple hands ball into fists, “And we get to the crux of the matter!” he states, “I do not know you Leia of Alderaan! I do not know your Planet or your people. For all I know, YOU, are the very enemy you are warning us about..”

“Kallark.” Leia sighs, “You represent Life. Your Empire, cares for scores of planets and beings under your rule. That’s my concern. I don’t care if you know me. But we should BOTH care about not letting anyone enslave millions in their campaign for Galactic Supremacy and trade dominance.”

Kallark arches his purple eyebrow, “One could argue that only a true competitor would say that.”

Leia rubs the bridge of her nose in frustration before turning to the glow of the encased sun in the distance.

“I respect your perspective Emperor, I really do.” Leia replies. “But this isn’t about competition.” she clarifies, “This is about survival! I watched, helplessly as my home world was destroyed because it was a threat, to the Empire in many ways.”

Standing aside from Emperor Kallak, Leia eyes rest on the three other individuals, contemplating best how to phrase her next words to insure how they resonate, “And you are a threat too.” she says.

Standing aside from Emperor Kallak, Leia’s eyes rest on a green-skinned reptilian humanoid standing afar. He was tall, but not like Shi’Ar Emperor Kallak, in fact it was obvious the reptilian didn’t want to stand near or breathe the same air as the Shi’Ar Emperor.

His large pointed green ears seemed to almost stand straight up from the side of his green face. Decked in a golden decorated armor, the menacing green eyes of the Skrull seemed to be fixed to Kallak, watching his every move. However at the final words Leia spoke, The Skrull’s thin line of his mouth parts open. Exposing his yellowish sharp teeth, he rubs his chin with several vertical folds before shifting his gaze to Leia.

“The Skrull Empire has ‘survived’ long before you came along Terran!” replies Emperor Kl’rt, “The concerns of our Kingdom’s are not of yours!”

Mon Mothma steps forward, looking to him and the other human standing beside him. Dressed in short high collar jacket with gold designs woven throughout and a full beard covering part of his face; he raises his white gloved hand to reply but Mothma addresses the Skrull.

“Preventing genocide is our concern.” Mothma clarifies.

“I, J’son of Spartax, having arranged this meeting…”

“Which has so far been a waste of time.” Kl’rt states.

“I wouldn’t say that.” J’Son retorts, “Aftering seeing Earth destroyed by this ‘Empire’ and that our guests have knowledge of the Empire and us having zero knowledge of them, this is, beneficial.” he says, “But I question your motive General Organa, i’m sorry, I do.”

“Bold lies can be said of those who are not present.” Kl’rt spits before pointing at Mon Mothma, “No Terran can be trusted!”

“So says the one trounced by the Avengers.” Kallark intejects.

Immediately Super Skrull’s left arm ignites into flames, “WATCH YOUR WORDS GLADIATOR!”

“ENOUGH!” Leia shouts, “This NOT what we are here for!”

“The General is right.” J’Son states, “If I would have wanted a fight, I would have asked Ronan to be here.” he says to Kl’rt’.

Snuffing out the flames on his arm, Kl’rt arches his eyebrow, “If any Kree was here, you would have been dead before he.” he growls.

“Are you done showing us how tough you think you are?!” Leia snaps to the Kl’rt

Kl’rt’s face washes over in shock at her sharp remark.

“I’m trying to establish an understanding between us, NOT a pissing party!” Leia snaps, looking to Kallark who resist the grin he wants to reveal.

Calming herself with a deep breath, Leia points to the vast view of open space, “Honestly, I don’t care about any issues between your worlds.” she admits, “I care about the lives that can be lost. So i’ll ask plainly, is there anyway, we can barter a deal with your Galactic Council to withhold all trade agreements with the Empire?” she asks as Mon Mothma steps beside Leia.

“The Galactic Empire’s only desire is subjugation of thousands of worlds and the enslavement of all galactic citizens.” Mothma explains. “Palpatine, has utilized Trade multiple times to instill fear of the unknown to do hostile occupation. He will carry secret missions designed just for this.” she adds.

Kl’rt smirks a toothy grin, “Is this not the game of ruling?” he questions

“Not when it is designed to kill trillions just to be the last Empire ruling.” Mothma answers.

“He’s already started his Campaign…” Leia explains, “... and this I promise you. Palpatine will come to you bearing gifts of wealth and trade, but in the end, it ends with you as a puppet or dead.”

“In reality…” J’Son interjects, “... the nature of ruling and conquest, is a thin between a criminal and a King and what you state, shows him in violation of nothing a great Ruler would not employ himself.”

Mon Mothma shakes her head, ‘You cannot possible believe that.”

“Its not about belief…” J’son corrects, “...its about facts. If this, Palpatine, is trying to campaign for power, there is no law against such things as long as his methods are not to end an entire galaxy.””

“What about genocide?” Leia counters, “When younglings are slaughtered just for mining facilities, cultures and civilizations and established Dynasty Kingdoms upended because you don’t like how they are born because you believe you’re superior, can you hold to YOUR argument?!”

Kallark looks to her, silent as her words ring his ears. Leia falls silent, feeling the room weigh heavy by her statement.

Super Skrull narrows his eyes at her, “Enough Terran. I am Kl’rt, the Super Skrull leader of the Skrull Empire.” he declares, “I bow to no one. I fear, no one! And I will not be coddled by two squealing Terran females who fear a Kingdom that is clear to me, they cannot defeat!” he says, turning away.

“Where are you going?” asks J’Son.

Turning his back, Kl’rt walks away, “Empires rise and fall as they always do. What care do I have if a rebellion is on the losing side? Only if this Terran female defeat interrupts the Sunrise in my chambers, will I give you further thought.” he scoffs.

“Please Emperor Kl’rt…” Leia pleads.

“NO!” Kl’rt barks, “We are in neutral space but you are in our galaxy, not yours! MY EMPIRE and the universe as a whole, is finally free of those meddlesome filthy Terrans on Earth!” he says before looking over his shoulder to Leia and Mon Mothma, “But you! You remind me of those Terrans too much! Keep your Rebellion out of Skrull Space I warn you.” he warns, “Or the Galactic Empire won’t be your only worry, Terran scum.”

Within seconds, Kl’rt is enveloped in a sparkling yellow light, “Kallark…” he calls out, getting Gladiator’s attention, “Be done with these Terrans, we don’t need their kind.” he says before disappearing into a vanishing light.

Leia lets out a discontented sigh as his eyes peer past the ray shields to the massive black ship disappearing into hyperspeed.

“I am afraid…” Gladiator says, “...that while I differ with the Skrull on a myriad of issues, I too, Superguardian of the Shi'ar Imperium, must maintain my sworn duty is to preserve stellar harmony. I see no actionable reason for the Shi’ar to withhold trade with this, Galactic Empire.”

Leia’s face grows tired, “This I know, but you must understand...”

“General.” Kallark interrupts, “What do you know of our side of the Galaxy?” he asks, folding his muscular arms over his broad chest.

They had been talking for at least ten minutes. Ten minutes and only the greetings which lasted one minute went well. Leia relents, “Little.” she says softly.

Gladiator points to the stars, “For centuries, there were three major empires ruled the known universe: the Kree, the Skrulls and the Shi'ar - the trinity of power. Yet, each of these empires had their own galaxies they commanded and Earth was at the crossroads of each three territories.”

“Forgive me Emperor Kallark…” Leia replies, “...what are you trying to explain to me?”

“Everyone hated Earth.” J’son answers to Mon Mothma and Leia’s surprise, “Earthlings, acted like you. In their search to ‘avenge’ justice, they poked their noses into matters they shouldn’t. Now like the Skrull Empire, many other small kingdoms have placed bounties on any ‘terran refugees.”

Gladiator looks to her, “None such have come from the Shi’Ar.” he says.

“But still…” J’Son continues, looking at Leia, “ say you’re here to warn us, but in the end you want something too.”

Leia folds her arms, “Yes, the end of the Empire and its rule.”

“And then what?” J’Son asks “To rule yourself? Or let us be? How do we know you’re not the enemy here in angel’s light?”

Leia arches her eyebrow, “Believe me or not, but I am what I am - and that is not a liar.”

J’Son smiles, “Of course not.” he says with a dismissive wave, “I appreciate the ‘warning’ General I really do. Everyone on your side of the Galaxy is very, ‘colorful’.” he says smugly, “But I am afraid Spartax does not see reason to withhold trade from the Empire. We will do what we believe is best.” he says, “Unless, you would like discuss other matters with me, in private.”

Leia face grows stern, “Hold your breath.”

J’Son smirks at her, “Oh I won’t. Our paths will cross again soon, of that I am sure.” he says with a short bow and smirk, “Now if you excuse me, I do have a planet to run.” he says before nodding at Kallark.

Immediately J’Son’s entire body glows brightly before disappearing into a flurry of sparks.

Feeling defeated, Leia looks to Mothma, “We tried.”

“Very nobly.” Kallark states.

Looking to Kallark, Leia watches the towering Emperor come beside her, “Unlike J’Son, I knew of Earth intimately prior to its destruction. My son spent time on the planet with, good people. Many of his friends were killed upon Earth destruction by the Empire. Many favored it - not myself.”

Leia smiles at him and nods, “I appreciate your honesty.”

“General.” Gladiator sighs, “While I do not see the threat of this Empire as you do, I can assure you that unless you attack the Shi’Ar Empire - we will can be, ‘trade’ allies.”

Leia lowers her head to the matte grey metal floor, “Emperor Kallark, thank you.” she says, “I can provide you with a list of Systems friendly to open trade agreements if you can provide star maps and planets free of any Galactic Rule.”

“My pleasure.” Gladiator states. Raising his lavender eyes to the stars above, “Its time for me to return.” he says, looking to Leia, “Godspeed with your Rebellion, I’ll be wishing your successes.”

Mon Mothma steps forward as Kallark steps aside, “Emperor…” she calls out.

Looking over his broad shoulder, Gladiator looks to her.

“Be careful.” she states, “The Empire, do not underestimate them. They will try to turn your allies against you.”

Kallark smirks. His entire body glows brightly like the other prior as she ship readies to teleport him.

“That Commander…” Kallark says, “...would be suicide.” he winks before disappearing before them.


No Caption Provided

“That Commander…” Kallark says, “...would be suicide.”

Looking at the intercepted transmission of Gladiator’s words, Emperor Kl’rt aka Super Skrull narrows his eyes before shutting off the intercepted audio. Turning around, Super Skrull folds his arms.

“Kallark, sentimental fool. He sides with the Rebellion…” he says, “...just as you foretold, Sidious.”

Standing in the dark shadows, Darth Sidious draping black robe covers his feet and part of the floor on which he stands. His black hood covering part of his face, Sidious menacing yellow eyes glare at the Skrull as a crooked smile forms.

“The Rebellion is a cancer.” Sidious states, “They spread into the ear of anyone who will listen and turn them against their allies in the name of diplomacy.” he says.

He continues, “You must protect yourself Skrull. Learn as I have. The Rebellion must be destroyed before they turn The Shi’Ar against you. They will do the same with the Kree.” he says.

Kl’rt’s eyes shift off the panel to Sidious, “Why do you care Terran?” he asks suspiciously.

Sidious grins, “Because they are my enemy and I do not need my enemy creating more allies or hurting my friends.” he evilly grins, placing his hand on Kl’rts armored shoulder.

Kl’rt smacks Sidious hand off his shoulder and steps forward, inches from Sidious face, “We, are not friends terran.” he snarls.

Sidious pull down his hood, exposing his youthful face, fearlessly glaring into the Skrulls eyes.

“But we are not enemies, Skrull.” Sidious clarifies with a raised finger, “For if I was, your head would be detached from your body, your crew’s blood, decorating the walls and your screams, would be the music playing as you die.” he threatens.

Kl’rt smirks toothy grin at his threat, “You’re an unusual Terran.”

“I”m no Terran skrull. I. am. Sith.” replies Sidious.

“Fine, Sith…” Kl’rt consents, “ thirst for vengeance on your enemies, and I, do no trust who your enemies are secretly aligning themselves with - what do you propose we do about it? A war?”

“A war without a plan is a waste.” Sidious says, as an evil grin forms on his face, “No, we shall endeavor for something more. Something that is birthed from crisis. Grown into purpose and then, made into war.”

“And what exactly is that?”

“A Campaign.”






To be continued…

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If your gonna do a story focused on Killing heroes, I mean it has to be made relatable. Like seriously. Is the antagonist killing heroes because he’s balancing out the scales of the space and time continuum? Because he’s assigned to kill ‘certain ones’ to save the future...gotta paint a serious big picture to do all that.

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I love the concept of the story. Would have liked it broken up into perhaps 2 posts or 3, but over your concept and use of characters is very impressive. I’d recommend shortening some paragraphs, less commas more periods to solidify your thoughts.

Despite that great world building, nice use of Spider-man and his surrounding cast. Anyone that is gonna use Sally Avril ina story tells me they got ‘marvel knowledge’ I’ll be keeping an eye on your stories.

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1 minute and 30 seconds ago

No Caption Provided

“HOLD ON!!!” Hera Syndulla exclaims, “We’re coming out of Hyperspeed!”

The loud boom fills Hera and Sabine’s ears. From being sucked into their seats to being jerked forward, Sabine holds onto dashboard as the blurry space clouds sharpen to clouds.

Stepping between them, Ahsoka’s blue eyes open wide in horror. Sabine stands up from her seat, fear striking her heart as Hera covers her mouth, “Oh no.” she mumbles.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Tears well in Hera’s green eyes as she looks up on the orbital bombardment, “Is that the, Death Star?” she mumbles, “Did they, actually rebuild it?!” she asks in disbelief.

No Caption Provided

Feeling Ahsoka’s firm grip on her headrest, Sabine turns to Ahsoka staring at the planet sized death machine, but then drops onto one knee, clutching her forehead in pain.

“AHSOKA!” Sabrine cries out as she groans in pain, clutching her head with both hands.

Hera looks to her, “What happened are you okay?!”

“Its like...” Ahsoka groans in pain, “...i can hear them all at once!” she exclaims, “So much screaming, death…” she gasps, opening her eyes full of tears, “Oh no, they're gonna destroy the planet.”

Sabine looks to Hera with panic in her eyes, “Get us out of here now!”

“NO!” Ahsoka protests, to Sabine and Hera’s visible confusion, “Get us down there.” she insists.

“Did you just say…” Sabine says in disbelief, “ go ‘down’ to the planet about to be blow away!?!”

Hera turns to Ahsoka, unable to belief her ears, “Ahsoka, besides the full blown orbital bombardment rocking that planet and the miracle that we haven’t gotten picked up on the Empires yet, we are NOT going to blow all that by entering the the current target of their DEATH STAR!” she shouts.

“Guys!” Sabine exclaims, her face looking to a screen on the wall with flashing alert lights, “I’m picking up the Emperor's ship and his shuttle’s coming off the planet.” she advises, “Less than a minute before they break atmosphere.”

Hera waves her hands in the air “Alright thats it, its settled. We came, we saw and now we we’re going. I have a youngling at home and i’m not about to make him an orphan like his father was made.” she says.

Ahsoka staggers onto her feet, “We can’t go Hera!” she exclaims!

“One, we can, engines are working.” Hera retorts, sitting in the pilots chair while flipping switches, “And two, we all know that once the Emperor’s ship clears the atmosphere…”

“I know, they’ll destroy the planet.” Ashoka finishes “But before they do, we can get down to the planet...”

“And get blown to kingdom come!” Sabine finishes.

Ahsoka shakes her head in disagreement, “Not if we hyperdrive off from the planets surface.” she counters.

“WHAT!” Sabine exclaims, trying to comprehend the radical notion, “That’ll destroy fifty miles of…”

“There won’t BE fifty miles or a PLANET!!” Ahsoka shouts, startling Sabine and Hera.

Taking a deep breath, Ahsoka lowers her head as she tightens her grip on the headrest, “Look, I know we only came for a recon mission, but we I know we didn’t come to be witnesses to a planetary genocide.” she counters, looking to both Hera and Sabine’s somber faces, “And I know, I sound crazy to me too, but there is, something...someone, down there and I can’t explain it, I can’t communicate it to you in words, but I just have this, gut wrenching, force driving doom in my stomach that if we don’t do this, the Empire wins.” she explains, looking to Hera, “And if Kanan and Ezra were here…”

Hera closes her eyes and tightens her fist at the mention of their names.

“...they would know exactly what i’m talking about. Please Hera.” Ahsoka pleads, “We can make it.”

Hera looks at Ahsoka before turning to Sabine behind her. Closing her eyes and tightening her fist around the piloting yoke, Hera lets out a frustrated growl before letting out a sigh and resting her head back and glances over to Ashoka, “This is suicide.”



PT III - 30 Seconds to Die

Sabine Wren & Hera Syndulla

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No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

Julia Carpenter

No Caption Provided

Molly Hayes

No Caption Provided

Inquistors Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister

No Caption Provided

Meanwhile, In New York City

No Caption Provided

“CO’MAAAN!” screams Nico out. Grinding her teeth, Nico’s body’s drenched in sweat as the ground rumbles under her feet. Holding out her long gold Staff of One, Nico’s eyes remain attentive to the debris from a collapsed building in front of her, slowly lifting up, piece by piece.

Glancing up at the sky, Nico’s heart sinks at the sight of the Death Star, fully eclipsing the sun.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Anxiously turning to the debris, Nico tightens her grip around the gold rod of her Staff of One, glowing bright golden energy from within the gap of the circle at its head, “Come you worthless piece of crap!” she exclaims, “Your powered by a freaking infinity Ego gem that bends to my will, so you can’t JUST DO WHAT I WAAAANT!” she angrily says.

At that moment before Nico’s eyes, the Staff hums and vibrates through her hands and up her arms. Holding it tightly, Nico watches all the debris illuminate gold light at its edges before launching up into the reddening sky as if pulled up by puppet strings. However all of it matters little Nico’s brown eyes settle on Molly’s limp body covered in dirt, sprawled out from where all the debris was on top of her.

“MOLLAAY!” shrieks Nico, tossing aside her Staff as she runs to her.

Racing over to her Nico grabs Molly’s body into arms, cradling it as tears roll down her cheeks. Brushing aside Molly’s messy hair from her lifeless face, Nico shakes her head and staggers up onto her feet, struggling to carry her, “DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME!” she cries, hastily speed walking out the alleyway.

Hearing the sound of clanking metal falling behind her, Nico glances over her shoulder and sees all the debris that flew up, crashing down in the alley behind her with smoke billowing towards her. Looking ahead to the war torn street, Nico grinds her teeth as her arms burn from carrying Molly. Turning around the corner out the alleyway, smoke gushes out behind her to the street as Nico collapses with Molly to the sidewalk. However panic courses through Nico’s mind as she Molly laying on the ground, lifelessly still.

“Oh no no no….” Nico panics, rearing herself onto her knees. One hand on top of the other, Nico pushes up and down on Molly’s chest repeating, watching her body thump up and down as she does CPR, “Breath Molly! BREATH!” she exclaims, “You have super strength! You’ve taken worse hits than this, c’mon breath!” she says to her.

Parting Molly’s mouth open with her fingers, Nico exhales a lungful of air into her mouth.

Sitting up again, Nico’s looks at Molly chest, not rising or falling. No air moving through her nose. Her face, unchanged. Seeing this, Nico’s heart breaks. Tears fill her eyes. Her hands trembles as a deep despair fills her stomach, urging her to try again.

“COME ON MOLLY!” Nico shouts, panically trying CPR on Molly again, “BREATH!” she shouts, breathing her into her mouth again. Looking up on her face, Nico’s eyes go pale as Molly’s face slumps over.

Immediately Nico scrambles away from her. Her eyes open wide in shock. Her fingers numb. Her body trembles. Nico’s mouth opens to scream, but no voice comes.

“Oh my gawd…”

Nico eyes dart left. Having dragged herself, Julia Carpenter on the ground with a blood trail coming from her leg, holds herself up by her arms, stunned. Her blue eyes well up with tears as she looks upon Molly’s still body. Turning to Nico, Julia shakes her head, “Is she…”

“NO!!!!” Nico angrily screams, scrambling back over to Molly, “DON’T SAY IT JULIA!” rebukes Nico, pushing on Molly’s chest harder than before, “WE DON’T GIVE UP ON HER!!” she shouts, “SHE NEVER GIVES UP ON US! NEVER!” Nico angrily shouts, wiping the tears away with her sleeve, “THAT’S WHY SHE CAME HERE! FOR ME!!” she shouts, ramming down her fist onto her solid chest in frustration, “BECAUSE I GAVE UP ON MYSELF!” she screams out, “BUT SHE DIDN’T…”

Feeling Julia grab her from behind, Nico angrily pushes Julia away, “STOP IT” she screams, ramming her fist down onto Molly’s chest, “SHE’S GONNA BREATH JUST WATCH!”


“NO!!” Nico snarls to Julia. However, Nico sees Julia’s face, soaked with tears, resting her hand on her shoulder, shaking her head, “She’s gone Nico, you tried, she’s…”

Quickly Nico decks Julia in face. Standing up over her, Nico anguished face turns red with grief as Julia clutches her bloodied lip, “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!!!!!” she hollers, “But I was scared!!” she screams, falling onto her knees in front of Molly’s still body.

Shaking her head, Nico grabs the side of her hair, closing her eyes tight “I-I was scared and I, I couldn’t move…” Nico admits, shaking her head, “...I couldn’t pull myself out if it…” she says, looking at Molly’s body again, ““...but she went. She went and saved people when I couldn’t…” she cries.

Biting her quivering lip, Nico grabs Molly’s limp body in her arms, hugging it as tears roll down her cheek. Burying her face into Mollys rolling neck, Nico sobs, “.I”m sorry I was a horrible friend.” she sobs, “...I’m sorry I left you alone. I’m sorry…” she cries, burying her face in her chest.

At that moment, a gust of wind blows past Julia and Nico, stirring up loose papers and trash as she’s bathed in light. Hearing the loud noise of an engine descending out the sky, Nico lifts her grief wracked face upwards to see a seeing a massive ship quickly descending out the sky to the street.

Taking up the entire width of the avenue, Nico cradles Molly’s body in her and as the wide diamond shape ship with its orbital fish-eye glass window positions to her. At that moment, steam spews out all sides with a ramp extending out from under the fisheye window. Lights illuminate on its path as a door opens, casting a yellow light onto the ramp and broken pavement.

Rushing out, Sabine holds two blasters in her hand. Her violet eyes scour the street before settling onto Nico, calling her over, Sabine points up to the Death Star flickering a green light, “WE HAVE LESS THAN SECONDS, C’MON, WE’LL TAKE WHOEVER WE CAN!” she shouts. Seemingly from nowhere, staggering people emerge from destroyed stores. Waving them on-board, Sabine looks to Nico and Julia, “ARE YOU GUYS COMING OR NOT!” she shouts.

Flicking her wrist, Julia shoots out an web-line past Sabine to the landing ramp, “COMING!” she shouts.

Sabine’s eyes open wide at the sight of the translucent web-line, “Okay that’s just gross…”

Holding out her hand to Nico, Julia narrows her tearful eyes, “Nico...” she calls out, seeing Nico look to her, “...we have to let her go.” she says as tears roll down her eyes.

Nico face turns red with anguish as she look to Julia’s outstretched hand, dirtied hand sporting cuts. Taking a decided breath, Nico closes her eyes and shakes her head, burying her face into Molly’s chest.

Suddenly a gust of wind throws Nico while clutching Molly’s body off her feet and across the street into a car!

Julia’s eyes open wide as she looks to see Fifth Brother holding out his hand, his back covered in webs while holding Seventh Sister by her leg. Dropping Seventh Sister, Fifth Brother growls at the sight of Julia and ignites his lightsaber, “You…” he growls, reaching out to her.

“HERA GET READY!” shouts Sabine before lowering herself forward as a missile zip out from her backpack. Streaking over the street, Fifth Brother sees the missile hurtling to him but holds up his lightsaber. The deafening explosion rocks the street as Julia pulls herself via the webline to the ship. Grabbing hold of Julia, Sabine helps Julia onto feet and throws her arm over her shoulder as they both fall on the landing ramp.

Seeing the flicking green light pulsate like a strobe lite from the overhead Death Star.

No Caption Provided

A cold shiver runs up Sabine as she looks up the ramp as civilians run inside, “HERA WERE DONE!” she shouts.

Pushing her way past the civilians running in the ship, Ashoka sees Sabine on the ramp, holding Julia Carpenter as her leg bleeds out on the ramp. However past them, Ahsoka sees Fifth Brother rushing at them, “STAY DOWN!” she shouts to Sabine, motioning for her lightsaber hilt at her waist.

At that moment, a bright gold rod bursts straight through Fifth Brother’s armored torso from behind!

“grrRAAAAH!!” Nico hollars, holding her Staff of One as she amazingly lifts Fifth Brother’s body over her head while looking at a stunned Julia and Sabine, “GET OUT OF HERE!” she shouts, hurling Fifth Brother back.

“NICO! “

“I’LL HOLD THEM OFF!” Nico shouts from over her shoulder before charging at Fifth Brother, now bleeding from his mouth. Like a wild animal, Nico charges straight at him, “THIS IS FOR MOLLAAAAY!!!” she shouts.

Angrily Fifth Brother thrusts out his hand, sending out a flurry of blue lightning to her. Skidding to a stop, Nico holds up her staff as the lightning bounces off her staff and crackles over the entire street.

On her back of the landing ramp, Sabine looks to Ashoka staring in shock, “Its her.” she mumbles as the entire ships lifts off the ground.Hearing the ship lift into the air behind her, Nico keeps her focus to Fifth Brother, baring her teeth before pushes her staff forward, throwing the lightning back.

“RAAAH!!!” Nico shouts,

Looking to her left, Nico sees Seventh Sister, had face black and blue, broken arm dropped low but blazing at her with lightsaber in her right hand. Blocking her blow, Nico grinds her teeth as Seventh Sister lightsaber crackles and screams with energy against her staff, “I’m gonna tear your heart out and burn your bones!!”

Straining from the pressure Seventh Sister is exerting, Nico narrows her eyes between the bursting light and glares right at her, “Too late…” Nico spits, “ mother already tried it, “RAAAHH” she scream out, pushing Seventh Sister back. Jumping up, Nico curls her body in a wave of energy suddenly forms around her, harnessing the power of the Ego gem from within her Staff that now glows as if comprised by light.

All at once, Seventh Sister is shocked as Nico thrusts her limps out with a massive energy beam shooting out to her from Nico’s Staff! Seventh Sister entire body glows in the gold energy. Throwing her saber up, the blaster explodes off her blade, sending her feet skidding back as it ricochets to Fifth Brother, pierces through his body with hot energy before exploding on Molly’s body!

“NOOO!!!!” Nico screams in horror.

However, dropping to her feet, Nico eyes open wide at the sight of the gold energy burst into particles and absorb right into Moly’s body, making her take a gasping breath.

Stunned Nico drop sher Staff as Seventh Sister leaps through the air with her saber cocked back, “DIEE!!!”

A short high pitch scream fills Nico’s ears before thunderous explosion rocks the ground. Looking behind, Nico sees the ship roar past her from overhead with Seventh Sisters body, now a charred skeleton from the Ghost laser fire. As it makes a sharp turn in the air over the street, coming back towards Nico, she hears a deafening heavenly boom from the Death Star. Nico eyes immediately dart to Molly, sitting up.

“MOLLAY!” Nico screams, bolting for her. Running through the street, Nico runs for Molly staggering up onto her feet. Quickly Nico gets to Molly staring at her quite confused. Wasting no time, Nico grabs Mollys hand and runs into the middle of the street as the ship streaks down with its landing ramp extending out as Ahsoka holds onto the landing platform rails, holding out her hand, “RUN!”

A green flash suddenly blankets the entire street, blinding Nico as everything turns sheet white, now only able to hear for the ship she runs towards.

Inside the Ghost, Hera squints her eyes as she dives the ship to the street. Looking to Sabine, Hera nods at her, “HIT THE HYPERDRIVE NOW!”

Sabine looks to her, “THEY’RE STILL…”


Running for the ship, Nico feels the ground beneath their feet rumble as if the entire Earth jumped. Using all her might, Nico picks Molly off her feet and at seeing the ship grow close in the white light, hugs her, “I love you!” she shouts before throwing her!

No Caption Provided


No Caption Provided

Watching the glow of the Earth’s explosion, Darth Sidious grins, “Finally, all has come to pass.” he mumbles.

“My Lord…”

Looking over his shoulder, Darth Sidious looks to General Tark, standing behind him, clicking his heels together as he stands to attention, “My lord, Darth Void is in the bacta tank as instructed. Lord Vader is waiting for you as you asked in your chambers with your, visitor.”

Sidious nods at him, “Good.”

“I must say he is quite cordial.” Tark says, “The Emissaries visited him as soon you entered the now deceased planet. However, he was a ruler, do you believe my Lord that he will her his will to you, after having been a Ruler himself?”

“Hierarchy has been established.” Sidious replies, “He will obey, or be destroyed.”

“Very well my lord.” Tark replies, “He is waiting in your Chambers at your request. How may I address him my lord, in the future?”

Sidious smirks, “By his name of course, Darth, Doom, is sufficient. ”


Meanwhile, Flying over the moon

No Caption Provided

Flicking her eyes open, Nico opens her eyes seeing Molly’s two big blue eyes staring back at her. Sitting up promptly, Nico hugs Molly tight, “Oh my gosh…” she cries, “...I thought I lost you.” she sighs in relief.

Pulling away from her, looking at her up and down, Nick wipes the tears from her eyes “My god are you hurt are you okay?!”

Molly nods, “Yeah I'm fine…” she says, looking at her hands that tingle, “...I don’t know how but i’m fine... I feel all fuzzy inside.”

“That’s the space jump.”

Standing up at the unfamiliar voice, Nico sees she’s in a small bunk bed styled chambers. Standing across from her, Nico tilts her head at the alien humanoid. Her skin colored like orange clay, blue and white horn like fixtures to her head, Nico furrows her brow, pulling Molly behind her back, “WHERE ARE WE! What's going on! who are you. ” she asks, “And where's Julia!” She demands.

Smiling at her protectiveness, she extends her hand, “Your onboard a ship called the Ghost. Julia is getting medical aide along with a few others we rescued. ” she replies, “Were getting out this space sector to settle down, the empire just destroyed your planet so, we need to lay low.”

Nico simply looks at her hand before looking at her face, “And who are you?!”

“I am Ahsoka Tano. The one who saved your life.”

Nico looks to Molly who nods at her. Taking a sigh of relief, Nico claps Ahsoka’s hand, shaking it, “Thank you, really.” She replies.

Ahsoka nods to her, “It's my pleasure. Come and meet the rest of us. We have a ways to go before we get to Ach-to, my friend Luke is waiting for us.”








NOTE: All Trademarked Characters are owned by Disney, Marvel and LucasFilms. These stories/Characters and copyrighted are not owned by me.

Please note the realm of the timeframe of these stories are in a universe preferred to my own specifications and are not meant to adhere to the most up-to-date timeline or scenario of the Marvel Universe.

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@guardiandevil83 - Hope you enjoy it, this has been one of my favorite stories I've written in some time. A sequel will be coming sooner with shorter 'parts' to each chapter.

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@xlr87t3: You have your characters powers well in mind. What you need is a solid plot.

When you write your character, you need to have a plot and story that cannot be strictly solved by the use of your main characters power set.

Thus you have to ask the question, what is the central plot to your story? Is it a problem that highlights your characters powers? Does it requires more than his powers to solve it and if so, what does he need? Will this turn into the evolution of his powers or him as a person thus, making him able to save the day or person?

Regardless, your plot or villain has to put your hero 'in-over his head'. This will culminate into your hero's journey and give you space to even make secondary characters for him to rely on.

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~*~*~*Last Time~*~*~*~*

Throwing her legs one after the other, Julia's heart pounds in her chest as she runs away with Nico held in her arms, “I THINK WE LOST THAT FREAK!” she screams, running between a narrow alleyway.

Looking over Julia’s shoulder, Nico’s face goes pale at seeing Darth Sidious skidding into the entry path of the alleyway far behind them, his blazing yellow eyes locking onto them like a murderous predator.

Nico frantically starts hitting Julia’s arm “YOU JINXED IT YOU JINXED ” she shouts, “ GO GO GO!”

Glancing over her shoulder, Julia eyes dilate in fear at Sidious sprinting at them with ‘force speed’. A dense darkness consumes the alleyway as he draws near. The sound of distant and harmonious screams fills their ears as Sidious zeroes in on Julia, seconds from catching them.

“JULES WERE DEAD!” Nico shouts.

“OH NO WE’RE NOT!” shouts Julia, springing up four flights off the ground in the air, “GET MOLLY!” she shouts, throwing Nico with all her might to a higher Loft window before shooting a web to her left and zipping herself through a metal grate on the building, disappearing into an air-vent.

Ducking her head, Nico smashes through a sixth floor Loft apartment window. Sliding on the glass littered wood floor, Nico hears a loud and fast warble coming fast. Looking to the window, Nico eyes open wide as a red light-saber blurs through the window, over her head and stabs into apartment ceiling over her!

Screaming, Nico hops to her feet and runs for her life. He was coming, she could feel it. The coldness. The fear. Death itself was coming for her and she had to run. Leaping over a couch, Nico sprints across the luxury apartment, fleeing from her nightmare and straight for the glass terrace doors in her sights. Holding out her Staff that glows brightly, Nico grits her teeth and leaps through glass, smashing out in a flurry of shards and before blindly leaping off the terrace!

Dropping down two flights, Nico’s staff illuminates in her hands before she lands and rolls on the gravel rooftop, unharmed. Scrambling onto her feet, Nico pants, sprinting ahead under the darkening sky. Glancing at the Sun now completely eclipsed by a massive moon, Nico’s heart drops. A new fear hollowed her soul. She could see this was the end. The ‘moon’, the moon that was finally fully eclipsing the sun and it was the end.

“Holy mother of gawd…” gasps Nico, skidding to a dead stop at the edge of the roof.

No Caption Provided



PT II - 30 Seconds Pass...

Peering down from her vantage point, Nico looks to alleyway far below, filled with the smoldering rubble burying Molly. Looking behind, Nico spots the apartment she ran through, emitting an intensifying red light through the windows.

Taking no chances, Nico leaps over the edge of the roof, holding up her staff that quickly stabs itself into the brick, cutting through the bricks mortar to slow her descent before dropping onto the rubble.

Marching through the apartment, Darth Sidious holds out his hand. Immediately his dark lightsaber zips out the ceiling and into his grip while he approaches the edge of the glass terrace Nico lept from. Sidious yellow eyes rove over the street and other lower residential buildings below under the fiery sky. Tracking Nico like a bloodhound, Sidious could sense the disturbance in the force. Like a infection in the blood stream, something was making the Force move around one person, and that person was moving.Like radiowaves moving around a dense object, he could feel The Force go absent around Nico when she defended herself with her Staff. Closing his eyes, Sidious reaches out with The Force.

Almost instantly, he senses her once more. The absence in the force, moving away from him, but still close.

Opening his eyes, Sidious hastily leaps off from the shattered glass terrace. His cape flapping in the wind, Sidious drops down onto the gravel rooftop like a phantom. Spoting the glow of Nico’s Staff coming up between two buildings straight ahead, Sidious stalks towards the edge of the rooftop. However, the sound of cracking thunder makes Sidious stop in his tracks. Look up at the amber burning sky, Sidious catches sight of the Death Star almost in a perfect eclipse to the planet's sun.

He was out of time. He had Thirty seconds at best until his order would be realized and the planet was vaporized. He could pursue Nico and take what power she had, or make way for his ship. Aggravated, Sidious lets out a growl before taking in a deep frustrated breath. His decision made, Sidious abruptly turns his face aside and walks to the opposite end of the rooftop in the general direction of his ship while sensing another power brewing nearby - something, ancient.

Immediately he rushes to the edge of the rooftop on his left and leaps off. Dropping down onto the main street Sidious watches as Sentry punches back Blue Marvel while Starkiller shoots out a cluster of red lightning at him from the left. Curling down, Blue Marvel, bears his teeth in pain absorbing Starkiller's attack, before clapping his hands and throwing Starkiller back before swatting away a thrown truck from Vader with his right hand. Looking to Vader, Blue Marvel’s eyes light up flash silver before shooting out a powerful eyebeam blast to him that Vader quickly deflects with his red saber but is sent skidding back. Rushing to his aid, Sentry tackles Blue Marvel to the ground but Blue Marvel flips him over and shoots a bright white eyebeam to his face!

The battle was lost. Sidious could see it. Having extracting unfathomable knowledge from Uatu's Brain and Eyes, Sidious knew that Blue Marvel could not be destroyed this simply by brute force alone. Seeing it with his own two eyes, Sidious sees the powerful hero, was nothing short of godlike and only a godlike weapon would destroy Blue Marvel. Yet still a power was still calling out to Sidious, something ancient, and nearby. Observing the full fight before him, Sidious turns around at the distinct sound of his ship engines. Spotting his ship lift up from over the crumbling buildings, Sidious touches his earpiece while pointing behind him.

"Come down to my south, open the rear doors and prepare the ship for Hyperdrive.” Sidious commands his pilot..

At that, Sidious ‘force speeds’ over the ground, sprinting around the fight, jumping on top of a fallen over car and leaping over to the other side of the street.

Seeing Carol Danvers unconscious on the ground, Sidious turns aside from her as his ship lands behind him. Bathed in white light from his ships floodlights, Sidious grins he senses the power he felt moments ago. The relic. Glistening in the lights of his ship, sitting on cracked pavement. Turning his head to the side, Sidious reads the ominous inscription on the side of the relic.

“Whoever is worthy to lift the hammer, if he be worthy…” Sidious reads, “...shall wield the power of Thor.” he mumbles. Kneeling down, Sidious observes the long, worn leather handle of Thor's hammer resting on the cracked ground.

“Worthy?" Sidious scoffs, "Who is more pure in heart, more worthy, than an unconflicted conduit to the dark side.” he mumbles, grabbing firm hold of the leather handle, "Thus whoever is one with the Force, one with life, and all things that sprang from it." he says.

Punching Sentry into the ground, Blue Marvel levies blow after blow onto him, punching him down into submission until he grows unconscious. Standing over his bloodied body, Blue Marvel looks up to Darth Vader and Starkiller respectively.

“Its over.” Blue Marvel pants, “Yield now or…”

Suddenly a surge of electricity courses over his body!

“EEYAAA!” Blue Marvel shouts in pain, hunched over in pain. Turning around, Blue Marvel’s eyes open wide in shock at the sight of Darth Sidious standing behind him with Mjolnir in his firm grip, holding it out to him as lightning streaks across the reddening sky. Bright red crackling energy swirls around Sidious arm, radiating over his body and rendering his old skin, youthful.

Blue Marvel's eyes open wide in complete shock and horror as Sidious yellow eyes seem to brighten from the power.

"Oh my god." Blue Marvel gasps.

“And as your god...” grins Sidious, holding out his hammer to him, “ shall KNEEL!” he hollers.

Blue Marvel angrily bolts for him, skimming over the ground but Sidious shoots out a blast of lightning from out Mjolnir, causing a crack of lightning to strike Blue Marvel, making him vanish out of thin air.


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Exploding out a flurry of light with thunderous lightning around him, Blue Marvel crashes into the moist in the middle of a hot and balmy forest of the Savage Lands.

Hearing trees crunching behind him, Blue Marvel turns around to see a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring as it towers over him. Seeing the Death Star in the middle of the eclipsing the sun over head, Blue Marvel gets on his feet just as the beast snaps his jaw at him.

Catching his jaws open with his bare hands, Blue Marvel shoots silver eye beams through the beasts body, “eeeYAAAH!”

*~*~Currently - Earth, New York~*~*~

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Holding Mjolnir at his side, Sidious looks at Vader and Starkiller gazing at him, stunned.

“COME!” Sidious orders, using to the force to lift Sentry’s broken body off the ground, “We have seconds remaining.” he advises.

Smashing out an office window, Julia Carpenter drops six flights down to the street in a flurry of glass. Shooting out an organic webline from her wrist, Julia swings down to the destroyed avenue littered with slain bodies and hits the ground running.

Sprinting as fast as possible, Julia passes by an alleyway, glimpsing momentarily at Nico using her Staff to lift the debris off of Molly. Assured Molly is getting rescued, Julia focus her attention back to Sidious.

Keeping her eye trained on Sidious haunting silhouette standing on the extended ramp of his Shuttle slowly rising off the ground. Scouring the street and she runs, Julia searching for anything to stop them. Suddenly her eyes dart to a dead police officer with his gun with an slain stormtrooper on top of him. Skidding a top a stop, Julia shoots a web to the troopers blaster still in his grip and pulls it to herself.

Standing on the Shuttle’s boarding ramp with Sentry’s battered body at his feet, Sidious kneels down to him. Seeing the powerhouse is breathing, Sidious looks over Sentry’s bloodied face decorated with purple bruises as Sentry lets out a fluttered breath.

Smiling, Sidious nods, “He will live.” he mumbles before turning his attention to the petrified pilot behind him, trembling at the controls, “Are we prepped for Hyperdrive?” he asks.

“I’m trying my Lord I don’t…” Sidious twirls his finger, snapping the Pilot’s neck in mid-sentence before turning to Vader.

“Trying, is failure.” Sidious spits, shifting his eye to Vader, “How about you, my apprentice, will you ‘try’?”

Remaining silent, Vader tosses the pilots body out the seat with a gesture as a distant blaster shot catches Sidious attention. With the shuttle lifting off the street, Sidious watches Starkiller stands up to his defense, swiping his hand in the air and erupt the blaster shot that explodes beside the ship, “Its a girl!” he exclaims.

Standing up beside Starkiller, Sidious catches sight of Spider-Girl, firing a flurry of blaster fire at them, “Look at her, fighting a lost fight.” he spits, flicking his finger and ripping the railing off the wall, “So, jedi like.” Sidious says before ‘force throwing’ the railing out the ship.

Standing in the middle of the street, Julia’s body trembles from the recoil of rapid blaster fire streaking up like red fireflies to the Shuttle lifting up overhead, “WHAT NOW YOU WANNA GO!” she hollers. However, Julia only catches sight of a silver glint before she screams out in horrible pain!

“AAAAAH...gaawwd” Julia cries out, dropping the blaster and falling to the ground in horrible pain! Groaning in pain, tears cascade down Julia’s cheeks as she clutches her bloodied left leg, shivering in pain from the steel railing rod Sidious shot through it. Grinding her teeth, Julia grabs the pole, determined to pull it out.


Closing the hatch to his shuttle, Sidious turns to Starkiller, placing his hand on his shoulder, “You did well.” he says, prompting a look from Vader over his shoulder, piloting the ship, “The force is strong with you.” Sidious says to Starkiller, stepping away from him.

Starkiller bows his head, “Thank you my…”

Suddenly Sidious strikes Mjolnir across Starkiller’s face, bouncing his head off the panel wall before dropping over at his feet. Vader looks at Sidious, holding a bloodied Mjolnir over Starkiller’s bloody face.

"Unworthy!." Sidious snarls as raises up the hammer.

Vader turns away momentarily, hearing the hefty metal hammer tremble the ship floor, crushing his apprentice skull. Looking at him, Vader unexpectedly catches sight of Sidious drive his hammer down again onto the skull.

Knelt down at the corpse, Sidious blood speckled face remains firm. However, his sharp yellow eyes shift from Starkiller’s body to Vader, “Clone me another, secret apprentice.” he orders, "Since your so good at it." he snarls.

Vader looks at Starkiller’s headless body before setting his sights ahead. Gripping the controls in frustration, Vader increases the speed of the ship as they lift into the upper atmosphere, “As you wish…” Vader sighs, “ master.”













to be continued in 8 days time with a our thrilling conclusion to Star Wars - The Campaign!!!!!