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I have. I used to witness events in time and space so fleeting, so monumental, that lifetimes upons lifetimes could never equal its importance. But now, in this ‘endless frontier’, as space continually grows, continually develops and requires watching - I see what is now finally unfolding.

The Beginning of the end.




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The door to the central bridge whooshed open, disappearing into the walls and revealing the long reflective platform. At each side of the platform, deep sunken in data pits filled with staffers sat at their stations. Over them, narrow black walkways line the walls, providing easy observation to each man's work, as well as give a three hundred and sixty degree view from the ray-shielded windows of the ship.

Marching out to the middle of floor, a sandy haired officer decked in a black uniform comes to a stop at the center of the walkway. The sound of low tone prompts from terminals, low voiced conversation and general noise all come to an immediate halt as the officer exclaims:


Immediately the tenseness in the room becomes palpable as swift footsteps are heard. A collective stomp echoes as everyone stands up to attention at the sight of a young officer, decked in a grey uniform. Coming to a stop at the center of everyone’s attention, the young officer, no more than twenty, turns to the officer in black who announced him.

“No need for ‘the second’ My father was General Tarkin.” he sternly advises, “General Tark will be suffice for me.”

The young officer gulps with a nod, “Y-yes sir.”

His sharp brown eyes shift to the data pits, “That goes for all of you.” he declares, “As you may know or have heard, My Father had the privilege of serving at the discretion of our Emperor.” he states while raising a clenched fist, “As do I, as do you. Serve him well. Follow every order.” he states before looking into the pits behind him, “Lest you incur my wrath and I assure you, I am not as forgiving as Lord Vader, or our Emperor.”

“YES SIR!” everyone shouts.

“Good.” he says, nodding at their resolute dedication. Seeing their readiness for his next order, General ‘Tark’, looks to the open ray shield windows, “Now, first order of business. I want this Death Star primed for a Planet Level Strike within one hour.”


Drawing a breath, General Tark slowly turns on his black heels and looks to the young operator standing in the data pit. The officer, glances as his fellow officers slowly back away from him.

“Speak man. Everyone has the ability to voice a concern in my ship.” Tark exclaims, narrowing his eyes to get a clear name at his nameplate, “Officer Trin’zen.” he reads.

“Y-Yes Sir.” Trin’Zen replies, “I am the Weapons Primer. The cannons take two hours to reach max power.”

Nodding at his statement, General Tark looks to the officer who announced him, calling him over with a gesture of his finger. Promptly the Officer hastens over to him with a stomp and stand to attention. General Tark nods at him, “Thank you.” he says before pulling out his blaster and promptly shooting the young Weapons Primer in the head, much to everyone’s shock.

Holding the smoking blaster in hand, General Tark looks to everyone, “Would anyone else like to exercise their ‘ability’ to voice concern over my order?”

Hearing the silence and seeing the faces of all the officers glistening with nervous sweat, General Tark nods, “Good.” he grumbles, tossing the blaster to aside. “Now get to work!” he barks, strutting towards the end of the walkway, looking out to the window.

Taking a stance, General Tark folds his arms, looking out into space, “For today, our Empire will go to a galaxy far, far awa-”

At that moment, General hears electricity throbbing in the light panels over head. Arching his eyebrow at the sight of the in-ceiling lamps pulsating from a surge in energy.

“What the…”



Screaming at the top of his lungs, Uatu hollars unbearably as he jolts back and forth in his constraints. Ceasing his attack, Darth Sidious watches the residual red lightning crackle over Uatu’s shivering body that’s drenched in sweat.

Hours had passed and the seconds felt like hours. Looking upon the device he created, Darth Sidious savage yellow pupils that bleed jagged red edging across his irises, rove over the torture device bounding Uatu. Likened to a large metal wheel, each of Uatu’s feet remain covered in large metal constraints. His hands, each forcibly outstretched and contained in metal enclosures affixed to the circular rim.

His limbs drained of energy, his knees buckled; Uatu groans in pain as the circular frame he’s affixed to hums from the raw power having been drained out of him. Each breath, accompanied by a sharp pain in his lungs.

Observing Uatus’ naked body that’s riddled with burn spots like a leopard's fur, Darth Sidious watches Uatu being rotated upside down in his confines. His ribs exposed under his thin body with each exhalation.

“Have you given consideration to my order?” Darth Sidious asks Uatu as he’s hung upside down, Sidious eagerly watches as a pool of sweat forms under Uatu’s upside down body.

“I-I…” Uatu pants, “...will never help you.”

Rolling his yellow tinted eyes, Sidious turns away from him, looking into the vastness of space through his multifaceted ray-shield window.

“Do know the difficulty of ruling an empire, you stunted footrest?” Sidious spits, “The difficulty is not in knowing not who to trust—which is nobody, absolutely nobody—but who can be allowed to know how much about a given situation. It's no secret that our Empire is strong, but its security comes by means of compartmentalized information, and absolute fear." he says, glaring at Uatu.

“Contingencies safeguard that system.” Sidious continues, moving across the dark room like ghost, “And the best contingencies are monsters. And I have created a great many.” he evilly grins, contently observing his youthful hand.

“Of all the monsters I have created, my minor masterpiece was turning a bright-eyed, tousle-headed youth into the greatest Jedi killer of all time.” Sidious reveals to Uatu before pointing to his view of the stars, “But he will try, one day to overthrow me. I have foreseen it. And yet, knowing this, given the opportunity to create Vader again, I would, and with zeal. Thus to ensure the existential survival of this great empire, we must create him again; but in your world, in a galaxy, far far away.”

Standing over Uatu, Darth Sidious shadowy face seems to light up from his vibrant yellow eyes and nearly pindot sized pupils, “Hence, where you come in. Have you given thought to my offer?”

Panting and out of breath, Uatu shakes his head, “I will not give in to your-”

Sidious promptly thrusts out his hand, emitting a cluster of bright red electricity from his fingertips that cascades over Uatu’s entire body. Uatu convulses in his restraints as if having a seizure. His bare skin tints red from the pulsating electricity crackling over his skin.

Gritting his teeth in anger, Sidious finally relents his attack. Uatu’s screams echoing in the room as he lowers his head, his body free of any strength as he groans in relief.

“You have lived for a millennia upon millennials, that is obvious.” Sidious exclaims, “You have witnessed events that result in death and in life, so I ask you…” he states, watching Uatu wince while raising his eyes to him, “ will this event end for you if you do not give me what I want?” he states as sparks crackle around his fingertips.

The statement causes Uatu’s face to change. Much to Sidious displeasure, Uatu’s begins to chuckle. His levity of the situation draws a scowl across Darth Sidious face as Uatu chuckles more at his statement.

“I am a being of more power, more ability than you.” Uatu retorts, “You may torture this body to your content, but even as I be in this dimension, rendered weak by the lesser connection to my universe - I will give you no access to any knowledge held in my mind.”

Sidious yellow eyes narrow, “Give?” he retorts with a sinister grin. “Oh my small little friend, how mistaken you are to believe that I would wait for you…” he says, holding out his outstretched hand, “ ‘give’ me anything!”

Immediately Uatu struggles to draw his face away, straining against his restraints as Sidious eyes light up with glee, “Tell me then, what do you know of the force?” he asks.

Uatu’s face grows dim. His lips firm as silence settles between him and Sidious. His eyes laser on Uatu’s, almost burning into his soul like two lasers as he maintains his raised palm.

“Silence I see.” he smirks However Uatu’s face remains resolute, his lips firmly pressed against each other as a pain courses through his mind.

“So…” Sidious nods, “ do know then.” he says, bringing his outstretched palm closer to Uatu’s face, “Of the power of the dark side.” he exclaims.

Feeling his body go cold, Uatu closes his eyes, clenching his jaw in pain as he gasps for a breath.

Tiling his head to the side, Sidious smiles deliciously at Uatu’s discomfort. Curling his fingers as if tightening his grip around something, Sidious wrangles through Uatu’s mind. Grinding his teeth, Uatu shakes his head as blood leaks out his ears.

“Stop, STOP IT NOW!” he shouts, feeling his entire body tense tighter than when he was when being shocked.

“No.” smirks Sidious, motioning his hand closer to Uatu, “Not when we’re so, close.”

Suddenly, Uatu’s ears pop! Sidious evil laugh turning into a muffled voice. Uatu’s vision doubles and blurs like sound waves colliding and reverberating off Sidious hazy outline. Grinding his teeth in pain, Uatu hears the sound of what is like hissing air fill his ears with noise as Sidious draws his hand closer to his face.

Then, within an instant, Sidious watches Uatu opens his eyes. His blank white eyes now holding a set of crystal clear hazel irises. His face relaxed, his eyes locked onto his face, Sidious smirks at Uatu’s entire body going limp like a bag of bones as Uatu’s hazel eyes settle on Sidious one more.

“Let’s try this again.” Sidious exhales contently, “What do you know of the force?”

“It is a power the Watcher’s removed from the universe at its infancy.” he states in almost a robotic tone.

Sidious nods. His mind racing with concepts, questions and ideas until one comes to the fore above all else.

“Are there any beings in your universe capable of wielding it?” Sidious asks.

“No.” Uatu replies.

Satisfied, Sidious cover his mouth, hiding the evil grin, “A final question, tell me, how do you I get to know all that you know?”


Meanwhile...on Planet Lothal

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The round white marble room remained silent. Senators dressed in fitted linen clothing sat in their white seats that resembled a small stadium. Everyone positioned about with a focused view to the grey marble floor, three men stand about, facing the crowd.

One individual, dressed in fitted plain clothing with a brown robe draped over his imposing form holds out his outstretched exposed arm and hand to all the eyes focused on him.

“Rumors are going about my fellow senators.” he declares in a bellowing voice, “Whispers within the shadows of the shadows. I have it on good authority, that the Empire has another ‘Death Star’.” he says to a low collective mumble, “Ready to unleash on the Galaxy. Yet, also have it on good authority from several rebel sympathizers, that every sector of the galaxy containing five destroyers, must spare two, in addition to an entire fleet of destroyer prototypes being produced and old Clone War destroyers they are resurrecting.” he concludes.

“That would mean, sixteen destroyers at a minimum.” exclaims a Senator from the sat crowd, “Senator Azadi, would you have us believe that the Empire is siphoning off forces to an unknown location?” he asks.

“No.” Senator Azadi replies, “Reports conclude that various destroyers of different classes are assembling to a specific set of coordinates.” he replies, “Now, I know you may believe i’m advocating war, I am not. However, we must do something.” he says.

Stepping in front of him, the floor chairmen, holds his hand up to Senator Azadi before looking to the ground, “Senator Kal’zi has a question.”

Turning his attention to blue skin humanoid senator, Azadi nods to him.

“First, as troubling as this may be…” Kal’zi states, “...I do believe this can only, and inevitably end with us in war. And as such, I do not agree that we need to interfere in this. Lothal has lost enough. It has suffered enough. Let the Universe and the Empire have each other. They have forgotten us here on the Outer Rim Territories, let us forget them as if they are in a galaxy far far away.” he concludes before taking his seat.

“I for one, understand the sentiments of my fellow Senator.” Azadi exclaims to everyone, “Yet, as I do understand how much we’ve lost, my own father Rider Azadi a rebels of Lothal, among those lost as you all know. ButI cannot agree with my Senator Kal’zi. We do not live in a galaxy far far away. But we are ‘forgotten’. Which, may have occurred so we can rise like so many on this planet once did.”

“So are you advocating for a declaration of war?” the Chairmen asks.

“No.” Azadi declares. “I advocate investigation. To inquire of these ‘whispers’ that the Empire is gathering its forces for what could easily be called a ‘campaign march’, o on the Galaxy.”

“You can’t know that.” declares a senator.

“Exactly.” Azadi promptly replies, “But we can neither assume the Empire is uncharacteristically gathering resources for peace! In the end my fellow senators, we all, serve in the interests of Lothal existing. We do well not to aid the Rebellion or any force but us. That means, knowing what the Empire is doing.”

“So what do you propose?” asks the Chairmen.

“Substantiate truth to these rumors. Send a team. Myself included in an unmarked, unknown ship to the listed coordinates I have to get these questions answered.” Azadi states, “For in such answers will we know how Lothal is to exist. In peace, or in war.”

“You are asking someone to risk their life to substantiate a rumor!”

“Wasn’t that how Death Star was destroyed first time!” Azadi counters, “A rumor of plans leaked. Then those plans led to investigation, investigation to an assault and the end to the Death Star.” he concludes. “A result I must remind you, we played no role in, but benefited all the same. Yes. I’m asking for someone to risk their life, but its to ensure the survival of Lothal as a free planet, not an occupied one.” he finishes.

“Do you have someone in mind for this, almost suicide mission? They would have to be skilled.” the Chairman asks.

“I do. And if our Senate agrees, I will go to the pilot who will zealously lend their service for Lothal.”



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Her wide green eyes, vibrant and clear, yet full of unbridled determination glare back at the young senator standing in her doorway.

“Absolutely not!” she exclaims, turning aside from the door.

Catching the door before it closes on him, Dyver hastily enters into the dwelling, “Hera Syndulla, please just hear me out!”

“NO!” Hera shouts again, turning around like a cornered lion with finger raised, “I have a youngling! He is no more than Eight Suncycles of Age and you want me to abandon him for a mission?!”

Holding up his hands in surrender, Dyver takes a step back, “I don’t expect you to do anything. It's why i’m ‘ASKING’! And i’m asking the best!”

Hera’s promptly rolls her eyebrows at the comment. Turning her back to him, Hera’s brushes aside her prehensile head-tails and storms over the terrace for fresh air. Dyver lets out sigh, rubbing the back of his smooth pepper grey hair. Looking at Hera step outside to the terrace and leans against the railing, staring out into distance while Dyver follows behind her to the terrace doorway.

Looking at her from behind, Dyver smirks, “You know I never saw you outside of a pilots uniform until now I think? I remember seeing you at the depot and I’d wonder if you actually had other clothes.”

“This isn’t funny.” Hera retorts, her voice gripped with anger. Peeling her eyes away from the calming open landscape, Hera raises her eyes up to the blue skies, “I built a life here. A life I didn’t think was possible without Kanan. But I have Jacen now. And here you come, knowing that I have him and defiantly walk up to my door after ten years, threatening that.” she calmly tries to state.

“I’m not threatening you Hera and i’m not being defiant.” Dyver quickly states.

Turning around, Hera holds on the railing with both arms as a serious demeanor washes over her face, “But your asking me to leave him, my offspring, to do what? Almost get killed?”

Dyver draws a deep breath as Hera’s eyes seem to bore a hole through his soul, “I’m not, I’d never put you in a position to get killed.”

A smirk comes across Hera’s face in disbelief at his statement, “Good men don’t put others in a position to killed, but it doesn’t happen anyway. Once your in that pilot chair. Once you’re in space. Odds of you getting killed…”

“Are always at a constant presence.” Dyver finishes, “I remember, you taught me well.”

Folding her arms and tilting her head to the side, Hera shakes her head, “Apparently not well enough if you’re here asking me to go on a mission.”

Dyver nervously draws a deep breath, “Look, Hera. I’m not here to tear your life apart. I’m not here to make you lose Jacen…”

“Then leave.” Hera interrupts, pointing to the door, “Leave and don’t ever come back.”

Hera’s statement renders Dyver almost silent. Hera’s staunch demeanor renders Dyver nearly mute as he can barely must anything more to say.

“I’ll leave.” Dyver mumbles, turning aside hesitantly to the door. However, Dyson draws a deep breath, closing his eyes as he mumbles to himself before boldly turning around to Hera, who simply stares out into the landscape, her back to him.

“Listen Hera…” Dyver exclaims to Hera who doesn’t move. “You, Sabine Wren, Kanan, my father Rider, all fought against the Empire. I know the stories. You and Sabine told me a lot of them, especially of my father. And I know that, Jacen, is your life.” he says. “But there’s a lot of people on this rock and other rocks out there that, like you deserve to know if the Empire is going to try and rob them of their life too.” he states.

“I would never put the weight of that on you. But I would beg that you help me delivering on shouldering this weight because you did it before and delivered.” Dyver says, “I asked Sabine, she wouldn’t go if you went because of someone has to look after Jacen. But that if you did go, she’d ask someone else who you know, to help us.”

Hera simply looks over her shoulder to Ryder.

“I just need a ship flown to one sector of space. We sit on an asteroid and take pictures, that’s all.” Dyver states, “Can you, do that?”

Hera stares back out into the distance, observing the plains of Lothal. Taking a deep breath, Hera squeezes her grip on the metal railing, wrestling with a response.

“Sabine said…” Hera states, “...that if I went, if I did this ludicrous request of yours…”

“That she would stay yes.” Dyver interrupts.

Hera shakes her head, turning to face him, “No. That’s ‘our’ pact.” she reveals, “That has nothing to do with you. What I want to know, is who she said she’d call?”

Dyver shrugs, “I don’t know. She just said you’d know the person by an alias they use to have ‘Fulcrum’, i think.”

Satisfied, Hera relaxes as she slides her hands into her pocket, “Okay, two things. Who is this mission really coming from?”

Dyver face grows firm.

Folding her arms, Hera narrows her eyes, “You have to be straight with me Dyver if you even want a chance at my considering this.”

Letting out an audible exhale from his nostrils, Dyver rubs the bridge of his nose, “You know that as a Senator on Lothal, if anyone finds out i’m even in contact with…”

“Dyver!” Hera insists.

“Leia!” Dyver admits to Hera’s surprise, “Leia, gave me everything I have. She knows our Senate on Lothal won’t hear her out and she can’t ask the rebels to go on a wild Loth Cat chase. So she asked me, and mentioned you since, well, the Syndulla’s have if not more respect in a name as does Skywalker.”

Hera smirks, “Yeah as I’ve been hearing.” she huffs, “Ok, so if we’re doing this by Leia’s order, and if she’s reaching out after all this time to just do a scouting mission, then what exactly has Leia’ so worried?”

To be continued….

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Have you seen a pivotal moment in history? A moment so existentially important, that it transcends understanding and renders time, to a halt?

I have. I have witnessed events in time and space so fleeting, so monumental, that lifetimes upons lifetimes could never equal its importance. The is the essence of the ‘endless frontier’. A vast space that continually grows, continually develops and requires, watching.

This my purpose. This my role. I am Uatu.

And this is how I saw the universe grow, again.




Descending from the twinkling stars amidst the blackness of space, entering through the burning orange atmosphere of Earth and into dark bluish night sky, Uatu the Watcher sees the immense glowing white moon overhead behind the nighttime clouds.

Floating high above in the night sky, Uatu’s eyes glow brightly, peering past the plumes of thick storm clouds and to the from the reflecting veins of lights far below on the jagged pieces of ground. Seeing the numerous thin lines of light that spread across various directions, Uatu streaks down towards the lights at high speed as his white robe flaps in the gusty wind. Breaking through the thunderous storm clouds, Uatu streaks out below and soars invisibly over streets illuminated by street lights, immense lit skyscrapers to his left and right and pauses in front of the immense television screen found in New York City’s 42nd Street Times Square.

Unseen to the naked eye, Uatu turns around to see the people below amassed in a large group, all counting down in harmony as a crystal orb on a large pole slowly descends to the lit numbers of 2016.

No Caption Provided

Hearing the harmonious and thunderous ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ roar from the crowd below, Uatu floats among the snowing cascade of pink and blue confetti as drizzle turns to rain. High above the celebrating crowd as bright pink words on the 42nd St screen ‘HAPPY NEW YEARS’ reflects on him, Uatu raises his eyes above, noticing another figure floating in the night sky, a Watcher.

Like, he, all Watchers were similar. So much so a human would think of them as ‘identical twins’.

As with all Watchers, this one was eyes devoid of irises. Skin clear and smooth. Clothing was also similar. A cape floating well past the short body and beneath their bare feet. A white robe rivaling the whiteness of a pale star. Draped over their body like that of an ancient scholar in Ancient Greece; a garb they all wore in remembrance of the ‘unknown scholar’ and golden metallic gloves that stretch up to their elbows.

Gracefully, the Watcher lifts his arm up at the sight of Uatu, splitting his stubby fingers in two, forming a ‘V’.

A smile comes over Uatu’s face at seeing the human custom. Promptly Uatu effortlessly soars upwards through the rain and snow, coming face to face with his peer while imitating the friendly gesture.

“Welcome Ulana.” Uatu greets, “I see you have imitated the custom of the humans here on Earth Six sixteen.”

Looking down at the crowds far below, Ulana smiles at the sight of confetti fluttering through air as spotlight beams illuminate the night sky.

“They are a curious species when they imagine.” Ulana comments, raising her eyes to Uatu, “I see why you care for this station.”

“Indeed.” Uatu replies, “I cannot wait for when they develop into a civilized species and formally join the greater universe.” he says, “However, I am sure you did not come to witness the induction of a celebrated year achieved without extinction. I was hoping to see a friend in this amassed cross, alas I am unsuccessful..”

Ulana bows promptly, “Precisely. I am here because a development has occurred.” she states before raising her hands upwards to the Moon, “Shall we convene, in private?”

“Of Course.” Uatu states; turning to the moon, Uatu’s eyes glow. Seeing all color around them turn to fine dots and then streaks of lines. Uatu’s eyes dim.

No Caption Provided

Blinking twice, Uatu looks around, ensuring they have arrived undisturbed.

Floating in front of him, Uatu looks to Ulana floating over the gray dust of the Moon’s surface, observing the Earth and the Sun in full view.

“Are the accomodations sufficient?” Uatu asks.

Glancing over her shoulder, Ulana nods, “Quite.” she replies before outstretching her pointed finger to the blackness of space over the Earth, “I’ve come to inform you of an occurance, do you see it?”

Floating past her, Uatu squints his eyes, magnifying his vision. Across the ocean of stars, over the glowing blue Earth and past the brightness of the sun, Uatu’s sees with perfect clarity the phenomena to Ulana’s attention.

“A Birth Star?” he mumbles.

Likened to a pool of black ink swirling with blue glitter, stars churn and swirl together in a concentrated form. The density and gravitational pull of such an object, when left unabated, was more pronounced the Black Holes in their natural state. And here it was, before their very eyes, in its infancy.

Turning to Ulana, Uatu folds his arms, “Have you brought this to the others?” he asks.

Ulana nods, “Yes. All the Watchers have concluded over your course of action of the millenia’s has not resulted nor assisted in this phenom. It is, natural.” he concludes.

“So the Universe…” Uatu says, turning his attention to the phenomena, “ expanding from here.” he states.

“Or…” Ulana interjects to Uatu’s attention, “...a Universe is expanding, to here. A convergence of sorts.”

“Either way…” Uatu swiftly concludes, “...this is most unexpected. I will investigate this occurrence before the inhabitants of Earth discover it. They’ve achieved an aptness for preemptive resolutions that often bumble into apocalyptic events.”

Ulana covers her mouth, hiding her grin and shoulder shaking chuckle.

Arching his eyebrow, Uatu looks to her, “Have been observing my notes?”

At his question, Ulana brings her palms together swifting separating them, revealing a tanned scroll with curvator writings in gold.

Leaning his head back and looking up at the stars, Uatu shakes his head while Ulana holds her poised finger over the golden shimmery writings, “I am at the occasion where a reclusive race who had kept their existence secret since time immemorial, sued the Watchers in the Cosmic Claims Court and the Living Tribunal assigned you…”

Uatu waves his hand at the floating scroll, “Deliberations over the past are ill-advised at…”

“The radiated human known as She-Hulk? To represent you?” Ulana smirks, “Oh, I am reading this in its entirety.”

Watching Ulana chuckles as she claps her, closing the scroll, Uatu arches his eyebrow and points to her, “You should hope your records of time, history and events are as honest and captivating as mine.”

Ulana nods with a smirk, “Naturally Uatu, and thank you for your time. You’ve always been an adequate mentor.” she humbly replies.

Turning his eyes to the distance, Uatu holds out his arms to his side, floating off the Moon’s surface, “My thanks Ulana for giving me notice to the phenom. I will deal with it accordingly. Shall you wait for me to see this ebated?”

With a wave of her hand, Ulana causes a tear to crack in the very fabric of space beside her. “Unfortunately no…” Ulana replies, “...I must meet with a small blue friend in another dimension. He is proposing a police force to come to our universe to police order by way of emotion and will.”

Seeing the tear in fabric of space crack and explode into a circular opening of gold light and white clouds, Uatu nods to her, “Every century, they ask and, every century, we say no. They are a stubborn lot.”

“Indeed so.” Ulana agreeds, “So long friend.” she says, disappearing into the turbulent wormhole that collapses as soon as she enters.

Turning his attention to the Birth Star, Uatu flies over towards it. Its immense force and powerful pull had not fully matured yet. However, the closer Uatu approaches the Birth Star, the more he notices the typical traits. Nearby half-developed stars have been pulled into the phenom, fueling its power and giving it strength. Soon, planets, nebulas and cosmic storms would be absorbed along with anything else that could assist it in opening, until, a glorious explosion would erupt and rip through the fabric of space, opening an entirely new ‘space’.

Coming upon the Birth Star, Uatu floats the immense dark cosmic swirl. Looking down from the cosmic phenom, Uatu takes notice below his feet, the glimmering blue sphere, Earth. It was well within range to be dragged into this phenom within a year or so, annihilating all inhabitants. Any missile or attack to it, would indeed further its growth exponentially.

Millenia’s prior, Watchers wouldn’t care to interfere. But then again, with 400 infractions of chronic interference to preserve what is known as ‘Humankind’, what’s one more. However, as Uatu raises his eyes to the rather small Birth Star, he sees the seven foot tall swirling cosmic force suddenly crackle with red lightning.

A curious demeanor washes over his face. Uatu looks about his surroundings, nothing imposing its power, nothing irritating the Birth Star, yet, a surge of energy.

“For Earth to survive, I need to move you.” Uatu surmises. Raising his hands, Uatu’s eyes glow, “I suppose Thanos could receive a well contrived practical…”


Uatu’s white eyes open wide at hearing the eerie whisper. No need to search for its origin, Uatu could hear, feel, know; the voice came from beyond the phenom. All conclusions, all realites, all notions of concepts of a thousands years funnel in a fine point in the front of Uatu’s mind. His universe was not expanding, rather, something else was, which leads to the inevitable conclusion: Something.Lives. Behind the Birth Star.

Lowering his hands, Uatu moves away from Birth Star. Destroying the Birth Star and risking an interdimensional explosion without the consent of his peers, was well past his typical rule breaking.

Rather investigation was the proper course of action. Why this formed and how something came to live on the otherside, was a question paramount to answer. A question only Uatu could answer. His decision made, Uatu closes his eyes, places his hands on sides of his head and reaches out. As if seeking to hear something from a great distance, Uatu telepathically searches for the ‘minds voice’ call for aid through the birth star.

“Heeelp, meee….”

Opening his eyes, Uatu locks onto the location of the active mind like a metal chain going taut by an lodged anchor. Then, like an overwhelming wave washing over him, Uatu’s gasps, clutching his chest.

Pain. Suffering. Fear. Death. Something, someone, was in great pain. And it was crying out. Crying out, for help.

Looking up at the Birth Star, Uatu senses the death was near the victim. Life was seeping away and perhaps the answers he needed. Composing himself, Uatu floats erect and immediately outstretches his hand that glows brightly.

Instantly the Birth Star that swirls with growing power, illuminates. What was once swirls, now turns into crimson clouds frothing and pouring out like fog over a warm land. Seeing a bright light at the center of the Birth Star, Uatu wastes no time and dives straight into the center of the Birth Star.

Surrounded by light, white lines and crackling gold lightning with thunderous echoes, Uatu squints his eyes as the brightness continues to grow. Feeling as if he’s falling down a lit pathed highway of white light, Uatu covers his eyes, feeling his momentous speed reaching its peak as all goes sheet white.

Suddenly an explosive eruption fills Uatu ears as he falls out the wormhole in the black void of space. Twirling about, Uatu extends his arms and legs, instantly gaining control of his inertia. There, above him, Uatu sees the pulsating light of the wormhole he came from.

However, like a thunderous explosion, Uatu immediately looks below.

“By Hala…” Uatu gasps.

Uatu eyes open wide at the spectacle.

A planet. A metal planet. Feeling the hisses of electricity buzzing about within the massive planetary sphere, Uatu cannot believe his own eyes. Bigger than his Moon, yet smaller than his Earth, Uatu’s eyes feast on the spectacle.Tiny mists erupt from various points on the metal planet to slow its momentous speed. However, the thunderous sound heard prior could have only been made if the planet broke speeds that the defied the achievements of his own dimension by light-years. Yet, as the planet draws still, Uatu feels the millions of lives contained within massive metal planet. Soon the voices. All of them, tainted with fear, suffering and death.

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Suddenly, Uatu grips his head, clutching it a paralyzing pain seizes a grip of his mind. Radiating and spreading from one side of his mind to his entire cranial circumference, Uatu entire body helpless arches back, seizing in agony. Grinding his teeth, Uatu shakes his head, struggling to fight the impending force gripping his brain with a merciless aggressiveness while a distant, faint cackle of what could unmistakably be an old man fills his ears before everything goes completely, black.



The haunting voice jolts Uatu awake from the deep voice of unconsciousness he laid in. Raising his head as instructed. Uatu shivers, feeling cold and naked all at once. Trying to move, Uatu immediately feels restricted. Looking to his hand, Uatu sees his arm is forcibly contained in a metal cylinder, his hand out of sight. Feeling his senses become more acute, Uatu clenches his jaw as he looks at his feet, contained as well in metal cylinders.

His limbs outstretched, Uatu quickly deduces he’s held in a circular device. Naked in the dark, Uatu looks over his shoulder at a circular spider-web like window-pane showcasing the stars of outer space.

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“I am afraid your time for rest, has concluded.”

Turning to the voice in front of him, Uatu eyes immediately fall upon a the dark room spread out before him, covered in grey metal paint. Standing in the shadows of the darkness, a figure dressed in an oversized flowing dark robe lifts his arm, revealing his narrow aged finger, “We have much work to do and your sacrifice, will echoes in the halls of greatness for all that come after you.”

Clenching his jaw, Uatu narrows his eyes at the figure, “Release me. I will not ask twice.”

“I’m afraid, that cannot be allowed my ‘little’ friend.” the figure replies, his voice strained with hate. His narrow tooth grin glows in the darkness like a harbinger from the devil, sending chills up Uatu’s bareback.

“Everything I have planned, everything that has transpired until now…” the figure says, slowly approaching Uatu, “...has come to pass. However, my dear bald friend…” he says, pointing at him once more, “ shall become the battery for what will inevitably be our next phase.”

Standing some five feet away from him, Uatu looks up at the cloaked figure standing in the pale moonlight, “It was your voice I heard.” he says.

“Indeed.” the mysterious figure replies, “For decades I must say.” the Uatu’s surprise, “Calling, and crying and begging for aid…” the figure says in a mock sadness, “...hoping something beyond us, would hear me.”

A grimace comes across Uatu’s face, “But I felt, fear, pain, suffering, death…”

“Of course.” The mysterious figure replies, “For is only through pain, does one have fear. Through fear, we suffer. And through suffering, comes Hate. And from Hate, comes passion, through passion, strength and then victory. This, is what powers the Empire and everyone in it. This you will see as you aid me.” he grins.

Trying to hold himself up, Uatu narrows his eyes at the shadowy figure, “I will not do any such thing. I am a Watcher!” he says, glowing his eyes as he reaches for his power. However, within a moment, Uatu feels his entire body give out in strength.

“Uhn…” Uatu moans, falling limp in his constraints.

“I’m afraid your constraints have siphoned off a sufficient amount of power for our facility. Your power, whatever its source, is not to dissimilar to others I have encountered. And as such, not connected to wear you, 'reside', it will not translate as much here before ebbing away entirely. ” the figure says to Uatu as a wash of concern comes over his face, “Does that cause you fear?” he asks.

Uatu’ narrows his eyes, “No.” he bitterly replies.

“I see.” the figure corrects, outstretching his hand, “Let’s see if we can CHANGE that.” he grins before a blast of hyper blue lightning shoots out his hand and consumes Uatu’s body! Uatu helplessly wriggles in pain, his body tensing and every muscle contract as a scream becomes trapped in his throat while electricity covers his body, enters his mouth and pours out his nose.

Relenting his attack, the mysterious figure watches as Uatu finally lets out a deafening scream before his body collapse, hanging from the constraints. Gasping for air, Uatu grits his teeth. Anger courses through his body as his eyes glow bright.

“YES!” the figure, “I can feel your fear has become anger! Its growing, let it out.”

Lifting his eyes, Uatu’s eyes blaze with power as the constraints he’s in, hum with power.

“YES! HATE! USE IT!” the figure exclaims, watching a swell of light manifest around Uatu, “STRIKE ME DOWN IF YOU WISH TO BE FREE!” he shouts.

“EEYAAAH!!!” Uatu yells, summoning a burst of power that causes the entire constraints system he’s attached to, to crack! A bright white light glows from Uatu’s power as he summons power deep from within. However, to his surprise Uatu notices a white energy flow, glow on the floor in front of his constraint system! The white light funnels up the flooring from the constraints, through the floor and into a circular panel surrounding the mysterious figure.

To Uatu’s shock, the figure pulls off his black hood, revealing his horribly scarred face. His eyes yellow with red cataracts. His grin soul disturbing, the figure nods at him, “Well done.”

To Uatu’s horror, the mysterious figure closes his eyes, lifts his head to the ceiling and opens his arms. From the surrounding white light embedded in the floor, white sparkles lift up around him like miniature stars.

“Power…” he sighs as the white energy spores seep into robe, causing his skin to glow. Opening his yellow eyes, the figure sets his sight onto Uatu jaw-dropped face, “...infinite…” he snarls, “POWAAAAAAH!” He shouts while thrusting his hands, sending a cascading cluster of bright red lighting bolts through Uatu’s body.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Uatu hollars unbearably as he jolts back and forth in his constraints. Ceasing his attack, the mysterious figure drops his hands, watching Uatu slump in his restraints as smoke rises off his chest. Looking to his hand, the figure sees his once old flesh, grow young and renewed as his wretched evil smile comes across his face.

“Well done.” the figure grins, lifting his eyes to Uatu, “Let’s do that again.”

Uatu weakly lifts his head up, “You will not, have, my power.”

Grinning at the statement, the figure arches his eyebrow, “Power, is a path to the dark side. An instrument of the sith…” he says, extending his hand towards him, “...and a fuel for a Sith Lord.Thus, your power, was always ‘MY’ power. As you will see, once you open the way you came.”

Suddenly it all comes together, Uatu’s eyes open wide as the figure draws closer to him, “That’s right, you will see, once you open the way YOU CAME!” he shouts another flurry of blue lightning bursts out from his hands.

To be continued….

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Hi my apologies, but i'm posting the story in this thread.

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The Campaign will soon begin.

Many will fall.

Fewer will rise.

But from the ashes,

a new Jedi will be born.

This is the saga unlike any you have witnessed before, nor, will witness again.


CHAPTER I - THE BIRTH STAR (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 )





(This story is not meant to adhere strictly to the Marvel 616 time frame. It is an imagining of something different with some alterations based on previous stories I have written. Enjoy.)

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Cho is competent, Sam can't be slept on, but how quick do you really think they could really rally against the Titans? Titans are a more cohesive team (IMO) in that they've worked closer together and would sooner tag team either Cho or Sam taking on of them out. I could see Starfire and Beetle taking on Sam and sidelining him with a hard fight but sidelining him nonetheless before he can really rally himself as a substantial threat.

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Allowed Shurkens, Katana, Throwing Stars



No Caption Provided

All Standard Arrows at his disposal

no morals. Only basic knowledge of each other is known.

Who wins?

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Technically speaking, Nightcrawler and Psylocke could deal with Supes. Psylocke could mindwipe him while Nightcrawler 'ports' him off the field.