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Post Crisis Darkseid

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Base Black blinks and its over.

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Thor wins. If Aquaman can take on Steppenwolf and hold him off, Thor can overwhelm with his additional powers.

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Both groups teleported into the middle of an empty football stadium at opposite ends of the field. Both groups have basic knowledge of each others powers.

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I would like to reach out to see if anyone is interested in co-writing a shared DC universe consisting of four to six writers each taking a major character.

The stories would be individual threads before eventually converging into a Justice League Crossover.

This would be done in a similar fashion as to how marvel wrote, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones before coming together for Defenders. Hence, whoever decided to write a major character for the Justice League could write them in a way that truly embodies elements of the best stories or mythos of that character - hence an ultimate version of them.

Its easier in my opinion, to have four to six writers at most, each one taking one or two major characters. Of course they would have all villians/allies related to their selected Character, however certain Villains would remain accessible for everyone to use at anytime. Such as Deathstroke, League of Assassins, Mongul, and others. The only Villain that could be alluded to but not used is Darkseid. However Apokolips and all other characters could be used or referred to at will.

Additionally, it would be up to the writer to decide if the said hero, or even some villains, are just beginning in their career or advanced veterans. Regardless, we could start our stories at different times, but it would all converge to the same point the formation of a Justice League.

The writers could be as so:

Myself - Ultimate Batman

Myself - Ultimate Green Lantern

Co-writer 2 - Ultimate Superman

Co-writer 3 - Ultimate Wonder-Woman

Co-Writer 4 - Ultimate Aquaman

Co-Writer 5 - Ultimate Flash

Co-Writer 6 - Ultimate Cyborg

So, anyone up for it?

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@wildvine: I was replying to BLB18's naming. The banner I did was the Outstanding Universe. I wrote Outstanding Runaways, Outstanding Spider-man & Outstanding Thunderbolts.

I would be down to Spider-man from the point of Peter Parker being 16 yrs old living with his adopted brother Eddie Brock under Aunt May's roof. Although Parker gets his powers in the 'classic' fashion as you may expect, Madame Web is monitoring his growth as all the other spider-men throughout the multiverse having been killed, leaving this 'last one' and is insuring his ascension as the last spider-man.

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I'm late the party on this question. Marvel Awesomeverse? I did something like this on another thread. Would like to do something like that here.

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CHAPTER 1 - No Need for Trials

Part 1 - Chase and Nico

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Downtown Los Angeles

Wilder Industries - Duel Building Annex

12:01 a.m.

"I'm on Ten."

Strolling down the dimly lit corridors, Security Guard Jenkins holds out his flashlight, casually glancing at the conference room and exposed glass wall offices. What most people did here was not clearly known. Yet, that wasn't the requirement for the longtime Security Guard. Checking the officers to insure they are vacated, cleaning personnel long gone and locking various doors to prevent break-ins were the nightly norm. His heavy black boots thud against the grey carpet as the Security Guard shines his flashlight through one glass wall, glancing over all the computer terminals, insuring they are all on sleep mode.

Letting out a sigh, the Security guard shines his light down the corridor, seeing no one there except fake indoor palm trees outside several office doors.

Squeezing the communicator button on his radio, he lowers his face towards his shoulder strap, "Tenth floor check." he grumbles.

However, as Jenkins turns back to the elevator, he pauses momentarily. Glancing back down the hallway, Jenkins raises his flashlight again, peering down the hallway. Glancing up at the corners within the corridor, Jenkins squints his eyes, noticing that the cameras red indicator lights - are off. Letting out a sigh, Jenkins reaches to grab his radio once more but suddenly feels the rapid thumping of something running towards him. Confused, Jenkins steps back and hesitantly motions for his pepper-spray as he looks straight ahead, seeing nothing but clearly feeling something coming at him.

At that moment, before Jenkin's very eyes, something materializes out of thin air before bashing in the face with two feet, sending him onto his back.

Hitting the floor with a thud, Officer Jenkins groans in pain as he clutches his face while trying to sit up, "JEEZUS WHAT THE..." he grumbles before spotting a thin framed girl, twirling in the air before kicking him across the face with her heel, knocking him out.

Peeking out from behind a tall cement column, a tall blonde haired teen gazes at the girl standing over the unconscious officer.

She was thin framed and slender. Her black hair pulled back into a thick full ponytail like bunched up raven feathers. Glancing over her shoulder, the young oriental girl waves on her gloved hand, "C'mon Chase!"

Ducking out from behind the pillar, the young man quickly runs to her as she races down the corridor. Leaping over the fallen security guard, the blond teen follows behind the swift moving girl as she races down to the end of the corridor. Looking to her left and right, the young girl sees no one before turning her attention to a large black door with a numerical padlock on the door knob.

Turning around, she watches as Chase, wearing a black vest, black tie and a pants, comes to a stop beside her in front of the office suite. Wearing large metal glove over his right hand, Chase turns over his metal glove, exposing a small screen that reflects a 3D blue laser map of the building. Two blinking red dots show their location as another a blue dot some 30 feet ahead of them begins to blink.

"This is it Nico." Chase nods.

However at that moment, the sound of the elevator call bell echoes down the hallway, making Chase and Nico both open their eyes wide as they turn to elevator.

"Crap their early." Chase mumbles.

Nico rolls up her tight black sleeve, exposing her watch, "Its almost twelve a.m. We get caught, its over." she whispers. At that moment, Nico hears the door unlock to her surprise. With his metal glove hand over the lock, Chase grins at Nico, "Good thing i'm here then." he smirks.

Quickly Nico pushes him into the door, rolls behind the door and swiftly closes the door, softly.

Looking at Chase on his back on the floor, Nico arches her eyebrow at him, "Don't get cocky." she huffs.

"What?" Chase huffs, "Its my best quality."

Rolling her eyes at him, Nico extends her hand to him, helping Chase onto his feet. Standing up, Chase wraps his arm around her slim waist, pulling her close for a kiss. However Nico pushes him back.

"Oh no you don't you horn-dog." she exclaims, shoving him, "We're in the middle of Trials here! We can't screw this up a.k.a get caught!"

Spreading out his arms, Chase arches his blond eyebrow at her, "Oh c'mon! We're in here, alone, and they're out there. We got another hour and half! We can, you know..." he pauses, looking at Nico decked in a black wrapped clothing similar to that of a ninja with exception to her arms and legs covered in tight black spandex, "...have some fun."

Nico folds her arms and arches her thin black eyebrows at him, "How many times have I told you! If we drop our guard down for one minute, we'll -"

Suddenly Nico and Chase and both bathed in bright white flashlights from both sides of the office.


Chase closes his eyes and winces as Nico lets out a deep sigh, lowering her face in her hand, "...get caught!" she groans.

Two officers on both sides of the office hold up their flashlights before quickly running over to the teens.

Holding up her hand to the blinding light, Nico's slender eyes peer past the blinding flashlight, seeing three guards on her left closer to Chase while there are two guards closer to her on he right.

Turning her back to the three officers, Nico raises her arms over her head, turning to the officers right but notices guns holsters on their belt. Tilting her head, Nico narrows her eyes at them, "You do know who we are right? Like, out of all nights, you're not to supposed to have guns."

"SAVE IT KID!" the security guard shouts on her left, "DON'T MOVE!"

Glancing to Chase, who makes eye contact with her, Nico furrows her brow as Chase looks at her in equal confusion.

"And you!" shouts one of the guards closer to Chase, "Drop that metal glove hippie!"

Unable to see them because of the light, Chase squints his eyes as his face turns serious faces the guards closer towards him, "Its not a glove. Its a gauntlet." he states.

"Really." Nico scoffs, rolling her eyes, "We got caught, now you want to argue?"

"I made it so i get to call it whatever I want." Chase argues.

"You're unbelievable." Nico grumbles.

"Will you two shut up." exclaims one of the guards, "We need to call this in."

Immediately Nico narrows her eyes at his statement, "Wait, you didn't call this in yet?" she asks, glancing to Chase who smirks at her.

"Its not over." Chase states.

Nico nods, "TAKE'EM!" she shouts, diving at the officer on her right as Chase lunges for the Security Guards on his left! Swiftly Chase's metal glove slides out plates up his entire arm as he punches as guard across the face, launching him ten feet back!


From the corner of his eye, Chase catches sight of the second security guard pull out his gun and aim it at his face just as all the metal plates in case Chase entire body, exposing his mouth and nose and two slots over his eyes.

"SHOOT'EM!" yells one of the security guards.

Holding up his metal forearms to the guards, Chase hunches down as bullets pepper against his armor like rain against a window. Raising his eyes to the guards, Chase spots one of the men grab his radio, about to call them in. A devilish smirk comes over Chase face, "Oh no you don't!" grunts Chase, charging into both guards with the momentum of a freight train.

Colliding into both officer, Chase angrily crashes both security guard through the dry wall as dust trails him.

"AAAAH!!!" yells Chase, crashing both guards, through another glass wall, like a giant before coming to an immediate halt as if hitting the emergency breaks that sends the helpless guards flying back across the floor, unconscious.

Resting his metal hands on his wide waist, Chase nods proudly at them before a gun shot ricochets off his metal helmet. Turning around, Chase spots a petrified security guard, standing a few feet away from him, holding out his gun. Quickly Chase grabs the man by his face, and slams him head firms into the wall, staining it with the mans blood before tossing him aside like a doll. Hearing a 'deet-deet', Chase suit deactivates. Sliding into itself, Chase metal plates slide into themselves, one after the other, all sliding back into the large metal glove he sports on his right hand. Standing amidst the debris and broken glass, Chase takes a deep breath while smoothing his blond hair back, "That's what you get for breaking the rules." he mumbles, stepping over the men as he heads back to the office suite.

As Chase steps through the massive hold in the wall, he spots Nico Minoru, standing in front of a open safe embedded in the wall. Spotting a large painting tossed onto the floor beside the two guards sprawled on the floor as well, Chase walks over to her, "You work quick." he scoffs.

However, Nico cuts him a look, "Did you kill them?"

Chase simply shrugs, "I dunno. They shot at me, that's all that matters. I'm telling my father as soon as we get back. What was he thinking?!"

Shaking her head, Nico puts a small flashlight in her mouth, shinning it into the safe while tossing various items out over her shoulder from the safe, "Yeah but you were too rough. These guys got families you know."

"SO!!" exclaims Chase, "I WANTED TO USE MY NEW FEATURE ON THIS THINGAMAJIGG!" he says pointing to his metal glove, "AND HE SHOT AT ME!"

Nico spits out her flashlight as she cuts Chase a narrowed eyed look "Calm down, will you!" she huffs, "You don't see me stopping you, do you? As it is, this is a single effort trial, and I couldn't take'em on my own" she says, "Unless you're planning to screw me?" she asks, glancing at him from the corner of her eye as she pulls out a rolled up paper from the safe with a red bow tied on it.

"Not unless you plan on screwing me?" Chase replies, "But we agreed, we're going to work together."

"Yeah well, killing people was something we agreed 'not' to do!" Nico states, "But you mister 'wanna-be iron-man' ran those guys into the ground! They didn't stand a..."

"Look." Chase interrupts, "All that matters is you and me in the end, right? We're already breaking rules, but they did too. We can say we had to team up because they had guns. Its a win win."

"Yeah yeah whatever." Nico huffs, slowly putting the picture back on the wall, "All that matters is that they didn't call the cops because then it'd be over and we'd both have lost."

Before Nico can finish as she hangs the picture, Chase slides up next to her, and places his finger on her lip, "Oh you'll never lose me. I might make you chase me though." he smirks.

Feeling his wrap his hands around her slender waist, Nico clenches her jaw as she looks into his deep green eyes, "Oh you cocky lil..."

Kissing her passionately, Chase cups her face as Nico feels her knees go weakly as a slight gasps escapes her.

Pulling away from her, Nico gulps, as Chase smirks at her, "I'm cocky, because we're workin' together." he says, "Nico and Chase, against the world."

Nico can't help but blush as her cheeks turn rosy, "More like Chase and Nico against what our parents have planned for us." she replies, pushing him back.

Chase flicks the strand of his blond hair away from his face, "My ol' man has been prepping me for this night a long time, but it don't matter. With the both of us working together, nothing'll get in our..."

Suddenly all the lights go out!

"You jinxed it." Nico mumbles, glancing outside as she notices all the buildings around them, still lit with power, "Please tell me its a slow blackout."

Chase looks on the screen on the back of his metal glove, "No. Building power is shutting off"

Nico raises her eyebrow, "No really?" she sarcastically replies, "I oh here thought utter darkness was normal."

Lifting his green eyes to her, Chase sighs, "Ok, rephrase, 'Someone', is shutting off all the power!"

Sliding up her sleeve, Nico looks at her glowing green watch, "We're not breaching time, part of the trials maybe?"

Chase shakes his head, "No. They said possibilities to expect, this wasn't part of it. Heck, we got the item right?"

Nico lifts up the roll of paper in a red bow, "Said item." she mumbles.

Chase nods, "Okay, so basically the trial is over, once we get home that is. So no obstacles should be in our way on our return, but..." he states, before looking back to his monitor, "...oh crap."

"What'd you mean oh crap!?"

"I mean oh crap all the exits have been covered with metal slate doors and the windows are electrified." Chase says to Nico, "We're trapped."

Nico turns to the windows as they all gloss over a tinted orange with electricity crackling over them. Taking a step back, Nico gulps as as she looks at the windows. It was bad enough the guards had guns, a variable that was not explained to them. They were to expect three security guards, but in total, six. Now the windows were electrified as the hairs on the back of Nico's neck begin to raise as her famous paranoia makes her nauseous.

"Exit." Nico mumbles before looking to Chase who gulps at the sight of the windows.


Snapping his attention to her, Nico's eyes open wide as she points to his gauntlet, "Get us an exit!"

Chase points to her, "I can't!" he exclaims, "I drained all the juice in my gauntlet! Use that staff of yours."

Nico face turns firm and serious, "You know I don't know how to control that! I could send us to China by mistake!"

Chase arches his eyebrow, "I have an ex-military security force gathering in the basement about to take as secondary elevator that was not on the blueprints our parents gave us, about to pay us a visit! China sounds nice right about now!"

Suddenly, in the far side of the office, Chase and Nico hear the wall begin to move. Looking towards the wall panel sliding apart, they remain silent as a massive 80 inch TV turns on as metal slates slide down from the ceiling, covering every wall in the office!

With only the glow of the Television for light, a bald African American man appears on the television wearing an open white shirt collar and a black suit.

"Well well...Nico and Chase. "

A wash of bewilderment washes over Nico's face, recognizing the figure on the screen.

"Mister Wilder?" Nico exclaims.

to be continued...

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Story Above has been Re-Written.

Part 2 comes out tomorrow.