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Better than i expected but with flas never the less 0

NOTE: this is not a spoiler free review, I figured that if your on comicvine to begin with your going to watch the movie either way and in order to really evaluate the movie, certain spoilers must be present.  So once again, I repeat: this review HAS SPOILERS. The spectacular:   The thing that shined the most for me was the family tension between Odin, Loki and Thor and that whole plot line with Thor becoming worthy, I felt that it was just really well done.  Which also gives testament to the wo...

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Oh dear its the Wolverine and pals show!!! 0

Well I by no means classify myself as an authority on all that is Xmen, but compared to the people who made X3, im God.   There is so much wrong with the film that I will not say everything, ill just point out the big mess ups (well I guess I could just cover that by saying X3 but oh well) and some of the things that really got me pissed. The Spectacular: Ehhh…there was…..ummm…..well how abou…….   Well srry no spectacular from this film. The Good: Well I did enjoy the few scenes with beast ...

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Well before I start to realy sink my teeth into this movie, I would like to say that this is most certainly not a spoieler free review. In order for people to understand just how bad this movie is everything will be used.   Next thing I would like to point out is that my reviews are for comic book readers, not for the little kid that just wanted to c some explosions on the bog screen or the poepl who reallly don’t know s%!@ about the charatcers and just wanted to well… see a movie.   This revie...

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What X3 should have been, X-Men at its finest! 1

Any one reading this knows this movie has been out for quite some time know and should be warned that part of this review is in light of what all the other x-men related movies have brought to the table.   It’s sorta like a “Looking back review” (LBR) were I………well…..look back at the movie and give credit were it indeed got some stuff much better than the more recent attempts (maybe I should have done LBR of the first movie.   But oh well I can still make it work). The Spectacular: The whole fir...

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Either your good at ignoring, or your good at hating this film 0

Now before I get into my categories, I would just like to point out, that it all depends on how you view this, weather you see it as a movie or if you see it as just a predator hacking and slashing anything that moves.  And believe it or not, that is really is the main factor on weather or not you will enjoy the film.  Since this is a MOVIE review I am taking into account all factors (acting, lighting, soundtrack, special effects etc…). but at the end of the review I will show the other way you ...

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Different approach than the first, but well thought out overall 0

After finding out that that another predator’s film was in the works I was highly doubtful that it would be any good.  Even after seeing the trailers and everything, I was still very much afraid that directors would break my heart again and completely destroy the predator character once again.  But as much of a fan as I am, I went to see it anyways.  And to be honest with all of you, I was, for the most part, completely delighted with what I saw on screen. The movie for starters has quite a bea...

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