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We love the 80's


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  • A true indipendant venture during the 80's the roleplaying hero game turned limited issue comics were the Champions. Later retooled and brought back out on a few occasions over the years as the League of Champions and solo comic issues. The mix of magic, mutants, giants and underground organization's but this kid nose deep in the series.

  • Deep space injustice and rebels fighting for a take down of the old ways, this all equals a fantastic and gritty Odyssy. A diffenate must read for all generations.

  • The Wolfriders seekout fellowship with those of their long lost bethren. Diminutive Elves, nasty Trolls, a long journey, and wolves, lots of wolves. A classic written by Wendi Pinn and a beautiful story set in an incridible land.

  • A little known and remembered publication during the mid-80's which dealt with a large group of mutated youngsters with John Byrne style art.

  • Another interesting team of unlikly heroes formed of mutants, magic, and machines. Set in the U.S.A and with a metalist fencer, a timelooped magician, the last of the dragons, and a tougher than nails young woman, the new friends would unite to stop the onset of the ancient gods. Although many new "hero teams" were fromed by indie comics during the early 80's comic boom the publication never quite took off.

  • New Wave was perhaps one of the strangest 80's superteams to come from the indie publication boom's. New Wave consisted of six different characters all seeming to fit no where else in society unless together. A powerful alien, a size changing industrial spy, a former circus arialist, a teen druid, a teen mutant, and lastly a human feeling robot rounded the cast. Although it completed its run on the storyline most of its uniquness went rather quickly, at times giving the reader typical story hooks.