"I want to help those who can't help themselves."

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Silver Spider 1.0 (CVU)

"People look at me and think I'm a superhero or something special like that. But, really, I'm not a hero. I'm just a kid who can't stand by and do nothing when I know I can help."

The city looks so nice up here at night.
The city looks so nice up here at night.

Codename: Silver Spider

Alias(es): The Urban Spider, The Parkour Arachnid, Silver, Spider, The Webbed Wonder, Savior of the Universe (Kidding!),

Name: Kane Reilly

Species: Enhanced Mutant

Gender: Male

Identity: Unknown

Age: 16

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 189 lbs.

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Occupation: Science Prodigy, High Schooler, Reluctant Hero, Vigilante

Family: Richard Reilly (Police Officer, Father, Alive), Dr. Maria Reilly (Doctor, Mother, Alive),

Alignment: Good

Based/Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

Personality: Compassionate, caring, intelligent, brave to a degree, loyal, considering, and being socially awkward with other people all describe Kane. He also has a bright and positive attitude, occasionally cracking a joke or a bad pun. Kane often holds low self-esteem for himself and modesty, deeming anything he does is ‘nothing special’. He is also highly intelligent and mature for his age, and is proficient in chemistry, mechanical engineering, and biology yet, although he possesses an aptitude of these subjects, doesn’t consider himself a genius. Kane Reilly also has a good moral compass due to being raised by his kind parents, who taught him the values he holds to himself today, and often wishes to help others if he can. He can be awkward around other people, not exactly quite sure how to start a conversation. When in costume though, a more rebellious and fun loving side of Kane appears. He enjoys his newfound power, often experimenting what he can do and tries to discover how he does it. He also becomes arrogant, headstrong, and cocky, thinking he can take on or do anything, although he also know his limitations from time to time. Although he can be headstrong and caught up in the heat of things, he also is a good and quick improviser, especially with his abilities and the situations he gets into, he has learned to be able to think quickly. Although he can jump into situations without thinking, if thinking clearly and given time, he can come up strategies to take down enemies, although his strategies may not be the best, considering he has limited knowledge in this area or just improvised them. As a teenager though, he hasn’t quite matured in his superhero persona, often joking and fooling around, while getting the job done, albeit, maybe not as efficiently as others. Kane also has difficulty in meta-human conflicts, often nervous or unsure of how to defeat a particular opponent. That said this doesn't mean he will hesitate, at least not for long on what to do, although afterwards, he may become disappointed in himself afterwards for not thinking of a better way to handle a meta-human situation or for not using his head. Although he wishes to end most meta-human conflicts quickly, he also tries to keep in mind what his father would do in these situations, since his father is a police officer, and, because of this, he often tries to keep civilians safe and keep them from harm's way.

Short Bio:

Kane grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, known for several superheroes originating there and for their meta-human research. It would be no surprise that one day, a new hero would originate from here. It would be a surprise that the superhero would be him, a high schooler who was busy enough trying to manage his schoolwork and social life. His father was a police officer while his mother was a doctor, both of which gave him his love for science and his moral compass concerning all that he does as the Silver Spider.


One day, Kane’s latent X-gene had begun altering his genetic structure and physiology, and, one by one, Kane began discovering his new abilities. Soon, he began to investigate why he now had superhuman abilities, such as able to wall-crawl, fires webs, be stronger, faster, and, overall, better. After much search, he inevitably came to the conclusion that he was a mutant, with abilities similar, if not the same, of that of several other spider-themed costume heroes. Unwilling to do anything heroic with his powers, Kane would soon be pulled into the world of super-heroics, or, at least, vigilantism soon enough. After his father was shot and hospitalized by a burglar, Silver began a nightly crusade to find the man who had nearly killed his father, his anger and grief pushing him to do so, making a makeshift suit comprised of a jacket, goggles, gloves, and a ski mask. Finally, he found the man who shot his father and, after a brief fight, made sure he was arrested soon after, but not before debating whether he should kill the man or not. Deciding that his parents, especially his father, a man of justice and law, would never want him to become a killer. He soon left, leaving the burglar for the police, although they caught a brief look at him and his abilities. The cops, while thinking he was possibly a vigilante, while the public claimed Kane was a superhero.

That's all, folks!
That's all, folks!

After catching the burglar, Kane decided to stop being a vigilante (or a superhero for that matter) and returned back to living a, well, normal life. Several weeks had gone by and news about his vigilante activities subsided quickly. Still, fate would not let him slip away and again, he thrust back into the spotlight. On his way to home from school, Kane saw a man was being mugged by several other thugs. No longer able to watch the poor man suffer, Kane quickly intervened, firing off several webs at the thugs to quickly ensnare them then left quickly, not wanting to stay nor reveal. Later, when at home, the news spoke about an armed robber followed by a deadly car chase by the police. Deciding whether to help or not, he soon thought about that his father may be involved and not wanting him to be hurt again, left to intervene. Although he had some experience with his powers, he still had trouble fighting the armed gunmen, but soon he resolved the situation, neutralizing the gunmen, therefore helping the police recover the stolen goods. Soon after, many citizens began praising and cheering Kane's actions. This would forever inspire Kane to continue helping out, as he saw what an affect he had on people’s lives, no matter how big or small, as a hero. Kane knew he could help out others with his gifts. It would be what his father wanted him to be. He could be hero, like other spider powered heroes. He would serve justice and always follow in his father’s and mother's example, always helping those in need and protecting others. He would never tsand by when he knew he could help others.

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From this day forth, he would forever be known as: The Spectacular Silver Spider!

Extended Bio (W.I.P.):


  • Mind Link - to have mental bond with arachnids (spiders).
  • Bio-Electricity Manipulation - Kane's ability cannot only affect meta-humans and humans, but other beings as well, such as demons, gods, angels, aliens and other being as long as they have a nerve system of some kind in their body, allowing his bio-electricity to shut down these nerves. Kane has two "modes", when it comes to bio-electricity: low voltage and high voltage. Low voltage of bio-electricity obviously requires less bio-electrical energy to be emitted from his own body, which he produces similar to an electric eel, and mainly attacks the peripheral nervous system (PNS), which deals with sending signals to the limbs and organs of the body. Kane's bio-electricity, when deal with low voltage, causes an opponent's limbs to stop functioning and become paralyzed, although their organs will continue functioning. Although if Kane applies a high voltage of bio-electricity, it would not only attack the peripheral nervous system, but also the central nervous system (CNS), which consists of nerves within the brain and spinal cord. This causes an opponent to be rendered unconscious and paralyzed. Kane's physiology also has an adaptation to protect him against the effects of his body producing excessive amounts of bio-electricity, which his body has "built-in" insulation, which not only protects him from the bio-electricity stored within him but also protects him from outside sources as well.
  • Camouflage - Has not discovered this ability.

  • Danger Intuition

  • Flash Precognition

  • Blindsight

  • Accelerated Perception

  • Attack Prediction

  • Aim Dodging

  • Enhanced Awareness

  • Enhanced Agility

  • Enhanced Balance

  • Stinger Protrusion - Is made of similar material to his his bones and just as, if not more, durable as his own bones.

  • Dermal Armor - An exoskeleton that has replaced his skin somewhat, it a highly-segmented, flexible material that protects Kane even further from attacks as well. The exoskeleton also hardens on impact, similar to liquid armor, as well as having many, hyper-segmented plates on it.

  • Enhanced Durability

  • Enhanced Endurance

  • Enhanced Intelligence

  • Enhanced Memory

  • Enhanced Immunity

  • Contaminant Immunity

  • Enhanced Jump

  • Enhanced Marksmanship

  • Enhanced Reflexes

  • Enhanced Regeneration

  • Enhanced Senses

  • Enhanced Speed

  • Enhanced Strength - With his strength, Kane can lift 8 to 10 tons.

  • Pain Suppression

  • Night Vision

  • Predator Instinct

  • Stealth Tactics

  • Trapping Intuition

  • Wallcrawling

  • Web Generation - Able to form multiple forms and types of webbing from his wrists, which contain spinnerets similar to that of a spider, Kane uses the different types of webbing for web-swinging to ensnaring criminals. The webbing has an amazing tensile strength, able to hold and not break when attached to objects weighing over several tons. The webbing is also a good conductor, unknowingly to Kane, and would allow an electric charge (or a bio-electric charge for that matter) to travel through it. The webbing though can break, albeit not easily. Knives and even meta-human strength would not be able to cut or rip through it, at least not easily. Bullets, though are able to damage and break the webbing, although this depends on the size, shape, and density of the webbing, since, and due to its tensile strength, is similar to that of Kevlar but not as effective at stopping bullets. The webbing can degrade after a certain period of time, but Kane has discovered that he can fire different types of webbing, each having different bio-degradation periods, some lasting for 10 minutes to lasting for week or so. Kane's physiology allows him to use his webbing and, even climb along it, without the fear of becoming stuck to it. Kane has a few theories about how he can do this, although so far, he is unable to prove them.

Silver Spider Suit V.1:

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The creation of Kane’s first suit took much trial and error, considering that he had next to no experience with creating his own custom clothing and needed a suit in which everyone would recognize him as the Silver Spider. Most of the suit composes of mostly civilian clothing, with black jeans, regular red running shoes and a shirt underneath of a custom made jacket, which displays silver spider symbols on the front and back. Kane's Silver Spider jacket also is reversible, able to worn inside out with a different color scheme, usually all black or blue. The suit is divided with different colors, the hood, shoulders, and the topside of the arms are red with a black web design. The chest and back of the suit is black, where the spider symbols are, while the underside of the arms and sides of the chest are blue, giving it a nice contrast with the other colors. Kane’s mask is a custom-made ski mask, along with a pair of yellow tinted goggles, which provide UV protection and protects his eyes from the sun, allowing him to web swing without any trouble. He also features black finger-less gloves, which allow him to fire his bio-electricity from his fingertips without damaging his gloves, while also have openings for his stingers.


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Wireless-Headphones/Communicators: Small, custom made headphones made by Kane himself, they were an all-purpose device that could not only receive messages and news via radio signals but also had several other features. They contained microphones able to talk to others via radio waves and can also auto-dial his family or others who he wished to talk to or if they wished to talk to him, no longer needing a phone. He can also call others with these custom-built ear pieces. The devices also can listen on police radio channels and has a built-in GPS, giving him directions about where to go and how far he is from his destination. He can also listen to news and current events, keeping himself up to date with the latest phenomena in Boston and the world. It also allows Kane to listen to music while he's relaxing by himself or fighting crooks in his day-to-day life as the Silver Spider. It also helps dampen the noise that he receives from the outside world or sources, since his physiology grants him enhanced auditory perception and range.


Silver Spider (CVNU)

The Silver Spider (CVNU)

The Webbed Wonder
The Webbed Wonder

Name: Kane Reilly

Code-name: Silver Spider

Aliases: Chosen One of the Web, Silver, Spider, The Webbed Wonder, The Spectacular Silver Spider

No Caption Provided

Species: Spider-human-mutant hybrid

Age: 16, becoming 17 soon.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 188 lbs.

Occupation: Science Prodigy, Genius, High Schooler, Hero,

Alignment: Good

Family: (All deceased), Anna Rassa (Foster Mother)

Based/Place Of Birth: Metro City (CVNU)

Personality: Kind, caring, considering, and highly-intelligent. Socially awkward around other famous or popular people. Jokes and puns around to relieve his tension, and erase his nervousness in costume. Considers himself be a terrible jokester. Applies sarcasm when in very intense or scary situations in costume. Kane has a great moral compass.

Bio: Kane was an orphan, who didn’t know what had become of his parents, and was later adopted by young, kind woman, who wanted a child to care. Many years later, Kane is a high schooler on a field trip to a small time laboratory that was developing bio-electric generators for nerve problems, chemicals for new medicines or scientific experiments, and animals being studied for their DNA to cure diseases. He was alone, except for other scientists working about, since other students were more interested in robots, and other tech. When a fault in the bio-electric generator occurred, which resulted it sending powerful sparks of bio-electricity that broke through the thick glass protecting students, Kane is unlucky enough to be struck by it, flying into chemicals and syringes, and, eventually, hit an area that contained spiders and their DNA. Hitting more syringes and spiders, who retaliated by biting him, Kane blacked out. The building was set on fire and burned down, but luckily recovered in time to escape. The whole event was covered up, and the scientist were sent to other facilities. No one knew that Kane had gone through a freak accident, and decided to rest, since he didn’t feel bad at all. What actually happened, was that his DNA was still in its beginning phases of fusion with the chemicals, spider DNA, and bio-electricity. He also secretly had a X-gene but it was corrupted. It would not give him powers and affect his physiology. With all of the factors, his X-gene activated and fused with his DNA, spider DNA, chemicals, and bio-electricity. Later, Kane was not feeling well when resting and later when tired, put his hand on the wall. That is when he first discovered his powers. All of his life, he looked up to heroes, but later realized now with his enhanced intelligence they were always busy fighting the ‘bad guys’ or ‘good guys’ like Brutus didn’t seem all that good. No one stood up for the little guy, or helped that person because it was the right thing to do. Everyone was just busy beating on each other or cared only for themselves. What finally made him commit was when his best friend was beaten up by thugs, and nobody did anything to stop them. Kane fought them, and forced them to leave his friend alone. Even further, Kane discovered who his parents were and how the died from his mother. They were murdered and died defending him. He decided to be that beacon, that hope like his foster mother was to him when he was lost and alone as an orphan, but also a protector like his parents. He became: The Silver Spider.


An amazing show of enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, wallcrawling, and web generation
An amazing show of enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, wallcrawling, and web generation

Equipment/Suit/Gadgets: (RECENTLY UPGRADED)

Homemade Suit: This was the first suit ever made by Kane. He used regular yet flexible clothing, and used a mask from a thrift store. The gauntlets are custom-made plush gauntlets to lessen his blows while punching, because he was still gauging his strength. The design is below:

No Caption Provided

Silver Spider Suit: His second suit after he got funds from wrestling part time to get his superhero career started. The suit has a black spider-web design and there are silver spider symbols on the front and back, yet have different designs. The suit is comprised mostly of red and blue with the gloves having some silver as well that are actually gauntlets to lessen his blows. The suit also has custom metal tubes that allow Kane to shoot webs through it on his wrist, and have stingers eject from the others on the top of his hand. (UPGRADED): Depending on the damage, this suit will repair itself in minutes or hours. Almost one can hack into the suit and take control. It's 99.99% unlikely to happen, but if it does Kane just needs to say Nogarap and the suit will shut down and reboot, giving you back control. And that word is Paragon but backwards. The suit is a little more resistant to damage. The nanotechnology will harden upon impacts, making Kane highly resistant to small arms fire and normal bladed weaponry. But higher caliber guns and blades will still tear through the suit. The suit also weigh's the same as Kane's old one, so it won't restrict Kane's movements. It has been upgraded with microcircuitry tech which will prevent anyone with power dampening, and draining, tech or super abilities from taking Kane's powers away. This circuitry is so small, it's nearly undetectable. (UPGRADE MK2) After recently making a unique polymer after his battle with a mutant with electrical powers, all of Silver’s tech and nanites are insulated from high-powered electrical charges. He has also reprogrammed the nanites so that they can rebuild his belt after having the strap damaged a few times. The design is below:

No Caption Provided

Goggles/Lens: Hi-tech lens that give Silver Spider a HUD that holds a mini-map, and tells the direction of a crime or important event. It also can use its mini-on-board cameras that can tell him of heroes or villains, who they are, and their powers. It is connected to his computer, and his computer contains a basic A.I. named Orb. It is also connected to every camera in the city. (UPGRADED): Kane's new FlexiGlass lenses have all the capabilities mentioned previously in the communicators and trackers, plus the tech that was in your original lenses. His tech also has shielding from any and all EMP's.

No Caption Provided

Communicator: This communicator allows Silver Spider to listen on police channels, breaking news, media, and it allows him to communicate with others if they are on the same channel. It can also play music from the radio, and he wears it under his mask. It is also connected to his phone, so he can receive phone-calls, and his computer. UPGRADED): Kane's communicators now have x3 the range now and pick up a few additional frequencies they couldn't before.

No Caption Provided

Computer: After slowly buying the right parts, Kane keeps this computer a secret, and uses it to manage all of his tech. It even has several lines of encryption, some even created by himself, and has an A.I. code named Orb. Orb manages all of his computer's functions, and alerts him to crimes and threats. Kane tries to advance his programming when he can.

No Caption Provided

Utility-Belt: This utility belt is a simple belt with several powerful magnets that can hold up to one pound of weight and small compartments to hold other things, like cash or his phone. Silver Spider uses this to hold any extra gadgets, such as his tracers.

No Caption Provided

Spider-Trackers: When working around with his computer, Kane decided that he needed something to track criminals by in case they escaped from him. With his expertise and some parts, he created spider-tracers. They are red, small, and difficult to notice.. They also are very, lightweight and rarely are felt by anyone. They were made from radio parts, and had a powerful adhesive and signal that activates when clicked. When clicked, the adhesive activates by a slight change in temperature from the small machine parts working, and the legs on it attaches to any clothing or to metal from its magnets. The signal can be tracked if the person is in the city. If the criminal is outside of the city, the signal is lost unless Silver makes the tracer or computer closer to one or the other. (UPGRADED): Kane's spider tracers also have a much greater range and a longer battery life. They are also able to stick to objects and people better and are harder to detect, but not impossible. They are also a little smaller.

No Caption Provided

Web-Enhancers: Kane can generate webs, but decided that his webs might not work on all foes. He decided to make wristbands that injected chemicals into his webs to make them flame-proof, insulated, etc. His web-enhancers are wrist-mounted devices that enhance his webs by quickly spraying his webs with certain chemicals and giving them certain attributes yet might decrease their strength by a significant amount or alter them completely.

Types of Enhancements:

  • Fire-Retardant Webs - After realizing his webs could be lit on fire and damaged severely by them, Kane developed chemical that would allow his webs to be flame retardant.

  • Insulated Webs - After dealing with “Sparkles”, a mutant with vast electrical powers, Kane made a chemical that could insulate his webs.

  • Anti-Freeze Webs - For opponents that use ice powers, Kane developed a chemical that would allow his webs not to freeze under certain temperatures, allowing him to still use his webs.

  • Acid Webbing - Seeing that acids would be helpful to destroy certain objects and help him in certain situations, Silver developed a chemical that would react with his webs and transform them into an acid

  • Impact Webbing - While Silver can create web balls that can impact humans and metas, he decided he need webs that would be able to hurt metas with enhanced durability. Thus, he created a chemical that can make his webs be fired at high-speeds and, when impacting, harden with durability equal to steel or titanium.

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