White Haired Heroes and Villains

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This is a collection of my favourite characters from Marvel with white hair. Whether they were born with it or its part of their power or they grew into it.

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  • Storm is blessed by her maternal ancestry with snowy white hair. Her hair has changed so much over the years that some looks have become iconic. And no other woman can come close to looking as good as she does with her unique design.

  • The once White King has always looks regal and distinguished with his silver mane. Magneto has had white hair since his youth and thankfully his genes have passed on that trait to his male heirs.

  • The time traveling psychic cyborg and adoptive father of the mutant messiah

  • Spiderman's feline ally and occasion lover

  • Marvel's top speedster and son of the original silver fox, Magneto

  • Magically created son of the Scarlet Witch but he really takes after his uncle Pietro...?

  • Bad-ass gunslinger of the Wild Pack

  • Pretty in pink Thunderbolt

  • His looks like he has a vanilla ice cream swirl on the top of his head

  • Deceased albino shapeshifter and spy

  • The Prime Sentinel

  • Clone of Magneto but with a longer mane, was a hero and now a villain(?)

  • Evil sorceress and scientist

  • Premier psychic of the Imperial Guard

  • The new Protector and former Marvel Boy

  • Daughter of Captain Marvel, and a Guardian of the Galaxy

  • Brother of Phyla and son of Captain Marvel

  • Asgardian werewolf and father of Wolfsbane's pup

  • Feline alien X-men

  • Old soldier and now cyborg, look out Cable

  • Great Beast of Canada and sometime Snowbird form

  • Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension and lover of Dr. Strange

  • Murderous Marauder that is continuously cloned

  • Molded by Masque into a Storm knock-off