Ultimate Morlocks

A hidden society of mutants who live in the sewers. Most have physical deformities because of their mutations or suffer from emotional or psychological issues. Though they are weary of the outside world they have a well structured and well meaning society and are always open to new "citizens".

They are lead by a council of "veterans" who are mostly founders of the society. They have no interest in the fight of mutant coexistence/domination, and simply wish to be left alone.

They have specially selected soldiers who patrol the tunnels around their homes and act as a defense squad.

List items

  • One of the Founders and on the Council, she often leads those who go to the surface for supplies. Her brain has mutated to have several super strong tentacles attached to it. She removed her own eye as a way to utilize her mutation. Was a model in her surface life.

  • Super strong and durable, his muscle mutations have disfigured him. He is a founder and on the Council as well as leader of the tunnel protectors.

  • Able to mold and reconstruct and alter the flesh and features of people. He is more sympathetic than his 616 counterpart. He is a founder and on the Council.

  • An alcoholic and a medical Doctor in his surface life. Has the mutant abilities to heal most wounds, injuries, and sicknesses. On the Council.

  • Body is composed of brain tissue, granting vast psionic abilities. On the Council.

  • Able to sense and sniff out other mutants, as well as morph into a super strong, durable, and feral form. He suffers from mental disabilities. He is a founder but not on the Council. He is later recruited into Apocalypses Horsemen.

  • Super human adrenal glands, granted with super strength and physicals for short amounts of time. One of Sunders solders.

  • Projecting empath, motherly figure

  • Shape-shifter, possible autism

  • Telepath, projects a vapor or smoke that hypnotizes, psychological and emotional issues

  • Her tongue is prehensile and contains another, fanged, poisonous mouth on it.

  • Able to control air currents

  • Creates a Psi-link with anyone he touches, a kind of mental hub. Only a child, possible mental disabilities.

  • Absorbs electricity and releases it through his mouth.

  • A were-cat like mutation. One of Sunders soldiers.

  • Exoskeleton, super durable, one of Sunders soldiers.

  • Young boy, able to "turn off" other mutants powers.

  • Army Vet, cockroach like mutation, skilled mechanic in charge of maintenance duties.

  • Young girl with durable and spiky bone shards protruding from her body. Under going training to be one of Sunders soldiers.

  • Absorbs people and objects into himself, gaining mass, strength and durability

  • Animal control

  • Able to absorb and project sickness and illness. She is unharmed and immune to the illnesses, though she does have the symptoms. Consequently she always appears sick.

  • Tactical telepathy, can sense things upon physical contact. Patrols and scouts the tunnels, acts as a look out.

  • Ghost like mutation, able to meld with people, possessing their bodies.

  • Lion like mutation, blind, but super senses, strength, physicals. One of Sunders soldiers and in a relationship with Feral

  • Reptilian/dragon like mutation. One of Sunders soldiers.

  • Former Morlock, enrolls in Xaviors school.

  • His body secretes a sticky black substance.