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Ultimate Kree

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  • A vast, militantly strong, and technologically advanced alien race, they are governed by the Supreme Intelligence and hold one of the tops spots as a galactic Empire.

    Though not evil, they have been formed into an elitist and xenophobic culture, with strong senses of class and racial biases, to the extent that they are willing to let Gah Lak Tus consume various planets unchallenged so as they might observe and study the events.

    Currently though, the Empire is engaged in a violent Civil and Social Revolution, brought about by Captain Mahr-Vehl's defecting to earth. Now, the Kree are engaged in social and personal upheavals that threaten to dislodge the core values and beliefs of the ancient Kree by encouraging things such as body modifications, inter-species relationships, freedom of religion etc. This movement has been labeled the "Mahr-Vehl Movement"

    A group of Conservative, "true-kree" called the Ruul, have began to crack down on the "Mahr-Vehl Movement" with the intent of keeping the laws, rules, codes and values of the old Kree Empire entact.

  • Ruler of the Kree Empire. IT is actually an Infinity Artifact, (Mind Stone) that has amassed all knowledge,information, and intelligence from within the Empire into itself, creating a super, self aware, all knowing entity.

    The Intelligence was discovered and worshiped by ancient, primitive Kree and has brought the race into its current position as one of the strongest of the inter-dimensional empires.

  • A Robotic Police force that survey's the Kree Empire. Controlled and dictated by the Supreme Intelligence.

  • Leader of the Kree Imperial Ministers that serve the Supreme Intelligence

  • An Imperial Minister who works closely with the Supreme Intelligence, acts as the messenger for the Intelligence.

  • Imperial Minister that works with The Supreme Intelligence

  • Kree Imperial Minister that works with the Supreme Intelligence

  • Kree Imperial Minister

  • Kree Imperial Minister

  • Kree Imperial Minister

  • Kree Imperial Minister and Leader of the Science Council. Pro Ruul leanings.

  • Kree Imperial Minister

  • Kree Imperial Minister, close relationship with the Lunatic Legion.

  • Kree Imperial Minister

  • Judge, Jury, and Executioners of the Kree Empire

  • A Kree Public Accuser, answerable only to the Supreme Intelligence.

  • Member of the Accusers corp

  • Half Kree and Half Acheron, Ronan is the son of Thanos and a Kree woman. He serves his fathers inter-dimensional Empire, and acts as a mediator on behalf of both the Empires. He has received the title of Accuser as a sign of status within the Kree Empire.

  • A Kree Accuser that specializes in hunting and tracking the accused.

  • Member of the Accusers Corp.

  • One of the leaders of the true-Kree "Ruul" movement.

  • A Ruul leader.

  • Military Commander for the Ruul party

  • High ranking military General. Thought dead in the destruction of his fleet during the Ultimate Secret mini-series. Has returned to Kree space vengeful and with a hatred for Captain Mahr-Vehl and the Mahr-Vehl Movement.

  • Son of Yon-Rogg

  • Daughter of Yon-Rogg

  • Kree General who supports the Ruul movement.

  • Pro Ruul Party Military Captain

  • Young Kree warrior persuaded to the Ruul movement.

  • Pro Ruul Kree Soldier

  • Pro Ruul Kree soldier

  • Kree Scientist that supports the Ruul

  • Elite Kree fighting unite that deals mostly with covert operations.

  • Kree Admiral loyal to the Supreme Intelligence only. Leads a squad of Elite Kree soldiers called the Lunatic Legion.

  • Second in command of the Lunatic Legion.

  • Kree Soldier, member of the Lunatic Legion

  • Kree Soldier, member of the Lunatic Legion

  • Kree Soldier, Member of the Lunatic Legion

  • Kree soldier, member of the Lunatic Legion

  • Kree soldier, member of the Lunatic Legion

  • Kree Soldier, member of the Lunatic Legion

  • Wife of Captain Mahr-Vehl, mother of Genis-Vehl and Phyla-Vehl

  • Daughter of Captain Mahr-vehl and pro movement freedom fighter and figure head.

  • Son of Captain Mahr-Vehl and supporter of the Ruul party.

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement soldier, Captain of the Gestalt warship

  • Kree soldier serving on the Gestalt under Glory

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement soldier and member of Captain Glory's crew.

  • Chief-Tech aboard the Gestalt and friend to Captain Mahr-Vehl. Member of the Mahr-Vehl movement.

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement Captain of the Kree Military

  • M-Dell the Kree Commando, a pro Mahr-Vehl Movement soldier

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement Kree Soldier

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement freedom fighter

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement scientist responsible for the procedure that aids Kree in body modification. Slightly sinister and possibly following her own motives.

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement Scientist

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement Kree citizen

  • Pro Mahr-Vehl Movement Kree citizen

  • Kree martial arts master, lives a monk like existence.

  • Grand admiral of the Kree Empire thought lost but returns infected with the Brood

  • Kree Member of the Nova Corps.

  • Mysterious and powerful Kree vagrant