Ultimate Children of the Atom Freshman Class

Students who have enrolled in Xaviers School at the onset of their mutations.

List items

  • Has complete control of her astral form, though her body remain vulnerable. Class President.

  • Body is composed of a fluid, malleable, pliable substance that grants flexibility and durability. Class Vice-President

  • Called "Wink" absorbs and stores electricity and projects it from his eyes. Brother of mutant vigilante fugitive Cannonball.

  • Micromorph, able to shrink down to 4 inches.

  • Molecular distortion powers

  • Winged flight, produces hallucinatory dust

  • Body morphs into armored plates

  • Telepathic Hive Minds. Esme, Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe, Sophie.

    Daughters of Charles Xavier and Emma Frost.

  • Body composed of living water, must wear a containment suit

  • Creates Friction-less Force-fields. Joins the Brotherhood

  • Generates a strobe like light from eye that paralyzes. Must wear a device that helps to control it.

  • Plant control

  • Able to communicate with animals and insects, but not so well with people. Discovered living in the wild by Wolverine. Replaces Skids in the Student Body.