Infinity Artifacts

Instead of stones or gems, the Infinity Artifacts are objects and powers left over from creation that offer limitless power. When all are brought together, the wielder is virtually omnipotent.

List items

  • Infinity Artifacts.

  • Quantum Gauntlets.

  • The Quantum Bands equal the power gem/stone. Called Quantum Gauntlets. They are an ancient relic crafted eons ago and serve as weapons for the Protector of the Universe. Locked up in Project Pegasus.

  • The Nova Force/World Mind

  • The Nova Force replaces the space gem/stone and is harnessed by the Xandarian World Mind. It is what powers the Nova Corps and allows for their instant travel to any corner of the universe.

  • The Supreme Intelligence

  • Instead of the mind gem/stone. The Kree possess it and it is used to assimilate all of their greatest minds to help further the glory and power of their culture.

  • Faith Wells in the Universal Church of Truth

  • Rather than the soul gem/stone. Used by the Church as a sort of vessel that contains the prayers, faith, and souls of all their worshipers.

  • Uni-Power