My Featured Reviews

Just so I don't forget, not to brag or anything.  Really, it is more as a resume if you will.

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  • This issue contains my first Featured Review.

  • This issue contains the review of my Second Featured Review.

  • My third known featured review. I don't take much pride to this one, since I believe it was the fact it was the only review as a tribute to Harvey Pekar within the week he died.

    R.I.P. Harvey, wish I knew you sooner.


  • My forth Featured review.

  • This was my 5th featured review.

  • This trade paperback page contains my 6th featured review and still my highest recommend score. I thank everyone for that. I also thank J3 for being the inspiration as this review was my love letter to his art. As much as I enjoyed Greg Rucka's story, it was J3's magic that was casted on me to write that review.

  • This was a book I reviewed under the VNU account and still got it featured. I think that makes me the only person, or at least the first person to be feature on two different account.

  • This review I would consider my Magnum Opus other then the Elegy Review. Elegy was my Love Letter to J3's art. This was my Love Letter to the medium. This comic review was synchronicity in its purest form. Everything I learned of Metaphysics and everything I understood from the book flowed fluidly to take the Möbius strip and apply it to this review. It is also a from of synchronicity because it was the 8th feature. The number 8 itself is a Möbius strip. Pretty scary as if the Gods themselves were at play.

  • Like how the Mobius Strip is what Morrison is doing with Batman, my Mobuis Strip is a love affair with my favorite character John Constantine. Hellblazer was responsible my 1st, 5th and now 8th Featured Review. The scary thing is 8 horizontally is the infinity symbol, which is symbolic for my love for this series. It is the only true tie I have to DC. If DC cancels it, they offend me and likely would loose me.

  • The unofficial "10th" feature. I call it Unofficial, since IE mentioned it in the "Community Star: Silkcuts" article. Found at (

  • The unofficial "11th" feature. I call it Unofficial, since IE mentioned it in the "Community Star: Silkcuts" article. Found at (

  • Project 500 catalyst issue. Made the front page news on Comicvine. The unofficial #12 feature for Silkcuts, but first Jam Session review.

  • This would be the official "10th review" feature with the other three reviews above were mentioned on comicvine via article and or Project.

  • My Love letter to the Medium and why I love it. This would be the official "11th review" and now again "12th*" featured, since it is the only comicvine review to be featured twice. Reviews 10-12 were featured on the front page as articles.