Clones of John Constantine

There is only one John Constantine: Others have tried to make their own.

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Comicvine had a video that reminded me that there are way to many clones in comics.  Here is a list of a few that John Constantine Clones.  These guys are not DCU copies running around, they are just comic characters some way or another was "inspired" by John Constantine.

List items

  • He is the Original "occult" Detective in a trenchcoat. Even in Vertigo there are direct clones: Such as the American Constan"TEEN" in the movie verison. Lord Constantine in Books of Magick: Life During Wartime. As well as OGN and mini-series versions: like Pandemonium, Dark Entries and City of Demons.

  • Grant Morrison was not allowed to use Constantine in Doom Patrol so he made Willoughby Kipling instead.

  • Steve Niles has admitted to it. John Constantine heavily influenced this character.

  • Gravel was created after Warren Ellis left Hellblazer prematurely. Many of Gravel's stories are seen as "elseworld" John Constantine stories, since they are loosely what Ellis would of done with John. Such as the "Body Garden" which was referenced both as a comment in Hellblazer and an actual arc in Gravel.

  • Another infamous Warren Ellis John Constantine clone. Used in Ellis' Planetary as a symbolic burial to his premature departure on Hellblazer.

  • The female Clone of John Constantine made by Warren Ellis.

  • Another Warren Ellis creation which bares similarities to John Constantine. In this clone the only physical similarity seems to be smoking. The true clone would be in Pete Wisdom's shadowy connections and how he controls them.

  • Trench coat and tie. Good looking and does bad things with magic. Sounds like John to me.

  • No really magical, but is another of Ellis' characters to take the Hellblazer tone of a darker world.

    Note the blond hair and Trench Coat.

  • He is called an "occult" detective. He has a trench coat. His creator used to read comics and there is good chances he read Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing is the series John Constantine came from.