New fan-fiction 4 pager ^_^

Its been a while since I manage to wrestle art work out of a fellow viner and in honestly J1ml33 wrestled the script from me with his gentle reminders on how he wanted to work together I finally found it in me a script meant for him.  He is a big Renee Montoya fan and I am big on the Bat family, this short story only made sense to me.  I hope you like the comic. I am happy with the final work and will attach my script  so you can see my part of the  Hope you enjoy the story like I enjoyed writing it.
 - Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe

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======================The Question Comic Capers Freestyle Heist Web comic==================

Written By: Kevin K. Gorospe                                                                                      Prepared for: Jeffery Brown.

This web comic should read down in a linear sequence like a strip of photos from one of those booths. The panel layout is intended for be your current comfort layout of four rectangular panel grids.

++++Panel 1(Establishing shot)

We see Renee Montoya at a Sushi restaurant.   She is writing down something on a piece of paper. (*Fun idea to place us in the background.)

++++Panel 2 (split panel to mirror the caption)

1)       Waiter comes to bring her the food she ordered.

2)       We see Kate Kane taking the alpha role and gesturing a romantic dance with Renee.



++++Panel 3 (split panel to mirror the caption, does not have to be centred, you can make the restaurant scene bigger of the two if need,)

1)       Waiter’s back is now turned walking away, his hand is in front of him signaling someone and Renee cannot see it. She is about to eat.

2)       We see Renee and Kate dancing.

++++Panel 4 (split panel to mirror the caption)

1)       Close-up of Renee is eating. Maybe have a piece of sashimi on a pair of chopsticks in her hands.  

2)       Close-up of Renee and Kate kissing



---------------------------Good time to break it for next page-----------------------------------

++++Panel 5 (Establishing shot)

Renee eating is interrupted by attacking ninjas.

++++Panel 6 (Split panel to mirror the caption)

1)       Panel full of smoke, because this is when Renee is putting on the mask.

2)       Close-up of Kate Kane with hearts around her.



++++Panel 7 (Split panel to mirror the caption)

1)       Renee is now the Question. Smoke clearing.

2)       Kate is now Batwoman



++++Panel 8

This one I need to give a little more direction on how it should look.   I need the panel split down the middle like the other panels, but Renee is now the Question so I need her centred and also split in the middle since she is key in both sides of the panel. On the left hand side we have the attacking ninjas. On the Right hand side we have Batwoman.



---------------------------Good time to break it for next page-----------------------------------

++++Panel 9

I need again a little more control on how this panel should look. Sorry. This panel has the Question and Batwoman back to back in the middle of the page, The Question to the left and Batwoman to the right. The background is split to show the mirror of the caption, the left side is the restaurant and the bad guys, while Batwoman’s side is Gotham’s streets with thugs.



++++Panel 10

Panel of the girls fighting bad guys. Background black.



++++Panel 11

Renee now stands in the blacked out panel. Defeated Ninjas scatter the floor. Mask removed and in hand. A piece of paper falls from her other hand.



++++Panel 12

Upon the black background, the question/Renee is now gone and we see the piece of paper falling.

---------------------------Good time to break it for next page-----------------------------------

++++Panel 13

Splash panel of the opened up piece of paper. I want the note warn out. Maybe the like the message handwritten, crumpled and stained by food in our world, then scanned and inserted over the black background in photoshop. But I am not an artist, so I don’t even know it that is possible. The message on the paper is the comment below The copyright bit should be there are well, to cover our ass.:

This dance of ours, your meat so sweet.

Judgement clouded.

Pride gets in our way.

This dance of ours, it never ends.

The world blacks out when I am with you.

Now you are gone.

-           Renee Montoya

Copyrights: Comic Capers Freestyle Heist to Kevin “Silkcuts” Gorospe. Story/Script: Kevin K. Gorospe © 2012. Story/art: insert artist name/pen name ©2012. The Question II/Renee Montoya and Batwoman/Kate Kane are trademarked character copyrighted by DC Comics.


Holmes Inc. #3 Release party
Congratulations to the students who participated in the latest installment of the Holmes Incorporated Anthology series!

To celebrate the completion of this summer's Fit to Print course and the publication of Holmes Incorporated 3, the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop is throwing a release party on Friday, September 7th in their space at 587A College Street.

The Comic Book Lounge will be open for the duration of the event and we thought we'd share it with our TCBL subscribers and friends to let you know about it!

Holmes Inc. created by Ty Templeton.

 To be in a Cypher with Kanye would be a dream,
if that ever happened your boy would then be making CREAM.
Smooth like SILK being "Simply Irresistible Lovable Kevin",
and when I sin its in Seven,
trust me its better that way.
Like the hypocritical Catholic I'll save my soul when I Pray.
Get it? The church makes us Prey.
If you don't get it now you will one day.
"Charming Under the Situation",
my "CUTS" is a social evaluation.
So if you sting I cut you and I am not sorry,
You need to break the matrix cuz I'm playing you like Atari.
Yes I mean your easy.
You prostituted you integrity making you sleazy.
I know that money is the lover we wished we didn't need,
she caters to our greed.
The 99 feeds the 1 and we be pretend its not true,
Brand this brand that reapplying the social glue.
A society built on a totem of whatever value of it you want.
Like a Grant Morrison Invisible I see the truth and a flaunt.  

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Looking for a wiki writer

Holmes Inc. #3 is a special book for me.  Sentimentally it will be the first book published with something from me written in it.  On top of that, I actually will have two things written, since one of the collaborators dropped out and the strictly writers were given 1 page stories as well. I'll actually have two stories over 8 pages in this anthology.  
I created the basic stuff for the Holmes Inc and TCW pages and wondered If I should do my own wiki or ask someone to do it for me.  I was debating IE, since I felt he discovered me here.  Or Aztek who has supported me the most over all this time. Maybe even Liberty, since I would consider him my CV best friend. These suggestions were just things that came to mind. If anyone wants to write my wiki, let me know and we can talk about the process since I would have to send you a copy of Holmes Inc. #3 when I get it.
 - Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe

Heroes Initiative Signing and Fundraiser!!!!

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We are pleased to announce our next event and signing which will happen on Saturday, June 23rd 2012. This signing will be a fundraiser for the HERO Initiative, and we are super excited about the lineup of artists that will be joining us:

Ken Lashley – Comic book artist on numerous titles such as Blackhawks, Flash, Black Panther, Deadpool, X-Men, Batwing, and more! Plus lots of Star Wars related work for Hasbro, Lucasfilm, and LucasArts!

Ken’s Blog
List of books Ken has worked on

Leonard Kirk – Comic book artist on numerous titles such as X-Factor, X-Men, Supergirl, Superman, Sigil, Star Trek, New Mutants, Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, JSA, and more!

Leonard’s Blog
List of books Leonard has worked on

Richard Zajac – Inker on a number of projects including The Huntress, G.I. Joe, Soulfire and more! Richard also has contributed pencils to Hero Initiative books, and Thoughtless!

Richard’s DeviantART page
Richard’s Website

Agnes Garbowska - a fan favourtie at Stadium, Agnes has worked on several projects for Marvel Comics including Girl Comics and Spider-Ham. She also is the creator of several titles such as Waking Up Abbey, Imagination Station, and You, Me, and Zombie! Agnes contributes regularly to Saturday Morning Webtoons as the artist on Boo Bear and Flo.

Agnes’ Website
Saturday Morning Webtoons

Each artist will be sketching to raise money for Hero. There will be blank covers available for people to have sketched on, and there will be some really cool Hero Initiative merchandise, such as the Ultimate Spider-Man 100 project, the Hulk 100 project, and the Wolverine 100 project comics – which some of the artists that are attending have worked on!

We’ll also hold some raffles, and a big sale on merchandise inside the store!

What is the Hero Initiative? Click Here to visit their website

The Hero Initiative is the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Hero creates a financial safety net for yesterdays’ creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment.

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Just a poem I had in mind when thinking of Fit to Print.

By Silkcuts”


Some Will Obtain Real Distinction,

Those forged in fiery conviction.

Family pride is cast in the core,

To shine of brilliance forever more.


Life cannot avoid the clash,

Breaking lives to end in flash.

A blade cut short,

 Life just a sport.


Some Will Obsess Raw Desire,

Playing with the quill of passion’s fire.

Cyrano’s curse of sharp tongue and mind,

Is a combination rare to find.


Life measured from blade to hilt,

Finding joy upon full tilt.  

Thrust forth, take life hollowed and bored.

We all live and die by the sword.



Just to let anyone who cares know, I am officially in Fit-To-Print.  Fit-To-Print is the "workshop" that Toronto Cartoonist Workshop host to give inspiring comic book creators a simulated "freelance" environment.   If all goes well in 15 weeks I will have something contributed in an anthology.  Like seriously, I will be published if it all goes well.  The book should be ready for Fanexpo.  I am excited and I am sorry I have not reviewed much and really haven't done much for the site, but its for my goal to write comics.  I am so excited!  I'll keep you guys posted!


Students who enroll in FTP (Fit to Print) will be taking the final steps to making their ideas concrete by bringing them to the printed page. Teams of writers, artists and inkers will be created and given a valuable working experience from project editor Ty Templeton.

FTP is a rare opportunity to simulate the life of the freelancer working for Marvel, DC or other mainstream comics publishers. Students will be working from characters and concepts that have been predesigned by the project editor thus adding the additional complexity of working with an established property. The editor will be treating the efforts of participating students with a critical eye and will be vocalizing necessary changes as needed.

Prerequisite: Comic Book Bootcamp Level I or Writing For Comics Level I  


Duration: May 9 – August 15

Time: Wednesday evenings 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm


 - Silkcuts