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"Simply Irresistible Lovable Kevin"/ "Charming Under The Situation"

First mention is an article written by inferiorego was: Around the Vine: Community Wrap-Up 10/15/10 ( Here)

Was entered into the ComicVine Community Star-of-Fame on January 21st, 2011. ( HERE)

Has had a decent amount of reviews featured ( Here)

Had Project 500 featured by Comicvines' front page ( HERE)

Yeah I have my own Forum ( HERE)...lol

Comic Vine Weekly News: 05/25/12 - Babs give me a shout out!

Mentioned on TyTempleton's Blog 08/21/12 ( HERE)
Community Spotlight (October 26 - November 2) had a link to the 4 page fan-fiction I wrote featuring The Question and Batwoman ( HERE)