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Human disguise.
Human disguise.
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  • Name: None
  • Aliases: Silhouette, Sil
  • Origin: Inorganic Alien
  • Gender: Shapeshifting Female
  • Species: Xul'ar
  • Height: 4' 10"
  • Weight: 83lbs.
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Hair: Red
  • Age: Unknown
  • Transportation: Teleportation
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Sexuality: Unknown

Physical Description:

Slim and girlish, the inorganic entity known primarily as the Silhouette resembles a teenage girl in nearly every way -- only her pale green skin, shimmering violet eyes, and small size give her away as something bizarrely non-human.

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Hailing from a planet she doesn't speak of, she refers to herself as "Xul'ar" -- a species of amorphous alien thought forms that do not take any sort of physical form unless they will it so. What few Xul'ar in their natural forms wander to Earth are called phantasms and poltergeists, seemingly able to communicate and influence objects, but entirely featureless and incorporeal.

Silhouette, on the other hand, does take on a human form that she selected -- though left a few discernible markings in order to not feel that she is "deceiving" the population of Earth.


Naive and logical, Silhouette (or Sil, as she is sometimes called) is a strong critical thinker but sometimes lacks the knowledge to properly socially function on Earth. While her goals appear to be noble, her means towards them seem uncharacteristically direct, and overall the girl's morals seem to be alien in the more conventional sense -- functioning on a different axis than black and white, and therefore challenging to comprehend by someone who is not Xul'ar or otherwise inorganic in nature.

More casually, Sil is seemingly innocent, yet takes what she wants. Enigmatic and paradoxical, she has difficulty making close friends as those she gets close to have difficulty understanding her personality and attitude. Nonetheless, despite her mysterious goals and past, she appears to be eager to drink in the culture of Earth and finds even trivial things fascinating.

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Powers and Abilities:

As a Xul'ar, Silhouette's abilities are deceptively complex for how simple they seem -- she can shapeshift on a molecular level. This allows her to do the obvious (growing, shrinking, changing into other forms, camouflaging herself, etc.), but the level of finesse she has over her power allows for even greater application.

Usually she can only use one or two major abilities at any one time, but some smaller effects can be maintained more easily. Among her applications of this power are:

  • Disguise: She can take on the appearance of nearly anyone, as long as she understands them and has studied them sufficiently.
  • Growth / Reduction: Silhouette can increase or decrease her size by about 50%.
  • Strength Increase: By increasing the density of her muscles, she can increase her strength to the ten-ton range.
  • Speed Increase: By lengthening her ligaments and shortening nerve distances from her brain to her muscles, Sil can increase her speed to beyond peak levels.
  • Intelligence: Sil has permanently enlarged the blood vessels in her brain, allowing extremely fast critical thinking times.
  • Camouflage: She can effortlessly blend in with her surroundings.
  • Density Alteration: In addition to hardening her body, Silhouette can become incorporeal, effectively "phasing."
  • Flight: By making herself buoyant and semi-corporeal, Sil can easily fly.
  • Adaptation: She can instantly adapt to different environments -- whether this is the atmosphere of another planet, or the depths of the ocean. More destructive environments, such as deep space or the heart of a sun, can overload this ability.
  • Chemical Transformations: With a great deal of effort, Silhouette can adjust her body to match various elements, or hybrid element types. This allows for various effects, such as making herself conductive by introducing copper to her genetic makeup, or becoming highly flammable by transmuting into magnesium.
  • Vibration: Another "challenging" ability, Sil can vibrate her molecules when she's phased. This can allow her to pass through solid matter or create highly destructive effects against living entities.


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  • Lust: 2
  • Envy: 5
  • Gluttony: 4
  • Sloth: 2
  • Wrath: 3
  • Avarice: 2
  • Pride: 2


Energy bonding. If Silhouette is tricked into phasing through certain highly-volatile energy forms, it can disrupt her "natural" form completely -- causing her to reactively adapt by forming a puddle of immobile ooze. While this doesn't last long, it can last long enough in many cases to capture or otherwise seriously injure the Xul'ar traveler.

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