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  • My first (or second?) graphic novel. It captures the feeling of growing up amazingly well. Lovely artwork.

  • This is a minor thing, but it is a rare action comic where the protagonist changes her clothes and hairstyle a lot like a normal person would. The stories are complex and smart and tie up nicely with previous volumes.

  • I think I don't get 'Black Hole'. I can see why it is a great comic and I enjoyed it, but I have a feeling there is something about it that I miss out on completely, either because it does not speak to me or I'm a sloppy reader.

  • It really is a masterpiece. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is.

  • Great. It does read a bit more like a novel than a comic, mostly due to the literary references and circular storytelling, but it features some well-done art as well. I just hate the lettering in my Polish edition.

  • A must-read on many accounts.

  • The author has a gift for making the ordinary very touching.

  • I read this series multiple times as a child. It is my dream for someone like Peter Jackson to adapt it to film. 'The Archers' and the longer arc around it is probably my favourite part of the story. I also love the one-shots about young Thorgal and Aaricia, and 'Alinoe' would probably still scare the hell out of me. I'm not too pleased with the recent volumes but the ones starring Thorgal's son Jolan bring back the epicness of the earlier stories.

  • The main reason why I'm reading 'Legacy' is because Cade looks like a freaking Billy Idol! It's this combination of metrosexual and macho I can't resist. I also love the background story with the new, more benign Empire and the Sith rising again. Even though it utilizes many of the same themes and cliches as the original story, it's something a Star Wars fan would rather enjoy. My only gripe is that the execution is not very good... lame dialogue and little substance to the characters so far.

  • Not a big fan.

  • A huge favourite of mine! I love the gnarly artwork, the curious mix of fantasy and realism, and a nostalgic feel of this comic. Personal classic.

  • It has been many years since I first read it. It set a standard for me of what a compelling, gritty and rich fantasy story should be like. I also loved the prequel that was published a few years ago. It's a crying shame that Pelisse's name was changed to Roxanna in the US edition. How is that better?

  • I need to catch up on the last few volumes. This is a delightfully outrageous story. Anyone who has read 'Preacher' and liked it tends to put on this knowing smile whenever it is mentioned - a conspiracy of people who survived exposure to the absurdity of this comic. It's been a while but I remember the Polish translation being exceptionally good, given the very inventive explicit language it contains.

  • Reading it.