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Nova #13.Now Review or I can't believe Sam's made it this long 0

-This is also my review from CBR First off before I start my review, I have to say that while I really like this title, especially with Duggan on it now, I'm surprised this title survived to reach the all-new marvel now. It was a title with a new character replacing one people already like who has had three creative changes so far, the fact that it's still here and is still going on in the future is miraculous. So, with all of that let's get on to Nova's run in with Beta Ray Bill. This issue fol...

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WOLVERINE VOL 6 #1 review or how Wolverine tries to be cool 0

Now, I am not a wolverine fan, the only reason I have even read this is a friend let me borrow it from him but hey here we are with another #1 issue of Wolverine, so let's dive in. How did it go? To be was OK. It was not terrible, it was not great, it was just OK. Although I think I have figured out what's stopping it from being great, timeline and continuity. The problem with this is that we just jump onto the crazy train from page one where we already see Logan in his new armor, w...

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Mutants, Aliens, and... Run D.M.C? All-new X-men #22 review 0

Issue #22 of All-new X-men not only starts the titles entry into All-new Marvel Now! but also the Trial of Jean Grey crossover with Guardians of the galaxy, something that I am really excited for. Now I have to admit, I may be a little biased as I have been really excited for these ever since Bendis first announced it. This issue starts out with a lot of calm before the storm(or alien attack), where X-23 is training, Hank is making another one of Bendis's weird time charts, Iceman is playing ou...

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The Search Begins(as well as Duggan's Run) Nova #11 review 0

Following last issue cliffhanger, we open up to find Sam at a doctor's office after trying to find out why he keeps going blind. However, while the doctor isn't able to figure out whats wrong, Sam is and it turns out its not blindness but a map. A map of what you may ask... well to be honest the location of a couple hundred dead nova corps members(Sam might want to find himself a new job). Sam then follows one of these markers to a dead nova who was killed by spiders and sam manages to fight th...

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Uh-oh... that may have been a bad idea Sam, Nova #12 review 0

So, only two issues into Gerry Duggan's run on Nova and he's already in some deep trouble, both in space and at home. You see, what I love about this series is not only that Sam is a fumbling hero but also that he has some very serious life issues that are bubbling underneath the surface, such as him not being in school a lot, his families financial troubles, and now he's got another problem knocking on his door... Beta Ray Bill!(well, next issue at least). Not to spoil the issue, following Sam...

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Like Mother Like Daughter, also something about New Warriors. Nova #8 review 1

Well with this issue of Nova we see Sam getting involved with the big Infinity event going on right now, however not in the way you might think. You see Sam is not flying off to new York fighting off alien invaders, no the fight is coming to his hometown of Carefree, AZ. Now this is a bit of a spoiler: Thanos becomes aware of Sam's presence on earth but because Sam is inexperienced he is really not worried about him at all but with still a little rage left over from Richard Rider and possibly th...

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AHH! What is Sentry doing with his face! Uncanny Avengers 11 review 0

I usually like my review headings to have a joke but in all seriousness there is a scene in this issue where the revived Sentry peels open his face and it is the creepiest thing I have ever seen, and I read Marvel Zombies. So on to the story I guess, so how is our team of Avengers and X-men fairing so far against the Apocalypse twins? Not good, I mean they are just getting their butts handed to them left and right with the Four Horsemen on the attack. The team is scattered all over the place, so...

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Spider-man is a !)@#$, Nova #7 review 0

Heh, you know the funny part is that Sam actually says that in this issue. Well actually he says "Wow. Spider-Man's kind of a !)@#$" but that's neither here nor there. So, this issue we see Sam go off to New York to become an Avenger and its next greatest hero; but that doesn't really happen. He runs into a bunch of heroes sees the sights and mainly runs into and follows Spock, who is a real jerk. He makes fun of Sam, belittles him for being 15, and even makes a Justin Bieber reference(which w...

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Avengers Arena 13 review, from Arena to Academy 0

This series is a perfect example of how to take a villain who is normally seen as joke and turning him into a serious threat that puts him up there with people like Red Skull. This issue shows not only that he can kidnap16 people from the avengers, x-men, and etc but also can cover his tracks so that no one even knows he did it. Arcade is an evil mastermind, making it look completely plausible that these 16 people disappear at the same time, this is basically turning bozo the clown into Jigsaw. ...

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Poor Hobgoblin, Superior Spiderman 15 review. 0

Man, Phil Urich can not catch a break in this series. First he has to pay everyone off to be hobgoblin, then last issue he lost his job with kingpin. This isdue spiderman hunts him down and ruins his life. I am not going to say anything beyond that, but this guys life is going to be a little difficult. However the main character, SPock ireally doing a great job ring a hero while acting like a villain. Ex: calling his soldiers minions, his own island, hacking tv. This issue also starts to show th...

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To WAR! Movement#4 review 0

This series has become one of my favorite DC titles due to great art and writing from Gail Simone and Freddie Williams but also its amazing original characters. So picking up from the last issue Virtue has declared war on the Coral City police, and in this issue we get that war and oh what a fight it is. Tanks are thrown, Rats are everywhere, People in masks fighting Swat teams, and so much more. However while the fights are amazing what Gail is really good at writing are the characters. This is...

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Fialkov is killing it in the Ultimate Universe, to bad he might be the one to actually kill the ultimate universe. So for those who haven't followed what this story is about, in the aftermath of AoU the multiverse broke apart, and a the time of this event Galactus literally ripped open a hole in the universe entering the ultimate marvel universe, that consists really of one of the final pages of this issue. Mainly we're following Ultimate Rick Jones a.k.a Nova who has been missing since his las...

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Antonio Stark is Dead, Long Live Iron Man! Ultimates disassembled part 4 (spoilers) 2

I am really loving Fialkov's work on this title so far. In four issues he destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D, Killed Iron Man, and has basically brutalized the rest of the Ultimates, but if you think he's done, you haven't seen anything yet. A couple plot points are still following from the last issue, such as Nick Fury's new team of heroes and we get to see what they are made of in a fight between them and the H.E.R.B.I.E.Trons( an awesome mixture of Ultron and H.E.R.B.I.E.). We also get to see more of the ...

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Flying High as a kite, The Bounce #2 Review 0

Joe Casey seems to come up with some interesting subjects whenever he gets his own independent work, especially his newest work, the bounce, who is basically spider-man if he smoke pot. He's a carefree slacker who has superpowers, and to be honest he really is not a bad character, just not really a very positive role model. This issue begins where the last issue ended with Jasper being on some sort of drug trip seeing his dead friend in a world filled with other costumed superhumans, a place I h...

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The Movement keeps moving along nicely 1

I really like Gail Simone's work, secret six was my favorite and Batgirl, which I need to catch up on. She really knows how to write different types of characters, from LGBT , different minorities, anti-heroes, women, and etc. And really that's what makes this comic special, it has an interesting group of heroes from the possibly lesbian Leader Virtue(it was inferred in this issue and mentioned over SDCC this weekend) to the Satanic Burden and even the hot headed Katharsis. To be completely hon...

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Holy Hell Fialkov! Ultimates Disassembled part 3 1

If you've been paying attention to the Ultimate Universe lately then you may have heard that Joshua Hale Fialkov, writer of I,Vampire and Alpha: Big Time, has taken over the lately less then stellar Ultimate Comics Ultimates with his first story arc being Ultimates Disassembled, and so far it's been doing really great and making the title a lot more interesting. So, today issue 27 came out and all I can say is that not only is it awesome, Fialkov does not mess around when it comes to shaking up ...

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Fun with the undead 0

What can I say but new outfits, New story plot, and some old friends. Thats what alot this issue is, setting up a new status quo with a new leader of the wrecking crew and setting up that they really need to get out of the city, not because its dangerous but because of what they learn in the first few pages. However that doesn't matter because what really matters is that it uses great refrences and that it is really funny. Thats what this series is about a bunch of funny comic, movie, and videog...

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