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@redlantern2814: In character? Yeah, probably. Genos lets his guard down a lot, and it cost him an arm against the Sea King. If he made that mistake against All Might, he'd lose a lot more than an arm... But, for the sake of my argument, let's say they don't stop until they know the opponent is dead. Or it takes place in an open area. Then I disagree.

I'm not gonna argue for Genos' durability, as a single clean shot from All Might would end him, no doubt. The problem is, the MHA-verse seems to be rather lacking when it comes to speed feats, with its top tier, All Might, being no more than FTE. Genos should be pretty far above that, based off of his fight with Sonic later in the mango.

Sonic has been, well, supersonic since he was introduced to the show, and only got faster from there. In their fight, Genos was pressuring him really well, and even managed to cut his hair. The fact that he touched Sonic at all should mean he's well above Mach 1. (Others say he's hypersonic. I do believe he's around that level, but the feat supporting that was apparently removed.) Plus, he has energy blasts that arguably rival All Might's punches. Maybe a bit less, but definitely enough to hurt him either way.

I say, Genos wears All Might down through speed advantage and comparable DC. Though in the end, both are awesome characters from awesome series.

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@unlimited1:"You clearly know very little about one punch man"

Taking every single fan calc you see as fact ≠ Knowing about One Punch Man

I'd try to prove those wrong, but that is WAY too much math for me to handle (which doesn't matter since pixel scaling isn't reliable anyways). So instead, let's try some common sense. Considering all the damage that he's taken in the show, doesn't it seem a little inaccurate to claim Genos is Mach 1000? Doesn't that seem a little off to you?

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@unlimited1: "All might is small town level in the series and large town level in his prime, Genos is city level in the beginning of the series (he could one shot a city) and much stronger currently. S class heroes like Tatsumaki and Atomic samurai have speeds of about four digit Mach and Genos is comparable to them."

Large town level All Might? Four digit mach Tornado?! Where are you getting this crap?! Please show me valid proof that Tornado and Genos are somehow that fast. As for prime All Might, we can't figure out exactly how strong he was since it's all hype and no feats. But, needing 300 punches to do what would've previously taken 5 probably means he was a lot higher than large town level..

"With the huge speed and DC advantage All might has no chance"

While I don't read the manga, I do recall a feat I've seen from him in other debates: crossing 5 kilometers in 30 seconds, and taking out some villains along the way. Assuming his speed is in proportion with his strength, and he was 10 times stronger in his prime, he'd be close to Mach 5.

"not to mention Genos is probably physically stronger (he has been stated to be as strong as Tanktop master)"

Not at all. Genos' higher DC comes from his energy blasts, while All Might is nothing but physical strength. Plus, Tanktop Master's throwing feat isn't too impressive in comparison to All Might's punches.

"and even a durability advantage (took a beating from a demon level monster which defeated an S class hero)"

Lol no. Not in the slightest. Durability is his weakest stat, and a few hits from even current All Might would be enough to kill him. Also, which monster are you talking about? If it's Sea King, then you're wrong there. Genos was winning due to his superior speed, but the couple times he did get hit, he took severe damage. Plus, beating Puri Puri Prisoner doesn't matter in this debate at all since either All Might or Genos could kill him with ease.

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@god_vulcan: @chaos239:

"No, he'd beat Base Kabuto who's above anyone in MHA will probably ever be."

That's debatable. All Might was apparently several times stronger in his prime.

"Stop wanking, that's not city Level at all, it's Multi-City Block Level"

That's definitely only a few city blocks, but it's still more than enough to severely damage Genos. Sea King, whose striking strength is inferior to even weakened All Might's, took the cyborg's arm off with ease. Also, I'm pretty sure Genos can't take out a city in a single shot either. And, with that in mind..

This is throwing me off a bit. So, when someone is given a DC level, are we talking about his collective strength? Because neither All Might or Genos can one shot a city, but they could easily wreck a few if given some time.

Back on topic, I still think prime All Might wins. Even if we lowball and assume he was only five times stronger in his prime, that's still more than enough to one shot Genos. His other stats should go up as well, possibly bringing him up to city level durability, and the speed for.. well, for us to actually consider this a fight.

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@chaos239: He'd win against Kabuto's enraged form?

That was an actual question lol. I don't read the manga.

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@chaos239:Current All Might is already Town level, so even if we lowball and assume he was only five to ten times stronger in his prime, that's still enough to incapacitate Genos with a single shot tbh.

"..and would still weaker than Carnage Kabuto."

Well yeah, but that doesn't really matter since Kabuto would stomp Genos too.

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Current All Might gets stomped due to Genos' speed advantage

Prime All Might stomps due to horrific gap in strength

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"And all of this is speculation, there are no raw calcs for Meruem, but we know he stops at nuke level, which scaling All Might's attack potency should triumph by far. Not a single character in the show has All Might's physical strength.."

My comment above: Uvogin caught a handgun bullet at point blank with his teeth. Cheetu sees bullets in slow motion. Pitou leaped 2 kilometers in seconds. And, in terms of physical stats, Meruem is leagues ahead of all of them. Yes, All Might is definitely stronger. But even if I concede to the argument that he is somehow nuke level, I doubt he has the speed to land a single clean shot.

"..speed is hard to calculate since All Might is faster than human sight while suppressed. Furthermore All for One states he's gotten A LOT slower. Thus even a 10x multiplier for his hypothetical prime is a low ball, but is MORE THAN enough to stomp out shine Meruem in everyway.."

Faster than human sight? Killua, at the very beginning of the series, was FTE... Being 10x faster than that doesn't mean much against a hypersonic enemy.

"In fact, I don't even think he can beat Endeavor..."

Now you're just being silly. Endeavor failed to take out a Noumu flying at like 30 mph. No way is he keeping up with Meruem, much less someone like Pitou.

You guys do understand how strong Meruem is, right? He's easily a 1000 tonner through scaling, which means he's going to hurt All Might eventually. He might not have the AoE that say, Uvogin has, but that doesn't make him weaker. Also, his nen adds to his already insane durability. Just look at the fight between Killua and Zushi. Killua was so much stronger, but couldn't knock him out. Now look at this fight. The gap between them isn’t as big - meaning, Meruem CAN take a couple hits before going down, if All Might manages to hit him in the first place.

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Jesus, there's so many people pulling ONE quotes out of their ass.

If we go by feats, Saitama is about continent level. If I wank the **** out of him, as the fanboys like to do, he's universal at absolute max. Physical strength won't get you any further than that.