Mega-City swear alternatives.

OK, so I was reading through my 2000AD progs and Judge Dredd Megazines. I think we're all clear with Mega-City One slang. I assumed, originally, it was a different dialect, which being so far in the future is understandable.

I then came across a panel, in which a character is saying the uncensored word "sh!t". A Judge then sentences him to six months in the Iso-Cubes for bad language. This incident prompted a new train of thought. What if 20th Century swears are illegal in 21(whatever year Dredd's policing). By contextual use, there seems to have been replacement of these words. I offer a list.

  • Drokk - replaces the F word. (Drokking hell, for drokk's sake, drokk you, etc.)
  • Grud - replaces God - not always used as a swear (Grud's sake, Grud have mercy, Oh, Grud, put the fear of Grud into them.)
  • Sturm - replaces sh!t (Oh, sturm, etc.)
  • Jovus - replaces Jesus - again, not specifically a swear (Jovus' sake, what would Jovus do?).

Am I wrong in my conclusion? Just seems to me these words have apparently been made illegal and have been replaced with acceptable alternatives even used by the Judges, e.g. Judges use of Grud, drokk, sturm.