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Shuma-Gorath Rates His Servants

Greetings, puny fleshlings! I, Shuma-Gorath, leave you with my personal ranking of all my servants. All servants have infuriated me by failing to dispose of the wretched Doctor Strange - - yet some were closer to that goal than others. Therefore - - I shall rank my servants in order of greatest to weakest in terms of my personal favor with them, not personal power. Such is the will of Shuma-Gorath!!!

List items

  • Ah, Ghaszaszh Nyirh - - a fellow Old One and a faithful servant if I ever saw one. Out of all my servants he was the only one to defeat Doctor Strange in a confrontation. When Strange and that fool Kaluu entered his temple in Africa while he was receiving human sacrifices, he combated them both and made Strange and Kaluu both flee in terror after he took out Strange's eye with a blast of energy! It was only through destroying his temple from the outside that his gateway into Earth was destroyed. I await your return with eagerness, Ghaszaszh.

  • Arioch is my most powerful servant and my lieutenant - - an infinite like myself that can become as powerful as his imagination allows. Strange could not stand up to that kind of power, but unfortunately he was able to forcefully merge with Arioch and use his energy against me in battle. Though his power is impressive he ranks behind Ghaszaszh Nyirh due to his amateurishness in letting Strange get the better of him.

  • Kathulos served me well in my plan to rid the universe of Doctor Strange - - he was able to nullify all of Doctor Strange's magic and was in the process of absorbing his very being. However, Strange's near merging with Kathulos allowed him to see that Kathulos had no resistance to magic while in the process of absorbing, and so Kathulos was struck down with the Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak. Strange almost died stranded on Kathulos's remains in space, but unfortunately found a way back to Earth - - I did not anticipate that he would survive this.

  • Dagoth rendered an entire town helpless against them and commanded blood sacrifice - - a practice that I myself am familiar with. He almost succeeded against Doctor Strange but was banished to an unnamed dimension.

  • The Water Elemental - - aye, the first to attack Strange for the will of Shuma-Gorath. Despite his allegiance, his body was defeated quite easily once Strange committed to murdering the body that the Water Elemental possessed.

  • N'Gabthoth is a very attractive servant who was able to shatter a Ring of Raggador - - yet once Strange was bolstered with the power of the Ancient One, N'Gabthoth was defeated was defeated rather easily. Despite his good looks, he is not in my favor.

  • This servant was good for a distraction - - but far too weak to be of any greater use!

  • A mere fleshling - - though she makes my tentacles experience rigamortis.

  • Strange smothered and killed Sligguth with a cross - - pathetic!

  • I have always despised sorcerers - - they become to arrogant for their own good. Yet this own at least brought me back to Earth for a time.

  • Nightmare was used simply for amusement. I dominated him and possessed his very realm without even having to venture there myself - - I placed a spell of silence on this coward who is so pathetic that he has been put in a chokehold before by a human.

  • This fool tried to control me - - despite invoking Set's powers I defeated him with a mere blast of energy that completely disintegrated his body.

  • Another fool that tried to control me - - she learned immediately that this was a mistake by meeting the same fate as her lover, Kulan Gath.

  • Shuma-Gorath despises cats!

  • My very creation, Quoggoth. I modeled him after myself - - yet the fool fancied himself more powerful than his master. As punishment I sealed him underneath the Earth for millennia and did not even offer him a chance to repent. You are the lowest of the low, Quoggoth! Remember who your maker is!