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Just As the Teens Were Losing Steam 1

I believe in recent issues the "Teen" Titans have begone to lost steam. It seems like there's something big that's gonna happen but it's just taking too long. So now comes the original team to settle the score. The first issue was good except for the fact that we have Trigon....again. Anyway I really am reading this book for its characteristics and dynamics that are awesome. I love reading Nightwing and Arsenal together, its one of the best DC relationships. Second by far is Cyborg and Beast Boy...

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Kirkman does it again! 0

I can't praise this book enough. Two issues in and I feel like I've read more then all six of the issues of Batman Confidential. The Wolf-Man character is definatally an old school hero much like Kirkman's other book, Invincible. In this book we find Gary three weeks into his training, he has learned to control his new form and he makes a debut as a hero and gets a new costume. The book sets up a lot here, including hints to a base and some kind of vehicle. It was a great idea to put the first i...

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