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I started collecting comics around age 7, my first comic was Airman #1 from Malibu. Eventually I moved into more and more comics and at age 12 I started actually reading them on a regular basis. My favorite heroes of all time are Moon Knight, Azrael, and Grifter. I'm a regular on the Super Hero Hype, Comic Book Resources, and Dreamchilde forums. My favorite comics tend to be independant or take place in a smaller section of a larger universe. Pretty much anything that stays away from large crossovers.

As far as the vine goes, I pride myself on having detail pages revolving around Robert Kirkman's Wolf-Man comics, I made a huge page regarding the DCAU and some of its surrounding characters, I'm slowly working on pages revolving around the Sentinels (an independent graphic novel series), and making a detailed page for Kevin Matchsticks and Mirth from the Mage series.

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Azrael 80%
Moon Knight 75%
Grifter 75%
Aquaman 70%
Cable 60%
X-Man 60%
Kyle Rayner 45%
Aztek 45%
Hal Jordan 40%
Nightwing 37%
Batman 15%
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