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904157 Kueller Character 10/07/21 09:37PM 4 approved
904148 Kueller Character That image is of Buzz Vs. Zurg. It has nothing to do with Kueller. 10/07/21 09:37PM 4 approved
904147 Kueller Character Dueled Luke and was killed by Leia 10/07/21 09:36PM 4 approved
881967 Dracula Character Enemy in King Arthur Vs. Dracula along with Arthur himself. 09/17/21 08:03PM 2 approved
881965 Dracula Character 09/17/21 08:02PM 8 approved
881963 Morgan le Fay Character In King Arthur Vs. Dracula, Morgana joins forces with Dracula after he turns her into a Vampire. 09/17/21 08:00PM 2 approved
798891 Peggy Carter Character 06/17/21 05:07PM 6 approved
798890 Peggy Carter Character 06/17/21 05:02PM 12 approved
798842 Kratos Character 06/17/21 04:11PM 4 approved
798837 Kratos Character 06/17/21 04:09PM 12 approved
798831 Kratos Character 06/17/21 04:08PM 8 approved
798826 Utopian Character 06/17/21 04:06PM 8 approved
788098 Kratos Character 06/07/21 12:21PM 10 approved
387671 Apep Character Sorry, wrong Seth XD 03/09/20 01:23PM 4 approved
387670 Apep Character Seth also opposes Apep's evil in the Egyptian myths. 03/09/20 01:22PM 2 approved
382708 TPB Issue As shown from the back-art, Cassandra is in the comic too. 02/28/20 09:03PM 2 approved
371846 Morgan le Fay Character I don't think possessing someone against their will and trying to kill their friends is consistent with being someone's friend. 02/07/20 07:52PM 2 approved
370841 Renfri Character 02/06/20 07:40AM 2 approved
370519 New Character Character She appeared in a graphic novel adaptation of The Witcher stories as well as the book and show, and thus counts as a comic character. 02/05/20 05:26PM 50 approved
370491 Morgan le Fay Character She is sometimes a friend of Arthur instead of an enemy, depending on the version. 02/05/20 04:06PM 4 approved
370490 Sir Galahad Character 02/05/20 04:01PM 27 approved
369779 Cassandra Character 02/04/20 05:16PM 28 approved
369387 New Character Character She appears in several Tangled comics that have been released, and therefore counts as a comic book character. 02/03/20 07:58PM 50 approved
300053 New Character Character Comic book character who is the mother of someone else with a page here. 10/14/19 07:37PM 50 approved
286062 New Character Character Moon Knight villain from his original comic series. Debuted in Moon Knight Issue 37. 09/19/19 06:18PM 50 approved
286048 New Character Character 09/19/19 06:15PM 50 approved
232299 New Movie Movie Because it's a supervillain origin movie, and we have pages on Comicvine for original superhero/supervillain films not from Marvel or DC (The Crow, Super, etc.) 05/23/19 07:24PM 0 denied
225022 New Character Character Because it's an alternate universe version of a character with a different backstory and alias then that of the mainstream version. We have similar such pages for Dark Raider (alternate Reed Richards), Maestro (alternate Hulk), and so on. Also, @majinblackheart gave his approval on this thread: 05/08/19 02:15PM 0 denied
189760 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Movie 03/08/19 09:49PM 2 approved
189608 New Movie Movie Because we already have a page for the first Jurassic World movie. There is therefore no reason to not have a page for the second Jurassic World movie. 03/08/19 05:57PM 50 approved
181550 Max Steel Movie 02/21/19 05:59PM 2 approved
179080 New Movie Movie Because it's a superhero movie that is also about a character who has a page on this site, as well as having appeared in both cartoons and comic books prior to this. And since my submission was rejected because the picture wasn't big enough, there's now a bigger image to with the submission. 02/16/19 12:31PM 50 approved
178071 Jan-Al Character 02/14/19 12:05PM 2 approved
178070 Jan-Al Character 02/14/19 12:03PM 12 approved
178069 Alitha Character 02/14/19 12:02PM 2 approved
178068 Z'Kran Z'Rann Character 02/14/19 12:01PM 2 approved
178067 Z'Kran Z'Rann Character 02/14/19 12:00PM 12 approved
178066 Alitha Character 02/14/19 12:00PM 4 approved
178064 Alitha Character 02/14/19 11:58AM 12 approved
177632 New Character Character Because other fused Marvel characters from the same series (Soldier Supreme and Iron Hammer), already have pages here, and I was also explicitly given permission by @fesak to add the other fusions who don't already have their own pages. 02/13/19 06:48PM 0 denied