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Its hard to maintain a secret identity these days...or not 0

WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSThis issue of Ultimate Spider-Man is one of those rare issues that does not feature the book's title character and/or main protagonist but has a story that is so good that it doesn't matter. Outside of flashbacks Miles Morales appears in a grand total of 2 panels. That's it. And in spite of that, its still a solid issue, with the last chunk of it easily elevating it to the four-star rating I've given it.The story is essentially the biggest role Ultimate...

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Someone watched the Avengers movie methinks 0

Earth 2 does well with its fifth issue as the tension mounts and the situation becomes touch and go as Solomon Grundy's actions now threaten to end all life on Earth. While most would agree that's probably not going to happen given that this is only the first story arc, its telling that I still feel the tension despite knowing this. That's good writing.First off, I figure I might as well point out that while the stuff with the government people is a pretty blatant allusion to SHIELD, especially ...

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So how did you and your BFF first meet? 0

The World's Finest 0 Issue is some interesting ideas weighed down by less-than stellar execution. Its one of the 0 Issues I was looking forward to reading due to my being a fan of the new Earth 2 and Power Girl and Helena Wayne Huntress as a new World's Finest. But like I said, its got some problems.First off, the art is actually kind of awful. There are so many lazy drawings here its painful to look at, with only the very last page managing to be really good. Nearly all of the others look lazy ...

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We'll all miss you Judd 2

You know, its been quite a while since I've written a review, but that's just the way things turned I guess.Judd ends his run on Batwing with a beginning, as corny as it sounds, and to his credit he does it well. This issue, while business as usual for Batwing, really just serves to show why Judd Winick's leaving the book is a huge loss on DC's part and I really do dread what will happen to Batwing with Judd no longer writing this book.But more on that later.In keeping with the theme of the 0 is...

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New Guardians gives us more questions...and a sweet new outfit 0

Green Lantern New Guardians enters its second chapter as Kyle Rayner only narrowly makes it out of the sticky situation he was left in last chapter only to end up in another one at the end of the issue. Its a good issue to be sure, but suffers a bit from being a single part of one of those "meant for trade" kind of stories, and as a result, I can't help but be left with wanting more. But again, that's not to say that this issue's no good.As always Bedard does a fine job writing Kyle Rayner, who ...

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Why does Hickman think I know anything about him? 0

Ultimate Hawkeye nears the end of its first (and possibly only if this is just supposed to be a mini-series) story arc as Hawkeye and one odd assortment of characters close in on their objective only to find that their enemies are more intelligent then they think. More then just an army of power-drunk thugs, the People continue to impress as new villains, coming off as a deadly powerful new breed of superhuman with motivations that are explained in a somewhat cryptic way, but not so much that yo...

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I didn't know that Electro was filling in for Freddy Krueger 0

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man continues on at its slow pace but there are definitely signs of big developments on the way. Miles puts his spider-powers to use, and its clear that he's a different man from Peter Parker, and as a result, will become a different Spider-Man.The main difference between Peter Parker and Miles Morales is how they react to their powers. Oh certainly in both cases there are similarities, but Miles clearly does not want these powers. He is aversive to them, and I might even ...

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Wait: does he have one of the kids from Super 8 as his friend? 0

The relaunched Ultimate Spider-Man continues along at its slow but sweet pace with an issue that has Miles reacting to his powers in about the way you would expect and also getting to see his father and best friend be nicely fleshed out. Seeing Mile's supporting cast be established is a nice touch, even if it does leave Miles being a bit less developed. That's not to say that he's not getting character development too though. After all, this is all what Brian Michael Bendis is best at.After comi...

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So much for the French always surrender stereotype 0

Ultimates takes a very dark turn indeed as a major part of the status quo that we thought we would have is brutally removed from the equation and our villains come into the forefront. The Ultimate Future Foundation is here, and Hickman wastes no time giving them the credibility they deserve.I think its kind of funny how not that long after seeing the trippynes of the World in Uncanny X-Force, I'm seeing it again here in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. And the trippynes is still very much there, on...

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Its good to see Kanto's Sabrina is still getting work 0

After an awesome introductory issue, Ultimate Hawkeye's tone shifts from a tale of superhuman proliferation and villainous science to a chaotic war-zone that Hawkeye and a small contingent of SHIELD soldiers must fight through, only for the aforementioned superhuman proliferation to get much, much worse. But despite this shift in tone, the high quality of the last issue is retained.Being stuck in the middle of a ruined city now populated only by tanks, soldiers, and the occasional supervillain w...

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Its hard to be a history nut these days 2

My hopes for Demon Knight's success are rewarded with a spectacular first issue, that introduces its players in a quick and efficient fashion, and gives most of them enough of a personality that it definitely makes me interested in seeing more of what this team (though they're not a team yet) has to offer.I must say looking at this book and the cast of characters, I cannot help but be reminded a little of Secret Six. The extreme violence (including our villain's introductory scene that is just W...

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I never want to see Deadpool eating again 0

“The Dark Angel Saga” enters chapter five and really goes all out as far as heavy sci-fi elements are concerned. One can’t help but appreciate the kind of creativity on display here, although as far as staying true to previously developed canon, I truthfully have no idea as to how faithful or unfaithful this is, but at the same time, I’m not sure I care. It really is a fun read, and definitely not something you see every day in comic books.The story picks up from Archangel and the aptly-named Ge...

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Way to capitalize on Generation Lost DC 0

The new Justice League International opens up with an issue that is solid on its own but makes a grave mistake as far as continuity is concerned that really hurts the book, but does not quite ruin it either.  At the end of the day, it is a solid intro to the JLI and probably a slightly better first issue then Justice League was.  A good first part of the issue involves an introduction of all the members, as the UN (or something similar) decides which of a number of superheroes they are shown mak...

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Judd pulls it off 1

I had said that more then even Batman, Batwing was the one title I would be most interested in.  And after reading this, I can say without a doubt that I was not disappointed.    Judd does a fantastic job of immersing you into Batwing's world in just one issue.  OK, so the "police officer who is also a Batman type-hero" is not the most original idea in the world, but it works here.  Like in Gotham, the police force here is corrupt, and Batwing seems to be one of the only pure officers present. H...

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That has got to be the nicest megalomaniac ever 0

The Dark Angel Saga reaches Part 4 in what is certainly an interesting issue, and also probably the best of the arc so far.    Now, I parachuted both into this title and into this story in the second part (issue 12), and that was simply because I love, love, love the Age of Apocalypse.  A meeting between that world's unique and interesting X-Men and the X-Force team (coupled with some excellent art) was more then enough to hook me in. Both it and the following part were good, but not perfect.  F...

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Probably best not to tell them their world's about to end 0

WARNING: Possible spoilers.  You have been warned.  One of the better tie-ins of Flashpoint concludes with a solid end, which sees Deathstroke show how he's a badass no matter what reality it is, and him also get the kind of ending that his mainstream counterpart probably never will receive.  And it is that good ending that makes the overall end of Flashpoint that much more tragic.  But I'm straying dangerously close to spoiling things, assuming I haven't already.  Suffice to say, its a great re...

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If it had to end, this was the way to end it 0

My first review on this site is ironically the issue that ends the DC Universe. Well, that and reboots it.Flashpoint has been a fun read for me, as a fan of alternate reality stories, it was cool to see what Geoff Johns and company did here. And they really did a great job. Not all of the tie-ins were good mind you, but some of them were, and besides, the tie-ins aren't what dictate my thoughts on this.The issue, which among other things shows us what we all knew was going to happen the second t...

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