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Most relentlessly fanwanked characters on Comicvine

I got the inspiration to do this from a few "SW characters with worst fandoms" lists, only I decided to expand it to include ALL characters that I consider to be the most fanwanked on Comicvine, based on my time on the Battle Forums.

Also, if you're planning to whine about my choices, know that you're probably wasting your time, as you likely won't be telling me anything I haven't already heard a million times. That out of the way...

List items

  • All of them. No seriously, all of them. Or rather, 99% of Arrow characters anyway, including Arrow himself most prominently. When you've got people arguing with a straight face that he can beat Ultimate Hawkeye easily because he dodges freaking arrows and because of blatant PIS, you know things are bad. Also this:

    Random character from Arrow Vs. Any non-Arrow Street level character ever: "X fought Arrow for a few seconds! X has dodged arrows! They stomp! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! Y's never touching them even though folks who have never dodged arrows do all the time! Who cares! Dodging arrows makes you the Flash to anyone who hasn't ever dodged an arrow! Dodging arrows is EVERYTHING!!!"

  • Arrowverse version deserves to be listed again because he's the worst LA example of this I've ever seen. Period. His comic book version gets fanwanked too sometimes, though nowhere near as much or as badly.

  • Do I even need to explain this one?

    (Insert threads like Buu Vs. the entire DC Universe)

    Oh, right. That. Also what's directly below:

  • “I’m the greatest martial artist in fiction, because there are pictures of me in different fighting stances! DIFFERENT FIGHTING STANCES! Beat THAT Superman!”

  • Another one that anyone who’s been on this site long enough should know, but just for the sake of it: “Mace Master of the Order! Mace do Force feat against Super Battle Droids that’s inconsistent with other feats! MACE BEAT PALPATINE, *POST VIDEO OF FIGHT OVER AND OVER*, Palpatine wasn’t struggling! U all just Sidious fans! Let me post more out-of-context gifs, single images, and comic scans while ignoring canon facts from novel! Sidious Fans! Sidious Fans! SIDIOUS FANS!!! LOLZ!”

  • “I PULLED DOWN A STAR DESTROYER AND BEAT PALPATINE!!! Context, facts, and Game mechanics? What are those?”

    And of COURSE I'm a great lightsaber duelist! Doing badly against a bevy of featless and near-featless opponents PROVES IT!

  • “I drained a planet and have a cool mask! Context? What’s that?”

    (Note that this one was bad when I last checked, but I don't know if the fanwanking has eased up since then).

  • “I’M THE MOST POWERFUL SITH EVER!!!!” (...) Palpatine who?”

  • “What’s that? Not all versions of the Greek Gods are equal? Nonsense! I killed (nerfed) versions of the Greek Gods, so that MUST mean I’m invincible! I BE GHOST OF F---ING SPARTA!!”

  • “I beat a group of fodder with no hand-to-hand skills when I was a teenager! I MUST be the best hand-to-hand fighter ever other than that guy in orange with spiky hair! AND I’m the most popular video game character EVAH! PISTOL WITH SCOPE BITCHES!!”

  • “I can beat Count Dooku because one crappy Youtube video said so! I’m unbeatable with a lightsaber! Unless of course it’s baldy, because HE BEAT PALPATINE!!”

  • “I tanked a train, and some random schmuck says I’m invincible despite having no way of knowing it. I can TOTALLY hang with Galactus and Saitama. No displayed limits means I must not have any! WOOOO-WE!!!”


  • “I DODGED A BULLET! Do you hear me? I DODGED A BULLET! I am best Street-Leveler EVER!!”

  • “I beat up a bottom tier street-leveler who DODGED A BULLET! Do you hear me!? DODGED A BULLET!!!”

  • “I’ve beat Superman!” (No you haven’t) “Yes I HAVE!” (No you haven’t) “YES I HAAAVEEEE!!” (No you haven’t). “I can beat the whole Justice League!” (You know what prep time and context are?) “....I beat Superman.”

    In fairness to this one though, he does also get the opposite constantly, what with folks who never seem to understand that Batman is NOT losing to low or mid-tier street level characters even without his batsuit and gadgets.

  • “I fought the Arrow for 17 seconds. 17 SECONDS! Beat THAT, fools!”

    Also, I've fought LEAGUE NINJAS! You know, the cannon fodder that Jefferson one-shot, a military soldier stalemated one on one, and everyone on Team Arrow goes through like they're made of sticks? Yeah, THOSE League Ninjas! All of them are master martial artists despite overwhelming evidence to prove they suck! So my fighting several at a time and losing to Arrow after 17 seconds PROVES I'm the next Lady Shiva!

  • “I ‘don’t hold back’, fought Lady Shiva, AND spat blood in her eyes! What NOW, bitches!?”

  • “Oracle says I can beat Batman, and since unsubstantiated lip-service is always right, I can beat Batman! Who cares about facts and evidence?”

  • “I’m the only woman on the Avengers and can outrun the Hulk for a few moments! I can beat any man and anyone who says otherwise is sexist or underestimating me!”

  • “I’m an awesome fighter because….BECAUSE! Evidence and feats? Who needs 'em!”

  • “I use guns and kill people! So that means I can hang with Batman and Spider-Man! Yep, I can totally beat someone who’s easily beaten me multiple times and other folks with better feats than me because I’ve got GUUUUNSSS!”

  • “I melted the turret of a tank! I can equal the Silver frickin’ SURFER!”

  • “I look stronger than I am! I broke the Bat and am the best, context be damned!”

  • "Gail Simone makes me da BEST! I can fight Bronze Tiger and Batman even when I shouldn’t be able to! With her writing for me I’ll NEVER lose!”

  • MCU Version. No, friends, he's NOT on Henry Cavill Superman's level, and no amount of power-scaling and ignoring the speed gap and how much his lightning stinks will make it so.

    And, to be frank, 616 Thor sometimes gets fanwank too. I mean, it's one thing to believe Thor can beat Superman in a good, close fight. It's another thing to believe he can one-shot/stomp Superman.

  • Also MCU version. No, partially melting Vibranium Ultron with help from two others does not mean you can beat Superman or Wonder Woman or Ares.

  • MCU hat trick. No, Vibranium Ultron is not Superman/WW level, much less powerful enough to beat both at the same time.

  • And now a foursome. No, getting your ass kicked by Black Panther does NOT, and I repeat does NOT make you a great H2H fighter. Neither does beating Ultron Sentries with ARROWS and NOT H2H skills. And just to re-iterate it again, getting your ass kicked by Black Panther and having a one-second long headlock does NOT make you Black Panther/Captain America level, or even frankly Daredevil level.

  • No Limits Fallacy rubbish, mostly.