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Injustice Gods Among Us, My Version

As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed both the Injustice Gods Among Us video game and tie-in comic book, I have still decided to do my own version of the story, with my own line-ups for the Regime and the Insurgency, along with some other stuff besides. I hope you all enjoy my take on Injustice Gods Among Us!

List items

  • Beginning with the One-Earth Regime, who are formed in the aftermath of Metropolis' destruction and Superman's subsequent descent into villainy and an "Ends Justify the Means" philosophy. Though steps to their formation had been happening ever since Superman called for his world-wide ceasefire, the Regime was not formally created until after Kalibak's failed invasion of Earth. From there the Regime united all of the world's nations in a fascist society that makes sure people follow the rules and laws as they are laid down...or else.

    Despite claiming to be doing what's right and ostensibly having brought peace to the world, in reality the Regime has largely just traded pre-existing tyranny for their own. Concepts such as free speech and even being out after dark have gone right out the window, not to mention that forcing people to make peace against their will doesn't actually bring about much peace. Though there is technically less war and crime than before, the situation has reached the point where most would say it's not worth the price. Or rather, they WOULD say that...if it were permitted by the Regime.

  • "So many lives lost...because I held back."

    Following the destruction of Metropolis and the deaths of his family, Superman was sent down a path of despair and vengeance. After brutally killing the Joker, the architect of his misery, Superman then declared that under his watch there would be no more conflict on the Earth, and called for an immediate global ceasefire. When various nations resisted, Superman became increasingly militant and forceful in his efforts to bring about peace, which included dumping Atlantis in the Sahara Desert, subjugating “insubordinate” nations like Australia and Syria, and killing or lobotomizing all of Arkham Asylum’s crazed inmates. Following a failed Parademon invasion however, the people of Earth came to once again embrace Superman as their savior (if only temporarily), allowing him to then develop his own army of “peacekeepers” with which to maintain “order”. So it was that the Regime, also known as the “One Earth Government”, was born. And to the surprise of nobody, Superman was the one sitting on the throne.

  • "Man's world is incapable of self-rule. We will preserve order."

    Hailing from the island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana, was sent to Man’s World as an ambassador of peace. But Wonder Woman has long believed that peace must be fought for and that a forceful approach is required to bring about change. While this might not seen an unreasonable stance at first glance, following Superman’s embracing a more militant world-view after Metropolis’ destruction, Wonder Woman readily embraced his new way of doing things. She also had by that time an unspoken attraction to the Man of Steel that became more pronounced after he embraced his new fascist world-view. Standing at his side and refusing to ever let him doubt himself, Wonder Woman has long since replaced Lois Lane as the woman in Superman’s life and also serves as his 2nd-in-command. She is fanatically dedicated to his worldview and is determined to crush all who would stand against it For there can be no mercy to the enemies of the Regime.

  • "Time to end the Insurgency!"

    Though having great doubts and reservations about what Superman and the rest of the Justice League was doing, Hal Jordan ultimately lacked the courage to make a stand against that which he knew was wrong. This cowardice, combined with his instilling fear in others, caused him to attract the attentions of a Qwardian Ring, which seized control of him and purged him of the power of Will. Now Hal Jordan serves the Regime diligently as Yellow Lantern, and Earth’s Avatar of Fear. But deep down inside he is still a reluctant and unwitting follower, and if he could perhaps be freed of his yellow ring’s influence he might just take a stand with Batman’s Insurgency…

  • "We allow NO insurrection!"

    Having always believed in forcefully righting wrongs as he sees fit, Black Adam knew immediately that the Superman that emerged from the fires of Metropolis’ destruction would be a friend rather than a foe. Biding his time, Black Adam waited until Superman would readily welcome his assistance, and from there Black Adam became one of the highest ranking members of the Regime. Currently he oversees the entirety of the Middle East, ruling over the whole region with an iron fist. As always, Black Adam governs with a simple but severe ultimatum: kneel at his feet or be crushed by his boot.

  • "This is a criminal act!"

    Following the deaths of most of the Teen Titans due to there being in Metropolis at the time of it’s destruction, Cyborg dedicated himself fully to Superman’s cause, also still possessing strong loyalty to the Man of Steel. With the rise of the Regime Cyborg has willingly expanded his connection to the digital world and is now plugged into every computer IN the world. As a Big Brother like entity known as “The Overseer” he serves as the Regime’s eyes and ears against any kind of potential incursion, and also uses his control over all of the air-waves to indoctrinate the masses. But despite of all of this, Cyborg is still a formidable fighter and is not at all above getting his hands dirty when the occasion calls for it. And with a now upgraded cybernetic body, he’s confidant he can put down any threat to Superman’s Regime. If he has any one weakness, it's that he cannot fight and serve as the Overseer at the exact same time.

  • "Superman's been more of a father to me than you EVER were!"

    After letting his temper get the better of him and accidentally killing the original Nightwing, Damian Wayne was disowned by his father and abandoned. Embracing Superman as a new father due to sharing his militant world-view, Damian became his right-hand man and surrogate son, and the now older Damian is fanatically dedicated to the Regime’s cause. As the new Nightwing he is brutal, violent, sadistic, arrogant, and consumed with self-righteous fury. He is eagerly awaiting the day when he will be able to fight, best, and kill his biological father Batman.

  • "I'm sorry but I have no choice. I must follow my sister, to Tartarus itself if need be."

    An Amazon like Wonder Woman, Donna Troy has always been much less militant and brutal than her “sister" but nevertheless feels compelled to follow her as a member of the Regime, also hoping that it will be able to keep a tragedy such as Metropolis from happening again. Her choosing to join the Regime has put her at odds with her on-and-off lover Jason Todd, making their relationship more strained and complicated than ever. But despite her loyalty to Wonder Woman and belief (or hope), that the Regime is right, Donna might just switch sides if she could be properly convinced.

  • "Like father, like son."

    As Superman’s clone and surrogate son it was perhaps expected that Superboy would follow in the footsteps of the man who shares his DNA. Serving as one of Superman’s chief enforcers, Superboy makes sure that the laws of his “father” are obeyed without question, and has steadily become every bit as ruthless as Superman himself, his former temper also being replaced with icy coldness and stoicism.

  • "It made sense at first...the bad people got what they deserved. But now..."

    Though having reservations about the actions taken by his longtime idol and not certain of his new militant worldview, Captain Marvel ultimately elected to continue standing at Superman’s side, convincing himself that Superman, however brutal, still only wants what is best for mankind. But as time has passed, Captain Marvel is becoming less and less sure that this is true, and has lately even begun considering approaching Batman’s Insurgency…

  • “I thought my grandfather was better than this. But he doesn’t understand. The only way to maintain my future is to embrace the Regime."

    Hailing from a possible future, Bart Allen claims to be the grandson of the Flash Barry Allen. Though for a time serving as his grandfather’s unofficial sidekick Kid Flash, following the formation of the Regime the two Allens became split on whether or not Superman was right, with Bart Allen becoming convinced that the existence of the Regime was necessary to preserve his own future. Though both were initially part of the Regime, Flash eventually decided that he’d had enough and defected. Disgusted with his grandfather’s decision, Bart Allen disowned him and renamed himself Bart Thawne, also dying his hair black to symbolize the end of his allegiance to his grandfather. Also knowing that Kid Flash without the Flash was pointless, he also took on a new identity: Zoom, the Reverse Flash.

  • "I'm gonna enjoy sending you to Superman."

    Havng always been more aggressive and prone to violence than many of her peers, Hawkwoman had little trouble transitioning to the Regime’s way of doing things. Becoming a lieutenant in the One Earth Government, Hawkwoman tends to be seen patrolling the skies of various European countries, acting as their “regent” and making sure the populace stays in line. And to any would dare challenge Superman’s authority, Hawkwoman would be more than happy to introduce them to her Nth metal mace. She has also used Nth metal to craft for Superman a more magic resistant costume.

  • "No more Insurgency!"

    Standing alongside his wife as always, Hawkman became a dedicated follower of the Regime, and alongside his wife serves as one of Europe’s “Regents”, patrolling it’s skies and maintaining “order”. More than even many of their peers the Hawks run a very tight ship and are prone to expressing displeasure with their Nth Metal weapons.

  • “Still as self-righteous and high and mighty as ever. Beware Batman: Huntress has you in her sights."

    Though initially siding with Batman and his Insurgency against what Huntress feared would be a global fascism, following Superman’s saving the Earth again from a Parademon invasion, Huntress decided that she no longer disagreed with Superman’s way of doing things. That, along with her own militant world-view and hatred of Batman, prompted her to join the Regime, also selling out the Insurgency in the process.

    Now a diligent member of the Regime, Huntress alongside Hawkgirl acts as one of the Regime’s “regents” in Europe, basing herself in, perhaps fittingly, Italy. She’s looking forward to the day when she can personally hand Batman’s head over to Superman.

  • "Cease and desist, or I can't be held responsible for what comes next."

    Following the destruction of Metropolis and the formation of the Regime, the once inseparable friends Fire and Ice became split on what side to take. Though not wishing to see another Metropolis, Fire ultimately concluded that the Regime was doing more harm than good by crushing liberty, and rejected their offer to become “regent” of South America. Instead she decided to stand against the Regime and protect her home country from the Regime’s tyranny.

    Conversely, Ice felt that the Regime, while brutal, was a necessary evil and chose to remain with them, becoming the Regime’s “regent” of Russia. As the years have passed, the two have come to almost perfectly represent their chosen powers. Fire has become a passionate, dedicated, and tireless freedom fighter against the Regime, who will never yield to their fascism, while Ice meanwhile has lost her previous innocence and friendliness, now being incredibly cold and ruthless and with a dispassionate personality. Now viewing her former friend as just another criminal, she battles her and all other enemies of the Regime with the pitiless fury of a raging blizzard.

  • "Violations of One Earth Government law cannot be tolerated."

    As an android, Red Tornado has usually preferred to let logic dictate his actions. Therefore, as the Regime makes sense to him “logically”, Red Tornado sees no reason not to follow it and serve it. So it is that Red Tornado now acts as the Regime’s “regent” in Australia, making sure that the continent doesn’t ever rise up like it once did so many years ago. As a machine he is also constantly connected to fellow Regime member Cyborg, who now has some degree of control over Red Tornado’s body. It is unknown if the android is aware of this or not.

  • “Please return to your homes immediately, or I will be forced to use excessive measures. I’d rather not do that."

    Typically cold and professional, Doctor Light recognized the Regime as something that could not be fought against and also as something that would be good for the world following the destruction of Metropolis. Serving as the Regime’s “regent” of Asia, Doctor Light keeps a careful watch over her home country Japan especially, but under her leadership the people are surprisingly content by and large. Doctor Light prefers to be a benevolent governor, and so long as you don’t stand against her she can be counted on to be a very friendly person. And even if you do cause trouble she’s not above some polite conversation before having you arrested.

  • "I miss the days when everyone used to like us. Now everyone just fears us. Some of them hate us. And the more I think about it, the more I find myself thinking: 'Who can blame them'?"

    Though having reservations about the idea of one man ruling the whole planet with an iron fist, Vixen also had no desire to see a tragedy like Metropolis happen again. Therefore, Vixen has reluctantly joined the Regime and now serves as their “regent” of Africa. Though she’s glad to see Africa go from a warzone to a relatively peaceful continent, Vixen also laments how people now view her and her fellows with fear and resentment rather than love and respect, and she thus might be persuaded to abandon the Regime if properly convinced.

  • "Come see the beast within!"

    Following the deaths of most of the Teen Titans due to there being in Metropolis at the time of it’s destruction, Beast Boy found himself without a family. Left devastated by this terrible loss, Beast Boy’s personality underwent a dark change. Gone was the easygoing jokester and party animal of before, in it’s place was someone who was a beast inside and out. Feral and bloodthirsty, Menagerie as he now calls himself finds pleasure and comfort only in battle. He is typically seen in the company of his fellow surviving Titan Cyborg, who now views his former friend as little more than a pet and a loyal guard dog…or dinosaur.

  • "..."

    Formerly known as Artemis, the young heroine initially sided with Batman’s Insurgency alongside her mentor and surrogate father Green Arrow. But alas, Artemis was believed killed in action during a fight with Regime forces. But in fact Artemis survived and was recovered by the Regime. After being “reeducated” by Superman, Artemis now serves the Regime diligently as the deathly silent assassin Tigress, who is tasked with eliminating “troublesome” and “dangerous” individuals, using her hand-held crossbow to shoot down any who would dare take a stand against the Regime. Also skilled in melee combat as well as being a skilled sharpshooter, she is perhaps one of the deadliest of all the Regime’s enforcers…but not by choice.

  • "Go back to your lives, citizens. Nothing to see here."

    Due to being younger and more impulsive than many of her older peers, Stargirl is pretty content to just go with the flow and serve as a member of the Regime. Due to STAR Labs possessing and creating some powerful technology that could be dangerous if it were to fall into the wrong hands, the Regime has gone out of it’s way to seize control of the installation, with Stargirl being situated as chief of security.

    Though still fairly young, Stargirl’s temper and star-staff both ensure that the men under her command know better than to underestimate, question, or belittle her.

  • “I must say this really isn’t so bad. All of Star City’s mine with no Green Arrow or Black Canary to get in my way. Not the worst deal I’ve ever gotten.”

    One of the many supervillains to be captured by the Regime, Thomas Merlyn, AKA the Dark Archer, was able to plead his case and convince the Regime that his skills could be put to good use. Deciding that he was right, the Regime tasked the Dark Archer with keeping watch over Star City as one of it’s “enforcers”. Really for Merlyn not much has changed, as he is still terrorizing the people of Star City and killing people via arrow. It’s just now he gets to wear a sheriff’s badge while doing it. That his arch-enemy Green Arrow is now dead is just one more bonus to him.

  • “Though I have no great loyalty to these fascists, I’m afraid I’m going to have to kill you anyway."

    When Superman was executing the inmates of Arkham Asylum, Mr. Freeze pleaded for a chance to live, vowing to pledge his services to Superman’s Regime if he was spared. Deciding that with his abilities Mr. Freeze could indeed be put to good use, Superman agreed to let him live as one of his enforcers in Gotham City, but with an EMP device now stuck to his suit. Should Mr. Freeze ever step out of line, the EMP device will activate, and his suit will shut down. Due to needing it to survive, such an action will also kill him, thus ensuring that Mr. Freeze will stay loyal to Superman’s Regime, even though he has nothing but contempt for the Man of Steel and his cronies. Privately he hopes that his old nemesis Batman will succeed in deposing Superman, and would even at this point be prepared to join him if someone could get rid of that pesky EMP device.

  • "Grr...I hate this stupid collar."

    When Superman was executing the inmates of Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc pleaded for a chance to live, vowing to pledge his services to Superman’s Regime if he was spared. Deciding that with his high level of strength and durability Killer Croc could indeed be put to good use, Superman agreed to let him live as one of his enforcers in Gotham City.

    But Killer Croc's current lot in life a none-too great one, as he is also forever bound to a shock collar that will deliver a fatal electrocution at the slightest hint of disobedience. Suffice to say, Killer Croc has found himself regularly cursing his miserable existence, and sometimes wonders if perhaps he would have been better off dying on his feet instead of living on his knees.

  • "Can't you see that we're in the same boat my friend? You want order, I want order. You've had your friends turn against you, the same holds true of me. Why shouldn't we be on the same side? Trust in the power of fear as I have and it will see you through."

    When Sinestro caught wind of what was happening on Earth he was all set to burst with twisted joy. With Superman now becoming just like him, Sinestro wasted little time approaching the fallen Man of Steel and making an offer of friendship. Superman was hesitant at first, but when Sinestro pointed out their many similarities and in how useful he and his Corps could be, Superman decided to go with it. Though he cannot spend all of his time on Earth for obvious reasons, Sinestro is nevertheless a powerful ally to the corrupted Superman, and he and his Corps can be summoned to Earth as reinforcements at any time Superman desires.

  • "My Corps is now your Corps, Superman. Use them well."

    Sinestro's followers, the Sinestro Corps make for a twisted bunch of some of the worst psychopaths, sociopaths, and other hardened criminals in the galaxy. But in Sinestro's rather skewed mind, what better way than to keep the scum of the galaxy under control, than by having them serve him directly?

    Regardless, the Sinestro Corps now serve as footsoldiers and enforcers to Superman as well as Sinestro, shining their yellow light of fear to counter the Green Lantern Corps when they attempt to intervene on Earth's behalf.

  • We now begin the members of the Insurgency, which was formed by Batman in the wake of his old friend Superman becoming increasingly fascistic and militant. Consisting of a large variety of superheroes and even a few reformed villains, the members of the Insurgency are all wanted men and women, forced to be constantly on the move as they do their best to evade the merciless forces of the Regime, who are tirelessly hunting them. The Insurgency are aided in their efforts by many sympathetic civilians, who go out of their way to provide them shelter despite the enormous risks involved.

  • "We have hidden in the shadows long enough. We must stand up to this Regime. Once and for all."

    Having repeatedly tried and failed to dissuade his old friend Superman from embracing a more brutal and militant world-view, Batman was eventually forced to accept that his friend was too far gone, and began taking steps to form a resistance movement against his tyranny. As the leader of the Insurgency Batman’s life has been fraught with more tragedy than ever, having lost one son to another, seen friends become enemies, and watch his once greatest friend bring the world to it’s knees.

    Despite all this though, the Dark Knight remains determined to put a stop to Superman’s fascist rule at any cost, and will do whatever it takes, with the exception that he not end up becoming the same villain Superman has transformed into. All the while Batman blames himself more than anything, for not being able to stop the architect of Superman’s fall sooner.

  • "Playtime for kitty!"

    Though having long been a thief, Catwoman always fancied herself more Robin Hood than Desperado, only taking from those richer than her and never hurting innocent people. So it is that when a fascist world power arises and makes people afraid to leave their homes or speak their mind, Catwoman is compelled to stand against it, especially when it’s got a firm zero-tolerance policy against criminals of all kinds, from the worst serial killer to thieves like her.

    Seeking out her friend/foe/lover Batman, Catwoman comforted him following the death of Nightwing and vowed to hold him together and keep him strong no matter what. Now Batman’s 2nd-in-command, Catwoman is her beloved’s strongest supporter, and is determined to help him any way she can, either on the battlefield or in the comfort of one another’s arms.

  • "May fortune favor the foolish".

    Superman’s oldest and greatest friend in this universe rather than enemy, Lex Luthor was once the wealthy and brilliant CEO of Lexcorp. But following Metropolis’ destruction he became the sole survivor of the City of Tomorrow, found several weeks after it’s destruction by his old friend. Though initially siding with Superman due to both his loyalty to him and also a desire to keep what happened to his city from ever happening again, Lex Luthor was eventually forced to realize the harsh reality of the situation. Namely, that his old friend had fallen too far and become the very thing he once so passionately stood against. To this end, Luthor contacted Batman and now acts as his eyes and ears within the Regime, all the while using his own wealth to fund the Insurgency following the freezing of Bruce Wayne’s assets.

  • "This isn't what we signed up for. I let myself believe we were making things better. But we're not."

    Ever since Superman first adopted his more militant world-view, Flash was always a reluctant member and participant of Superman’s ensuing push to take over the world. With his more rational and analytical mind, Flash frequently tried to reign in Superman, Wonder Woman, and the others, only for his pleas to all too often fall on deaf ears. Eventually coming to accept that his former friends would not listen to reason and were also going too far down a bad road, Flash defected to Batman’s Insurgency, becoming his top lieutenant besides Catwoman.

    With his cool head and more rational way of thinking, not to mention a more objective and analytical view of the current conflict, Flash serves as a foil to Superman’s top lieutenant, the more violent, bloodthirsty, and easily enraged Wonder Woman who is so incapable of accepting any perspective other than her own.

  • “You’re going to want to go home now. Unless you want me to raise my voice."

    As one of the top street-level heroes around and also the longtime lover of left wing superhero Green Arrow, it was little surprise that Black Canary chose to join Batman’s Insurgency, especially since she had known his secret identity for some time. Now she serves as one of Batman’s top lieutenants, all the while fighting tirelessly to end Superman’s tyranny, especially after the Man of Steel murdered Green Arrow.

  • "Will you not listen to reason?"

    Recognizing the Regime as being a bad course of action, Martian Manhunter joined Batman very early on, serving as his hidden eyes and ears with which Batman could monitor his allies and make sure they were not spies for the Regime. He also had J’onn disguise himself as Hawkwoman, but this deception was later exposed by Damian Wayne. Afterwards Martian Manhunter settled into his position as one of Batman’s primary lieutenants in the Insurgency, and also by far the Insurgency’s most powerful member.

  • “This is going way too far, I can tell. It’s not our place to run the world, at least not like this. I’m siding with you Bats. All the way."

    Black Lightning has always maintained a solid relationship with Batman and the two have worked together many times over. Therefore it was no surprise that when Batman began looking for sympathetic individuals with which to put together his Insurgency, Black Lightning was one of the first names on his list.

    Possessed of powerful electricity and just a bit of a temper, Black Lightning is a dedicated follower of Batman’s cause and really isn’t all that bad a guy…just don’t ever make him angry.

  • “I don’t like anyone deciding they can shackle our country, so I followed the President’s advice and sought you out. Now that I’m here my opinions on this haven’t changed. We all need to be held accountable, we’ve got too much power not to be. And Superman and the Justice League...they just decided they don’t have to be accountable to anyone anymore. Not even their peers. We can’t allow that."

    Not keen on the idea of his country (and the rest of the world besides), being brought to it’s knees, Captain Atom followed the president’s advice and became a member of Batman’s Insurgency. Though not always the biggest fan of characters like Batman who operate outside the law, Captain Atom still knows a hero when he sees one, and therefore is on Batman’s side all the way, serving as one of the Insurgency’s most powerful members alongside Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern.

  • "I've been in wars before, but I never thought I'd be in a war against SUPERMAN."

    Not surprisingly, Kate Kane elected to stand with the man who’s identity she draws a clear inspiration from. Though she and Batman’s relationship has in the past been somewhat distant, not to mention complicated, Batwoman is nevertheless committed to overthrowing Superman’s Regime, and stands as one of Batman’s strongest supporters. Her military background and training have also proven quite useful as far as coordinating strikes against Regime forces goes.

  • “I WILL save the man I love. I have to try anyway."

    When Hal Jordan drew a Qwardian Power Ring to him and subsequently transformed into Yellow Lantern, his Green Lantern ring and power battery remained at the last place they were left, which was also the same place they had been stored in for years: Ferris Air. Watching as the man she loved and his friends were turned into brutal warlords, Carol Ferris was determined to help stop the madness and bring back the Hal Jordan she knew, and her determination allowed her to wield Hal’s old Green Lantern ring as her own. So it was that she joined Batman’s Insurgency as a new Green Lantern.

  • "Namrepus Si A Kcid."

    Though her relationship with Batman has been complicated for a long time and the two are not always on the best of terms, Zatanna nevertheless came to Batman's aid against Superman's Regime, using her magic to aid the Insurgency wherever and whenever she could. Safely hidden from Superman's all-seeing gaze in a magical realm she and Doctor Fate both preside over, the Insurgency has at least one safe haven that will be maintained no matter what, which has also made their cause far easier than before. Time and again Insurgency forces have struck against the Regime, only to then disappear from sight and leave their pursuers completely baffled as to how they escaped, never aware that it was one sultry magician's doing.

  • “I’m the King of Atlantis! I answer to NO ONE!”

    Ever since Superman dumped his home in the Sahara Desert, Aquaman has been harboring quite a bit of animosity towards the Man of Steel. Only recently has Atlantis been returned to it’s natural home beneath the waves, under the condition that Aquaman behave himself. Though unhappy with the idea of being subservient to the Regime, Aquaman ultimately felt that he had no choice in the matter, and reluctantly conceded to a treaty that essentially gave Superman control of Atlantis.

    Very much unhappy with the terms, Aquaman has been planning to fight back ever since and has also been acting as a secret ally to Batman’s Insurgency for some time now. Despite having technically yielded to the Regime, something tells Aquaman that his fighting days are just getting started.

  • “Make no mistake, old man, I still don’t agree with your way of doing things. But I also don't believe in killing a petty thief, or a civilian who simply questions the status quo. Believe it or not, you actually DID teach me right from wrong, and what Superman is doing, is wrong. But that doesn’t mean people like the Joker don't deserve to die."

    At a glance the very militant and brutal Regime with a strict zero-tolerance policy against criminals would seem like exactly the kind of thing that would appeal to the dead sidekick turned vengeful killer of criminals known as Red Hood. But to the surprise of all, including his old mentor Batman, Red Hood has found that the Regime is too harsh even by his standards and therefore has reluctantly decided to stand alongside his former mentor despite their past grievances towards one another. And though he did not like the idea of working with him again, Batman was forced to admit that with his knowing all-too well how the Regime members think Red Hood would be a perfect addition to his Insurgency and therefore allowed him to join, under one important condition: no killing allowed.

    Though not happy about having to reign himself in, Red Hood is willing to accept it for the time being and now serves as a member of the Insurgency’s “Red Team” alongside Red Arrow and Red Robin.

  • "This one's for Ollie, fascists!"

    With both his old mentor Green Arrow and best friend Nightwing dead as a result of the Regime, Red Arrow needed no convincing to join the Insurgency, determined to continue where his mentor left off. As Red Arrow he is possessed of a hatred for the Regime that knows absolutely no boundaries and has even been known to kill some of the Regime soldiers he’s fought. Viewed as a loose cannon by Batman, he would have been thrown out of the Insurgency long ago were it not for Black Canary’s standing up for him.

    Partnered with the similarly violent Red Hood as well as Red Robin, he serves as a member of the Insurgency’s “Red Team”. Through it all he anxiously looks forward to the day when Superman will be overthrown, fantasizing about putting a kryptonite-tipped arrow right through his heart.

  • "How did the world go to hell so fast?"

    Though Tim Drake and his old mentor haven’t always seen eye to eye, they do on the matter of whether or not Superman and the Justice League should get to police the planet, and the answer is a resounding no. Joining Batman’s Insurgency as Red Robin, Tim Drake brings with him not just his fighting spirit but also his keen mind, and alongside Batman and the Atom has been developing various countermeasures against the Regime and in particular Overseer Cyborg’s ever watching eyes. Alongside Red Arrow and fellow former boy wonder Red Hood he is a member of the Insurgency’s “Red Team”.

  • "I wonder what mom and dad would do here..."

    When Catwoman joined Batman’s Insurgency, she didn’t come alone. With her was a secret she had kept from Bruce for no less than two years: she had a daughter and he was the father. Apparently born from one of Batman and Catwoman’s moments of intimacy, Helena Kyle as Selina had named her was kept a secret from Batman until she joined the Insurgency, at which point she had no choice but to reveal the child’s existence. Though this revelation put strains on the two’s relationship, Bruce was ultimately able to forgive Selina and accepted Helena as his daughter, with Selina allowing her to be given Wayne as a second last name. Trained by both of her parents, she now fights as a member of their Insurgency as Batgirl. Incredibly fond of her parents, Helena is determined not to let them down despite her young age and whenever in doubt, always thinks about what her parents would do. So far it’s served her pretty well.

  • "The world's broken. Here's hoping with the Insurgency I can fix it".

    Not liking what he saw as far as the Regime’s actions and policies were concerned, Ray Palmer approached Batman early on and agreed to join his Insurgency, serving as the group’s acting man of science and developing countermeasures to Regime forces alongside Batman and Red Robin. Preferring to stay out of fighting, Atom is more at home in his lab, using his mind to aid the Insurgency instead of his fists.

  • "Never thought I'D be the one wearing the costume..."

    With the rise of the Regime and their MO of policing the entire planet, James Gordon was smart enough to know that men like him would be swept aside to make way for the new form of law enforcement. Very quickly deciding that he didn’t like how Superman’s glorified Gestapo did things, James Gordon sought out his oldest and greatest ally, and next thing he knew he found himself serving as a member of Batman’s Insurgency.

    Though in unfamiliar surroundings and living with demi-gods and vigilantes, Gordon has done his best to adapt, and now even dresses in a manner not unlike that of his old ally. However uncertain things look for him, James Gordon is still determined to fight the good fight, and help take down what has become a perversion of everything he’s ever stood for and believed in.

  • “I don’t like this. But if the Commissioner’s in, then so am I. And you clowns are gonna have to DEAL with that”.

    Harvey Bullock had never thought once in a million years that he’d be part of an underground resistance led by one of his least favorite people in the world. But of course he also never once thought that Superman and the Justice League would decide to police the planet. When the GCPD was replaced with members of Superman’s new police force, Harvey Bullock was one of several GCPD officers who followed James Gordon in joining Batman’s Insurgency. And though Harvey Bullock still doesn’t care much for Batman, he’s still smart enough to know that the Dark Knight is now the world’s only hope for salvation, and therefore follows him and Gordon both.

    Serving as Batman’s eyes and ears in his old city, Bullock discreetly relays information back to the Insurgency and keeps them informed of what he sees and hears. Bullock knows he takes a grave risk, for if he was ever caught by the new GCPD, or worse, one of the “reformed” villains patrolling the city, he could easily lose his life. But risk has never kept Bullock down before, and it won’t now.

  • "This is OUR city. It's time for you fascists to leave and never come back."

    Another member of the GCPD to continue standing with Gordon against the Regime that tried to bring Gotham under heel, Renee has also come to succeed the late Vic Sage as the Question. Now operating in much the same way Vic Sage did, Renee spends most of her time now exposing Regime corruption to the general public, going out of her way to get them on the Insurgency's side and open their eyes to the brutality of Superman and his Regime's fascist oppression. She maintains a rivalry with the Huntress, who murdered her predecessor, and also a romantic relationship with fellow Insurgency member Batwoman.

  • “Rejoice! The great Batman has come to grant you salvation! Reject the sins of Superman and his followers! Embrace the Dark Knight as your hero!”

    Though far from the most sane individual to ever live and also possessing a more harsh view of “sinners” than Batman, Azrael nevertheless took offense to the blatant fascism represented by the Regime and chose to apprentice himself to Batman and join his Insurgency. Now clad in his own version of Batman’s costume, Azrael has refashioned himself into a sort of “Prophet of Batman”, espousing his own unique brand of religious dogma and declaring Batman as a savior while condemning Superman as a demonic oppressor. Possessing quite the fearsome battle skills and weaponry to back up his fiery preaching, Azrael is determined to help usher in the Insurgency’s salvation and to punish the “sinners” who side with Superman. But as a devout follower of Batman’s ideals, Azrael stays his killing hand these days, content to just mercilessly beat up “heretics” instead.

  • “This really, really, REALLY isn’t what I do. But it’s not like I’ve got much of a choice in the matter, so here I am”.

    Owner of his own news show, Roy Lincoln Jr. was at a pretty good place in life, at least until his network started to criticize the Regime’s policies. Finding his life’s business shut down and taken from him in an instant, an embittered Roy was left out of work and itching for some payback. To his surprise he was approached by Batman, who had always known him to be at heart a great detective, and offered him a place in his Insurgency. Though reluctant to be a part of what he felt was a doomed cause, Roy nevertheless agreed, recognizing that he had little else left. So it was that he became a new member of Batman’s Insurgency as the reluctant hero Owlman.

  • "Now you see me, now you don't".

    Having a history with Batman, it wasn’t surprising that Metamorpho opted to side with him against Superman’s Regime, especially when his old friend Black Lightning had also decided to join Batman. Serving as one of the Insurgency’s most powerful members, Metamorpho also uses his powers to act as one of Batman’s primary scouts and spies in the outside world, his ability to transform into a cloud of gas or a liquid ensuring that no one ever notices he’s there unless he wants them to.

  • "Hero? Savior? PLEASE. Superman murdered my sister Artemis. And for that I will never stop until I’ve killed that self-righteous bastard and put his HEAD on my wall!"

    Though by no means any kind of hero, or even for that matter a terribly good person in general, Cheshire loved her family and in particular her sister Artemis. So it was that when she seemingly perished in battle against the Regime Cheshire blamed herself for not taking better care of her. Deciding that if nothing else it was not too late to avenge her, Cheshire joined the Insurgency with the sole purpose of punishing the Regime and in particular it’s leader for what was done to her sister. Knowing she can never beat Superman by herself, Cheshire has spent time concocting a very special poison, one laced with kryptonite that she anxiously looks forward to subjecting the Man of Steel to. Though cold and distant to most, she has developed a surprisingly close bond with Red Arrow, the two growing close over the shared pain of losing loved ones to the Regime.

  • “This…this is wrong. I’ve nearly lost my battle with my father too many times. To join this would be to finally surrender my soul in full."

    Though she served with the Regime for a time due to her grief over the deaths of most of the Teen Titans (who had been in Metropolis at the time of it’s destruction), Raven eventually realized that the Regime was going too far and that in serving it she was coming dangerously close to succumbing to the darkness within her heart. Determined to never fall prey to her father’s evil influence, Raven abandoned the Regime and sought out Batman’s Insurgency, becoming one of it’s more powerful members. All the while Raven continues to mourn the loss of her friends, including her one-time lover Nightwing, and also fighting constantly to suppress her father’s demonic influence.

  • "When did it all go so wrong?"

    Following the destruction of Metropolis and the formation of the Regime, the once inseparable friends Fire and Ice became split on what side to take. Though not wishing to see another Metropolis, Fire ultimately concluded that the Regime was doing more harm than good by crushing liberty, and rejected their offer to become “regent” of South America. Instead she decided to stand against the Regime and protect her home country from the Regime’s tyranny.

    Conversely, Ice felt that the Regime, while brutal, was a necessary evil and chose to remain with them, becoming the Regime’s “regent” of Russia. As the years have passed, the two have come to almost perfectly represent their chosen powers. Fire has become a passionate, dedicated, and tireless freedom fighter against the Regime, who will never yield to their fascism, while Ice meanwhile has lost her previous innocence and friendliness, now being incredibly cold and ruthless and with a dispassionate personality. Now viewing her former friend as just another criminal, she battles her and all other enemies of the Regime with the pitiless fury of a raging blizzard.

  • "What has my home country become? What has the WORLD become?"

    When the Regime seized control of Russia, Rocket Red watched in horror as he and his fellows were “retired” and then replaced with the Regime’s own forces. Disgusted by the Regime’s actions, Gavril fled the country in his Rocket Red armor and attempted to find shelter from the Regime troops that pursued him. Eventually coming into contact with the Insurgency, Rocket Red joined them and vowed to help them fight back against the Regime no matter what. He has since developed strong romantic feelings for fellow Insurgency member Fire.

  • “I miss the way things used to be. Back when the scarab on my back was the worst of my problems…”

    Representing a younger and more idealistic superhero, Jamie Reyes was initially content to go with the flow and let the older and “wiser” superheroes determine the best course of action in the wake of Metropolis’ destruction. But as the Regime became increasingly fascistic and cruel, Jamie realized that he did no true good sitting on the sidelines and letting the world slide further and further into hell. Shortly after the death of the previous Blue Beetle Ted Kord, Jamie sought out the Insurgency and offered to join it. As one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet, his aid was most welcome, and it is also his lingering sense of humor and easygoing personality that manage to bring some measure of levity to the Insurgency, keeping them from becoming too much like the very thing they fight against.

  • "I am a Lord of Order, but this is not what I desire. This is a perversion of all I represent, and I will not rest until it has been torn down."

    Along with Zatanna, Doctor Fate is one of the two most powerful magic users on the planet. It was fortunate then that he chose to bring such considerable power over to Batman's cause. Sheltering the Insurgency forces with his magic alongside Zatanna, Doctor Fate is dismayed with how that which he represents as a Lord of Order has become so badly diluted under Superman's tyrannical rule. With his command over the mystic arts one would think him an ideal counter to Superman given the Kryptonian's vulnerability to magic, but the presence of the Hawks and their Nth metal weapons along with Superman's new costume made for him by the Hawks with more Nth metal has ensured that the good doctor cannot win Batman's war for him. That task remains in Batman's hands and his alone.

  • "This big game of 'capture the flag' that you've all got going on is a lot less black and white than you want to believe. Lucky for you, I'm good with the grays."

    Though he has long been content to operate well outside of the public eye and keep to himself in his battle against the supernatural, John Constantine is no fool. He knows that Superman's new world order will negatively impact how he gets things done, and so it was that he chose to stand alongside Batman along with his fellow magical powerhouses Doctor Fate and old flame Zatanna. Underhanded, manipulative, shrewd, quite cynical, and even at times ethically sketchy, Constantine is not a man Batman is particularly comfortable about working with, but also recognizes the necessity of the alliance and thus allows it to continue. For his part, Constantine puts his reputation as the universe's greatest trickster to good use by misdirecting and deceiving Regime forces on a regular basis, sometimes purely for his own amusement.

  • "I don't know WHAT I ever saw in that man! When he was gone, I became the woman I was DESTINED to be!"

    Following Metropolis’ destruction and his again hanging her out to dry, Harley Quinn finally forsaked her late beloved and subsequently went underground to keep from being killed by a vengeful Superman and his followers. Deeply saddened by the later deaths of Nightwing and Green Arrow, both of whom she had developed a twisted fondness for, Harley ultimately joined Batman’s Insurgency, who initially wanted nothing to do with her before reluctantly taking her in after reasoning that her best (and only) chance at redemption was with the Insurgency. But despite Harley’s claims that she’s gone straight in the end she is just as mentally damaged and delusional as she’s ever been, and only time will tell if she will be able to remain on the side of the angels or succumb to her old ways…

  • “Superman took over the world. Superman killed my teammates. Superman and his crew tried to torture me into being one of their mindless drones. Now, I’ve never been one for believing too strongly in the ideas of heroes and villains, but I think I can safely say that I’m one of the good guys this time”.

    Following the deaths of most of the Flash Rogues Captain Cold was taken away to be “reeducated”. Managing to escape alongside Deathstroke, Bane, and other contained villains, Captain Cold chose not to follow the others in joining the Joker’s Injustice League due to his disgust at the Joker and rightly blaming him for the current state of the world. Instead, Captain Cold sought out Batman’s Insurgency and all but begged to join it for both survival and revenge. Though Batman was leery about letting a supervillain into his ranks, the Flash convinced him to forgive Cold and allow him a chance at redemption. So it is that Captain Cold now fights against the Regime that murdered his teammates as a member of the Insurgency.

  • "You were the best of us Hal. Not anymore."

    One of several humans to bear a Green Lantern Ring, John found himself torn as far as his loyalties went and what side he should take in the Regime/Insurgency conflict. The loyal, obedient soldier half of him, as well as the part of him that believed in integrity, felt compelled to remain loyal to the Green Lantern Corps and do as they did. But another part of him felt compelled to stand alongside his friend Hal Jordan as he always had before. For a time he did just that, until Hal was turned into Yellow Lantern and Guy Gardner died as a result. Horrified and disgusted with what his friend had turned into and shocked by the Regime's increasingly callous brutality, John finally chose to join Batman's Insurgency as one of it's two Green Lanterns. Where Carol as the new bearer of Hal's ring remains convinced he can be saved, John has his doubts, questioning whether or not his fallen friend's actions have been solely the result of his ring's influence.

  • "I can see that the disturbing reports I received about you Superman were not incorrect. I truly wish they had been. But now I can see that the time for talk is over. The time for war has come."

    Of all the Guardians of the Universe, Ganthet was the one most concerned with the recent developments on Earth and also power-shifts. Though he hoped Hal Jordan could rectify the situation, when he instead chose to help perpetuate it Ganthet at last felt he had to take action. Confronting Superman over his recent actions, Ganthet was dismayed to see that Superman refused to deviate from his course, and thus Ganthet informed the other Guardians of what was transpiring. When Superman chose to align with Sinestro and his corps, Ganthet in turn advocated that the Green Lantern Corps stand with Batman's Insurgency, and goes out of his way to personally aid the Earth as much as he can, though his responsibilities as a Guardian of the Universe often mitigate the degree to which he can involve himself.

  • "Superman, by order of the Guardians of the Universe, you are under arrest. Come quietly and you won't be seeing green for a month."

    When Superman chose to welcome the Sinestro Corps as allies rather than enemies, it was inevitable that the Green Lantern Corps in turn would take action. Declaring Superman to be a danger to the Earth and in need of being sent to Oa, the Corps found itself under attack from both Sinestro's cronies and the Regime forces. So it is that the Earth is now a major hot-spot in the war between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, and while neither Corps can devote all of their time or members to the planet, they do still serve as reinforcements to their respective allies on the planet, each Corps now having a vested interest in who wins between the Insurgency and the Regime.

  • Surprise surprise! Adding a third party to the conflict, I give you the Injustice League, a small cadre of villains who strike back against the oppressive Regime on their own terms. With the Regime having mercilessly hunted and executed most supervillains, the few surviving ones know full well they can't survive alone. Only together can they make a stand.

  • “Every time you and I play I always lose. I got tired of losing. I thought I’d try this on “easy mode” for a while. And it WAS easy. It was as easy as beating a puppy to death with a kitten”

    The architect of both the destruction of Metropolis and Superman’s subsequent downfall, the monstrous sociopath known as the Joker was believed to have been killed by Superman in retaliation for his atrocities. But recently it seems that the Clown Prince of Crime has resurfaced, now determined to cause more chaos and death. How exactly the Joker returned is unclear (assuming it’s even the real Joker), but already he has begun gathering to him what few supervillains have not been killed or indoctrinated by the Regime. Vowing to bring down the Regime, Joker has since set himself up as the leader of the “Injustice League”.

  • “Bizarro am very confused now. Bizarro thought Superman was bad guy. Now Superman seem to be good guy? What does that make Bizarro?”

    An imperfect clone of Superman, Bizarro is a monstrous perversion of everything Superman stands for. Or rather that’s how it used to be. Ever since Superman adopted a more harsh and brutal world-view and became a fascist overlord, Bizarro has been left unsure of his purpose in life, now that Superman has gone from good to bad or in Bizarro’s backwards-thinking mind “bad to good”. Since the Joker’s return, the Clown Prince of Crime has “adopted” Bizarro and convinced him that it’s not him who’s messed up. Rather, it’s Superman who is at fault, and therefore it is Bizarro’s “responsibility” to take him down and make him pay for all of the “good” things he’s done. As an incredibly dim-witted individual, Bizarro was all-too easy to manipulate, giving the Joker his own personal Superman.

  • "Just breaking the ice".

    A true sociopath possessed of deadly cryokinesis, Killer Frost was one of the Regime’s highest-priority targets and was eventually defeated by fellow cryokinetic Ice. Due to be executed, she was one of the supervillains who escaped during Bane and Deathstroke’s breakout. Unlike most of the other villains, who only follow Joker out of desperation and a desire to survive, Killer Frost is callous and evil enough that she has little problem working for the Clown Prince of Crime and serves as the Injustice League's de-facto 2nd-in-command. So long as the Joker gives her people to kill, she will be content with taking orders from him despite her general hatred of men.


    Having not been incarcerated at Arkham Asylum at the time of Superman’s “removal” of it’s inmates, Bane was spared execution at Superman’s hand but was captured later by Regime forces. Recognizing Bane’s talents and deciding that they could be put to good use, Superman had Bane be sent to be “reeducated”. Refusing to be turned into another man’s slave, Bane working with Deathstroke was able to orchestrate a mass prison break and escaped with the mercenary and a host of other supervillains. The two later fell in with the Joker’s Injustice League, with Bane only agreeing to work for the Joker because the clown seems to now be a match for him (much to Bane’s incredulousness), and because he has nowhere else to go and knows he will not last long on his own. But despite all of this Bane has no intentions of being the Payaso’s lackey forever, and is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to depose the Clown Prince of Crime and assume control of the Injustice League. And then he will break Superman over his knee.

  • "It's payback time."

    Following the rise of the Regime, Deathstroke found his business floundering fast. Then things went from bad to worse when the Regime went after him personally, and during a battle with Wonder Woman Deathstroke lost one of his eyes. Offered “amnesty” by the Regime in exchange for servitude, Deathstroke refused and was able to escape from their prison alongside Bane and other villains before he could be “reeducated”. He subsequently joined the Joker’s Injustice League as a means of striking back against the Regime. In particular he’s looking forward to a rematch with Wonder Woman where he can at last punish her for taking one of his eyes.

  • “I really hate that clown. But I won’t last long without him. So here I am."

    Though having spent time as a member of the League of Assassins, these days all Black Spider wants is to be able to go straight and put his past as a villain behind him. But the world of the Regime is much less forgiving, deeming criminals like Black Spider to be menaces that do not deserve anything, let alone a second chance. Condemned to either execution or “reeducation”, Black Spider was among the villains who was able to escape, and though he hates the Joker for being responsible for the miserable state of the world, he has nowhere else to go.

  • "Bang. You're dead."

    One of the many supervillains captured by the Regime and incarcerated at Stryker’s Island, Deadshot was due to be executed alongside Metallo and Parasite, but the impromptu execution of the recently captured Gorilla Grodd managed to delay Deadshot’s. Escaping alongside Bane, Deathstroke, and others, Deadshot fell in with the Joker’s Injustice League shortly thereafter. Truth be told Deadshot doesn’t care if the Regime kills him or not, he’d just rather die fighting then be executed as a prisoner.

  • "No man makes a slave of Black Manta. Superman will pay dearly for what he's done."

    Another high priority target of the Regime, Black Manta was eventually apprehended by them with help from Aquaman. Sent to Stryker’s Island, Black Manta was to be “reeducated” until Bane and Deathstroke staged their break-out. Black Manta was one of the inmates to escape, and from there joined the Joker’s Injustice League. Though he detests the clown, Black Manta is still willing to work with him for however long it takes to exact vengeance on Superman and Aquaman.

  • “Make no mistake, Joker. Once Superman’s dead I’m coming after YOU next."

    Having become the last Batman villain still at large, Poison Ivy was forced to go underground, watching with dismay as the Regime set about punishing supervillains like her left and right while simultaneously being just as apathetic to the natural world as the old world governments had been. When the Joker mysteriously resurfaced and began gathering villains to him, Poison Ivy reluctantly decided to join the Joker, but also made it clear to him that their alliance would last only as long as it took to remove Superman and his Regime from power. Once that was done, Poison Ivy would go right back to her eco-terrorist activities, also planning to send the Joker straight back to hell.

  • “It’s going to be the show OF A LIFETIME!”

    Alongside Poison Ivy, Clayface was one of the only Batman villains still active, his powers of shapeshifting making it impossible for the Regime to catch him. When the Joker began rallying supervillains to him for his Injustice League, Clayface readily accepted, deciding that it would be “the show of a lifetime”. Using his shapeshifting powers, he acts as the Joker’s eyes and ears, also sometimes even posing as the clown himself to act as a body double for the real Joker.

  • "I'll enjoy gutting Wonder Woman most of all."

    Despite long being one of Wonder Woman’s chief enemies, Cheetah had managed to evade the Regime’s forces for quite some time, killing or maiming any who ever did manage to find her. But as time wore on and the Regime eliminated more and more villains Cheetah soon found herself one of the few still active, and the Regime in turn increased it’s efforts to take her down. Eventually backed into a corner, Cheetah had little choice but to join the Joker’s Injustice League despite her resentment at the thought of taking orders from someone else, especially a man.

  • "All of you superheroes just look like little toys to me."

    Another of Wonder Woman's villains, Giganta's size made her a (literal) big target, and she was one of the first supervillains captured. Containing her proved more difficult though, and after escaping Giganta elected to lie low as the Regime stepped up their efforts to eliminate supervillains around the world. Refusing an offer of "amnesty", Giganta instead came to work for the Joker as a member of his Injustice League.

  • “You dare to treat Count Vertigo like some common criminal? I shall see you die for this affront!”

    As a high-ranking member of a sovereign nation, Count Vertigo long used his diplomatic immunity to keep himself safe from those who would seek to put him away. But following the rise of the Regime diplomatic immunity no longer had any value, and Count Vertigo was one of the first supervillains to be arrested by the Regime. Managing to escape alongside several other supervillains before he could be executed, the now extremely embittered Count Vertigo has reluctantly joined the Joker’s Injustice League so as to get a chance at vengeance on Superman and his Regime. He hopes to one day take back all that was taken from him, and to show the world that none cross Count Vertigo and live.

  • "I live to kill you".

    Though long thought to have been finally bested by Superman, Doomsday has in fact survived, though no one knows this. As the seemingly revived Joker plans to unleash his Injustice League on the Regime, he bides his time for the right moment to unveil his “secret weapon” and watch with glee as it carves a path of untold destruction on it’s way to Superman where the mindless beast can at last get the rematch it has been longing for.

  • "I must say, this has been one of the most violent and cruel 'peaces' I've ever seen. I like that."

    Beginning the neutrals here, including "Guest Fighters". As the God of War and someone who thrives off of conflict, Ares had ample reason to be concerned about Superman and his arch-foe Wonder Woman's more radical efforts to bring about world peace. Knowing that their success would mean the loss of his power, Ares has used his rapidly diminishing and fading reserves of power to subtly influence events in a variety of ways and make sure that there is always some kind of threat to Superman's rule. It is his fondest hope that one day Superman's global dictatorship will fall altogether, and maybe he can get around to killing the Man of Steel and his wench while he's at it...

  • "Born on a Monday...Christened on Tuesday...Married on Wednesday..."

    A lumbering, immortal, and slow-witted brute, Solomon Grundy compensates for the latter by being immensely strong and also rather ferocious. Though seemingly destroyed in battle against the World's Finest (Superman and Batman), Grundy was able to regenerate and now roams aimlessly once again, battling any and all who dare to cross his path no matter what allegiance they happen to have.

  • "You've grown son of Jor-El, into a man much like myself. But this planet you call home will still be mine and mine alone. Accept that or perish."

    Having recently escaped from the Phantom Zone again, General Zod is surprised to find how much has changed on planet Earth, not the least of which being his old nemesis Superman now ruling the Earth much like how Zod himself would. Though genuinely surprised by Superman’s now acting much like him, and even perhaps in his own way admiring the change Superman has taken on, Zod is still determined to have the Earth for himself and therefore Superman must still kneel before him or die. And the same goes for anyone else who stands in Zod’s way. The Earth will be his no matter the cost.

  • “What am I doing here…? It does not matter. No matter what this is, no matter WHERE this is, I will still win this Mortal Kombat!”.

    Hailing from an alternate Earth, the Ninja Specter known as Scorpion due to his incredible striking speed and lethality both has for reasons he does not know ended up in the DC universe. Hopelessly stranded and uncertain of what to do, Scorpion has resolved to first gain a greater understanding of his surroundings and then to try and find some way back home. As this whole planet appears to have one supreme ruler, “logically” he’s the best place to start. And to any of his lackeys who would dare try and stop Scorpion, he’s more than happy to show them how he came to be called Scorpion.

  • "This world will BURN!"

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away…

    Sith Apprentice to the enigmatic and evil Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Darth Maul had been in pursuit of a target assigned to him by his master for weeks on end. That his prey had been so elusive only heightened Darth Maul’s anticipation as he finally began to close in on his target. Tracking him down to a planet on the Outer Rim, Maul prepared to finish him off in the ruins of an old temple. Though the troublesome Dark Side cultist was dispatched in short order, Maul was unable to kill him before he could complete an obscure Force ritual, one that tore open a ripple in space and time, and sent Darth Maul into a strange, different world, one ruled by an iron-fisted regime led by a being possessed of incredible power. Attracted to the power of this Regime, Darth Maul vowed to seize it in the name of the Sith and slay the “Superman” who currently ruled it. And anyone else who dares to stand in his way on this primitive planet will be shown the full fury of the Dark Side of the Force.

  • Beginning the deceased characters. Long one of Batman’s deadliest enemies, Scarecrow ultimately got more than he bargained for when he fell in with the Joker, who ended up killing Scarecrow with a lethal overdose of his Joker Toxin after acquiring some of his Fear Gas. Mixing it with stolen kryptonite, the Joker was able to concoct a Fear Gas potent enough to effect Superman, which in turn allowed the Joker to manipulate Superman into killing the woman he loved, and in doing so, destroying all of Metropolis.

  • "Just stay super for me okay?"

    The love of Superman’s life, Lois Lane was a reporter at the Daily Planet and one of Clark Kent’s colleagues at the Planet before eventually deducing his secret identity. Though the two were happy together, Lois was tragically abducted by the Joker who then tricked Superman into thinking that he was fighting Doomsday when in fact it was really Lois Lane. Worse still, Joker had connected the trigger to a nuclear warhead to Lois’ heartbeat. When she perished, her city of origin died with her, and Superman was sent irrevocably down a path of brutality and fascist oppression.

  • “For someone to be that stubborn, they have to be directly related to you."

    As both Batman’s protégé and a man who had always respected and admired Superman, Nightwing did his best to maintain the peace between the two as more and more battle-lines began to be drawn. Tragically though during a brawl at Arkham Asylum Nightwing’s attempts to calm the more violent Damian Wayne resulted in the young hero snapping and lashing out at Nightwing, which distracted him long enough to be punched in the back by Killer Croc, who hit him hard enough to fatally break his back. With Nightwing’s death the point of no return in the conflict between Batman and Superman was crossed, and to date Batman has never forgiven Superman or Damian for the roles they played in his son’s death.

  • "Heads or tails?".

    Following his committing another murder, Two-Face was returned to Arkham Asylum…only for Superman and Wonder Woman to decide that he and his fellow inmates did not deserve anything from the world, and where promptly whisked away to an unknown location. There Two-Face and nearly all of his fellow inmates were executed, with Two-Face being the very first to go.

  • “Sure he should. You see these? Each of these scars if a life. You have a scar now, too. Don’t you Superman? Did you like it? Did you feel the RELEASE?”

    One of the many Arkham Asylum inmates to be whisked away by Superman following his adopting a more militant world-view, Victor Zsaz was taken to an unknown location where he was executed alongside most of his fellow rogues, also being one of the very first to be put to death due to Superman’s disgust as his being a sadistic serial killer. His claiming that Superman was now just like him also seemed to have struck a nerve…

  • “Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big bat?”.

    One of the many Arkham Asylum inmates to be whisked away by Superman following his adopting a more militant world-view, the Riddler was taken to an unknown location where he was executed alongside most of his fellow rogues.

  • One of the many Arkham Asylum inmates to be whisked away by Superman following his adopting a more militant world-view, Calendar Man was taken to an unknown location where he was executed alongside most of his fellow rogues.

  • "You've changed Kryptonian. It's as plain as day. And before you take my head, know this: whatever I or my father have done to this world in the past, YOU are now it's greatest threat. The evidence irrefutable. Earth would be better off without you."

    When word reached Apokolips of how Earth had apparently ceased in it's wars and become "peaceful", Kalibak saw it as a golden opportunity to take the planet in his father's name. Darkseid chose to allow it, and thus Kalibak launched a parademon invasion of the planet. Putting aside their differences in the face of the common enemy, the Regime and Insurgency forces were able to beat back the Parademons, and Kalibak himself fell in battle against the more merciless Superman. Before he died though, Kalibak noted how much Superman had changed and taunted him about how he had now turned into the Earth's biggest threat, a remark that so enraged Superman he murdered Kalibak on the spot.

  • "My part is done. I am justified. That is all that need be said."

    A conspiracy theorist with a natural distrust for authority, the Question had always been a more rebellious and anti-authoritarian kind of superhero. When Superman began acting in a more malevolent manner the Question knew immediately what the end result of it would be and thus wasted no time approaching Batman and offering his assistance. The Question served the Insurgency well for a time as an incognito source of information, but his diligent efforts to expose Regime corruption to the world eventually caught up with him. Though Batman kept him close at hand more often than not, the Question was finally murdered by the Huntress after she betrayed the Insurgency to Regime forces. Afterwards Renee Montoya became a new Question.

  • During a battle between the Flash and his Rogues, the Flash villains were defeated by the surprise arrival of Superman and other members of the Regime. Terrified, the Rogues surrendered on the spot, but Superman decided that villains like them who endangered innocent lives didn’t get to “just give up” and Superman promptly murdered Weather Wizard and Trickster, an act that shocked the Flash and his other enemies but was also approved by a watching Wonder Woman. It was after this that the Flash at last decided he’d had enough and abandoned the Regime for the Insurgency.

  • Following the rise of the Regime, Superman made a point of killing supervillains he deemed to be too great a danger to mankind. Due to his kryptonite heart presenting a very real danger to Superman, Metallo was one of the very first victims to be executed by the Man of Steel and also the first supervillain to be executed at Stryker’s Island.

  • Following the rise of the Regime, Superman made a point of killing supervillains he deemed to be too great a danger to mankind. Parasite was judged to be one such supervillain, and despite his insistence that he could be useful to the Regime, he was judged to be too dangerous to risk allowing to live and was put to death, being the second supervillain to be executed at Stryker’s Island.

  • As a powerful telepath and dangerous super-genius, Gorilla Grodd was a high priority target for the Regime, but managed to elude them for quite some time. Eventually though, he finally captured and sent to Stryker’s Island where he was given an impromptu execution, which inadvertently saved Deadshot’s life due to his scheduled execution being pushed back to make room for Grodd’s.

  • “I understand when there are times when you gotta do what you gotta do. When it’s kill o be killed. But I don’t believe in executions, and I definitely don’t believe in letting some all-powerful being squashing someone like a bug. And I don’t want to see my friend do something he’ll regret”.

    As the ultimate left-wing superhero and also the people’s hero with a strong level of concern for the common man, Green Arrow’s joining Batman’s Insurgency was inevitable. But despite this Green Arrow never wished to stand against Superman and hoped that a peaceful resolution to the conflict could be found. Tragically though, he perished while attempting to reason with Superman, and without his concern for the common man to ground his former teammate’s conscience, they transformed ever further into fascist warlords.

  • "I'm a cynical bastard, but I've always had faith in you Hal. And I still believe that you can win this. I still believe you're the Greatest Green Lantern of them all".

    When the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians first decided to take action against Superman's actions on Earth, Guy differed from Hal in that he remained true to his convictions and chose to take a stand against his old friend, also urging Hal to do the same. Tragically, Hal could not and instead became a Yellow Lantern. Guy fought valiantly, but his reluctance to fight his old friend condemned him. Hal triumphed and under his yellow ring's influence brutally murdered his old friend. Before he died though, Guy remained convinced that the Hal he knew still lived on somewhere inside the yellow monster he'd become, and that one day he'd come back.

  • “You’re WRONG Superman. You’re all wrong. You and the others have become what we’ve all fought against since the beginning…and Batman WILL stop you”.

    Very early on deciding that the Regime was going too far, Ted Kord joined Batman’s Insurgency and for a time served as one of his top lieutenants, also using his wealth to aid the Insurgency after Bruce Wayne’s assets were frozen. Tragically though, Blue Beetle was eventually captured by Regime forced and personally executed on live TV by Wonder Woman, who snapped his neck. His legacy lives on in Jamie Reyes, who joined the Insurgency very shortly after Ted Kord’s death.