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Complete Monster-Video Games

Part V of my greater Complete Monster list. Currently in-progress.

List items

  • The version in Murdered: Soul Suspect, who started the Salem Witch Trials, leading to all of the real-life deaths of that tragedy. Even as a spirit she's unrepentant and possess people to carry out murders in Salem in her name.

  • Don't let her Disney Princess-esque gown, gloves, and pretty face fool you; she's evil to the core.

  • He started out as a tragic villain and Well-Intentioned Extremist, but he eventually turned into this.

  • In the God of War series, considering that unlike the other Gods who were corrupted by Pandora's Box, Ares was always evil, and is also the cause of Kratos' transformation from proud Spartan warrior and loving family man to psychotic, mass-murdering monster. He also tricked Kratos into murdering his own wife and daughter.

  • A sadistic and cruel pirate who, in the short time he had Soul Edge slaughtered the entire population of a port town. Yes, Nightmare's killed more people with Soul Edge, but he also had it longer, so that doesn't save Cervantes from CM status. He's also repeatedly fought and tried to kill his own daughter Ivy, and in SCIV's Arcade Mode kills his own servant Valmiro after he outlives his usefulness before then taking Soul Edge back and setting out to start what his ending calls "The Grim Myths". In his SCIII ending before this, he can have his ghost crew slaughter an entire ship's crew to the last man...or turn on them and attack them just because. Basically, a psychopath with no loyalty to anyone but himself.

  • The Assassins Creed version. We first see him murdering Uncle Mario. Now on a certain level, that's nothing personal because they're on opposite sides. What is NOT "nothing personal" is his then decapitating Uncle Mario and putting his head on a pike just to make Ezio suffer. He then murders his own father for power, is a tyrannical ruler of Rome, employs a twisted crew of psychos, and tries to strangle his own sister for daring to be in a relationship with someone other than him (and yes, he's incestuous too).

  • Pure Renegade version, given the large number of times he/she mistreats and abuses their so-called friends and allies, murders innocents, COMMITS SPECIES-LEVEL GENOCIDE, and other crimes.

  • Debatably. TV Tropes considered him a Well-Intentioned Extremist, but one of their sister sites contested that and considered a CM.

  • Wishes to absorb everything into himself, so that nothing will exist anymore.

  • In Command and Conquer: Red Alert

  • Well for starters he killed his own parents at a young age. He then invoked Complete Monster status by deliberately expelling all the goodness from his soul in the name of acquiring greater power. Oh, and he killed Chun-Li's father for pretty much no reason and only remembers the incident for the sake of mocking her about it.

  • Pretty much the entire point of his character

  • Killed Scorpion's family (and his entire clan) and then tricked him into believing that it was Sub-Zero who did it, thus allowing him to make Scorpion his loyal servant. In Mortal Kombat 9 he turns all of the slain heroes into servants of his as well.

  • In the MK 9 continuity, where he first betrays the Edenian Resistance that took him in with open arms simply because he was not made their leader, joined Shao Kahn and crushed said resistance, and then in his ending betrayed and killed Shao Kahn and used his armies to conquer all the other realms, starting with Earthrealm. Also worth noting that in MKX, he's planning to betray Mileena and seize Kotal Kahn's throne for himself.

  • Like his son, he's this in the Assassin's Creed series, being a ruthless, sociopathic power-monger who also has Ezio's brothers killed just to make a point, one of whom was just a boy. And of course alongside his son he runs Rome into the ground while in power there.

  • Extends to the 1990 Movie version too.

  • Sometimes on the account of being a tyrannical power-mad despot who seeks to conquer and enslave Earthrealm. Not the Mortal Kombat Legacy version though, who was shown to have genuine feelings for Sindel and also wasn't as heinous as other versions of the character.

  • Wants to bring his own reality to an end due to his love for death. As a fallen Elder God who became the sadistic and life-hating Lord of the Neatherrealm, he is the MK universe's Satan.

  • In Megaman: Maverick Hunter X

  • As Soul Edge and Nightmare are kind of one in the same, it makes sense that the evil cursed sword fits this as well. And no, it's not an inanimate object. It is sentient.

  • Now, the Reapers as a collective are pretty dang bad, what with their horrifying bodycount and everything about indoctrination and turning people into Husks. But Sovereign in particular was very arrogant and made it clear that he didn't care that what he and the other Reapers were doing was wrong, and the implication is that he for one just did what he did out contempt for "lesser" races.

  • A deeply damaged and sadistic psycho who gleefully kills in Nightmare and Soul Edge's name with utter relish and not an ounce of remorse. In Soul Calibur V she goads an innocent girl (Pyyrha) into killing people in the name of turning her into the new host for Soul Edge simply because she doesn't like the new Nightmare.

  • The general idea is that he's a bigger monster than all the zombies you face.