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Complete Monster-Misc.

Part VI of my greater Complete Monster list and featuring examples that don't fit into any of the other sub-categories.

List items

  • In both Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" and the movie adaptation. A sociopathic teenage girl who starts a witch hysteria by pretending to be tortured by invisible witches alongside an inner circle of girls who she manipulates and threatens into following her lead. Her primary goal is to get rid of the wife of the man she lusts after, her secondary goal is fame and attention. Neither of these are sympathetic. Her actions ultimately get numerous innocent people hanged, and in the movie she takes clear sadistic pleasure in the hangings, laughing and mocking the victims alongside the other "afflicted girls". She also earlier psychologically abuses and torments Marry Warren until the other girl breaks and joins Abigail's side. When Reverend Hale objects to her and loses faith in her credibility, in the movie she tries to have his wife accused of witchcraft purely out of spite. And if anyone was wondering if she really cared about John Proctor as anything other than a toy, the answer is no, given that she runs away rather than face the music for her crimes, leaving John Proctor to be hanged.

  • In numerous versions across all media, be it video games (The Wolfenstein Series), movies (The Rise of Evil), or third-party comics (Uber). I'd say real life too, but he did technically have at least one Pet the Dog moment in RL. Not so in this series.

  • Just to put this into perspective: in the very first scene this rat is in, he whips, accuses of mutiny, and threatens to straight up kill, one of his own captains just for hesitating to carry out a dangerous and life-threatening order. When the order does indeed result in the rat Skull-Face's death, Cluny finds it funny and tauntingly tells Skull-Face's corpse to tell the Devil "Cluny sent you". And again, all of that was just his first scene. Suffice to say, that by the end of the story Cluny has effectively set the precedent for all pure evil Redwall villains to follow.

    It should also be noted that he fits this as much in the cartoon and graphic novel adaptations as he does in the original book due to how both are very faithful adaptations that maintain Cluny's cruelty.

  • Sometimes this, particularly in GI Joe Resolute and GI Joe Retaliation, where in both he commits genocide just to show that he means business. And in the latter, when asked what he wants after destroying all of London, he replies coldly: "I want it all."

    Also, the eerily Nazi-esque version seen in the GI Joe/Transformers crossover by John Ney Rieber, plus the version seen in the cartoon "GI Joe: Renegades".

  • Murdered a woman's mother, kidnapped her daughter as leverage, and then tortured and murdered the woman herself and planned to sell her daughter to Russian slavers. Why does he do all of this? Because he's a greedy criminal who wants his Heroin shipment back.

  • A human from Godzilla comic books who us ultimately more of a monster than any of the Kaiju surrounding him.

  • In the Future Noir universe, as well as in GI Joe: Renegades, despite his outward appearance as a wimpy tool. He's actually the most evil of Cobra Commander's many henchmen, as even the equally sadistic and cruel Baroness at least cares about Destro. Mindbender doesn't care about anyone.

  • The original one in the Archie Comic series.

  • Both the original comic version and version from the dreadful second Transformers movie. Also the version from the Unicron Trilogy.

  • Not only the "original" version, but also one from an alternate reality who tried to commit the same crimes as his mainstream version. Upon failing and coming over to the "main" Warcraft universe, he just committed entirely new crimes. Finally, the version seen in the 2016 movie ALSO qualifies for this.

  • The classic Shakespeare villain and one of the single most notorious examples of this ever. Especially since most depictions of the character are being evil simply because.

  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen version

  • In the comic series Uber (and real life)

  • A sadist who in his world became a Judge just so he could kill people "legally" and then decided that life itself was a crime, at which point he wiped out all life in his world and then crossed over to Judge Dredd's reality to wipe out all life there too. At one point he took over Mega City One and sentenced everyone in the city to death.

  • In what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. Hitman, mass murder, rapist, the whole nine yards.

  • An alternate version of him that became Dark Enerjak and among other things sunk an entire continent.

  • Suffice to say, he surpassed his predecessor in terms of sheer, unrelenting evil. We're talking about a guy who BEFORE becoming Cobra Commander was already a self-made orphan and a mass murderer who established himself as willing to kill anyone he needed to to keep himself going. As a Cobra goon, he murdered more innocents and also tried to wipe out an entire village. Finally, as leader of Cobra, he has slave labor all over the world (including child slaves), and was willing to drop a plane on Paris just to kill one person. And that's not even everything he's done, but suffice to say, this guy is bad news.

  • The version seen in Hellboy comics, if you can believe it

  • Spawn comics version

  • Not all versions of the Decepticon leader are this, but some of them are (Beast Wars and Unicron Trilogy versions, plus the War for Cybertron video game version)

  • Red Mist's right-hand psycho and just as much of a sadistic and brutal monster as he is. And unlike him, she never manages to redeem herself.

  • One of Diabolik's two most evil adversaries (the other being Federico)

  • Blew up a SWAT team and the building they were in, kills a police chief, and causes a subway train to derail and kill everyone in it. And all of that's just his opening act. The long and short of it, is that this guy is Batman if he became the Joker.

  • A sadistic monkey demon who is ever conspiring to ascend the ranks of Hell and will use any means necessary to achieve that end.

  • An utter psychopath who terrifies all Cybertronians (even his fellow Decepticons) and just wants to kill everything and everyone as painfully and brutally as he can.

  • Started off as a sympathetic medic getting blackmailed, but then just went plain crazy and showed himself willing to slaughter as many as he needed to in order to save his own skin and cover up his own crimes.

  • Superman gone wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

  • The Shakespeare version, who murders his way to the throne with barely disguised relish and outright says at the beginning of the play that he is determined to prove himself a villain. And he does.

  • Normally a sympathetic Anti-Villain who frequently operates as an Anti-Hero with an on-and-off relationship with Knuckles, the version in Sonic: The Comic Online lacks any such sympathetic qualities and is instead wholly evil.

  • Sometimes, depending on the iteration.

  • Though he started out well-intentioned, as of the Second and Third Ages he is this, being interested only in power and killing all life in Middle-Earth that is not to his liking. He also corrupts the nine kings of men into the Nazgul and helps turn Saruman into a Complete Monster as well. Worth noting that besides his book and movie versions, the version seen in the alternate continuity shown in the video games “Shadow of Mordor” and “Shadow of War” is also one since, he still tried to conquer Middle-Earth and slaughter it’s populace, still made the One Ring, and still despises all the good races, but ALSO murders Celembrimbor’s wife and daughter in front of him before bashing his brains out with his own smithing hammer, and has his men murder Gondor Ranger Talion’s men and his wife and son in the name of a sacrifice intended to restore his physical form. So yeah. All three versions of Sauron are a Complete Monster.

  • Murdered some of his own subjects, including ones he'd welcomed into his home as guests (think like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones). He also had no problem manipulating his loving wife for his own self-gain and also imprisoned Thanatos (the embodiment of Death) just so he could live forever, not caring for how this would throw the world out of balance.

  • Cannibalized his own son, an act so heinous it got him a one-way ticket to Tartarus. In some versions of the myth, he served his son up as food to the Gods instead, which is just as evil.

  • From Shattered Glass

  • The Satan of the Transformers universe

  • Name pretty much says it all