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Complete Monster-Marvel Multiverse

Part II of my Complete Monster lists, this time for Marvel ones.

As the name implies, a Complete Monster is a villain who is pure, irredeemably evil, sufficiently heinous in relation to their peers, and bereft of many moments of genuine kindness, compassion, or remorse. There is ultimately nothing sympathetic about these characters, though there is a bit of a divide between the ones who can at least be called "cool", and the ones who just aren't. Either way, they're still pure evil.

List items

  • Well, he DOES seek to destroy the entire Marvel Multiverse after all.

  • Freudian Excuse aside, he sold his soul to Mephisto and became a homicidal maniac who would kill everyone who had ever interacted with his wife, and also kill their families for good measure. He'd also stab each of his victims 32 times. He also instigated a war. So yeah. Nasty dude.

  • Besides doing/attempting all of the atrocities his real life counterpart did/attempted, there's also his being even more into the occult and also knowing full well that he's evil and not caring. In fact, he acknowledged that his evil was unmatched and deliberately took in a young Johann Schmidt because he saw in him someone who he could mold into a monster like him (never mind that Schmidt was already one). He's so evil, that the bullets in his gun have enough concentrated evil in them to pierce Doctor Strange's magical barriers!

  • Becomes this in "What if the Avengers lost Operation Galactic Storm?" where, after taking over the Kree Empire he gleefully orders Earth destroyed, also noting that this is "just the beginning". He has Sersi and Hercules tortured, the former being forcibly and painfully aged to an old woman and the latter getting his eyes taken out as a means of "testing his invulnerability". His Kree scientists also planned to torture Crystal too before she was killed. Ael-Dan then leads his people on a violent rampage through the Galaxy, and while most of it is "off-panel villainy", everything I just went over is pretty bad all on it's own, not to mention that it is made clear that his despotic rule is actually hurting the Kree as a whole, his empire being wracked with poverty and food shortages and his people growing more restless and less loyal, but thanks to his thugs they're forced to feign continued support for his violent, thoughtless rule. Also, outside of destroying Earth, his actions also lead to the near-destruction of the Shi'ar and the deaths of numerous Avengers, including Hercules, Sersi, Iron Man, Clint Barton, Black Knight, and Vision. In all, pretty nasty for an alternate reality villain who only showed up in TWO ISSUES.

  • Movie version. He tortures Wade Wilson and others repeatedly with sadistic glee, lies to Wade that he can cure him just to screw with him, and also tries to kill Vanessa, the latter of which seems like standard-fare villainy...except for how his method of doing it is by locking her in a tank that will subject her to a slow, painful, and horrible suffocation-type death. So, yeah, trying to kill the hero's girlfriend seems standard-fare, but the way in which he goes about it is particularly bad.

  • He tries to kill all life in the universe and actually does manage to destroy quite a few planets.

  • A genocidal despot who wants to wipe out and/or enslave humanity simply because he views them as inferior. Besides 616, his X-Men Movie, X-Men Legends, and even campy 90s cartoon counterparts all fit this too.

  • Despite being one of Marvel's answers to the Joker, despite killing for sheer enjoyment via putting people in elaborate death traps, despite having no sympathetic backstory...616 Arcade ISN'T this. Reason being that, twisted as he is, he does have a sense of fair play. The Age of X version on the other hand, IS a Complete Monster. Lacking the 616 version's sense of fair play, he kills Mutant prisoners in large numbers at the government's behest and even using another Mutant (Scott Summers) to do it. Yep. So sadistic that he has one Mutant kill others with his own powers against his will.

  • Revealed himself to be this during Rick Remender's Captain America run. Basically, once he was in a position of absolute authority over others, he went absolutely off the rails and basically behaved like a true Nazi.

  • Committed his share of war crimes in World War II, including strangling Polish freedom fighter Citizen V to death, flaying the Human Torch, torturing Captain America and Bucky Barnes with sadistic pleasure, getting an entire German town destroyed, and engineering WMDs for the Nazis. He also became so hellbent on killing Captain America for his disfigurement that he even became willing to sacrifice his own wife and son to achieve the end, not to mention that his treatment of his son caused him to become a supervillain too. And we haven't even gotten to the crimes he committed AFTER World War II...

  • Marvel version, not Hasbro version.

  • This is a dude who was overjoyed by his own son's death and once blew up a base that had thousands of his own men it. And of course he's a Nazi.

  • Even with a Freudian Excuse, the MAX version is still sufficiently deplorable that he nevertheless fits this.

  • A sadistic being who has relished manipulating and destroying mutants and seeks to wipe them all out. And unlike other Sentinels, who are only following their programming, Bastion has human-level sentience and emotions and therefore knows full well that what he's doing is evil. And he doesn't care. He's especially bad in the video game X-Men: Destiny where he's the Big Bad that orchestrates most of the bad things that happen in that game.

  • MCU version, who is a sadistic and corrupt (and racist) prison guard captain who blackmails Luke Cage into fighting for him in an underground fighting ring by threatening to murder his friend Squabbles. It is made clear that the inmates in this pseudo-gladiator ring fight until their broken, and then they're dragged off to be experimented on, and all the while Rackham gets off on profiting from it all and taking sadistic pleasure in watching men with a skin color he can't stand hurt each-other. Oh, and he has his goons torture Squabbles to death to learn that Luke Cage is plotting to expose him.

    Now, of course, none of that is on par with Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, BUT remember that Rackham did not have Kilgrave's power or screen-time. For a one-shot villain with little in the way of resources, he's a pretty bad dude.

  • MCU version, who is not Black Knight but something else. And, unlike his 616 version, he never feels remorse or a desire to have his lost honor restored.

  • The Ultimate Marvel universe version who murders Hawkeye's family, frames Captain America for it, helps an army of supervillains invade America, and murders Jarvis and mocks Tony's loss. Her death at Hawkeye's hands was incredibly deserved and satisfying.

  • The Hulk's abusive father who violently murdered his mother and then bullied him into not exposing his crime. While far from the only abusive father in Marvel, he took it farther than most by murdering Bruce's mother brutally (and in front of him). And while even this may not seem any worse than how, say, Norman Osborn has treated people over the years, it must be remembered that Brian never had Norman's superpowers or resources, nor for that matter has he appeared with anywhere near the same frequency, and so has had less opportunities to do evil.

  • A sadistic mass murderer who shows no remorse for killing his targets and even just people who get in his way. Also tortured Spider-Man during Dark Reign with relish and murdered the Sentry's girlfriend (also with relish). The MAX and 2003 Daredevil Movie versions are also Complete Monsters.

  • Cancerverse version, in contrast to the heroic and noble mainstream version.

  • Committed mutant genocide when she destroyed Genosha and in the process got a bodycount numbering in the millions.

  • Just to drive this home, this guy was serving ELEVEN consecutive life sentences for mass murder BEFORE getting a symbiote.

  • According to TV Tropes, anyway. And their standards are harsher and stricter then mine, so if they think the guy's one, I'll just take it at face value.

    EDIT: So, started out as a tragic/sympathetic villain, but after making a literal deal with the devil, became a pure evil, sadistic demonic villain who tried to turn New York City into a literal Hell on Earth, as well as bring about the downfall of humanity, all while gaining power from the civilians his actions kill and tormenting his own henchmen with his powers.

  • A human trafficker supervillain

  • Among other things, kidnapped a boy who he then molded into his enforcer Jack O'Lantern, and also used his own sister as a hostage and leverage to get Eddie Brock Venom to do his bidding.

  • A member of the Ku Klux Klan who helps his world's Doctor Octopus by kidnapping African Americans and giving them to Otto to experiment on. On top of that, he also brutally cuts up and mutilates Felicia Hardy's face when he realizes she's helping Spider-Man. Sufficiently detestable that when Doctor Octopus turns on him, a disgusted Spider-Man just lets him die.

  • Alongside his father, Cristu was a human trafficker, and actually suggested the idea to his father when they were both acting as mercenary accomplices to the genocidal Serbs during the Yugoslavia war. While he disapproved of his father's bloodlust and madness, it was not because he had a conscience. Rather, it was simply because he was interested in profit, and saw his father as a threat to said profit. And so, he tried to have his own father killed.

  • In contrast to the lovable regular Beast. Think Mr. Sinister in Beast's body.

  • Can't say anything about the comic book version, but he's definitely this in the Blade Movie. Sadistic, murderous psycho who sees humans as nothing but food, tortured and killed a rival vampire, threw a young girl in front of a truck, turned Blade's mother into a monster, all that stuff...

  • Though normally a lovable (if not also completely insane and mildly psychotic) goofball, in the Ultimate Marvel universe he's a sadist who hunts and kills mutants on live TV...for being mutants. There's also the version from "Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe" and the sequels to that story.

  • Normally a very sympathetic villain, the Spider-Man Noir version, who is a Nazi scientist that hates black people and kidnaps and tortures and experiments on them, is very much this.

  • One of many violent anti-Mutants who, like the Purifiers, prefers to target Mutant children who are too weak to fight back. Only time he's ever engaged the X-Men in anything resembling a fair fight is when he's got a lot of people helping him. So, he's not just a racist, elitist jerk, he's also a coward who goes after children instead of adults.

  • Wants to destroy and then remake the universe in his image, namely as an endless torture camp dedicated to the "glory" of himself. He's also tried to wipe out human life a couple times now.

  • The sadistic and bloodthirsty Red Room Assassin and Peggy Carter's arch-enemy. Lacking any sympathetic reason for becoming a Red Room operative (and nothing to indicate she was even necessarily forced into it), Dottie took to her training with a fanatical zeal even as a child, snapping the neck of one her sparring partners even after said sparring partner had earlier showed her kindness. And Dottie snapped her neck anyway without any remorse. As an adult, she still enjoys killing, murdering several people over the course of Agent Carter's first season, including hitting a movie theater full of innocent people with a gas that makes said people violent and drives them to brutally kill each-other with their bare hands. As if that wasn't enough, she also actively helps Dr. Johann Fennhoff in his plan to inflict the same terrible weapon on ALL OF NEW YORK CITY. And unlike him, she has no sympathetic backstory, no dead brother to grieve, no nothing. Just a sadistic, faux affably evil sociopath who enjoys the violence.

    Even her obsession with Peggy Carter is more just a sadistic interest rather than genuine respect or concern for her, no different than Joker's obsession with Batman. Similarly, her helping Peggy Carter in Season 2 was motivated purely by self-interest. Peggy herself outright acknowledges that Dottie is "despicable".

  • The MCU version, who creates AIM, tests the Extremesis virus on people despite the harmful (and fatal) side-effects, and goes to EXTREME lengths to spite Tony Stark JUST because the guy pulled a mean joke on him once (which does not count as a sympathetic backstory). And he threatened the lives of a plane full of innocent people, let's not forget that.

  • The absolutely sadistic doctor who oversaw X-23's transformation into a living weapon, subjected her to radiation exposure that was far higher than necessary, threatened to kill a woman he had been having an affair with when she threatened to expose him as the father of her child, had X-23 conditioned via torture to kill everyone around her every time she smelled a "trigger scent", and tried to use X-23 to kill the family of Doctor Martin Sutter. Really, after all of that, not even his Freudian Excuse saves him in the end.

    Also, his X-Men Movie version fits this too, and once again his Freudian Excuse does not save him.

  • The Spider-Man: Reign version, who is known as "Edward Saks" rather than Eddie Brock.

    Also the version seen in the PS2 version of Spider-Man: WoS called Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Amazing Allies, who has no sympathetic reason for hating Spider-Man or starting up a symbiote infestation of New York City, not to mention abusing his own symbiote with the Jackal to make it more powerful, and forcefully turning other people into symbiote hosts against their will.

  • MCU version, who is fused with J'son and is far worse than either one in the comics. Though initially appearing a sympathetic absentee father who wants to make up for lost time with his son, in reality he was just using him as part of a cuckoo plan to spread his essence throughout the universe and kill basically everyone in it. And, the previous children he sired with women before Quill, he killed them and tossed their remains into an ever-increasing bone pile when they failed to serve his purposes. Though he did have it in him to love another person (Peter's mother) and did for a time, he ultimately decided to reject it in favor of being wholly evil, and even went so far as to kill the one person he had ever loved. And by putting a cancerous brain tumor in her head too. Yeah. Much worse than 616 Ego and J'son.

  • Not the Marvel Zombies version actually, but the 616 version is.

  • In "Old Man Logan" where he tricks Wolverine into killing all of the X-Men by making him think they're supervillains attacking the X-Mansion.

  • Let's see...profiting from the Great Depression? Check. Crime boss and pedophile? Check. Demon-worshipping maniac who murders numerous innocents (including an entire town's population) to empower said demon? Check. Tries to sacrifice a bunch of children to empower his boss again and then murders one of his own men for objecting to this plan? Check.

  • The version seen in a Hulk video game that is meant to be part of the MCU but is also Non-Canon. Nevertheless, that video game's version of Talbot is a Complete Monster.

  • True to his name he's fond of turning people to stone, primarily women. He also killed his own family as part of his initiation into the Hand, and temporarily turned Wolverine into a brutal and psychotic enforcer for Hydra via brainwashing. And while under said brainwashing, Wolverine killed a teenage superhero (Hornet II).

  • One of many grotesque characters to come from Garth Ennis, only this one's a Thor villain instead of a Punisher villain. That said, his actions of slaughtering a village of it's inhabitants (and raping the women first), is not entirely unbelievable or unrealistic given the time and place.

  • For all his being a one-time villain, he was still the most evil one in Luke Cage's Rogue's Gallery (such as that is).

  • An evil alien who tried to wipe out all life on Earth and before that was a Nazi, who dismissed the Axis Power's atrocities as "eccentric behavior".

  • In Avengers Assemble it is revealed that he destroyed his own planet for rejecting him and when the Avengers oppose him he not only tries to kill them, but he tries to outright murder an innocent child just for standing up to him. Yes, he claims to be well-intentioned, but it's clear based on his above actions that he's just a petty, genocidal hypocrite.

  • Performed unethical and torturous experiments on children/teens repeatedly, stuffed and mounted in his office a CIA agent who died trying to kill him, held children and teens at his sadistic correctional facilities indefinitely over even the slightest "offense", had killed any who attempted to escape, and used as living weapons those aforementioned teens he'd experimented on, who had to be killed (and were also by then little more than walking corpses hooked up to machinery).

  • In Marvel 1602, where he embarks on a campaign to have all Mutants in his kingdom burned at the stake for the usual religious fanatic/xenophobia reasons, also having Jewish people burned at the stake too because of course he's an Anti-Semite as well as an Anti-Mutant, and tries to burn Magneto and his two children at the stake as well when it's discovered that they are also Mutants and were only burning the ones they couldn't pass off as humans. He ALSO has Doctor Strange beheaded and enjoys the execution as a spectacle, even putting Stephen's head on a pike afterwards to add insult to fatal injury. For a non-superpowered villain who only really showed up once and had only early 17th Century resources, he manages to stand out as the most evil villain in his particular Marvel Universe (even worse than that MU's Norman Osborn!)

  • The MAX version, who is even more brutal and sadistic than his 616, Ultimate, and especially MCU counterparts and also lacking the sympathetic qualities and traits of both. No sophisticated Affably Evil crime boss here.

  • His MCU counterpart, of the standard "unethical, sadistic, and pure evil Nazi scientist" bent.

  • As Venom 2099, where he was a sadistic psychopath who as a child was guilty of extreme physical bullying and attempted rape and as an adult had an MO of murdering entire families with only one survivor. As Scorpion 2099 however he's a more tragic villain.

  • An absolutely disgusting and depraved maniac whose fond of rape and goes along with the Celestial's efforts to wipe out entire species. So bad that his fellow Eternals by and large hate him and treat him with disgust and revulsion.

  • The movie version, who at first seems like a pretty par-for-the-course kind of villain: jerk, racist against Mutants, mean to his daughter, etc. But what pushes him into this, is that he tries to kill his own daughter just so he can inherit the family company. And when Wolverine (disgusted by Shingen's being willing to murder his own daughter for self-gain), decides to spare him anyway, Shingen repays that by trying to attack him again from behind.

  • Evil Hulk from an alternate future who rules it with an iron fist and killed all other superheroes. Granted, he does try to invoke a sympathetic backstory, but whether or not he actually has one isn't clear.

  • Ultimate Marvel version, who flooded New York City and killed scores of people (including most of the X-Men), views humans as insects that need to be exterminated (reminiscent of Apocalypse and the Nazis both), breaks his son's legs for questioning him, and was also responsible for crippling Charles Xavier when the latter realized he was crazy. Even his normally sympathetic backstory of being a Holocaust survivor does not apply here, as Ultimate Magneto was raised in America, and never experienced the Holocaust.

  • So vile that even his fellow Dark Elves hate him. Oh, and he's a cannibal. In addition, the Omnicidal Maniac version from the MCU also fits this, as does the version from the non-canon Thor video game.

  • Quite obviously

  • Though when first met he's very innocent and optimistic, after spending too much time with the Hulk he became evil. After the Hulk becomes the new king of Skarr, Miek sabotages the rocket that brought the Hulk to Skarr, killing a huge number of people (including Hulk's pregnant wife) just because he likes violent angry Hulk better. Then, after revealing this to Hulk he tries to kill Rick Jones.

  • There have been several Daredevil villains to use the alias "Mr. Fear", but this one is the nastiest of them all.

  • Marvel's resident mad scientist and expert in unethical experiments. Is also sometimes shown to be in cahoots with Apocalypse, including in the Age of Apocalypse reality.

  • Suffice to say, that he's been murdering people since the age of 8, and his first victims were his own parents and sister, all to frame his uncle at his aunt's behest. And then he murdered her too. So vile that even the Mafia shunned him.

  • In the Avengers Assemble cartoon. Why they felt the need to make this particular hero a Complete Monster is beyond me, but he is one non-the-less, being a surprisingly dark and ruthless villain for such a juvenile kid show. Ultimately, his thoughts on his own teammates sums it up:

    "They were tools"

  • Destroyed Stamford, killing 612 innocent people (60 of whom were children), an act that touched off the Superhero Civil War and Registration Act nonsense. And even before that, he was prone to killing innocent people during his acts of mercenary work for other villains, and he also tried to rape Dakota North at one point, which horrified even another villain he was with.

  • Typically portrayed as one, being an abusive and uncaring parent to Harry Osborn and also a sadistic mass murderer, not to mention making Mary Jane give birth to a stillborn baby. In Dark Reign he puts together a twisted crew of psychos, helps drive Sentry off the deep end, and tortures Spider-Man at one point.

  • When his father killed himself playing Russian Roulette, rather than be devastated by it, Obadiah Stane instead decided that his father was a fool who left too much to chance and thus "deserved" death. He also believed that life was a game to be won no matter the cost, and so went out of his way to destroy Tony Stark's life, and also tried to kill a baby at one point. Yeah.

  • Just to drive this home, the man slaughtered an entire town of people BECAUSE HE WAS BORED ONE DAY. And that was BEFORE becoming a supervillain.

  • When his world's Sersi left him he deliberately drove her mad to the point that she destroyed his world. Proctor then set about killing every other version of Sersi in the Marvel multiverse, completely heedless to the consequences. All because he got dumped.

  • 616 and MCU versions, both of whom are serial rapists, and with the latter one having a boatload of other sick, disgusting, and perverse crimes to his name as well, including being a self-made orphan.

  • A sociopathic, crooked CIA operative who actually HELPS terrorist acts be committed, rather than try to stop them. He also kicked his wife out of a helicopter to safeguard a heroin shipment, leaving her to be raped repeatedly by Taliban. Far from being broken up about this, he actually mocked her suffering when she confronted him again years later.

  • The MCU character "Raza Hamidmi Al-Wazar" rather than this character. As a member of the Ten Rings terrorist organization, he acquires Stark Industries weapons that he uses to lay waste to a village, followed by his men attacking a second village before Iron Man stops them. Add to that his trying to blackmail Tony Stark into making a missile for him, waterboarding him when he refuses, and threatening to torture/murder Ho Yinsen when he believes Stark is stalling in building the missile, he stands out as one of the worst and most evil villains in the Iron Man movies despite a comparative lack of resources and no special powers. And he has no sympathetic backstory to speak of, no moments of empathy, and no good intentions; just a hunger for power and territory.

  • An alien tyrant vaguely reminiscent of Commodus from Gladiator who several times destroys entire villages full of innocent people using his sadistic inventions known as "The Spikes", which also among other things killed Caiera the Oldstrong's entire family, including her kid brother. His death is pretty well-deserved.

  • Their leader the Founder, who lacks a page of his own. An old man who blames Wolverine for killing his father, but less because he was upset by his father's death and more because he ended up losing his family fortune and had to work in the very mine his father once owned. Hating Wolverine for this (because apparently it's easier to blame someone else for your troubles), the Founder erm, founded, the Red Right Hand, and they tried to kill everyone Wolverine ever cared about. And even though they failed to kill most of the names on their list, they still killed a few, and also killed several innocent bystanders in the process. But their worst act was tricking Wolverine into killing several of his own children, and also committing suicide afterwards to deny Wolverine the opportunity for revenge.

  • One of Marvel's most notorious examples of this, to the point that many other supervillains want absolutely nothing to do with him, but that's what happens when you have Adolf Hitler as a father figure. His portrayal as a Complete Monster extends to his infamous Ultimate Marvel universe counterpart, and to his MCU, EMH, and Avengers Assemble counterparts as well.

  • The Supreme Power version, who is a misogynistic serial killer that is also a racist one to boot, considering he mostly targets African American prostitutes. He later showed a willingness to kill for whoever was willing to pay for his services, and also tried to invoke the "let me kill you or these innocent people die" bit with Hyperion. Fortunately, it didn't go so well for Redstone.

  • Basically the Marvel Universe's version of cult leader and real life Complete Monster Jim Jones.

  • The MCU version, who murdered Drax's wife and daughter (and invokes the "But for me it was Tuesday" trope), has slaughtered other children and families, and tried to destroy the planet Xandar using one of the Infinity Gems, also having his ships suicide-bomb the city prior to his landing on the surface. The actor who played him even outright described the character as a monster. The version seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon is also one, being clearly based off of the MCU version rather than 616.

  • Another utter sadist and mass murderer (and also a cannibal, rapist, and card-carrying villain), who represents what Wolverine would ever become if he lost control of the beast within.

  • Well he did stab a pregnant woman with a pitchfork at one point, among other crimes.

  • The movie version, who was affiliated with the Nazis for a time, tortured a young Magneto, murdered his mother, murders Darwin, and tried to start a nuclear World War III. Also the Wolverine and the X-Men version, who tried to unleash the Phoenix Force on the world for no apparent reason.

  • Has drained people dry of their life force over countless millennia to keep herself going because she's an egomaniac with a god complex who desires immortality. She's repeatedly murdered loyal followers that have outlived their usefulness, took advantage of a man who was attracted to her and turned him into a villain and her pawn (before then killing him), and also once tried to drain the entire population of Rome. And of course, she's an absolute sadist who's quite fond of taunting her victims before killing them.

  • An evil demon lord and the Marvel Universes' first murderer. Tried to kill all life on Earth during the Atlantis Attacks.

  • Besides the 616 version, there's also the Wolverine and the X-Men version, who tries to trick Storm into using her powers to destroy her own people. And he would have succeeded too, had the X-Men not intervened.

  • In Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes due to being responsible for every bad thing the Kree Empire does by virtue of being their leader and well...supreme intelligence. And to the bad things in question, the EMH Kree are essentially a bunch of Space-Nazis who try to wipe out all life on Earth multiple times just because they view humanity as insubordinate inferiors. They also performed cruel unethical experiments on Michael Korvac, which drove him mad and caused him to become a supervillain. They also attempt similar experiments on the Avengers. Iron Man explicitly refers to the Kree here as monsters. And again, as the Supreme Intelligence, this guy who thus be accountable for every bad thing his empire does, or at least enough of it to qualify as a CM.

  • In both 616 and EMH, him and his fire demons destroyed Beta Ray Bill's galaxy and almost wiped out his people.

  • In the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, where he loses what precious few sympathetic qualities and Pet the Dog moments the 616 version has that have always kept him just on the brink of Complete Monster status but not quite there.

  • A rather terrible and disgusting character created by one of my least favorite comic book writers, Garth Ennis. Let's just say this sicko was such a bad kid he made Flash Thompson look like a saint. And he didn't get any better with age.

  • A completely unrestrained maniac who, after committing atrocities alongside the Serbs during the Yugoslavia war, got into human trafficking, and decided to start eliminating competition simply because human trafficking alone wasn't enough to sate his bloodlust. Basically, so absolutely crazy that his son actively viewed him as a threat to their business and tried to have him killed.

  • Murdered the original Hellions (who were teenagers), which also caused Emma Frost to become even more of an Ice Queen than ever.

  • While the MCU and EMH versions tried to go for slightly (and I stress, slightly) more sympathetic portrayals, that doesn't change the fact that the 616 version is absolutely this. Being a sentient android he is indeed accountable for his atrocities, and he is not a well-intentioned extremist but rather a mechanical sociopath who has contempt for organic life and so seeks to eradicate it. And, he went on a killing spree across Europe at one point.

    In addition to 616, the alternate versions of Ultron from the Age of Ultron comic story and the "Next Avengers" animated movie also fit.

  • Sometimes, depending on the writer. The 616 version ultimately bounces back from this, and seems to (arguably) have genuine feelings for Wolverine, Silver Samurai, and Spider-Woman (different kind of feelings mind you).

  • The Noir version, who's a cannibal and was also Uncle Ben's killer in that Marvel Universe. In Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions he threatens his men with death if they can't stop Spider-Man and also has no problem endangering innocent civilians to slow him down.

  • A sadistic cannibal, murderer, and nihilist. He was so evil and disgusting that Spider-Man 2099 just outright left him to die.