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Complete Monster-Disney and Star Wars

Part of III of my greater Complete Monster list, this one dealing with ones from Disney and Star Wars (both Disney continuity and Legends continuity). Given that Disney owns Star Wars now, I figured it made sense to group the two together for this list.

List items

  • Beginning the Disney examples the worst manifestation of Xehanort other than Master Xehanort. A power mad maniac who corrupted Riku, ruined the real Ansem's reputation, and sought to plunge all the worlds into darkness...for basically no reason. And, the Heartless under him did manage to destroy several worlds. Granted, many of those worlds were brought back, but still.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean version. Among other things he was fine with both sacrificing his own daughter (who was trying to redeem him) and let an innocent mermaid die a slow, painful death just to get immortality. He also outright admits that he's a bad man and claims that if he "doesn't kill a man every now and then they forget who he is".

  • And now for Disney's most infamous example of this. To start, he murders an innocent woman just because she's a gypsy, intended to murder her baby just because he thought it was ugly, and only takes him in because he's forced to. From there he's shown to be a cruel and abusive parental figure, enjoys torturing his own men for failure, seeks to wipe out gypsies, and is willing to murder innocent families while hunting for a woman he lusts after. He also tries to kill said woman multiple times, showing that he does not, in fact love her.

  • A sort of techno-Hitler who wipes out a species save for one survivor because he saw them as a threat to his trumped idea of "the perfect system", gets off on seeing other programs kill each-other in gladiatorial games, kills one of his own men for failing him, betrays and murders his ally Zuse, brainwashed Tron into his servant Rinzler, and when offered the chance to redeem himself by his creator...attacks him instead.

  • Luring children into his clutches, who he then kidnaps and delivers to a place where, in his own words "They don't come back as children". Worst of all, he gets away with everything.

  • Just based on the simple fact that he was willing to commit genocide for money.

  • While wanting to get rid of pirates is on a certain level understandable and even reasonable (just look at Norrinton), Beckett is also a total sadist who in Pirate 3 hangs anyone even remotely associated with piracy, including at least one child (and his being a child mean that his death by hanging would not have been instantaneous but instead slow and painful due to a not fully formed body). He's also dealt in slave trading which, though not considered bad back then, only adds to his villainy. Also, his wanting to get rid of pirates stems not from a desire to protect people but rather because they're bad for his business.

  • Though he did say that he promised his mother on her death-bed that he wouldn't kill his brother Molt (who he wants to kill just because he annoys him), it should be noted that when Molt suggests they stay on Ant Island Hopper seemed about ready to kill him anyway before Molt said that it wasn't his idea, showing that he wouldn't necessarily maintain his promise. Besides that Hopper is a mafia-like tyrant and psychopath who extorts innocent ants and tries to kill them when they step out of line. He also kills some of his own men just to make a point.

  • Wanted to unleash an undead army on the world and kill everything in it just to prove that he was "better" than everyone else. When he gets his skeleton army the first order he gives them is to kill off his original army.

  • Shows himself to be this after getting the power of Anubis, whereupon he goes hogwild with it and among other acts completely wipes out an entire city's population, laughing hysterically the whole time.

  • A toon who hates other toons and, in a human disguise acts as a hanging judge against them. His ultimate goal was actually not even one done in the name of order but rather profit, namely to destroy the world of the toons and turn it into a cheap highway he could profit from.

  • Though Lexington is normally a good guy, in the episode "Future Tense" we are treated to a version of him who rules the ruins of New York City via a computer program version of Xanatos. As Lexington is it's user and creator, he's responsible for every bad thing it does, which includes being a fascist dictator and despot, trying to take over the world (for seemingly no reason other than because he can), and murdering Alexander Fox Xanatos, Matt Bluestone, Claw, Bronx, Broadway, Brooklyn, Angela, and Demona. And in the case of the last three Lexington outright mocks their deaths.

  • To sum it up he's pretty much responsible for almost EVERY BAD THING THAT HAPPENS IN THE ENTIRE SERIES

  • Though far from the only Disney villain who's tried to kill a child, what makes Scar's case of it particularly bad was that the kid in question was his own nephew, and it was immediately after his gleefully murdering his own brother. As king of the Pride Lands he turns it into a barren wasteland and doesn't care if all of his people starve to death due to being a narcissistic psycho. He is also shown to have no loyalty to anyone but himself, as shown with his being quite agreeable to selling the Hyenas out to save himself.

  • Needlessly (and gleefully) butchers an entire village full of innocent people, including children. Also, in an earlier scene we see the Huns riding AWAY from a burning village, meaning Shan Yu and his goons actually massacred the inhabitants of two villages, not one.

  • After being (understandably) rejected by his idol after pestering him too many times, Syndrome goes on to become a mass murderer of superheroes just so he can pretend to be one. When Mr. Incredible's family comes looking for him he gleefully and without remorse has their plane shot down even AFTER learning that there were children on board. When it's believed that the family is killed he mocks Mr. Incredible's loss and is shown to have no loyalty to his assistant Mirage, risking her life haphazardly. He also then tries to kidnap Jack-Jack and turn him into his protege just to spite Mr. Incredible.

  • One of his first evil deeds was trying to kill all three of his "fathers" just because he wanted independence and to prove he didn't need them. He also manipulates Demona into thinking he cares about her, rejects all of Goliath's offers for redemption, and is also pretty blatantly a villain who knows he's evil and is proud of it.

  • Beginning the Star Wars examples with the woman who co-founded a Dark Side cult in the Krath, set herself up as a despotic and sadistic ruler of the Empress Teta system after overthrowing her predecessor, engineered excessive, disproportionate punishments for subordinates who tried her patience, seduced Ulic Qel-Droma to the Dark Side and used him to murder her cousin, and vowed to publicly humiliate (and by that I mean torture), any who did not accept her rule.

  • Yes, she has a Freudian Excuse. But so do Darth Bane and Darth Zannah, and it doesn't save them. Fact is, Aurra Sing is a sadistic and bloodthirsty bounty hunter and Jedi killer who keeps the lightsabers of the Jedi she's murdered as trophies. In the Clone Wars cartoon, she shoots an injured man begging for mercy in the face with a sadistic smile on her face, brutalizes prisoners for fun, goads a young Boba Fett into being more brutal than he is comfortable with, cares not for the young Clone cadets on the ship Boba sabotages despite their being children, murders her partner when he tries to walk out on her, and tries to assassinate Padme Amidala for Ziro the Hutt.

  • You wouldn't guess it from just watching Episodes VII and VIII (in which she's just another villain), but in her titular novel, her backstory and evil are expanded upon in great detail, making her this.

  • Demagol's daughter and even worse than him, with a resume that includes but is not limited to slavery, mind-rape, sadism, and murdering children (and burying them in her courtyard).

  • Legends Bane is an interesting case. While he does have a legitimately tragic backstory, it is downplayed heavily to emphasize that Bane is still an evil person and more to the point is fully aware of it and sees no good reason to make excuses for it.

  • He may have once been a great Jedi, but not anymore. As Darth Krayt A'sharad Hett is just another tyrannical Sith despot who at one point commits straight up genocide against the Mon Calamari.

  • Possibly. It's not clear if he has a sympathetic backstory or not. Without it though, he's definitely this on the account of being the Galactus of the Star Wars universe, who is quite agreeable to devouring everything in the galaxy just to keep himself going.

  • Not the Darth Vader we all know, but the character called Lord Vader in "The Star Wars" comic mini-series is pure evil, being more like Tarkin in role and characterization, whilst the character called Valorun is more like the Darth Vader we know.

  • While she was mistreated by Bane, the problem with using this as a sympathetic backstory is that she CHOSE to become Bane's apprentice. And in so doing allowed herself to transform into a completely sadistic and ruthless monster who has indulged in all manner of crimes, including torture and the murdering of children.

  • A sadistic and amoral doctor who performs cruel and unethical experiments on children. He's so bad that even other Mandalorians view him as a monster, and his name comes to mean nothing flattering in Mandalorian language.

  • Eats children. 'nuff said.

  • Hoo boy. This woman makes Darth Vader look like a puppy, being guilty of gratuitous slaughter of her own men for trivial offenses, treating torture like a pasttime that she personally indulges in, and showing a level of sadism on par with Palpatine and the Joker.

  • Legends continuity only

  • Another bloodthirsty psychotic who is basically Lobo and Mongul in the Star Wars universe. He considers it a good day when he's killed a lot of people, and has also been killing people in large numbers for a VERY long time.

  • The top CM in Star Wars. A pure evil sociopath and sadist who murdered his own family, murdered his master, started a galaxy-wide war that killed scores of people and spawned numerous villains (such as General Grievous), was responsible for countless atrocities in the Rise of the Empire Era and Rebellion Era, nearly wiped out the Jedi Order, corrupted a Jedi Knight and turned him into a monster (and took pride/pleasure in it), created a fascist empire that is xenophobic, pro-slavery, anti-cyborg, misogynistic, AND prone to large-scale atrocities, and ultimately having no concern for anyone but himself. And, it goes without saying, but he's a CM in both Star Wars continuities.

  • Though he started out as a Jedi, Exar Kun becomes this when he devolves into a genocidal psychopath who starts a bloody war that leaves the Republic and the Jedi Order badly damaged and the galaxy scarred. As a force ghost he possess Kyp Durron and makes him destroy an entire planet.

  • Subsequent appearances may give him redeeming qualities, but as of now, General Hux qualifies. Considering he was the one who had Starkiller Base destroy numerous planets in one fell swoop, including the capital of the New Republic (Hosnian Prime). Also, while Snoke was in on it, it was actually Hux's idea to use the weapon.

  • Though in the Clone Wars he was more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist, as of "A New Hope" he casually destroys an entire planet filled with innocent people for no other reason than to show that the Empire could.

  • After being rejected by the Jedi he devolved into a psychotic madman who at one point commits straight-up genocide when he smashes a ship onto Coruscant's surface and kills hundreds of thousands.

  • Though portrayed as more of a "lovable rogue" in the Pre-TPM years, as an old man he actually engineered a series of droid uprisings that killed a massive number of people across the Galaxy, managing to get himself a bodycount comprable to Palpatine's and Onimi's. And really, even his "lovable rogue" phase is questionable, given that he helped start a war over Bacta (that oh-so crucial healing substance in Star Wars), and betrayed and killed his allies to save his own skin. He did help stop the conflict he started, but again, that was more to save his own skin. So, a case could be made that even in his younger years he wasn't all that "lovable" of a rogue.

  • Led a wholesale killing spree on Mindoir in the name of a completely nihilistic outlook on life and the Galaxy.

  • A completely nihilistic and destructive maniac whose weak Freudian Excuse does little to elicit sympathy.

  • Non-canon parts of RotJ novelization only. The Legends and Disney versions do not fit this due to being not even remotely heinous enough, and in the case of the former actually caring about his men.

  • A coward and a traitor who left Jaster Meerel to die and from there became a sadistic and heartless bounty hunter who would always bring in his victims dead even when they were worth more alive. He also tortures the nicest character in "Star Wars Bounty Hunter" to death and in a reckless attempt to kill Jango blew up a space station that had lord knows how many people on it, at which point Jango Fett's leaving him to die is VERY satisfying.

  • Now, when first met you'd be forgiven for thinking he's a well-intentioned extremist. But subsequent appearances show he's anything but. After falling out with Cound Dooku him and his Death Watch take over a village full of innocent people and take all of it's women for themselves (which has a dark implication on it's own). Then, when the village leaders demand that their women be returned to them Pre-Vizsla seems to agree...only to then personally murder the village leader's teenage daughter right in front of him and then order his men to torch the whole village. Why does he do this? Because he doesn't believe in letting "weaker" people tell him what to do.

    Later, when pursuing an alliance with the Dathomir Brothers (Maul and Savage) he plans to betray them (which is considered disgraceful in Mandalorian culture, thus making him a hypocrite), and is fine with a plan that endangers the lives of Mandalorian citizens in the name of making himself look like a hero and a savior, and before that ordered terrorist actions that endangered and ended civilian lives. To further show that he does not care about his own people, his ultimate goal is to get Mandalore into the Clone Wars, which would cost the lives of countless Mandalorians. And in case you were thinking he maybe cared about his men, he casually shoots one in the face for failing him in his first appearance, and when Darth Maul force-chokes Bo-Katan he has no problem letting it happen, if anything being impressed by Maul's viciousness.

  • Legends version. Besides the dozens of fellow podracers he murdered over the years with homicidal glee and his also being an unrepentant cheater, Sebulba also had a double life as a slave-trader, child slaves to be exact.

  • Essentially the same character as Palpatine and having similar atrocities to his resume. Notably his destruction of Nathema was done in such a way that even OTHER SITH are appalled by it.

  • While the decision to use Starkiller Base was not, strictly speaking, his idea, he did nevertheless approve it and give Hux the go-ahead to destroy numerous planets with it (including New Republic capital Hosnian Prime), making him just as guilty of the crime as if he had done it himself. Oh, and he's also the founder/leader of the First Order, meaning that most if not every bad thing they do is on his head. Basically, the second coming of Emperor Palpatine.

  • A psychotic and sadistic barbarian who murders innocent people (including children), frames the nicer Mandalorians for it, and has no self-righteous delusions about his actions whatsoever. Even Count Dooku was disgusted by him.

  • Darth Krayt's resident evil scientist who engineered the means by which Krayt could commit genocide.

  • While in most of his appearances he seems to be just one many Separatist slimeballs, he attains Complete Monster status in the first season of the Clone Wars show when he orders his droid fighters to bomb and destroy "every twi'lek village within range" and to start with the inhabited ones first. From that alone you could imagine he'd rack up a pretty high bodycount, including women and children, so with that in mind I feel pretty confident listing him as this. Also, in the unfinished but canon episodes of the Clone Wars cartoon, we see that he's also been performing (with sadistic pleasure), unethical/fatal weapons tests on the natives of a planet the Separatists have seized, and also held the Clone Trooper Echo prisoner against his will, using him in his experiments and keeping him only barely alive.

  • A particularly vile Yuuzhan Vong in league with Dart Krayt. Here's the thing; after the Yuuzhan Vong war ended, many Vong were legitimately repentant and wanted to make up for the horrible scars they'd inflicted on the Galaxy. Outraged by his people's change of heart and wanting to keep the hatred and the war going, Zenoc threw his lot in with Darth Krayt, and they engineered a disastrous chain of events that made the Vong enemies of the greater Star Wars galaxy again. All of the bridges the Yuuzhan Vong War veterans had gone out of their way to build with a legitimately penitent species, destroyed because this fanatic couldn't let it go.

    Oh, and he tortures Deliah Blue at one point, also mocking her while doing so.