Complete Monster-DC Multiverse

Decided to re-do my "Complete Monster" lists, and also divide them up by franchises. Starting with the many monsters to show up in the DC Multiverse over the years.

As the name implies, a Complete Monster is a villain who is pure, irredeemably evil, sufficiently heinous in relation to their peers, and bereft of many moments of genuine kindness, compassion, or remorse. There is ultimately nothing sympathetic about these characters, though there is a bit of a divide between the ones who can at least be called "cool", and the ones who just aren't. Either way, they're still pure evil.

List items

  • The Arkham City version, who tortures Mr. Freeze and police officers with sadistic glee, has no loyalty to his men whatsoever (and finds leaving some of them to die funny), found he Waynes' deaths hilarious, and murders one of those aforementioned police officers, cracking up while doing so. The version of Penguin seen in Batman Earth One by Geoff Johns is also this, and the version of him seen in Batman Returns could also qualify, given his plan to kill every firstborn child in Gotham (including infants), and murdering one of his own men for objecting to his plan. Yes, he has a Freudian Excuse, but whether or not that's enough to keep him out of CM territory is debatable.

  • In the V for Vendetta movie, where he convinced the Norsefire Party to use a biological weapon on their own people, namely a school, a tube-station, and water treatment, leading to countless deaths, including numerous children from the school (one of whom was Evey Hammond's kid brother). Creedy then had the terrorist act pinned on scapegoats, had them "interrogated" and executed, and then became Adam Sutler's right-hand man in his brutal fascist regime, where he remains a sadistic (and xenophobic) Gestapo thug. He even betrays Sutler in the end and personally murders him to he can take his place, only to finally (and satisfyingly) be killed by V.

  • A Kandorian who became in effect a xenophobic Superman that even tried to set himself up as a god to white supremacists and had ambitions to wipe out all those he viewed as "impure". Frankly, between that and the bleached blonde hair, I'm inclined to think he was meant as a sort of Nazi Superman.

  • When he learned he was destined to become the Flash's arch-enemy, he embraced the role, murdering Barry's mother out of spite, violently murdering his wife Iris, trying to murder Barry's second fiancee, and going out of his way make Barry miserable at every turn, all in the name of spite. You could argue he's sympathetic due to being doomed by pre-determinism, but I'd just rebut that by saying it just proves his evil is inherent, which makes him LESS sympathetic, not more.

    He is also a Complete Monster in "Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, where he tries to destroy the Flash museum in such a way that it will kill all of the innocent people living nearby, as well as Professor Zoom's "allies" the Flash Rogues, who he was just using as expendable pawns. Later, when Flash accidentally creates Flashpoint, Professor Zoom tries to stop him from fixing it and thus saving countless lives just because he wants Flash (and everyone else), to be miserable. That he will himself die is ultimately no concern to him, as he considers it worth it just to see Flash suffer and die a failure.

  • Became this in "Cry for Justice", which may be a terrible, critically panned story, but it doesn't change the fact that, within the pages of that story, Prometheus is indeed this, what with his destroying Star City and killing millions (Lian Harper included).

    Also the Arrow version, who murders scores of policemen and innocent civilians (including a single mother begging for her life), tortures Oliver Queen over several days into admitting that he enjoys killing people (as well as making him think he killed Evelyn Sharp), murders his own wife when she becomes too much of an inconvenience to let live, and finally kidnaps Oliver's son and tries to make him choose between saving his son, and saving all of his other friends and family that are still on a now rigged to blow Lian Yu. When Oliver manages to save William without killing Prometheus, Prometheus decides to kill himself to kickstart the self-destruct, even though all of his so-called allies are still on the island. Yes, yes, Oliver murdered his father, but 1) Comic Prometheus lost his parents to police officers and is still considered a CM, and 2) Prometheus' anger and moral posturing on Arrow is utter hypocrisy in view of everything described above. Oliver even outright calls him a hypocrite. So he is not exempt.

  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  • In the Jonah Hex movie. And yes, the movie was crap, but that doesn't keep Turnbull from being a Complete Monster in it.

  • Normally an at least somewhat sympathetic Anti-Villain, in the Elseworlds story "Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham", he is recast as a stand-in for Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab, and so is just as wicked and depraved.

  • Much like how Bertron is to blame for Doomsday, so too is the first Rag Doll to blame for his son becoming the supervillain that he is.

  • Pre-Crisis, he slaughtered a village of Vietnamese villagers. Post-Crisis, this backstory was retained, and as a supervillain he adds to his bodycount in a suicide-attack that kills almost everyone in the city of New Krypton, including Supergirl's mother Allura. He also killed her father Zor-El prior to that.

  • The "Batman Earth One" version. Also the Telltale version, who in just one episode manages to cement his status as the most evil and twisted villain in that Batman universe to date via putting people in sadistic "murder boxes" that alternate between decapitating people, slicing off their fingers, and superheating beneath their feet. He tortures Rumi Mori by slicing off some of his fingers before trying to decapitate him (after earlier threatening his family to get him to sell missiles to him in the first place), murders Lucius Fox by blowing him up with a missile and then sadistically rubs it in Batman's face twice, tortures and murders a member of the Agency, and tries to murder every Agency member in Gotham City via the missiles he got from Mori while also forcing a trapped Batman to choose between letting Agency Agent Avesta be tortured to death by multiple ultrasonics blasts or letting her teammates be decapitated one by one. Depending on how Batman chooses, she'll either go deaf or at least one of her teammates will be killed. And again, all of this is just in ONE episode. Not to mention he's currently worse than even that game's takes on Joker and Zsasz!

  • The Supergirl TV Series version

  • The Arkhamverse version. Not only does he lack a sympathetic backstory or Freudian Excuse (which most Post-Crisis comic versions of Scarecrow have), his actions are worse too: he tries to unleash a "Fear-Apocalypse" on the entire Eastern Seaboard, beginning with Gotham City. Had he succeeded, millions would have torn themselves and each-other apart through fear brought on by Fear Gas. And, Scarecrow DID manage to unleash a mass-fear gas outbreak in Gotham proper that Poison Ivy dies helping to stop. He also kidnaps Oracle, makes Batman think she committed suicide under the influence of Fear Gas just to mess with him, tries to kill Oracle for real, tries to kill Robin after taking him hostage, and forces Batman to expose his secret identity in order to prevent the latter event.

  • The third Cheetah, and also the male one. And, it must be said, far and away the most wicked too. Enough so that his female predecessor killing him becomes downright LAUDABLE despite her status as a psychotic villain.

  • The Arkhamverse version. While Simon Stagg is always a bad guy, he also usually has the one positive trait of caring about his daughter (in a twisted sort of way). The Arkham version on the other hand, despite outwardly appearing a nice guy, is in fact in cahoots with Scarecrow and alongside him performed unethical experiments on innocent people that drove them to madness and death, with Simon also sadistically taunting at least one of these people prior to their death. He dislikes Scarecrow, but because he views him as impractical rather than because he has moral standards. He also helps Batman stop Scarecrow's plot...but only because Batman scares him into doing so, not because he actually cares about anyone but himself. And, unlike his mainstream version, he doesn't even have a daughter to love or care about.

  • Seemed like a nice old man on the outside, but in reality, he was a demon-worshiper and a child murderer, one who was planning to switch bodies with a then-resurrected and soulless Green Arrow.

  • Freudian Excuse he may have, but after destroying one planet too many and having a really quite massive bodycount, he's definitely this. Especially considering his destroying Earth 15 was done practically on a whim.

  • She is, by her own admission, a murderous psychopath, and in "Justice League, Crisis on Two Earths" gladly helps Owlman try and destroy the Multiverse...for no reason.

  • When written by Grant Morrison she's a sadistic mustache-twirling cartoon villain who rapes Bruce Wayne to conceive Damian and created an older clone of Damian that ended up killing him, making her responsible for her own son's death.

    She is also a Complete Monster in the animated movie "Batman: Bad Blood" where she tries to have her son Damian killed (by a mind-controlled Batman, no less), noting that she and Batman can "always make more" (and bear in mind, she raped him to conceive Damian). She's also a sociopathic, sadistic terrorist with no redeeming qualities or shades of gray that the comic version (usually) has.

  • In "Superman: Doomsday". To put this into perspective, with hardly any screen time, and far less power or resources than any of the three main villains in the film (Luthor, Superman's clone, and Doomsday himself), Toyman STILL manages to distinguish himself as the most wretched and loathsome villain in the whole film. That's right; in a movie with Doomsday, Luthor, AND an evil Superman clone, this child murdering sicko is the most evil villain in the whole film. That says it all right there.

  • As DC's answer to Satan this isn't exactly surprising. Rapist, genocidal despot, horribly abusive parent, sadist, the whole nine yards. His Complete Monster status extends to his portrayals in both the Teen Titans cartoon, and the Justice League Vs. Titans animated movie.

  • Though the comic book version genuinely loves Zod and has a semi-sympathetic backstory, the same cannot be said of the version of her seen in the second Superman movie. What really pushes her into this is when she has Non kill a child for no reason whatsoever. And when it's pointed out that the person she killed was only a boy, her response is: "And now he will never become a man!"

  • Besides the cannibalistic and Hiterlian (and child-abusing), New Earth version and the version in Justice League: Doom, there's also the Legends of Tomorrow version, who destroys Central City and kills all of the superheroes before Flash goes back in time to avert this, kills Hawkgirl and Hawkman again and again throughout their many lifetimes with total sadistic relish, manipulates Pre Degaton into unleashing a virus that kills billions before then killing Pre Degaton after he outlives his usefulness, and murders Rip Hunter's wife and son with sadistic glee and then taunts Rip about it over and over. Even his professing his "love" for Kendra rings totally hollow in view of how many times he's happily killed her without remorse. Similarly, his having a daughter in the future does little to save him from CM status either, given how he tricked her into thinking he was a savior when in reality, HE was responsible for her mother's death.

  • Imprisoned by the Guardians for being out of control and corrupted by power, he turned on them after they (stupidly) freed him, and then he tried to remake the universe in his image...after erasing it, of course. He also got off on trying to siphon Lantern's of their powers by toying with their minds and forcing them to both relive their past shames and to experience fantasy worlds that seemed ideal at first, before becoming much more torturous.

  • A misogynistic serial killer who tries to harvest his own grandson's bone marrow to save his worthless hide. He also lets the supervillains helping him torture his son-in-law to death on camera.

  • The CW Flash version eventually turns into this. While he starts out somewhat sympathetic on the account of his Freudian Excuse and love for Caitlin Snow, the former ceases to hold much water when he reaches the point of trying to destroy all but one of the Earths in the Multiverse, and the latter ceases to apply when he tries to murder Caitlin despite her claiming to still care for him. Granted, she wasn't telling the truth, but he didn't know that. His willingness to kill her there showed that he no longer loved her, and by the time he's trying to wipe out entire earths, his Freudian Excuse really ceases to mean much. Especially when he even describes family as a "weakness".