Complete Monster-DC Multiverse

Decided to re-do my "Complete Monster" lists, and also divide them up by franchises. Starting with the many monsters to show up in the DC Multiverse over the years.

As the name implies, a Complete Monster is a villain who is pure, irredeemably evil, sufficiently heinous in relation to their peers, and bereft of many moments of genuine kindness, compassion, or remorse. There is ultimately nothing sympathetic about these characters, though there is a bit of a divide between the ones who can at least be called "cool", and the ones who just aren't. Either way, they're still pure evil.

List items

  • Batman's dealt with many deranged serial killers and homicidal maniacs over the years, but this one stands among the likes of Joker and Zsasz as one of the absolute worst, even despite having far fewer appearances than either of those two.

  • In the V for Vendetta movie, where he is known as Adam Sutler and is a brutal fascist dictator whose regime cruelly oppresses, tortures, and kills Muslims, homosexuals, and anyone who dares to speak out against the government.

  • By way of being just as bad as his real-life counterpart. Also noteworthy is the current Earth X version, who molded Kal-El into a loyal Nazi supervillain that Hitler used to conquer the entire world and create a Nazi-run Earth.

  • ...yeah, I don't even wanna talk about this one, actually.

  • In the video game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

  • The horribly miswritten and character-inaccurate Arrow version, who might as well have green hair, red lips, and be named "Joker".

    Also the technically better written and designed (but still far more evil and villainous), animated version seen in "Beware the Batman".

  • Murdered Richard Grayson's parents to punish Hayley's Circus for it's refusing to pay him protection money. He's even worse in the DCAU, where on top of these murders he tries to kill Dick Grayson himself (who's a kid) because of his status as a material witness, and years later shows a willingness to murder his own men just because they're in-between him and Batman. He also by that point doesn't even seem to remember why Batman is hunting him, which in turn suggests that he likely doesn't even remember murdering the Flying Graysons, and that their deaths meant that little to him. In all, a serious scumbag.

  • Attempted to destroy the entire DC Multiverse and came darn close to succeeding. His Green Lantern: The Animated Series counterpart has a similar goal and so also fits.

  • One of the few villains who is this in ALL THREE iterations of mainstream continuity: Pre-Crisis, New Earth, and Prime Earth.

  • In Stan Lee's DCU, he's such an unbelievable psychopath that even one of the demons he absorbs into himself to become more powerful is shocked by how utterly wicked he is. That's right; this guy is so bad even some DEMONS find him repulsive. And with good reason: he's murdered innocent farmers, murdered that DCU's Steve Trevor, and tries to rape the daughter of one of his murder victims. He also goes on a killing spree in a large city after first getting superpowers.

  • Raped Sue Dibny on a whim and displayed an absolutely disgusting relish over his crime, also vowing to tell everyone he could about it before the Justice League erased his memories/lobotomized him. After regaining his lost memories and intelligence, he resumed his obsession with rape, is strongly implied/confirmed to be either a pedophile or attempted one, and when battling his heroic successor, dared her to guess what sort of things he'd done when he was in her body (as they'd switched bodies at one point).

  • Where to begin with this one? How about making her own daughter choose between starving to death or murdering 100 children? Frankly, that alone makes her this. Add to that her wiping out the populations of planets and having the army under her command cannibalize their victims and use men as sex slaves that they rape for the purposes of breeding more soldiers, and...yeah. Proof that even an Amazon from so-called "Paradise Island" can let her misandry and skill in warfare spiral out of control into utter depravity.

  • While he is very much a sympathetic anti-villain/anti-hero in the actual comics, the animated version of the character is this due to his tragic past being downplayed and his villainous and sadistic tendencies being augmented. He's also a pretty big hypocrite too, so you can't even say that he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist anymore. What with casually destroying planets and murdering innocents and all. Really, mainstream Atrocitus would be disgusted with his counterpart.

  • Yeah, believe it or not, one of the crappier Elseworlds stories turns DC's greatest hero into this. Because apparently, in a DCU where Catwoman is more of a straight hero and is turned into essentially "female Batman", the "obvious" thing to do with Batman is...make him an utterly evil homicidal maniac who murders Selina's rogues gallery so he won't have competition and be the man who gunned down her parents. Yeah. Like I said, it's a crappy Elseworlds story, but nevertheless, Batman is made pure evil in it. So to reiterate, a DCU where Catwoman is Batman, and Batman is pure evil. An SJW's dream DCU.

  • To put it quite simply, he is responsible for Doomsday and all his assorted actions by way of being the one who created him.

  • Arrow version, who instead of a sympathetic, well-intentioned extremist is more akin to a real life African warlord. Also the version in the animated short film "Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam".

  • The Young Justice version, who was fine with destroying Earth purely out of spite in an "if we can't have it no one can" move.

  • The Geoff Johns version, who kills his own family and helps usher in the Blackest Night.

  • The Post-Crisis, Pre-New 52 version, who killed Aquaman's infant son and enjoyed it. Incredibly, Aquaman still didn't kill the slimeball. He is also a Complete Monster in the Justice League: Throne of Atlantis animated movie.

  • A torture-happy sadist who was so bad that Catwoman (who maintains a no-kill policy) shot him in the head. To be fair, he DID torture her sister and also drive her to madness by forcing her to eat her husband's eyes after Black Mask killed him. Oh, and did I mention he's a self-made orphan too?

  • The Norman Osborn to Terry McGinnis' Spider-Man, being a ruthless and sociopathic businessman who tests chemical weapons on his employees and murders Terry's father for trying to expose him. When Batman confronts him with the knowledge that he killed his father, Blight's response is "Do you have any idea how LITTLE that narrows it down!?"

  • One of Milestone's especially depraved serial killers, with rape and torture also being on his resume as well as multiple murders. And did we mention that he's got a twisted obsession with transsexuals?

  • Has destroyed countless worlds and civilizations. And the "he's just following his programming" bit doesn't work because Brainiac is shown to have at LEAST human-level sentience, and therefore knows full well that he's doing is wrong, and doesn't care. His status as a Complete Monster is not just in all three iterations of Mainstream Continuity, it extends to his portrayal in DC Universe Online and Injustice 2, who fits this for the same reasons as his mainstream version, with the DCAU, Legion of Superheroes cartoon, "Superman: Unbound", "Justice", and Justice League: Heroes versions all qualifying too.

  • Easily the most psychotic and bloodthirsty of all of the dirty cops to ever be a part of the GCPD. According to Gordon, when he and his "lunatic Gestapo" calmed down a riot, they did so in such a way that they "didn't even leave the statues standing". Branden was also prepared to gun down a man who had taken child hostages, not seeming to care for the latter's well-being at all, and when Batman showed up Branden and his SWAT forces opposed him not because he believed Batman to be a dangerous vigilante, but simply because his activities hurt the corrupt GCPD and their mob friend's business. In fact, during his attempt to take Batman down, Branden resorted to using fire bombs that killed innocent people, something he didn't care about in the slightest. He was also in on the Falcone's plan to use Gordon's wife and infant son to blackmail him.

    Granted, all of that might seem like small change compared to the actions of say, the Joker, but remember that Branden hasn't had anywhere close to the number of appearances of Joker, or for that matter Zsasz or Black Mask. But he's as bad as he could have been given his limited number of appearances.

  • Though an overall fairly minor villain compared to other DC rogues, Brother Night does stand as Zatanna's single most exceptionally evil foe, having first gotten his powers through damning thirteen children to eternal torment, and then going on to commit acts of rape, human sacrifice, magically driving people to suicide, and so on.

  • Besides trying to keep the Nazi's goals of genocide and world conquest alive, he's also sufficiently sadistic and depraved that even Black Adam hates him, and Captain Nazi himself when fighting Black Adam noted that he "loved the idea" of killing a dark skinned man.

  • Created Plasmus, manipulated the mentally unstable Madame Rouge in such a way that it led to the deaths of both the Doom Patrol AND the Brotherhood of Evil, and later partook in an attempted takeover of Zandia that saw thousands killed under his orders. The fact is, even after supposedly abandoning the Nazi's worldview and goals, he's still a pure evil monster.

  • A living nuclear disaster who dive-bombed onto Bludhaven and killed everyone in it.

  • Though the Young Justice version has a fairly sympathetic backstory and genuinely loves her family (except her father), the comic book version is a sadistic sociopath who destroyed an entire country just to make a point.

  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, where he manages to be a pure evil villain in a generally purposefully corny and super-light hearted DCU. To further put this into perspective, this guy is worse than that DCU's Joker, Darkseid, and Mongul!

  • The face of the genocidal White Martians, whose worst act was wiping out his own species so he could sell a lifeless Mars to an amoral galactic corporation that would only pay him if he was the last Martian. So in other words, he wiped out his own people just to balance his checkbook.

  • Pre-Crisis

  • The Arrow version, who's a sadistic and amoral drug dealer. His successor is also one.

  • The big bad in Stan Lee's DC Universe and a pure evil monster who employs another one (Thief of Souls) to further his agenda. He desires to fuse Dreamworld with the Earth so that he can make the latter his own personal playground where he can do whatever he wants, namely condemn every living thing in the universe to eternal suffering and rampage through the cosmos like the mad wannabe god he is.

  • Slaughtered the men of the House of Amethyst, forces women to bear his children against his will, and discards any that are born malformed. He also tortured Lord Topaz to death and brought him back as a zombie monster, killed his own children when they came out of their exile to oppose him, and cares not for what happens to even his own allies. All pretty darn bad, especially when you remember that this was PRE-CRISIS. As in, lighter and softer than later DC continuities. But not with this sicko.

  • The embodiment of evil after all. And besides the mainstream comic versions (all three of them), there's also the DCAU version and the one from the Elseworlds story "Superman: The Dark Side".

  • Rapes and violently murders young boys and doesn't regret a bit of it. And even before adopting a habit of doing that, he tried to poison an ocean.

  • Gleefully murders Jason Rusch's girlfriend and mocks his grief at her death. Alongside the other Black Lanterns he also tries to kill everyone on Earth.

  • As Slade in the Teen Titans cartoon, where he not only lacks any kind of sympathetic backstory, but is also guilty of among other things trying to blackmail Robin into being his protege by threatening to kill his friends if he doesn't comply, blackmails Terra into working for him and abuses her when she tries to leave his service, and becomes a devoted (and openly sadistic) servant to Trigon that tries to help him usher in the end of the world. And even when he helps the Teen Titans against Trigon, it's only because Trigon betrayed him, not because he's a good guy.

    The version in "Son of Batman" and "Teen Titans: Judas Contract" also, given that he betrays Ra's al Ghul and murders him to try and take control of the League of Assassins, turns people into Man-Bat ninja monsters against their will, and later manipulates Terra into helping him take down the Teen Titans before turning them over to Brother Blood to have them killed...along with Terra, who he betrays without batting an eye. He also expresses remorse that he's not able to torture/brainwash Damian Wayne into a loyal servant (but he does still brutalize him a bit just to be spiteful).

  • Both the comic book version and the DCAU version are guilty of using their powers to horribly torture people psychologically. The comic book version even admitted that he did it because he could.

  • The second one, who's biggest claim to villainy is creating the supervillain "Genocide" and doing so by taking samples of Earth from places where genocide occurred. While the granddaughter of the first and deceased Doctor Poison, she gives really no indication that she is at all sorry that her grandmother is dead, and so cannot be said to have that as a redeeming quality.

  • Arrow version, who is a serial killer of women and girls that he also murders in a particularly gruesome way, namely by pumping a flexible polymer into their throats, which suffocates them.

    The Gotham version is similarly deplorable, being that he removes body parts from people he kidnaps and cares not if they die in the process. He also mutilates one of his own men for incompetence by stitching his head onto a new body.

  • In American Vampire

  • Among other things, this really messed up (and aptly named) villain once used his powers to force several people to commit cannibalism, and then to associate it with arousal and pleasure, which of course completely ruined their lives since they now associate something sick and twisted with arousing. In short, a bad dude, and one of Wonder Woman's most evil foes.

    Also, the version fused with Imperiex in "Gods and Monsters" is a Complete Monster, and he'll be discussed at length below.

  • Serial killer and rapist, and that was BEFORE becoming a supervillain. Sufficiently bad, that Amanda Waller didn't feel confident putting him on a team WITH OTHER VILLAINS, recognizing that "it wouldn't work out".

  • Actually not the God here, but rather an Arrowverse villain in the Vixen show NAMED after him, being that he among other things destroyed Vixen's village when she was a child and slaughtered the inhabitants.

  • A depraved serial killer who murdered his own parents, murdered John Constantine's father, and had a penchant for brutally and violently killing "happy families" whenever he came across them.

  • There is nothing quite like being a child murderer and willingly selling your soul for knowledge and power to establish yourself as one of the worst of the worst.

  • Well, in Arkham Origins at least, where he not only endangers Nora Fries' life, he outright blackmails Victor Fries into working for him using Nora, is involved in arms dealing, and at the end of the DLC tries to beat Mr. Freeze to death with a lead pipe.

  • Forget Lucifer; THIS guy is the real Satan/Devil figure of DC, who has gone out of his way to make John Constantine's life a living hell just because he was a sore loser concerning their battle of wits.

  • Gotham version, whose a cannibal, hitman, AND cop-killer all rolled into one. Gotham's had a lot of messed up one-shot villains at this point, but even so, he stands out.

  • The first Post Crisis iteration

  • The DCAU version tried to first enslave his entire city's population via mind control and then when that didn't work and they (understandably) tried to arrest him, he tried to kill them all via nukes out of spite. Now, all of that would SEEM to make him this, but all of his villainy after that is pretty par-for-the course supervillainy, so he doesn't quite fit due to inconsistency. The mainstream comic version however, has tried to wipe out the human race quite a few times now, among other evil deeds. He's also one in Injustice 2, where he tries to help Brainiac destroy Earth but then ALSO betray Brainiac later down the line, because as he explains to Aquaman and Black Adam: his true loyalty is to himself, not Gorilla City, Brainiac, or Earth.

  • A sadist who enjoys torturing people into mindless servants. The DCAU version also tortured a young Mr. Miracle repeatedly and with glee.

  • Hard to believe that this guy used to be one of the great heroes, isn't it? But it just goes to show that, even a hero can conceivably turn into a Complete Monster.

  • The sadistic witch-hunting version from the Vertigo series "Fables"

  • The Gods and Monsters version, who murders innocent people and then stuffs them up as dummies in a makeshift diorama. Basically, think Harley Quinn acting like Leatherface minus the cannibalism. Still pure evil though, especially considering she lacks any kind of Freudian Excuse or sympathetic backstory whatsoever. Sufficiently nasty that Vampire Batman elected to kill her rather than take her to jail.

  • Subverted with the Young Justice version, who despite his desperate claims to the contrary, is sorry for murdering his sister. Played straight with the comic book version though.

  • Original Wildstorm version, rather than the Prime Earth version

  • The Gods and Monsters version, who is fused with Doctor Psycho to create a villain who 1) Performed unethical experiments on innocents in the 60s, 2) Conned numerous rich people out of their fortunes by making them wholly dependent on drugs he gave them to make them superhuman and showed really no great concern for what happened to them if they ran out of money to pay him, 3) let the other folks he'd empowered loose on the planet without giving a hoot for what their power-mad antics would lead to, and 4) Turned into Imperiex and went on a destructive rampage that would have killed numerous innocents had the Justice League not stopped him.

  • The Supergirl TV series version, who is a blatant sadist that relishes the opportunity to wipe out the Green Martian race by killing Martian Manhunter, and twice attempts large-scale killings of humanity. And, while she was working with Non the second time around, unlike him she lacks any sympathetic or redeeming qualities (she doesn't care about a significant other, for instance).

  • Ultimately the antithesis of both his father and his sister, and also views family as a weakness, hence why he has no loyalty to his own.

  • In "JLA: The Nail" where he's responsible for every bad thing that happens in the story, including the Joker's murdering Robin and Batgirl. He also casually murders Kal-El's Amish foster parents.

  • Obviously most modern versions of Joker are this, and it would be easier to list versions of him that AREN'T this. But, the versions that do fit include: New Earth, Prime Earth, Arkhamverse, Burtonverse, Nolanverse, DCAU, Kingdom Come, JLA: The Nail, The Dark Knight Returns, Under the Red Hood movie version, Regime-Universe, and "Joker" Graphic Novel. Also "Jerone" from Gotham.

    Long story short, he's evil incarnate more often than not.

  • Screwed up religious fanatic. You know, the usual.

  • Especially the New 52 version, who prior to becoming Killer Frost murdered at least one innocent family.

  • Arrow version, who tortures Oliver Queen repeatedly with sadistic glee, tortures and murders an innocent woman working for him when he realizes she's helping Oliver, and tries to kill a room full of men and women with poisonous gas. He also gives Oliver a poison that is meant to kill him slowly over several hours just because he wants him to suffer. For an Arrow villain who only had a handful of appearances and no real superpowers, he stood out as a particularly sadistic and cruel thug.

  • An absolute madman who nearly destroyed the universe. Albeit, he's not the only DC villain to fit the "Omnicidal Maniac" mold, but that doesn't make him any less pure evil.

  • In Cinder and Ashe, being a racist, psychopathic corrupt CIA man in Saigon.

  • Sometimes, depending on the writer. This includes the version killed by Justice Lord Superman seen in the episode "A Better World". Also the version seen in the "mainstream" reality in Injustice Gods Among Us, who was fine with nuking Metropolis all in the service of his own ego.

    I'd make a case for the Donnerverse version too, given that he's outright admitted that he enjoys causing the deaths of innocent people and in Superman Returns tried to kill millions over some silly and stupid plot involving land. Yes, it was ridiculous, and yes, it was a terrible movie, but it doesn't make his attempted killing of millions for selfish reasons any less deplorable.

    And then there's the DCCU/DCEU version, who tries to frame Superman by murdering large numbers of innocents (including his own assistant Mercy) and making it seem like Superman is the perpetrator. He also kidnaps Martha Kent to blackmail Superman into fighting Batman to the death, and then creates Doomsday and unleashes him on the Earth just to be spiteful. All because he's a sadistic little twerp who enjoys bringing the powerful to their knees.

  • Arrow version, who unleashes a deadly virus on Hong Kong based on essentially a xenophobic view of the Chinese, which kills (among others) the Yamashiro's young son. For an additional twist of the knife, he tricks Oliver Queen into thinking there's a cure to the virus before revealing that in fact, there isn't.

  • The perpetrator of the infamous "Women in Refrigerators" debacle, as well as rape and mass murder.

  • Wrecked havoc on Gotham by bringing the Weeping Woman and Bloody Mary to life, manipulating the former into doing evil. Also mutated Killer Croc to make him even more monstrous than before for no real reason and feeding him kidnapped women who he contemptuously regarded as whores, and also empowered a pedophile.

  • Where to begin...? Perhaps his being a serial killer of women and girls? His murdering, raping, and dismembering Amadeus Arkham's wife and child? His utter lack of remorse where any of the above was concerned? Yes, he has a Freudian Excuse, but Junior from Secret Six has the same one, and it didn't save that villain from CM status. It doesn't save Martin either.

  • Mongul is noteworthy for being this in all three iterations of mainstream continuity (Pre-Crisis, New Earth, AND Prime Earth). To the second one, he destroyed Coast City and repeatedly uses the Black Mercy plant to screw with people for his own sadistic amusement. The DCAU version also fits this by way of being essentially an alien Commodus (the villain from Gladiator) who threatens to destroy an entire planet of innocent people unless Superman throws his fight against him. Also of note, Mongul II is a Complete Monster as well.

  • Don't let his goofy, cartoon bug appearance fool you; he's one of Captain Marvel's single most evil foes, being pretty much a complete psycho and also rather genocidal.

  • A modern day slave trader, slave owner, and slave driver. And one who's solution to dealing with a defiant slave is to order his henchmen to slaughter OTHER slaves to force her cooperation. So in other words, he's not only a sadistic monster, but a stupid and impractical sadistic and evil monster to boot. Especially since he later has that other slave killed anyway, tricking Deadshot into doing the deed. Deadshot later pays him back by filling him full of lead (yay Deadshot!)

  • A violently anti-superhuman individual who wants to eliminate all of them. Given that the writer who created the character is such a superhero/villain basher, I find it odd that Ennis would cast a character who hates superhumans as a monster, but I guess Ennis is just a "complicated" guy.

  • Just as much of a bloodthirsty monster as the Joker but nowhere near as entertaining, making him one of my absolute least favorite DC villains. And no, the Arkham City version is NOT sympathetic, he only tries to pass himself off as being it.

  • A psychopath who seems to just be into destruction and violence for destruction and violence's sake. Under his leadership the Mutant gang has indulged in everything from murdering nuns and children to rape and mutilation to just general chaos and anarchy.

  • Embodiment of Death who seeks to end all life. Yeah, this is kind of a given, especially after you learn the truth about the Black Lanterns.

  • The DCAU version, who tried to start a genocidal campaign against the surface world and also murder Aquaman's infant son alongside him so he could stay the rightful heir of Atlantis, all the while taking sadistic pleasure in his actions. You REALLY don't feel bad for him when Aquaman leaves him to die.

    He is also a Complete Monster in the Justice League: Throne of Atlantis animated movie, where like in the DCAU he tries to start a war between Atlantis and the surface world due to his hatred of the latter, and when his mother gets in the way, he kills her. Hardly remorseful over murdering the woman who gave birth to him, he instead mocks Aquaman (who he dismisses as a bastard child) about it.

  • While the DC comics version of Ogre is a tragic monster akin to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein's Monster, the serial killer in Gotham by the same name is absolutely a CM; a serial killer of women that he seduces, snatches away, and turns into his household servants before inevitably killing them after he either gets bored or they do or say something that annoys him. He also galvanizes Barbara Keane into embracing her dark side and murdering her own parents. Oh, and he also keeps police from trying to catch him by threatening their families and loved ones if they don't desist. So in all, a very, very evil guy.

  • In "Justice League, Crisis on Two Earths", where he tried to destroy the entire multiverse.

  • One of the worst mass murderers in the DCU who has relished in the atrocities he's committed, which includes among other things corrupting/possessing Hal Jordan and driving him to madness and villainy.