Anti-Heroes Part I

Following my list of heroes that are pure, incorruptibly good, I give you the first of five types of Anti-Heroes. These are heroes who are somewhat tragic in that they fail at least as often as they succeed, but usually fail more than they succeed.

List items

  • Usually has shades of this

  • Like Aquaman, he usually has shades of this

  • He starts out good and noble, but ultimately succumbs to the Ring's corrupting influence. Fortunately though he is saved by his valor before the end.

  • Depending on the player

  • The amount of crap this poor guy suffers through is staggering.

  • He fails to destroy the Ring and before that succumbs to it's corruption multiple times (albeit temporarily but still). At the end of his adventure he is left so scarred and traumatized by everything he's been forced to endure that he can no longer bear to be in Middle-Earth and leaves for the Undying Lands.

  • Though fairly good and noble, Johnny Blaze's life is not shown to be an ideal or desirable one. This is especially true of his Ultimate Marvel Universe counterpart.

  • Mostly because he frequently adopts an "I'm not as good as my brother" mentality. He's also occasionally lost faith in Xavier's dream and on one such occasion put together his own Brotherhood!

  • More Bruce Banner than Hulk, but ol' Jade-Jaws has shades of this too.

  • Let's see...frequent problems with alcohol, womanizer with an abysmal track-record with women, lot of angst masked with arrogance, Demon in A Bottle, Civil War...

  • In the 2012 TMNT show.

  • Mostly due to being too bat-s**** crazy.

  • "What happened to the American Dream?"

  • Raiden really, REALLY tries to be good, but he screws up quite a bit.

  • She's good, but frequently succumbs to her father's corrupting influence, which among other things ruined Nightwing and Starfire's wedding.

  • Thanks to his character being ruined in his own novel and "The Old Republic" MMORPG.

  • Incredibly powerful and pure, but also incredibly depressed, and a point is usually made that his life kind of sucks.

  • As we all know, the world does not want Peter Parker to be happy.

  • She's frequently had to struggle to gain (and regain) the trust of her peers due to her past with Hydra and also a Skrull impersonating her.

  • Idolizes Spider-Man and tries to be a hero himself, but he has a lot to learn.