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Ranking Warhammer's Magic Users-Updated List

Current draft of my ranking of WHF's magic-users. As before, I welcome insight and feedback.

The Top 10

1. LORD KROAK (Lizardmen)

2. LORD MAZDAMUNDI (Lizardmen)

Other eight:

  • Alarielle the Radiant when not jobbing (High Elves)
  • Caledor Dragontamer (High Elves)
  • Gregor Martak when amped by Teclis (Empire of Man)
  • Kairos Fateweaver (Tzeentch)
  • Lord Adohi-Tehga (Lizardmen)
  • Lord Huinitenuchli (Lizardmen)
  • Nagash the Undying (Independent)
  • Teclis (High Elves)


  • Ariel (Wood Elves)
  • Be'lakor the First-Damned (Chaos Undivided)
  • Constant Drachenfels (Vampire Counts)
  • Egrimm van Horstmann (Tzeentch)
  • Galrauch (Tzeentch)
  • Khatep (Tomb Kings)
  • Lord Tenuchli (Lizardmen)
  • Malekith the Witch-King (Dark Elves)
  • Maximillian "Max" Schreiber (Empire of Man)
  • Morathi (Dark Elves)
  • Morgiana le Fay Enchantress (Bretonnia)
  • Nagash during his war with Sigmar (Independent)
  • Tetto'eko (Lizardmen)
  • The Changeling (Tzeentch)
  • The Dread King (Vampire Counts)


  • Adanhu (Wood Elves)
  • Arkhan the Black (Tomb Kings)
  • Belannaer the Wise (High Elves)
  • Coeddil (Indeoendent)
  • Drycha the Briarmaven of Woe (Independent)
  • Durthu (Wood Elves)
  • Elontir (High Elves)
  • Heinrech Kemmler (Vampire Counts)
  • Helspeth Bale (Tzeentch)
  • Human Nagash (Independent)
  • Karitamen (Tomb Kings)
  • Kritislik (Skaven)
  • Lord Skrolk (Skaven)
  • Mannfred von Carstein (Vampire Counts)
  • Melkhior the Ancient (Vampire Counts)
  • Nebmakhet (Tomb Kings)
  • Skreech Verminking (Skaven)
  • Thanquol when not jobbing (Skaven)
  • The Hand of Nagash (Vampire Counts)
  • Thorek Ironbrow with his anvil (Dwarfs)
  • Tzarina Katarin Bokha the Ice Queen (Kislev)
  • Vermalanx the Corrupt (Skaven)
  • Volans (Empire of Man)
  • W'Soran the Wicked (Vampire Counts)
  • Zacharias the Everliving (Vampire Counts)


  • Anara of Garamont (Bretonnia)
  • Astragoth Ironhand (Chaos Dwarfs)
  • Aurelion (High Elves)
  • Azhag the Slaughterer (Greenskins)
  • Balthasar Gelt (Empire of Man)
  • Bloab Rotspawned, Lord of the Daemonflies (Nurgle)
  • Christoph Engel (Empire of Man)
  • Dieter Helsnicht, Doom Lord of the Undead (Vampire Counts)
  • Drazhoath the Ashen (Chaos Dwarfs)
  • Elspeth von Draken (Empire of Man)
  • Finreir (High Elves)
  • Frederick van Hal (Empire of Man)
  • Ikit Claw (Skaven)
  • Khenteka (Tomb Kings)
  • Malagor the Dark Omen (Beastmen)
  • N'Kari the Arch-Tempeter (Slaanesh)
  • Neferata (Vampire Counts)
  • Savan of Tiranoc (High Elves)
  • Tchar'zanek (Tzeentch)
  • Thanquol when jobbing (Skaven)
  • Thyrus Gormann (Empire of Man)
  • Verspasian Kant (Empire of Man)
  • Vilitch the Curseling (Tzeentch)
  • Vlad von Carstein (Vampire Counts)
  • Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet (Greenskins)


  • Anarelle (High Elves)
  • Burblespue Halescourge (Nurgle)
  • Eleanor de Quenelles (Bretonnia)
  • Festus the Leechlord (Nurgle)
  • Gregor Martak (Empire of Man)
  • Hapusneb, Master of the Swarm (Tomb Kings)
  • Isabella von Carstein (Vampire Counts)
  • Lady Iselda of Acquitaine (Bretonnia)
  • Lilaeth (Dark Elves)
  • Lord Blistrox (Skaven)
  • Lord Grilok (Skaven)
  • Lord Gritch (Skaven)
  • Loremaster Shrinastor (High Elves)
  • Melekh the Changer (Tzeentch)
  • Molokh Slugtongue (Beastmen)
  • Moonclaw (Beastmen)
  • Nebamun (Tomb Kings)
  • Princess Adranna (High Elves)
  • Rasknitt (Skaven)
  • Sienna Fuegonasus (Empire of Man)
  • Sister of Thorn Keriilian (Wood Elves)
  • Skittar (Skaven)
  • The Harbinger (Beastmen)
  • The Three Sisters of Ancelioux (Bretonnia)
  • The White Ladies (Vampire Counts)

Too Undefined / Vague / Inconsistent to rank:

  • Aekold Helbrass (Tzeentch)-Only really tested against specific foes. Otherwise featless.
  • Amonkhaf (Tomb Kings)
  • Anethra Helbane (Dark Elves)
  • Astarielle (High Elves)
  • Brak Batwing (Greenskins)
  • Elynesse of Charnorte (Bretonnia)
  • Grabnatz Sourbelly (Greenskins)
  • Kerrinath (High Elves turned Dark Elves)
  • Naieth the Prophetess (Wood Elves)-Her whole shtick is prophecy/foresight. Doesn't use her magic for combat.
  • Nicolete of Oisement (Bretonnia turned Vampire Counts)
  • Tchzen of the Silver Claw (Tzeentch)
  • The Blue Scribes (Tzeentch)-They pick spells totally at random. If they didn't do this, they would be Top 25.
  • Yrtle (High Elves)-We know he's held in high esteem and that he died fighting Chaos, but not enough context for his death or concrete feats.