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Streen Respect Thread

Respect Streen:

"I am so used to being alone that I can only stand so much in the way of company."


Telekinesis is a basic, neutral Force power enabling Force-sensitives to manipulate their surroundings (often objects or individuals) via the Force.

Streen telekinetically levitates himself down from a temple:

Falling, he meditated on fear for long seconds, then made himself in his mind a creature of the air. Making his body as light as his heart, he touched down so softly near the base of the temple that the grasses barely protested. Streen took longer to arrive, descending the sun-bronzed face of the temple as though rappelling with an invisible rope.

Source: Black Fleet Crisis: Before the Storm


Telepathy is the ability to manipulate or communicate thoughts and mental impulses. Empathy is similar but relates to emotions rather than mental thoughts. Force Sense is a basic power allowing Force sensitives to sense their surroundings via a sixth sense of sorts. A broader, passive iteration of that power also affords a Jedi passive precognition and clairvoyance. Precognition is the ability to see into the future by virtue of extrasensory perception.

Streen is able to predict when gas layers rise even before having any training in the Force:

"Tell me, Streen—how do you know when a gas layer is going to rise? Where do you get your information?"

"I just…know. I can't explain it."

"Everyone can use the Force to some extent, but a few have a stronger innate talent. When I form my Jedi academy, I want to work most closely with those who already have the talent but don't know how to use it. Gantoris is one of my candidates. I think you should be another one."

Source: Jedi Search

Luke comes to recruit him for his Jedi Academy after learning that Streen has a knack for using the Force to predict when atmospheric eruptions will discharge valued tibanna gases into the upper atmosphere of Bespin.

Source: The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Streen explains how he wants to join the Jedi because of how he senses beings around him in an extreme fashion. He automatically detects their modes and thoughts and ideas, causing him to shun people. Luke eventually teaches him how to control his extrasensory telepathic and empathic abilities:

"If you teach me how to use this... sense I have--can you also teach me how to switch it off? I want to learn how not to feel the people around me, not to be bombarded by their moods and prying thoughts and sour ideas. I'm tired of having only rawwks for company. I'd very much like to be part of the human race again."

Source: Jedi Search

Streen is able to sense Exar Kun's presence:

Streen's sensitivity in the Force allows him to detect Exar Kun's presence.

Source: The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Beast Control

Beast Control, also known as Beast Trick or Animal Friendship, is an ability that enables one to control beasts.

Before he received training in the Force, Streen once made one of his pet rawwks do a dance for him:

"Okay, now you remember them rawwks I mentioned, how I never could teach one a trick? Well there was this one time there was one that seemed to be smarter than the others. Just a bit, not a whole lot, but a bit. And I thought he had real promise, so I tried to teach him to unfurl one wing, then the other and hop up and down in time with a tune I was whistling. I just wanted to see him dance a little, just a little."

The loneliness in Streen's voice started to squeeze my heart.

"I'm with you."

"Now I thought, maybe, somehow, I didn't know how, that if I could just convince him to do it once and reward him, he'd do it more. I was getting real frustrated and even angry. And I guess I used the Force to make him do the dance to the music. Just once. And I didn't hurt him and I gave him food and all." Streen's voice died amid a cacophony of stintaril howls. "Was I using the dark side? Was I doing evil?"

Source: I, Jedi

Force Heal

Force Heal is an ability that can be used to dull pains and heal wounds.

Streen can accelerate his bodily regeneration, control pain, reduce fatigue and reduce injury. Additionally, he knows Hibernation Trance:

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Alter Environment

Alter Environment is a Force power enabling a Force user to alter the environment around them in a myriad of ways.

Streen creates a tremendous Force whirlwind/cyclone that lifts up an unconscious Luke and buffets both him and his sister Leia, who has difficulty even preventing herself from simply being ragdolled. Had Kirana Ti not tackled Streen and removed Kun's influence, both Leia and Luke would have been thrown out of the Great Temple and hurl them for thousands of feet into the jungle:


The old Bespin hermit stood on the outskirts of the storm with his brown Jedi robe flapping around him. His wild gray hair writhed around his head as if charged with static. His lips mumbled something incomprehensible, and his eyes remained closed as if he were having a nightmare. Leia knew that even powerful Jedi could not manipulate large-scale phenomena like the weather; but they could move objects, and she realized that was what Streen did now. Not changing the weather, but simply moving the air, drawing it in from all directions, creating a self-contained but destructive tornado that struck toward Luke's body.

"No!" she shouted into the starving wind.


The cyclone struck Luke, buffeted his body, and lifted it into the air.

Leia ran toward her paralyzed brother, feet barely touching the ground as the powerful winds knocked her sideways. The storm wrenched her off balance, and she found herself thrown through the air, flying like an insect toward the stone walls. She spun around and reached out, calming herself enough to use her own abilities with the Force, to nudge her body away. Instead of being crushed against the stone blocks, she slid softly to the floor.

Luke's body continued rising, tugged upward by the hurricane. His Jedi robe wound around him as the winds spun him like a corpse launched out of a star-freighter air lock into the grave of space.

Streen didn't seem aware of what he was doing.

Leia staggered to her feet again and jumped. This time she rode the circling air currents, flying around the fringe of the cyclone toward her helpless brother. She reached out to grab the tail of his robe, felt her fingers clutch rough fabric, and then burn as the robe was snatched away from her. She fell back to the floor.

Luke had been drawn up into the tornado's mouth, rising toward the skylights.

"Luke!" she cried. "Please help me."

She had no idea if he could hear her, or if he could do anything.

Gathering strength in her leg muscles, she leaped into the air again. It might be possible to use her Jedi skills of levitation for a brief moment; Luke had done it several times, although she herself had never mastered the skill.

Now, though, it mattered more than it ever had before. As Leia sprang upward, the wind caught her. She rose high enough to grab Luke's body. She wrapped her arms around his waist, twisted her legs around his ankles, holding him, hoping her weight would drag him down.

But as they started to drop, the winds picked up in intensity, howling and roaring. Leia's skin went numb from the blinding wintry cold. They shot toward the roof of the grand audience chamber, toward the widest skylight, where jagged icicles hung like javelins.

Leia suddenly knew what Streen intended to do to them, whether consciously or unconsciously. They would be sucked out of the Great Temple, tossed high into the sky, and then allowed to crash thousands of feet to the spear-pointed branches of the jungle canopy.

The turbolift door opened. Kirana Ti charged out, followed by Tionne and Kam Solusar.

"Stop Streen!" Leia shouted.

Kirana Ti reacted instantly. She wore thin but supple red armor from the scaled hides of reptiles from Dathomir. She had been a warrior on her own world, fighting with untrained and unhoned skill in the Force, but she had also fought in physical combat as well.

Kirana Ti launched herself forward on long, muscular legs, ducking her head as she charged into the cyclonic wind that surrounded Streen. The old hermit stood entranced, spinning slowly around with his arms dangling at his sides and his fingertips spread apart, as if trying to catch something.

Kirana Ti staggered as she hit the wind, but she wrenched her head aside, spread her legs, and dug the toes of her bare feet against the stone floor for traction. She shoved forward into the wind and finally shattered through into the dead zone of the storm. She tackled Streen to the flagstoned floor and locked his arms behind his back. Streen cried out, then blinked his eyes open. He looked wildly around in confusion. Instantly the wind stopped blowing. The air fell still. High up at the ceiling of the grand audience chamber Leia and Luke plunged toward the unforgiving flagstones below. Luke fell like a doll, and Leia tried to remember how to use her levitation skills, but her mind went blank with panic.

Tionne and Kam Solusar raced forward, stretching out their arms, using what they had been taught. Less than a meter above the crushing stones, Leia found herself slowed, pausing in the air beside Luke's body. They drifted gently to the floor. Leia cradled Luke against her, but her brother did not respond.

Source: Champions of the Force

Streen uses the Force to generate wind and air and cause it to flow into his (and the other Jedi's) lungs, to counter Kun's Force Choke:

Streen heard the blood sing in his ears as his body strained for oxygen. The rushing sound reminded him of blowing wind, gale-force storms. Wind. Air. He grasped the wind with his Jedi powers, moving the air itself and making it flow into his lungs, past Kun's invisible stranglehold. Cool, sweet oxygen filled him, and Streen exhaled and inhaled again.

Reaching out with his power, he did the same for all the other Jedi students, nudging air into their the lungs-helping them breathe, helping them grow stronger.

Source: Champions of the Force

It is Streen who protects the group from Kun's throat-constricting attack while they work to defeat the ancient Sith Lord.

Source: The Jedi Academy Sourcebook

Streen creates a whirlwind with the Force, which traps the shredded shadow of Exar Kun's spirit and carries it into the rooftop and out, destroying it:

With the Force, Streen touched the winds again. The air inside the grand audience chamber swirled with increasing coriolis force to form a whirlwind.

The cyclone grew tighter in an invisible knot around the shredded shadow, trapping it and carrying it up toward the rooftop and out, flinging it into the vast emptiness.

Source: Champions of the Force

Streen protects himself and other Jedi from a burst of lava by using the Force to manipulate its motion:

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Streen conjures a wind storm that buffets a leviathan:

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