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KotOR II: The Restoration of the Jedi Enclave

It is claimed by many (including myself) that the Jedi Masters in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - namely Vrook Lamar, Zez-Kai Ell & Kavar were the ones responsible for the miraculous reconstruction of the Jedi Enclave when viewed before and after the Battle of Khoonda. It has thus been used a measure of their combined telekinetic mastery, but this has proven to be a point of contention among forum users, and it is sometimes questioned if the Jedi Masters were even involved in Enclave's reconstruction. The aim of this blog will be to put to rest any notions of other groups on Dantooine rebuilding the Enclave, whilst proving that the Jedi did in fact rebuild the Enclave.

In advance, I would like to have some reference points. To make this easy, I will assume that Dantooine is the last planet that the player travels to prior to the endgame arc. As a result, they will have access to some free exploration of the planet at first, then will be inevitably involved in the Battle of Khoonda. At the end of the Battle, light-sided players will be able to ask Vrook questions, after which he teaches you a lightsaber or Force Form, then announces that he will be going to the Enclave and promptly heads there. Dark-sided players will kill Vrook in battle, unless they succeed in distracting him earlier by making him fight the mercenary camps. In that event, when Vrook returns, he will assume that the player did the best they did to stop the mercenary attack, and then it's the same as the light-sided path - he still ends up going to the Enclave.

The last time you get to see the Enclave is in your explorations of Dantooine prior to the Battle of Khoonda. As of then, it is still in ruins. After the Battle of Khoonda, and Vrook's private session with the Exile and subsequent departure to the Enclave, the player has the option of travelling to the Enclave immediately. Even at the earliest possible time that you can reach the Enclave after the Battle of Khoonda, you will find that the exterior has been miraculously restored to perfect condition. There are still blocked caverns inside that have not been fully repaired, but otherwise, the inside has also been relatively improved, especially with respect to the courtyard. I will now attempt to explain why it was Vrook and the other Jedi Masters present who were responsible for this miraculous reconstruction, as opposed to any other groups on Datooine.

Before I set out my explanation, here are two panoramic clips of the outside of the Enclave: the first is of the Enclave when it is still in ruins from Malak's assault in the original KotOR, and the second is after it's miraculously restored:

Here are two stills of the Enclave, before and after. The upper image clearly shows a huge chunk of the Enclave's outer face missing, as well as a chunk of the Enclave's right pillar. The Enclave's surrounding wall to the left is damaged, and the wall to the right is damaged.

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The lower image shows the Rebuilt Enclave, where all of that damage has been repaired.

Now, let us consider who may have been responsible for the reconstruction of the Enclave, if the Jedi were not responsible (more on why they are responsible later). The other groups currently active on Dantooine are Khoonda, Azkhul's mercenaries, the scavengers, the Mandalorians, and wild beasts. I should hope that nobody considers it a possibility that the wild beasts reconstructed the Enclave. Now, I will set about explaining why each of the other groups could not have been involved in the rebuilding of the Enclave.

Khoonda: We'll start with Khoonda, which is the main administrative facility on Dantooine and the most logical option out of the proposed groups. However, once you look at the time in which the Enclave was repaired and the resources available to Khoonda, this is simply not a feasible option. For one, the Enclave is in ruins prior to the Battle of Khoonda, and immediately afterwards, it is rebuilt. The only possible explanation was that it was rebuilt either during the Battle, or immediately after that, in the time it would've taken for the Exile to travel from Khoonda to the Enclave (we'll assume that the Exile didn't immediately leave for the Enclave with Vrook because she said her goodbyes to Administrator Adare & co, which does involve a number of dialogue options in the story, so this is logical).

In the former event, it is simply not possible for Khoonda to have rebuilt the Enclave. There is no reason for Khoonda to want to rebuild the Enclave immediately before imminent attack from Azkhul's vastly more powerful mercenary force. The only interest of Khoonda now is defending itself - and in that regard, it is already desperate. Zherron asks the Exile to try and recruit as many men as possible, heal as many wounded as possible, reactivate as many sentry droids as possible, rewire the turrets, etc. - because Khoonda's forces in its current state are far too insufficient to repel to mercenary attack.

Zherron told you that the Militia is stretched too thin to defend the outpost from the impending Mercenary attack. Zherron wants to recruit people to defend the outpost.

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

If Khoonda's in short supply of men to even defend itself from a mercenary attack, then there is no chance that they would be able to spare any men or machinery to go to the Enclave, let alone reconstruct such substantial portions of the Enclave in such a short time.

Khoonda could not have been responsible for the reconstruction of the Enclave after the Battle, either. Administrator Adare admits that Khoonda's extremely low on resources and will require much time and effort to rebuild itself, let alone something else of a similar size.

"We are a humble community, and this conflict has greatly diminished our resources."

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have much work to do. Dantooine will be slow to rebuild, but I am confident now that we will one day achieve prosperity."

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

And that's without mentioning that there's no way they could've sent men over to Khoonda that could reconstruct such substantial portions of the Enclave in such limited time, and then have said men vanish by the time the Exile arrived.

To put the nail in the coffin, the people of Khoonda utterly hate the Jedi, and they want nothing to do with them. The hatred has reached the point that they're unwilling to even accept Jedi help and many of the citizens in-game refuse to speak to you if they notice that you're carrying a lightsaber.

"Their hatred makes it more difficult for Jedi to help them."

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

"Sorry for being jumpy. It's just that we hate the Jedi here."

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

So Khoonda couldn't have been involved in the repairs. Let's move on.

Azkhul's Mercenaries: This one's easy. Azkhuls' Mercenaries have no interest in the Enclave or rebuilding it, and they couldn't have done it during the Battle of Khoonda because... that's when they poured their forces into Khoonda. And they couldn't have done it after because they're destroyed in the Battle if you're LS. If you're DS, then their goal is to enforce their new rule over Khoonda. They still have no interest in the Enclave, and you see none of them there - the mercenaries only have an interest in places where you actually see some of them in. And once again, they can't reconstruct so much of the Enclave in such little time.

The Mandalorians: Why they would want to rebuild the Enclave of their hated enemy during the Mandalorian Wars (the memory of which is still fresh) is beyond me. But with only three of them, they're certainly not going to be able to rebuild such substantial parts of the Enclave, and just as certainly won't be able to do so in such a limited span of time. Next.

The Scavengers: Slightly more feasible than the above options, since there's more than a dozen of them and they regularly venture into the Enclave. But they still don't have nearly enough manpower to reconstruct any sizable part of the Enclave, and certainly not in short order. Moreover, whywould they want to rebuild the Enclave? The fact that it's in ruins means that they can scavenge the relics inside freely. They have no reason to rebuild the Enclave, since that would simply take away from their way of life.

But on the subject of the scavengers, they have sufficient line of sight to the Enclave to notice something going on there, and they make regular trips back and forth. The fact that they never note any difference means that the rebuilding of the Enclave would've been quick and subtle (in that it didn't create great noise, so using huge building machines is a no-go).

As you can see, none of these groups had the motive to reconstruct the Enclave - in fact, quite the opposite. Most of the people here hate the Jedi or get nothing from their return - rather, they'd benefit from the lack of Jedi presence on Dantooine. And even if any of these groups wanted to rebuild the Enclave, they simply lacked the manpower and means to reconstruct large portions of the Enclave in such a limited timeframe (just the Battle of Khoonda + the time it took for the Exile to travel from Khoonda to the Enclave).

Now it's time to prove why it was the Jedi who were involved. First of all, we must address motive and means. This is pretty simple - they wanted to make a suitable meeting point for themselves and the Exile. Their means would be telekinesis. That alone already makes the Jedi likely to be the ones responsible. Surely, if none of the other groups had a reason or the ability to rebuild the Enclave, it would be up to the Jedi to do so? But there's more than just logic to support this case.

When you travel to the Enclave for the first time, the south door, which leads to the upper floors of the Enclave, is caved in, blocking your entrance and preventing you from getting through. Yet, when you visit the Enclave for the second time after the Battle of Khoonda, the door opens, with nobody in sight for hundreds of meters. Nobody's behind the door, either, so it wasn't opened physically. It's also not capable of being opened through physical means because it's still caved in. It therefore stands to reason that it must have been opened by the Force:

The door to the upper level of the Enclave won't open. Judging by the damage to the exterior, it is completely caved in.

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
No Caption Provided

A look at the Prima Guide's account of this confirms that the Jedi were involved:

Beyond them, the enclave's south door (which was sealed before) now stands open—it seems you've been expected.

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Prima Official Game Guide

You're "expected" by nobody except the Jedi Council, who are the only people inside the Enclave waiting for you. This confirms that the Council used the Force to open the previously caved in south door, and by logical extension, the rest of the Enclave. The quote above also proves that whoever's waiting for you inside is responsible for the reconstruction:

What happens next depends on how you handled the lost Jedi Masters. If you allied with them, they await you in the Council Chamber.

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Prima Official Game Guide

Now, as stated above, in the LS/canonical version, all three Jedi survive and are waiting for the player inside the Enclave.

You can also kill the Jedi, sparing either one, two or none of them. Regardless of how many you spare, the Enclave is still rebuilt. What this proves is that no matter which of the Jedi is kept alive, the Enclave will still be rebuilt. Therefore, you could say that each of the Jedi Masters alone had the capacity to telekinetically reassemble the Enclave (at least it's exterior, south door & inner courtyard). Our earlier Prima Guide quote confirms that whoever's expecting you is responsible for the reconstruction of the Enclave. So even if you kill any two of the Masters, the third Master will be inside expecting you, so they'd be solely responsible for the Enclave's reconstruction. Given the damage that we've seen to be repaired in the images above, it is incredibly impressive that Kavar, Zez-Kai Ell or Vrook Lamar could individually rebuild the Enclave.

If you're playing maximum DS and kill all the Jedi, then the Enclave is still rebuilt. You walk into an empty chamber, and Kreia comes in for a lengthy discussion.

If no Jedi are left alive to form a council, a short confrontation takes place with Kreia instead.

Source: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords: Prima Official Game Guide

But let us again refer to our earlier Prima Guide quote - as it suggests, it's whoever's expecting you that is responsible for the reconstruction of the Enclave. In this case, you've killed the entire Council, so they obviously couldn't be expecting you. In other words, it's Kreia who's expecting you - and thus, it's logically Kreia who unseals the door and repairs the damage to the Enclave. Unlike the Jedi, her motives for this are less clear, although it appears that she did want to recall some memories of her place here (she does this in both the LS and DS version, where she asks the player to go on whilst she sits and asks the player to "forgive her" because "it has been some time"). I'll admit that the case for Kreia rebuilding it in the DS version is much hazier (but not implausible), but it's a better alternative to simply calling it a plot hole - even though we do have examples of that in KotOR II, such as the Ravager staying intact even after Nihilus' death. Pick whichever explanation you want, but it's between Kreia rebuilding it in the DS version or it being a plain plot hole.

Finally, let us address how quickly this was done. We cannot use this as an effective, easily quantifiable showing for either the Masters or Kreia if we cannot have a rough timeframe for how long this took. Although you do have the luxury of travelling off-world and taking as long as you want before you return to the Enclave after the Battle of Khoonda, we're assuming the best possible scenario here, since the Enclave is still rebuilt by the time you find it.

In other words, the Enclave is rebuilt in the minimum time it would take for the Exile to travel from Khoonda to the Enclave. This is inferrably a short time, just because the local scavengers, who make regular trips to the Enclave and even have line of sight of the building do not notice any change, meaning that this would've had to have taken place over a short period of time. Whether or not you want to take this as meaning that the Enclave was reconstructed in hours or minutes is up to you.