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Kenth Hamner Respect Thread

Respect Kenth Hamner:

"All through your life, you fulfilled your duties with strength, grace, and honor, and we will remember. Only one duty remains. Go onward and break trail so that we may someday follow."

Force Valor & Force Speed

Force Valor is a light-sided power enabling a Jedi to enhance one's resolve and physical traits, such as strength, durability and speed. Force Speed is the passive (and sometimes active) enhancement of a Force sensitive's speed to varying superhuman degrees.

Kenth Hamner telekinetically throws the lightsabers of two Jedi Knights in the air and ignites one of them with the Force, causing the pair of Jedi to instinctively move away. Kenth takes this opportunity to blitz them both with melee blows that incapacitate the pair, before deactivating the falling ignited lightsaber in time to stop it from killing one of the Jedi. It is also revealed that he incapitated another pair of Jedi Knights outside his quarters:

Vaala was quick to shake her head. "I'm sorry, Master Hamner," she said. "You should return to your quarters now."

Kenth let his chin drop and spoke in a soft, sighing whisper. "That's Grand Master."

Vaala cocked her head, turning a recessed ear toward him. "Sorry, sir, I didn't... Yant, watch-!"

The warning came to a startled end as Kenth used the Force to pull their lightsabers from their belt hooks. He sent both weapons spinning high into the air, managing to depress the activation switch and slide the safety glide up on Yantahar's. As the sapphire blade crackled to life, both Jedi pivoted away, extending their hands to summon their weapons back into their grasp.

And that was when Kenth stepped between the pair. He struck Yantahar at the base of the jaw with a side hammer fist and simultaneously jabbed a one-knuckle punch into the delicate sensory nub between Vaala's eyes. Both Jedi collapsed, unconscious before they hit the floor. Kenth was not quite quick enough to catch their lightsabers before they landed, but he did deactivate Yantahar's before the weapon clattered to the floor beside the Bothan's leg.

Kenth quickly collected both weapons, removed their power cells, and returned them to their owners' belts. It had been all too easy to catch the pair off-guard and incapacitate them-as it had the pair stationed outside his quarters.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Kenth runs superhumanly fast and combined his superhuman speed with somersaults, allowing him to move a dozen meters in an instant:

But Hamner was not there.

Instead, Saba saw him a dozen meters away, barely visible through the catwalk's durasteel grating as he somersaulted along the next section. No longer bellowing about treason, he seemed content to simply keep moving, and as she watched he rolled to his feet and continued out of sight at a Force-enhanced sprint.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Kenth is implied to move faster than Saba Sebatyne as he delivers a Force-enhanced blow that buckles her knees and would have caused her to crash down had she not had a tail to catch herself with:

Saba tried to escape by stepping forward. He was too quick, landing a Force-enhanced blow that buckled her knees and would have sent her crashing down on her back... had she not had a tail with which to catch herself.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Hamner palms Saba with enough force to knock the breath from her chest and knock her off a catwalk after displaying the durability to continue fighting normally after his jaw was snapped by Saba's elbow:

She countered with an elbow, trying to catch him below the ear, but her angle was poor and his jaw snapped instead. His eyes went wide, rolled back, and for an instant Saba thought she might have knocked him unconscious despite the miss.

She should have known better. Kenth Hamner was a Jedi Master, and Jedi Masters did not fall victim to their own pain. She felt Hamner's palm striking the center of her chest. Her breath left in an anguished gasp, and she found herself tumbling down the catwalk, using the Force to keep herself between the safety rails as Hamner tried to Force-hurl her over the side.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Hamner hits Saba her in the chest, lifting her off her feet, hurling her into a safety railing, and her flipping her over it:

Saba brought her hand up, lashing out in the Force and trying to knock him off-balance, but it was no good. Hamner had fooled her, and now he had the drop on her. As she unleashed her attack, his slammed her in the chest, lifted her off her feet, and hurled her into the safety railing, driving her up and over, flipping her backward so that she found herself staring down at a StealthX squadron fifty meters below.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Kenth Hamner weaves a basket of green light out of his blade:

Still using the Force to push at Saba, he can charging down the catwalk, his lightsaber weaving a basket of green light as he tried to camouflage the attack pattern he would use.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Kenth headbutts Saba, causing her to stagger backward:

Hamner gave ground, struggling to regain the initiative, letting Saba in so close that soon the only weapon he had left was his head.

So he used that, slamming his brow into her armored throat.

Saba stumbled back, sissing not because the strange lump in her throat made it difficult to breathe - though it did - but because she could not believe what Hamner had just done.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Force Sense

Force Sense is a basic power allowing Force sensitives to sense their surroundings via a sixth sense of sorts. A broader, passive iteration of that power also affords a Jedi passive precognition and clairvoyance.

Kenth has sensed warriors preparing for battle many times, so it has become a familiar sensation to him:

Unlike Kenth's previous statement, this one he believed with his entire heart. It was why, when he had noticed the Force inside the Temple beginning to quiver with urgency and anxiety, he had extended his awareness in the direction of the Operations Hangar and despaired. He had sensed a similar aura of grim resolve too many times in too many places not to recognize what he was feeling: warriors preparing for battle.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Hamner senses Saba's approach and intentions:

Hamner must have sensed her approach and intention, for as Saba drew near, he signed off the comlink and turned to face her.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Force Concealment

Force Concealment is a Force ability that allows a Force user to mask their presence in the Force, or an element of their Force presence, such as Force alignment.

Hamner conceals himself from Saba Sebatyne's Force Senses, which are amongst the best in the Order and are feared even by the likes of Darth Caedus:

Saba searched for Hamner in the Force. This time, the only presence she could feel along the catwalks was Cilghal's, about a hundred meters away and moving cautiously but calmly as she searched the far side of the maze.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex


Telekinesis is a basic, neutral Force power enabling Force-sensitives to manipulate their surroundings (often objects or individuals) via the Force.

Kenth hurls Kyp Durron against a wall and pins him there:

He flicked his wrist, and Corran went sailing across the hangar back toward Kenth and the other Jedi. It was a particularly insulting dismissal, since Corran could not respond in kind, having never been able to master the skill of Force telekinesis.

The same was not true of Kenth Hamner. He extended his arm, and Kyp flew back against the hull of his StealthX and remained there, pinned.

Source: Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen

He gently nudges Saba Sebatyne towards a lectern:

"Just speak from your heart." Kenth gave her a gentle Force nudge toward the speaker's lectern. "You'll do fine."

Source: Legacy of the Force: Inferno

He telekinetically moves a Jedi's hand away from her comlink:

He used the Force to casually flick her hand away from the comlink, as though he wanted his question to take precedence, then pointed at the heavy blast door behind them.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Kenth collapses a metal staircase and twists the safety rails with a gesture:

As Kyle spoke, Hamner's hand came up, and Saba felt the Force flowing to him in a rush. Thinking he had finally gathered the courage to challenge her, she raised her own hand to counterattack - and was astonished to hear not the echoing boom of a Force blast, but the spine-chilling screech of twisting metal. Saba checked her own attack, then glanced back toward the stairs and found a pair of twisted safety rails ending over empty air.

The staircase hit the hangar deck with a deafening clang that drew all eyes toward the Masters, and Saba realized with a heavy heart that Hamner was not going to make this easy on himself.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Hamner sends Saba sliding with a Force push:

Hamner's Force push sent her sliding, pivoting around her foot to face the opposite direction... and bringing her heavy tail around.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

He displays Saber Throw:

Hamner locked his lightsaber blade on, then looked away from Saba and sent it spinning up toward the relay box.


Saba watched the lightsaber spin upward long enough to be certain that it was being directed through the Force, then reluctantly reached for it in the Force - and found herself fighting for control.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex


Telepathy is the ability to manipulate or communicate thoughts and mental impulses. Empathy is similar but relates to emotions rather than mental thoughts.

Kenth calms Cal Omas's anger:

"The Killik situation is complicated." Kenth spoke in a calming voice that immediately began to quell Omas's anger. "And inflaming matters with hasty accusations-"

"Don't you dare use the Force on me." Omas stepped close to Kenth and spoke in a low, icy tone. "Sien Sovv and most of his staff-beings are dead, Master Hamner. I will not be calmed."

Source: Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen

Kenth pours soothing emotions into the Force:

"No, my friend." Kenth spoke in a deliberately soft tone, at the same time pouring soothing emotions into the Force. "Chief Omas choose Master Horn deliberately, because he knew it would throw the order into convulsions."

Source: Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen

Force Meld

Force Meld, or Jedi Meld or Battle Meld, is a powerful Jedi technique where Jedi can join their minds together. In Outbound Flight, it is revealed that a Jedi Master of great power and depth in the Force is required to successfully utilize it. Despite this, Kenth was able to utilize it as well as any Jedi Master.

Kenth participates in a Force Meld during the Swarm War and radiates alarm to warn Luke, Kyp and Corran that trouble is on the way:

The excitement in the meld turned to fear and anger and all the other emotions that boiled to surface in the midst of a pitched battle, then Kenth and Kyle and Tresina Lobi began to radiate alarm, warning Luke and Kyp and Corran that trouble was on its way.

Source: Dark Nest III: The Swarm War

Force Bellow

Kenth Hamner uses the Force to project his voice across a hangar:

"No!" Hamner pointed at the vac-suited Masters and used the Force to send his voice booming across the hangar.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Combat Skill

Kenth Hamner, Tahiri Veila and Mara Jade Skywalker lead a fight against Yuuzhan Vong. Although the fight has very little detail, the fact that the Republic forces manage to advance indicates that Yuuzhan Vong warriors were indeed cut down:

Seeing Mara, Tahiri, and Kenth, the atrium warriors immediately tensed and looked to High Prefect Drathul for orders. Leia was at once revived and worried. Several dozen poorly armed heretics, bolstered by three Jedi, against almost one hundred able warriors.

R2-D2 toned in disquiet.

"I agree completely, Artoo," C-3PO said. "The odds are most unfavorable."

The Shamed Ones recognized this as well, as did the Jedi. And they, too, began to spread out, if warily. Just as the tension was culminating, sounds of another commotion infiltrated the cavern.

"Reinforcements!" C-3PO said jubilantly.

But in place of boisterous cries came a repetitive chant; and in place of the determined shuffling of bare feet came the cadence of sandaled troops. A murmur of confusion swept through the heretic crowd. Expressions of fervor became looks of sudden concern. The fact that even Mara looked apprehensive was not a good sign. The Shamed Ones began to move away from the entry, as through the gap marched one hundred additional warriors, armed with thick amphistaffs and armored in vonduun crab.

Leia could tell by the behavior of the crowd that the new troops were something to fear.

Nom Anor, his lieutenants, and the Jedi held their ground, but the rest of the heretics fell farther back, pressing themselves to the Atrium's coarse walls. Whatever chance there had been for victory vanished. Jakan, Drathul, and Qelah Kwaad relaxed somewhat as the menacing detachment formed up parallel to Drathul's line of warriors, facing the entry and the quailing heretics. With a singleness born of years of training, they adopted defensive postures, amphistaffs held diagonally across their chests, and other melee weapons at the ready.


Jacen stretched out with the Force. Mom and Dad, he realized. And Mara, Tahiri, and Kenth. They had fought their way into the Well, and were preparing to destroy the dhuryam with explosives.

The warriors who had been in charge of protecting the brain were fighting to the death, and the Shamed Ones and renegade troops were accommodating them. High Prefect Drathul was dead, strangled by Nom Anor. But Harrar had spared Jakan's life, and the high priest was in the custody of Tahiri, Kenth Hamner, and the Noghri, who had remained behind to guard the tunnel entrance. A sulfurous mist overlay the dhuryam pool, within which moved the bloated, fleshy black monstrosity Han and Leia had come to conciliate or kill.

Source: The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force

Hamner contends with Saba Sebatyne, fighting closely with her for a period of time and even managing to keep her off-balance for a period of time:

Hamner had the same idea, and for a moment they stood to either side of the gap, their lightsaber sparking and flashing as they tired to drive each other back. During the first flurry Hamner did a good job of keeping Saba off-balance, varying speed attacks with subtle counters and streetwise knee attacks, which he had always been too gentlemanly to employ during their practice matches. Saba relied on Barabel power attacks he had never learned to stop, hammering at his guard hard and fast, coming back time and again in an effort to wear him out before she had to kill him.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Hamner dodges a strike from Saba that would have knocked him out, and instead forces her to flip over her head. Even so, it is only a precautionary tail sweep that saves her life:

Saba leapt in to finish it, flipping her lightsaber around for a backhand pommel strike that would surely have knocked him unconscious - had he not been dropping to his haunches and swinging up at her rib cage. She saved herself only by Force-flipping over his head and coming down two meters away, and even then it was only her precautionary tail sweep that stalled his pursuit and saved her life.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Kenth displays skilful usage of his extra space, and Saba considers him to be a master swordsman:

He used the extra space like the master swordsman that he was, launching attacks against either side at will, repeatedly pivoting back and forth so that she would have to face him square-on instead of presenting a flank defense.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex

Hamner takes advantage of Saba staggering from his headbutt to stab her in the abdomen with his lightsaber:

And that was when Saba smelled something acrid and familiar. She glanced down to find the emitter nozzle of Hamner's lightsaber pressed to her abdomen just below her rib cage, his thumb still on the activation switch and a gray column of vaporized kerasin rising between their bodies.

Source: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex