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Jorus C'baoth Respect Thread

Respect Jorus C'baoth:

"We are the Jedi, the ultimate power in the universe. We will do as we choose. And we will destroy any who dare stand in our way."


Obi-Wan considers the possibility of C'baoth being as powerful as he claims to be, which Kenobi had previously dismissed as a vast overestimation of his actual abilities:

He'd always assumed that at least part of C'baoth's unshakable confidence in himself was either an act or else a vast overestimation of his actual abilities. Now, for the first time, he began to wonder if the man might actually be as strong in the Force as he claimed.

Source: Outbound Flight

C'baoth is a powerful being:

After all, why simply dispose of a powerful troublemaker like Jorus C'baoth when you could dispose of him and as many other Jedi as he could talk into accompanying him on Outbound Flight?

Source: Outbound Flight


Telekinesis is the movement of objects and manipulation of reality through the power of the mind.

Prior to the Outbound Flight Project, Jorus used the Force to smooth various zones of turbulence in hyperspace formed by galactic masses:

Extra-galactic travel had long been thought impossible due to the intersecting ripples formed in hyperspace by galactic masses. C'baoth believed that the Jedi could use the force to smooth this zone of turbulence. He tested his theory on the briarpatch border of the Unknown Regions, then recommended that he, with seventeen other Jedi Knights and Masters, accompany the Outbound colonists on their journey.

Source: The New Essential Chronology

Jorus telekinetically catches a large missile in mid-air and freezes it in place, then Crushes the missile, causing its body to crumple in on itself:

Seated at opposite ends of the table, the mining and Corporate Alliance representatives had turned in their chairs to stare with a mixture of surprise, fascination, and terror at the missile that had intruded into their solemn proceedings. Between them, half risen from his own chair, C'baoth was holding a hand palm-outward toward the missile, his eyes blazing.

But the missile was no longer moving. It was frozen in midair, halfway between the archway and the table, its thrusters spitting fire uselessly as they tried to drive it forward against C'baoth's Force grip.

"Don't be concerned," the Jedi Master intoned, his voice resonating with power and authority. "So certain parties believe that they know best what is right and just for Barlok, do they? That killing us will bring them their desire? That the influence of violence supersedes the authority of justice?"

The thrusters gave a final sputter and fell silent, and still the missile hung in midair. "Thank you, Master C'baoth-" Obi-Wan said, starting toward the missile.

"Stand fast, Master Kenobi," C'baoth ordered sharply. "That is what our attackers believe, Magistrate Argente; Guild-master Gilfrome," he said, sending a hard look at each end of the table. "Do you believe it, as well?"

Argente found his voice first. "No, of course not," he said, his voice quavering, his eyes locked on the missile that had nearly brought a sudden and violent death to them all.

"Then why do you persist in eroding the legitimate rights of the people of Barlok?" C'baoth demanded. "And you," he added, turning back to Gilfrome's end of the table. "Why do you persist in denying the time and expense the Corporate Alliance has spent in developing resources that would otherwise have forever lain uselessly beneath the soil of your world?"

Gilfrome bristled. "Now, see here, Master C'baoth-"

"No, you see," C'baoth cut in, looking again at Argente. "Both of you see. I have listened to your arguments and your positions and your selfish pettiness. It ends here."

Deliberately, he closed his outstretched hand. With a raucous crackling of stressed metal, the body of the missile crumpled in on itself. "The people of Barlok demand a fair and just decision," he said, more quietly now as he gestured Obi-Wan forward. "I will tell you what that decision is going to be."

Source: Outbound Flight

C'baoth telekinetically pushes Uliar away from a locked door and towards a far door, despite not even being there in person and utilizing telekinesis through a comm display:

C'baoth's dark look went a little darker. "Your lack of faith is both thoughtless and insulting," he said. "You will go now, and you will not return."

"Not until those children are out of my reactor room," Uliar said doggedly.

"I said go," C'baoth repeated.

And suddenly an invisible hand was pressing against Uliar's chest, pushing him inexorably away from the locked door and back toward the other end of the section. "Wait!" Uliar protested, batting uselessly at the pressure against his chest. He'd never realized Jedi could do this through a comm display, without actually being there in person. "What about the children?"

C'baoth didn't answer, his image following Uliar with his eves until he was nearly to the far door. Then, simultaneously, the display image and the pressure on Uliar's chest vanished.

Source: Outbound Flight

Jorus employs some form of telekinetic restraint on Chas Uliar, preventing his mouth and tongue from working, as well as his legs.

Jinzler and Mitth'raw'nuruodo were coming toward him .. . and with the rest of the committee still absent, it was all up to him. Taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth to speak.

Or rather, he tried to open it. To his horror, his mouth and tongue refused to work.

He tried again, and again, watching as Jinzler and Mitth'raw'nuruodo closed the gap, his throat and checks straining with his effort. But nothing worked.

And then they were there, right beside him. He tried to step in front of them, to at least keep them here until he could find a way to unfreeze his mouth. But his legs wouldn't work, either. Silently, he watched them pass him by, oblivious to his urgency and agony and helplessness.

"So you think to betray me, Uliar?" a quiet voice came in his ear.

Uliar's neck still worked, but there was no need to turn around. He knew that voice only too well. "Did you really think you could ride a swoop all the way from Dreadnaught-Four without my people in ComOps noticing and alerting me?" C'baoth went on. "So will treason always betray itself."

With a jolt like that of a suddenly released clamp, Uliar felt his mouth being freed from C'baoth's restraint.

Source: Outbound Flight

Jorus freezes Uliar's tongue again whilst simultaneously preventing the shuttle hatch from opening despite both Pressor and Mosh, two fully grown men, pushing at the hatch with all their weight. He later casually opens the shuttle hatch:

Which meant there was still a chance. All Pressor had to do was pop the hatch, and before C'baoth realized what was happening they would be in front of Mitth'raw'nuruodo, ready to plead their cause. Surely even a Jedi Master couldn't strangle the words out of all of them at the same time.

But the hatch didn't open. With his tongue frozen again, Uliar watched helplessly as Mitth'raw'nuruodo spoke briefly with Jinzler, then went inside his shuttle and closed the hatch.

And with that, their last chance was gone.

C'baoth's hand prodded at Uliar's back, nudging him forward. "And now," the Jedi said with cold satisfaction, "all that remains is for me to decide what to do with all of you."

Jinzler turned around as they approached, her expression flickering with surprise at their presence. "Jedi Jinzler," C'baoth greeted her. "I have another job for you." He waved a hand casually at the silent shuttle.

The hatch abruptly flew open, spilling Pressor and Mosh out. From the way they sprawled onto the deck, it was obvious they'd been shoving at the hatch with all their weight when C'baoth released his grip on it.

Source: Outbound Flight

Jorus displays Force Choke on Thrawn through a video transmission, a feat accomplished whilst he was severely injured and apparently without the need to gesture (there is an illustrated depiction of the scene where he does gesture, but images aren't canon and are often contradictory to novel descriptions):

"Then choose your destiny," Mitth'raw'nuruodo said. "I'm told the role of the Jedi is to serve and defend."

"You were told wrongly," C'baoth countered. "The role of the Jedi is to lead and guide, and to destroy all threats." The unburned corner of his lip twisted upward in a bitter smile.

And without warning, Thrawn's head jerked back, his whole body pressing back against his seat. His hand darted to his throat, clutching uselessly at it.

"Commander!" Doriana snapped, grabbing reflexively for Mitth'raw'nuruodo's collar.

But it was no use. The invisible power that was choking the life out of him wasn't something physical that Doriana might be able to push aside. C'baoth was using the Force . . . and there was nothing Doriana or anyone else could do to stop him.

In a handful of minutes, Mitth'raw'nuruodo would be dead.


But for all the effect the attack had on him, C'baoth might not even have noticed it. His face remained as hard as anvilstone, his eyes burning unblinkingly across the Springhawk's bridge.

And Mitth'raw'nuruodo was still dying.

Doriana curled his hands into helpless fists. So it was finally over. If this second assault had failed to kill C'baoth, it was because he'd hidden himself well away from the vacuum that had now snuffed out all life in the Dreadnaughts' outer sections. Even given the thinner bulkheads and blast doors of the ships' interior sections, there was no way even droid starfighters could clear out the maze of decks and compartments in time.

An odd formation caught his eve as it shot into view outside the canopy: a pair of starfighters flying in close formation with a fat cylinder tucked between them. Not just one pair, Doriana saw now, but ten of them, heading at full speed toward Outbound Flight.

He remembered Kav mentioning this particular project of Mitth'raw'nuruodo's, and the vicelord's contemptuous dismissal of the cylinders as some sort of useless fuel tanks. Frowning, he watched as, in ones and twos, the starfighter pairs drove through the newly blasted holes in the Dreadnaughts' hulls and disappeared inside.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, abruptly, a haze of pale blue burst outward from the openings, nearly invisible amid the floating clouds of wreckage.

And with a sudden gasp of air, Mitth'raw'nuruodo collapsed forward against his board.

Source: Outbound Flight

Force Heal

Force Heal allows a Force user to relieve pain and heal wounds.

Jorus Heals a dislocation:

"Enough." C'baoth ran his hands gently across the other's injured shoulder. "It's merely a dislocation." His hand twitched as he stretched out to the Force-"Aaahhh!" the man gasped, his whole body surging violently before sagging back against the wall. "Aahh," he breathed more quietly.

Source: Outbound Flight

Force Meld

Force Meld is a technique that enables a group of Force users to connect their minds together to act as one person.

Obi-Wan states that a Jedi Master required great power and control in the Force to successfully utilize a Jedi meld without killing the others involved, or destroying their minds. Despite this, however, Jorus reveals himself as a repeatedly successful user of the Force Meld technique, shocking Kenobi, and would later use the technique successfully several times again:

"Experience is not always the most important aspect of combat," C'baoth pointed out. "Timing and coordination are also key, and no amount of experience can give ordinary gunners the edge that we already possess. Tell me, Master Skywalker, has Master Kenobi ever spoken to you of the Jedi meld?"

"I don't think so," Anakin said. "What does it do?"

"It permits a group of Jedi to connect their minds so closely as to act as a single person," C'baoth told him.

"It can also be very dangerous," Obi-Wan warned. "It takes a Jedi Master of great power and depth in the Force to create such a state without killing or destroying the minds of everyone involved."

"A Jedi Master such as myself," C'baoth said calmly. "I've successfully performed such a meld on four separate occasions."

Obi-Wan stared at him. "Four?"

"Three were training exercises, of course," C'baoth conceded. "But the fourth was under serious field conditions, with five other Jedi in the meld. As you can see, we came through it successfully."

Source: Outbound Flight

Force Sense/Farsight

Force Sense is a passive Force power which enables a Force user to feel physical, emotional and mental traits as well as events. Farsight allows a Force user to identify events that occur in other places or other times, or both.

Jorus foresees the Clone Wars:

"It will be," C'baoth said grimly, his eyes taking on a faraway look. "The time is coming when all Jedi will be forced to take up arms against a great threat to the Republic. I have foreseen it."

Source: Outbound Flight

Jorus senses malice directed at his ships and his people:

"No," C'baoth said, his voice dark. "I can sense a deep malice out there, malice directed at my ships and my people."

Source: Outbound Flight

Lorana Jinzler knows that C'baoth can sense her protest:

But there was no reply. C'baoth could undoubtedly sense her protest, but all she could sense in return was his indifference to her anguish, and his determination to continue along the path he'd now set himself upon. It was indeed too late.

Source: Outbound Flight